7 Important Questions That First Time Bloggers Need To Ask Themselves

If you are a personal blogger like I am, you probably went into blogging without knowing anything about it (That is what most personal bloggers tend to do).

Those of you who chose the business-related blogging route would have asked the pertinent questions before starting a blog of your own (After all, it is business and there is no room for errors where business-related blogs are concerned).

As a matter of fact, all bloggers should ask themselves blogging-related questions before venturing into blogging (Doing so would make their blogging journey a much easier one).

So, without further ado, it is time to explore these very important questions; the ones that would help the first time bloggers to be prepared for what is ahead.

1.) What Is My Blog Going To Be Based On?

If you have an interest in becoming a business-related blogger, you will need to know what your blog is going to be based on.

Is it going to be a blog that focuses on technology?

Or is it going to be a blog that teaches people the proverbial ropes of social media?

In regards to business-related blogs, it would be in the blogger’s best interest to choose a niche.

Whereas, personal bloggers have the option of choosing a niche or going nicheless (Personal bloggers have more freedom in regards to publishing blog posts that are based on numerous topics).

So, both the personal bloggers and the business-related bloggers can make the blogging process easier for themselves by knowing exactly what their blog is going to be based on before setting them up.

2.) Should My Blog Be Self-Hosted?

Those who have chosen the business-related route should have self-hosted blogs.


Because one has way more freedom to customize their blog; they are free to do the following things:

  • Use any plugin that they like.
  • Utilize any widget that they desire.
  • Use any premium theme of their choice.
  • Adjust or add CSS and HTML codes.

The reality of business-related blogging is that the appearance of your blog needs to stand out; it must not be generic-looking.

Those of you who are interested in having a self-hosted blog of your own should read Jeff Goin’s article — the one entitled, How to Start a Self-Hosted Blog in 8 Minutes or Less.

Personal bloggers also have the option of going in the self-hosted direction (This is ideal for those who love absolute freedom).

For the record, it is okay for personal bloggers to utilize the version of WordPress that is hosted by WordPress itself (WordPress.com) or any other free blogging platform if they are simply blogging for the fun of it.

However, if you violate the Terms of Service of any of the free blogging platforms, your blog will be suspended or terminated (I recommend reading the Terms of Service before setting up a free blog).

If you are a random viewer (one who is not a blogger and you would like to know how to go about setting up a free blog of your own), Susan Gunelius’s article, How to Make a Free Blog With WordPress, will provide you with step-by-step instructions on setting up your free WordPress blog.

3.) Am I The Type Of Person Who Is Willing To Learn About Blogging?

Dear friend, the truth is that there is more to blogging than meets the eye.

The reality is that bloggers need to learn how to do the following things:

  • How to create an attention-grabbing headline for their blog post.
  • How to write a blog post that people are willing to read.
  • How to format their blog post.
  • How to proofread their blog post.
  • How to compress images before uploading them to their blog.
  • How to understand the needs of their target audience.
  • How to promote their blog posts on social media.

When it comes to blogging, learning is a requirement!

4.) Am I Willing To Find The Time To Blog?

To be brutally honest, you will have to actually find the time for blogging.

And, why is that so?

Because the timing is never truly perfect.

Things have a way of popping up and you will have to work your way around it; for example, if you have to attend a baseball game, you will have to work on your blog post when the baseball game is finished (The reason for this is to prevent you from engaging in further procrastination).

Some people are known to work on their blog posts before or after their regular nine to five job.

And, do not believe for one minute that you are going to have it easy if you have chosen blogging as your business because you will have to deal with whatever life throws at you in addition to finding the time to put your blog posts together.

Are you strong enough to handle that type of pressure?

Finding the time to blog is one of those sacrifices that all bloggers must make.

5.) Am I The Type Of Person Who Loves Responding To Comments?

You and I both know that there are bloggers who enjoy responding to the comments in their comments thread and that there are bloggers who have no interest in responding to comments.

Now, even though I am one of those people that make it a priority of theirs to respond to comments, I cannot say that it is wrong for a person for wanting to wipe their hands clean in regards to responding to comments.


Because everyone is different!

My article, Comments Versus No Comments, discusses the pros and the cons of having the commenting system enabled on one’s blog.

6.) Do I Really Need A “Like” Button?

The truth is that having a Like button on your WordPress blog is optional.

In my case, I love having a Like button because it allows my fellow WordPress bloggers to show their appreciation and it also comes in handy for the blogger who is shy; the type of blogger who is not brave enough to leave a comment of their own in the comments section of my blog.

Unfortunately, there are bots (as well as some unscrupulous people) that abuse the Like button.

Have you ever paid close attention to the way that most business-related blogs are set up?

If you are the highly observant type of person, you would have noticed that the majority of the business-related blogs do not use the Like button.

My educated guess is that the people that run business-related blogs are more concerned about their viewing audience leaving valuable comments in the comments section of their blog.

7.) Am I The Type Of Person Who Is Willing To Interact With The Members Of My Blogging Community?

The sooner you realize that you are part of a blogging community the better.

As a matter of fact, most bloggers on WordPress like to view themselves as one big, happy family.

The truth is that if you interact with your fellow bloggers, they will interact with you.

Do keep in mind, that the blogosphere is a lonely place for a blogger who interacts with no one.

Final Thoughts

Before you venture into blogging, you should know exactly what you are getting into and that is why you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my blog going to be based on?
  • Should my blog be self-hosted?
  • Am I the type of person who is willing to learn about blogging?
  • Am I willing to find the time to blog?
  • Am I the type of person who loves responding to comments?
  • Do I really need a “Like” button?
  • Am I the type of person who is willing to interact with the members of my blogging community? 

Also, answering those questions honestly will give you an idea as to whether or not you have the temperament for blogging.

51 thoughts on “7 Important Questions That First Time Bloggers Need To Ask Themselves

  1. You maybe should have added “Do you have a thick skin?” also. Mine’s about worn thin anymore with people wanting to argue my posts on everything from their right to stereotype another group, on up to how to cook meatballs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🤔 Hmm. Most interesting. Luckily, I do not have that problem.

      Yes, having thick skin in the literal sense would be a good thing for any blogger to have.

      Thank you for your participation.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful thoughts on blogging, Renard! I too like that Like button, it shows me who’s been visiting, and offers the chance to visit new blogs too. One thing I wish we WordPress.com users had access to are the PHP files, but requiers us to go self-hosted…

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I beleave business don’t use a like button because it gives an indication of how many or few people have viewed the post
    Any post with few likes doesn’t look good. Interesting article once again Renard

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  4. I actually prefer the blogs I follow to have a like button because I like to be able to convey that I read and appreciated a post even if I don’t leave a comment.

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  5. I’ve considered going self-hosted but afraid to take that first step. Eugi’s Causerie I is on the Premium plan and expires Feb. 2021. And Eugi’s Causerie II, also on the Premium plan, expires March 2021 so I have time to think about it. I just switched Eugi II from the Business Plan to the Premium plan because to renew on the Business plan is $300.00. My blogs don’t generate an income so seems silly to dole out $300.

    I also like the Like button as it shows who has visited my blog. And, as we have discussed before, interaction is important and IMO, the key to retaining followers.

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  6. Helpful points Renard Moreau for a beginner…. to make sure certain important things before venturing into the blogosphere.

    I also have to agree with Silk Cords point of view about being thick skinned,since one may come across some body commenting for the sake of arguments throwing niceties in the wind…instead of agreeing to disagree.

    Presence of ‘Like’ button is one of the ways to improve the bond and readership.

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  7. I love the freedom of personal blogging ❤️ best ever!! Can say whatever I want and I don’t have to prepare – just flows ❤️ is awesome!! Like a diary 📔

    Also… I do love the blogging community – some incredibly amazing people here ❤️ way way way better / a million times better than any other social media out there!!! It’s the only one I will use ❤️

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  8. A great post for those starting out Renard! All important things to consider. I think having the like button is important, particularly for personal blogs. I was very shy about commenting when I first started out, so it was a good way for me to show my appreciation of posts initially (and ongoing!). Going self-hosted or not is an interesting topic, I have been tempted but haven’t taken the plunge, I’m not sure it’s worth it at the moment. Knowing that blogging takes times is important! It’s a lot more work than I initially thought and I still struggle with finding the time for it. But it’s also fun so worth it! As for learning, there is a lot to learn and it continues all the time! In fact, I am interested by one of your points – How to compress images before uploading them to their blog – I don’t currently do this (or know how to!) and am now thinking I need to look into it!! Thanks again for another interesting post!

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  9. Great post, Renard.
    Just like you said in the post you linked, bloggers shouldn’t enable the comments feature if they are shy about replying comments.

    Your posts are always great. 🙂

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