Should Bloggers Apologize For Their Failure To Publish Blog Posts?

Every time that I visit the WordPress Reader, I always come across a blog post from someone who apologized for not being able to publish a blog post on a certain day.

Okay, life gets in the way and it is okay.

Is someone going to hire the services of a sniper to shoot you for not publishing a blog post?

I highly doubt that your life is going to be threatened for not publishing a blog post.

Most people with some form of broughtupsy will make it a priority of theirs to apologize to someone (or a group of people) for being unable to follow through with their plan (Oh, well, the way that a person was raised will have a lot to do with whether or not they are in the habit of uttering apologies).

Some People Would Not Even Know That You Went Missing

Yes, my friend, it is true that there are people who would not know that you were missing from the blogosphere.

And, why is it that some bloggers would not know that you were missing from the blogosphere?

Some bloggers would not know that you were missing from the blogosphere because:

  • They do not log in to their WordPress accounts on a daily basis.
  • They are too busy with the goings-on of their own life.
  • They are following way too many bloggers (Which makes it almost impossible to come across your blog in a timely manner).
  • Not all blog posts will show up on the feed of the WordPress Reader (This usually happens when bloggers exceed fifteen tags or categories).

For the record, there will be those bloggers who will miss you when you are gone from the blogosphere (They are the ones who made it a habit of theirs to interact with you on a regular basis).

There Are People Who Are Not Fond Of Excuses

A blogger may get away once or twice for saying to their readers, “Oh, I am truly sorry that I was unable to publish anything on my blog this week.”

But, if a blogger has developed the habit of not publishing any blog posts on their blog, and they keep making excuses for their inability to publish blog posts on their blog, people will view them as chronic excuse-makers.

The sad truth is that some people are lazy (They are the type of people who would prefer to spend most of their time watching countless hours of movies on Netflix or playing video games).

The timing for creating a blog post is seldom perfect.

Dear friend, the truth is that serious-minded bloggers will always find the time to get their quota of blogging done (It is one of those great sacrifices that they make).

I will admit that there are those moments when you would have to place blogging at the wayside; such as in the case of:

  • Attending to a family emergency.
  • Taking a hiatus due to health-related issues.
  • Taking a hiatus because you are severely burnt out from blogging.

So, if you intend on making an excuse for not blogging, it better be a very good one.


Because most people can sense a poor excuse via their proverbial radar.

Adhere To A Realistic Blogging Schedule

There is a high probability of bloggers getting their quota of blogging done by adhering to a realistic blogging schedule.

The truth is that bloggers feel added pressure in the area of blogging when they have chosen an inappropriate blogging schedule for themselves.

I have said in the past, “Not every blogger is capable of publishing blog posts on their blog on a daily basis.”

Besides, if you are unable to keep up with the pace of publishing blog posts daily, why is it that you should continue forcing yourself to do such a thing?

From a realistic perspective, some bloggers are much better off:

  • Publishing content on their blog a few days a week.
  • Publishing content on their blog weekly.
  • Publishing content on their blog fortnightly.
  • Publishing content on their blog monthly.

Have you chosen a realistic blogging schedule for yourself?

Allow Your Team Of Contributors To Fill In For You

“Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends.” — The Beatles

You will never catch a professional blogger apologizing to their readers for not being able to publish a blog post.

And, why is that the case?

Because they allow their team of contributors to fill in for them (This is something that professional bloggers do when they are on vacation or they simply want some time away from blogging).

Whenever You Start Writing, Do Not Stop Until You Are Finished

“You fail only if you stop writing.” — Ray Bradbury

Thankfully, I am one of the many bloggers that can write continuously until their blog post is finished.

By the way, you can do it too!

In my case, I put on a bit of electronic dance music; which I listen to via my headphones while I am typing away on the keyboard of my laptop computer.

If you wish, you can listen to your favourite genre of music while you are putting your blog post together.

I discovered a very long time ago, that music is a mood enhancer.

A blogger has a better chance of completing the draft-copy for their blog post by being in a good mood.

Hey, if you are able to complete a blog post in a sitting, you would not have the cause to apologize to your readers for being unable to meet your commitment.

Schedule Your Blog Posts

Scheduling blog posts will help any blogger to remain consistent with their blogging (And if you are consistent with your blogging, you would not have the cause to apologize to your readers for not publishing a blog post on a certain day and time).

As a matter of fact, too many bloggers take this simple technique for granted.

My article, Scheduling Blog Posts Are A Lifesaver, will teach you the benefits of scheduling your blog posts.

I adhere to the belief, that every blogger should be aware of the benefits of scheduling their blog posts as well as knowing how to schedule their blog posts on WordPress (Or whichever blogging platform that they are on).

Wrapping Up

It is okay for a blogger to apologize to their readers for not being able to publish a blog post (Provided that their reason is a legitimate one).

And, in some instances, an apology is not even necessary.

Also, as you have learned, there are measures that you can put in place — the kind that will ensure that your viewing audience will always see new blog posts from you or from your team of contributors.

63 thoughts on “Should Bloggers Apologize For Their Failure To Publish Blog Posts?

  1. I personally don’t like the apologies, and no longer do them, they just highlight the fact you haven’t posted. Nice quote Renard I love Ray Bradbury.

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  2. I think an explanation can be a good way to show that you care about your readers, and retaining your readership, etc… but there’s definitely a fine line in handling it sincerely and not doing it all the time.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I agree about some people care and
      don’t want to lose readers. Everyone is different and responds differently to different situations.
      However , I apologize for using the word different too often.

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  3. I don’t understand why bloggers would apologize for not blogging. IMO, it just brings attention to the fact they haven’t blogged. Some bloggers, including myself, publish they are on hiatus and the length of time and details. That I don’t mind and for those of us that run a daily, weekly, or monthly event, I feel it’s professional to let followers know the event won’t be published as normally scheduled. No need to apologize but informing is courteous.

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  4. Thankyou Renard, I had a say like this last week and I felt awful, but looking back I realised that few people probably actually missed me. My schedule is definitely something that I need to look at, too. A post every weekday seems great, but I’m struggling to make it happen. A great post, thankyou.

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  5. RE the title ‘should bloggers apologize’, in my opinion the answer is NO. It’s OK to not be robotically-consistent (don’t think of ‘must’).

    Blogging is about getting your points of view, opinions & feelings out there in a place where it’s publicly visible that people can dip in and out of. It shouldn’t be a chore. The original reasons you started.

    RE frequency; I’d say a post a week, but that’s OK if there’s no inspiration or if some weeks you post daily. As far as followers, views and likes is concerned, the more consistent the better, but there’s no rule on how often you should throw a post out. If things you’re passionate come-up that you want to chuck-out, so much the better.

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  6. I love both quotes, dear Renard! I totally agree with you about lame excuses or the need to make excuses to begin with. Yet, I would like to add that sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, or even in the week because of work that takes priority. Even in that case, I feel that apologizing is presumptuous – as if people are waiting with baited breath for your post to appear.

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  7. “people will view them as chronic excuse-makers.”

    Yes, as lousy excuse-makers, maybe even shady characters or worse, liars. Because when I find the time to compose a well-worded excuse I could better spend my time scribbling a real blogpost and publish that instead.

    I never apologize for not posting … only sometimes for neglecting my blog or a certain topic for too long. And that only in connection with a new post. Like for example …
    “Sorry for not poking fun at Trump in the last half hour but I’ll do better now.”

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  8. I’ve been looking for such a post for a while now. This has really been affecting my blogging career and sometimes I feel guilty that I’m making a lot of excuses when I don’t post on time. Well,my case is like a family drama, online classes, tons of assignments and a whole lot. It’s really scary as I think that maybe it’s becoming a part of me for not posting on time.

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    1. 🙂 Oh, that sounds like the life of a typical teenager.

      Time management implemented the right way should help you in the area of getting things done.

      Thank you for your participation, Charles.

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  9. Ok, I have to admit – I am an apologizer! Not because I think people are waiting with bated breath for my posts, but because how else do you acknowledge that you’re aware of a behavior that could be remedied? Should it just be ignored and then moved on? I admit I don’t have a schedule so readers wouldn’t necessarily know when I would be posting. But if it’s been over a week, then I feel it should be acknowledged, but how to do that without an apology? Should it just be stated matter of factly? Maybe it is manners or socialization as a woman (I’m not Canadian so it can’t be that!!) but I am seriously flummoxed about returning to blogging without an acknowledgement (aka apology) that I was gone.

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  10. Apologising is a way of expressing Civilised attitude.

    But repeating this repeatedly in blogosphere is not required since other bloggers as Renard put it may not even notice so and so blogger’s absence.

    And things move on…Blogosphere is an ocean,and and none even notice somebody is missing or feel bad about this,but may be wondering about some issues with the blogger when that particular blogger is very popular… moves on….

    An interesting observation and thanks for your thoughts on this unique subject.

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  11. I always post – but I do apologize for not always reading… I have blogs I LOVE to read and I want them to keep posting… and also … I’ve made some really awesome connections… to people I enjoy very much… so I just like to make sure they know I will be back and their words are important to me ❤️✌️

    But I always usually post lol

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  12. Hi Renard, I don’t see why they have to post that – I never could understand it. Just wait until you have something to post or have a contributor fill in.
    Another option is to update an old post and make it appear on the front or top of the latest blog posts with new date showing. That’s a great way to pump up your SEO too.

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  13. I have also seen some bloggers apologizing for not posting on their blogs. I agree with you, it so not really compulsory to apologize. Just do your thing, you owe no one any apology🙂

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  14. Good point Renard. I did both, pre-scheduled some posts and warned my readers of my absence. My reason for telling them that I won’t be on WP for a few days was that I won’t be commenting, or returning the comments.

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  15. This was such a great posts. From my previous attempts at keeping a blog alive, I’ve always seemed to come and apologize and make a run again just to come back and apologize. It was starting to become like a routine.
    Recently I did the same thing where I went on a two week hiatus and I was immediately thinking of an apology letter to write to my readers but thankfully I could get out of that mindset because what I’ve learnt is that no one cares why you were gone as long as you show up again because honestly, no one’s going to wait around and see if you’ll post and making an apology post out of that whole thing honestly just doesn’t add value at all.
    But, not taking from how well you put your thoughts into this post. I think I needed this reminder for myself.
    Have a great day 🙂

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  16. I’m fairly new to blogging and don’t understand the need to apologise. As you said, sometimes life gets in the way … and your life is more important than your blog surely! And what’s the point of posting a post for a posts sake if you have nothing worthwhile to post?
    “A fool talks because he has to say something, a wise man talks because he has something to say.”
    My blog is about my photography. If I don’t happen to get any good shots, I won’t post rubbish to get a post out.

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