7 Ways To Gain Followers On WordPress

Brenda decided to start a WordPress blog of her own. Her intentions were to express herself via her blog and gain some followers.

But guess what?

Brenda knew nothing about attracting new followers to her blog.

So, what did she do?

She planned on figuring it out by herself!

“How hard is it to attract followers?” Brenda wondered.

Like most newcomers to WordPress, she would figure out the process of gaining followers via the trial and error method.

The truth is that some of the newcomers to WordPress will have a very hard time in the area of attracting new followers, while some of the newcomers will end up gaining new followers with ease.

After all, there are ways in which any blogger can attract followers to their blog; there is really no need for any blogger to go through the psychological turmoil that comes with the trial and error method (And, I am going to pass on that knowledge to you with the hopes of you putting the information to good use).

1.) By Creating A Wonderful “About” Page For Your Blog

The About page is one of those pages that newbie bloggers tend to ignore (The funny thing is that only a small percentage of bloggers will go through the trouble of creating an About page after they have created their blog).

Dear friend, an About page happens to be one of the most important pages on your blog because:

  • It lets the visitors to your blog know the type of blog that they landed on.
  • It provides the visitors to your blog with a bit of information pertaining to who you are.
  • It is one of those pages that allows you to inspire your target audience.

There are bloggers who make it a priority of theirs to visit a blogger’s About page before following them (Not seeing an About page on a blogger’s blog can turn out to be a dealbreaker for those kinds of people).

Have you created an About page for your blog?

2.) By Publishing High-Quality Content On Your Blog

Everyone enjoys perusing high-quality content (Which is the reason why your blog should be filled with it).

High-quality blog posts are:

  • Those that provide value for the reader.
  • Those that are devoid of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Those that are unique and original.
  • Those that are well-written and well-researched.
  • Those that solve a reader’s problem or provides the reader with an answer to their question.

High-quality blog posts usually take way more time to produce than a blog post that is of mediocre quality (The time that is spent putting them together is worth it).

Most people tend to follow bloggers who are in the habit of publishing high-quality content on their blogs.

Therefore, a blogger must not take the creation of high-quality content for granted.

3.) By Seeing To It That Your Blog’s Atmosphere Is Warm And Inviting

A fellow blogger would prefer to follow a blog that has a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In my case, I created a warm and inviting atmosphere for my blog by being friendly and respectful to each of my commenters.

Is your blog’s atmosphere warm and inviting?

If it is not, you are going to have a really hard time attracting followers to your blog.

4.) By Keeping Your Blog Active

It is no huge secret, that active blogs have a much better chance of attracting followers.

Before I follow a blogger, I always check to see when was the last time that they published a blog post; if they published content on their blog recently and it is based on a genre that I like, I will follow them.

However, if the blogger did not publish any content on their blog in ages, I will refuse to follow their blog (Besides, it does not make any sense to follow a blog that appears to be abandoned or neglected).

No one is implying that you have to update your blog on a daily basis (But it is okay if you want to do it and you are the type of person who can publish content on your blog daily without burning yourself out).

Whatever blogging schedule that you have chosen for yourself; whether it be:

  • Publishing articles on your blog daily.
  • Publishing articles on your blog a few days a week.
  • Publishing articles on your blog fortnightly.
  • Publishing articles on your blog monthly.

It would be in your best interest to publish content on your blog in a highly consistent manner.


Because it gives the reader a clear idea of how often you update your blog and it places them in the position of knowing exactly when they can expect to see a new blog post from you.

5.) By Being A Highly Supportive Member Of Your Blogging Community

Any blogger can be a highly supportive member of their blogging community by:

  • Making the time to visit the blogs of their fellow bloggers.
  • Pressing the Like button underneath the blog posts that they thought was fantastic.
  • Leaving their fellow bloggers thoughtful comments in their comments threads.

Bloggers, on the whole, enjoy following bloggers that are highly supportive of their blogging community.

Are you highly supportive of your own blogging community?

6.) By Promoting The Links To Your Blog Posts Via Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways of promoting the links to your blog posts.

Where I am concerned, I no longer use Facebook and Twitter to promote my blog posts because I deleted those two accounts of mine a long time ago.

For the record, you are free to use those services to promote the links to your blog posts (And, you should not boycott Facebook and Twitter, because I chose to distance myself from them).

My social media of choice; the one that I have chosen to promote the links to my blog posts, is Pinterest.

Dr. Kelly Wade’s article, How To Promote Your Blog On Social Media The Right Way In 2020, will teach you the necessary steps to take in promoting your content on social media.

Do you promote the links to your blog posts via social media?

7.) By Tagging Your Blog Posts Correctly

My article, WordPress Reader — The Double-Edged Sword, highlighted the importance of tagging your blog posts correctly and it also explained why you should never exceed 15 tags or categories.

Do keep in mind, that the WordPress Reader is used daily to locate blogs from others that are a part of the WordPress Community and whenever someone from the WordPress Community comes across a blog that they are fond of, they end up following it.

So, my friend, you must never make the horrible mistake of taking the WordPress Reader for granted.

Final Thoughts

As you have learned, any blogger can gain followers on WordPress by simply:

  • Creating a wonderful About page for their blog.
  • Publishing high-quality content on their blog.
  • Seeing to it that their blog’s atmosphere is warm and inviting.
  • Keeping their blog active.
  • Being a highly supportive member of their blogging community.
  • Promoting the links to their blog posts on their social media accounts.
  • Tagging their blog posts correctly.

Please feel free to share your opinion on what you have just read via the comments section of my blog.

And, as always, thank you for reading!

115 thoughts on “7 Ways To Gain Followers On WordPress

  1. I seem to do most of these things from day to day, Renard. What I don’t like is a blog with no About page. This will sometimes cause me to click off the blog.

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  2. I’ve had an about from the start that no one ever really checks out 😦 and i agree, I honestly don’t trust sloppy blogs without an about and a generic layout, makes me feel like it’s bogus

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I’m same. I like to see their about me page. I very rarely follow a blog without one.

    And if their blog becomes inactive by the 6 month mark and there is no mention of a post saying they are taking a break, or mentioning anything bad that be meaning they are not able to blog for some time, the I unfollow.

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  4. As always very good points to follow, especially the reader which I go through everyday. The more you comment the more likely you are to receive comments back

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  5. When I opened my WordPress site in 2012, someone told me that every blog should have a “theme” so people know what to expect. My thoughts tend to wander, so when I wrote my About page, I explained that my theme was going to be no theme (follow at your own risk).
    Now that it is 2020, I can look back through my website and see that “my theme is no theme” was a very accurate statement. I’m predictably all over the place. At least I gave fair warning! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Wow! Thank you so much for this informative blog post! I’ve definitely learned some things, and I’ll be checking out your other entries, as well, because this is extremely helpful! Looks like I have some work (and reading) to do! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Thank you Renard Moreau for bringing awareness regarding the most important aspect of running a blog.
    I guess many new bloggers are not aware of the importance of ‘about’ page because either they don’t know how to publish this particular page or because they feel,their posts can override the necessity of filling in the ‘ about ‘ page.

    And role of tagging,and the number limit to tagging and relevant tagging can help the other blogger while searching in the ‘reader.

    As you rightly put,pleasantness while commenting or interacting helps to gain more followers.

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  8. I use tip #5 a lot to gain new followers. I cannot stress how important it is to engage with other bloggers and reply to comments. At the same time, it’s really important to be kind, even when bloggers have differing views.

    Things that turn me off from following another blog is high-strung negativity. If a Blogger is being super negative 99% of the time, I won’t follow them. I don’t need haters and pessimists on the reader, or trolls in the comments. Also, I won’t follow bloggers who abuse exclamation marks and ALL CAPS RAGE to make a point. I feel like they’re shouting me. Perhaps it’s just me, but both extremes drive me crazy. 🤦‍♀️

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  9. Oh, I once had an About page, that was so good and elaborate it even bored me, its creator! After one of my trusted co-bloggers ‘accidentally’ deleted the About page I didn’t bother rewriting it.


    1. 🤔 Most interesting.

      Your “About” page would have ended up in the trash; the only way if it would have been gone forever is if someone decided to delete it permanently by emptying the trash.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day, Orca.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, good idea, Renard. Now I only gotta find the trash and then check it for my lost page. It’s years ago but if nobody fiddled with it, who knows. 😉 I guess none of my co-bloggers have all the rights I have but I’ll check …
        Thank you

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  10. Thank you for the tips as always.
    I admit, initially I didn’t concentrate on the About page. Later on however, I corrected that. At least now people will have some sort of idea what they can expect from my blog.
    Thank you once again ☺️

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  11. Hi Renard I am following most of the tips and I am trying to be consistent in publishing new posts.
    Thank you for the wonderful tips.
    I too search for About Page when I follow a blog.

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  12. what is more important? I am getting to read some contrasting view. Some says on WordPress views are important. For a new personal blog which I launched a month back I got 3000 views but only 20 followers. I publish a blog every Thursday. is that a reasonable statistics for views?


  13. Thank you for your wonderful tips as always. A friend of mine decided to check out my page and said there’s no photo of you. 😉 Make it personal. So I decided to update it to include a photo in my about page.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Thanks so much fellow blogger for your excellent tips. As always we learn info about ourselves via reading informative educational articles. I took a few notes and in near future shall address the need to update the about page. As for FB and Twitter – both did little to help me gain followers so might like you – delete them. Excellent post!! 🙂

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  15. Plenty of great points again, Renard. You’ve definitely made me think about my ‘About’ page. It’s good, but it doesn’t reflect me, who I and all of my life experiences. If I don’t get too bogged down sewing face masks this week, I will try make sure to update it by Sunday.
    Enjoy your day, Helen

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  16. Hey, thank you Renard. Even though one feels they already know how to get going, But being relatively a fresher on this beautiful community platform needs someone who can show the way, in as simple words and means as yours. I have only started to read your posts and it all feels valuable. Thanks. Lovely to find you.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. As you saw, I posted an “About Me” page because your article told me to do so. Thank you! I will expand on it in time. I am at a loss of what to say about myself. LOL. ♥️ But it’s a start!

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  18. This is a handy guide Renard I wish I had seen this 7 years ago when I started my blog but like you said sometimes we learn through trial and error and I have learnt all the things you mentioned in this post even if I took the long way.. but knowing what I know now I can start a blog and grow it faster than it took me in the beginning.
    Great work

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  19. Hi. I began my blog a few months ago and still haven’t gained many followers… thank you for the tips, I will surely try and implement them

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