Do You Have What It Takes To Handle A Busy Blog?

Most bloggers have dreamed about their blogs receiving a large number of incoming views (It is okay for them to be ambitious where blogging is concerned).

For the record, there are lots of things that bloggers need to do before their blogs get busy (And, of course, to keep doing if they want their blogs to remain busy).

While that sort of thing is wonderful for some, it could present itself as a nightmarish experience for others.

So, my friend, it is time to spill the proverbial beans on this one.

Besides, anyone who has a strong desire to have a popular blog should know exactly what is required of them.

The Content-Creation Process Is A Perpetual One

The truth is that a blogger’s job is never really done; they may get a break when they have published their blog post.

However, you and I both know, that they need to start working on another blog post if they intend on keeping their viewing audience satisfied; it is the only way to ensure that their followers revisit their blog.

In regards to blogging, the content-creation process can be a bit time-consuming because it usually involves doing the following things:

  • Researching the topic before writing it.
  • Writing the draft-copy for the blog post.
  • Proofreading the draft-copy of the blog post.
  • Finding or creating an image for your blog post.

Now, picture in your mind’s eye, doing all of those things that I have just mentioned every time that you need to put a blog post together.

Dear friend, there is way more to blogging than just writing (Which is something that the average reader does not take into consideration).

You Will Need To Deal (Or Not Deal) With A Large Influx Of Comments

Unfortunately, not every blogger is good at handling comments; some of them do not respond to the comments in the comments section of their blog, while others take many months before they can actually reply to them.

One of the responsibilities of handling a busy blog is responding to comments (And if your blog is a busy one, it is going to have a large influx of comments).

Hey, I love comments and that is the reason why I do my best to respond to them in a timely manner (And that is one of those things that my commenters and my fellow bloggers love about me).

I would also like to highlight the fact, that some of the popular bloggers on the world wide web have chosen not to enable comments on their blogs.

And why would they choose such an option?

They chose it because:

  • They are not really into comments.
  • They believe that the process of responding to comments is too time-consuming.
  • The topics that they publish are of a highly controversial nature.

My article, Comments Versus No Comments, will give you an idea as to the type of people who should have their comments enabled or disabled.

Are you one of those bloggers who would be more than willing to handle a large influx of comments?

You Will Need To Get The Hang Of Time Management

What does time management have to do with having a busy blog?

A lot, my friend!

Implementing time management will ensure:

  • That you always find the time to create content for your blog (My article, Blogging Against The Clock, can help you out greatly with this).
  • That you always find the time to read blog posts from others.
  • That you always find the time to leave valuable comments in the comments section of the blogs of your fellow bloggers.

Do keep in mind that it is your content that keeps people coming back for more.

Also, blogging involves more than simply publishing your own content; you need to interact with your blogging community if you truly want to be successful at blogging (Those things will result in your blog being a busy one).

Keeping Promises Is A Requirement

Yes, my friend, keeping promises is a requirement if you want to have a busy blog.

Do not tell your readers that you are going to start a book review series (or some other type of series) if you are unable to keep up with it (That could lead to your blog being less busy because a large percentage of people out there have an aversion to broken promises).

To prevent yourself from falling short in this area, I advise having the entire series already written and saved in your word document files before announcing it to your viewing audience.

There is also the option of having your entire series all prepared and scheduled to be published in the future.

So, to be on the safe side, do not make promises that you are unable to keep.

Let us leave broken promises for the politicians.

You Will Need To Take Superb Care Of Yourself

The whole idea of bloggers taking superb care of themselves should relate well with all of the members of the blogosphere (After all, they are the ones who keep their blogs updated with fresh content and if they are not around, their blogs are going to become stagnant).

So, it is imperative that you be well in:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit

Dear friend, you need to be at your best in order to handle a busy blog in a highly effective manner.

Have you been taking superb care of yourself lately?

Final Thoughts

I have no regrets whatsoever of having a busy blog.

Also, I would like you to know some of the things that are a requirement for having a busy blog.

Handling a busy blog (one that is popular) involves:

  • Always creating content for it.
  • Dealing (or not dealing) with a large influx of comments.
  • Getting the hang of time management.
  • Always keeping the promises that you made to your viewing audience.
  • Taking superb care of yourself.

For the record, it is not mandatory for you to have a busy blog, but if you desire your blog to be a busy one, those are the things that you can do to bring your dream of handling a busy blog to fruition.

If this blog post was helpful to you and you believe that it has the potential of being helpful to other bloggers, you are more than welcome to share it on your favourite social network accounts.

And, thank you so kindly for reading!

48 thoughts on “Do You Have What It Takes To Handle A Busy Blog?

  1. I love the word perpetual describing a blog – it’s true! It is like doing housework, it is NEVER done. You sit for a few minutes and that is it. But if you enjoy it, it will be fun most of the time Renard πŸ™‚ I do recommend a break every now and then so you don’t get burned out from it all.

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  2. So many good points, Renard. My blog is probably as busy as it will ever be considering it’s mostly focused on one place. Finding or creating my content is certainly an ongoing, perpetual process!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I think you are right, as always, dear Renard. Even those who have started blogging without any specific goals, but simply as self-expression, have a responsibility to answer comments in a timely manner. This is common courtesy.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Agree. It takes a lot time in preparing the content till the time you are satisfied. Giving it a finishing touch takes a lot more time. There is lot more to it than it looks. Thank you again for this informative post.

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  5. Good blog as usual. I had never thought about replying to the comments feed. They are actually the real reflection of how your blog I being received. Now I will ensure to respond.

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  6. Great post, as usual, Renard! Having a busy blog is almost full-time work. Those who can manage it with a day job are some extremely hardworking people.

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  7. Excellent points made, Renard. Having a busy blog can be time-consuming but also very rewarding. Maintaining the quality of the content is a must and communicating with followers is key. It’s also important to take time for ourselves to rejuvenate our mental and physical well being.

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  8. A lot of Bloggers aspire to have a busy blog but when it comes to putting in the work, well…

    In the past month I helped run a 22 day blogging challenge and the first post in the challenge was for all those participating to communicate their intention on blogging every week day for a month. Over 120 started but less than 50 completed every single post…
    At the end of the challenge when we asked the participants how they would be now continuing with their blogging they were now giving “realistic” goals on how frequently they would blog.

    Sometimes people don’t realize the full work behind running a blog until they actually do it which is why so many bloggers have promises that lie unfulfilled after promising a weekly series or book review and then disappear shorty after like the politician who makes endless promises before the election only to disappear after you vote for them only to return when it’s time to campaign with new promises and no explanations

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  9. Yes and for me, It is always fun when I respond to comments because in this way I get to know my fellow bloggers. Establishing a connection with other bloggers is somewhat like creating new set of friends.

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  10. Great advice here Renard. Responding to comments is the one thing that I feel is the most time consuming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel it is a great way to engage personally with the audience and shows that you are willing to listen also.

    Thanks for this post!!

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  11. When I first started blogging, I did hope for a busy blog one day but as it has evolved, and myself with it, I realise that it’s not a priority for me. And that’s okay each Blogger is different and I love that 😊

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  12. “To prevent yourself from falling short in this area…” This is currently one of the things I am doing. I intend to post blog every Wednesday and Saturday. I am still on it even if I have very little following. I hope one day I would have beautiful writing skills and stories so people would follow me. I am always on for the challenge of having a busy blog. 😊 Thanks for your follow and thought Renard.

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