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There are many bloggers out there who barely find the time to put a blog post together (This is usually the case for those people who do not use blogging as an activity that brings in the extra cash).

Most personal bloggers are ordinary people within your society; they are:

  • People who are employed as police officers.
  • People who work as nurses.
  • People who are employed as doctors.
  • People who work arduously in factories.
  • People who make their living by working in offices.
  • People who work as school teachers.

The whole point that I am trying to highlight here, is that that most of the people that run personal blogs have other life commitments — the kind of life commitments that involve working long hours for someone else or some type of industry.

In the past, I said, “Lucky are the ones who are retired because they are the ones who can devote a lot of their time to blogging!”

Now, that does not mean that a person who works a nine to five job is incapable of putting together a blog post after a hard day’s work.

The truth is that anyone can create a blog post with whatever little time that they have available to them.

So, read on, my friend, I am going to teach you how to create a blog post with the limited time that you have available to you.

And, guess what?

It is quite easy for you to do!

Choose A Topic And Stick With It

Once you have chosen a topic to write about (preferably one that you know well), you should stick with it because you would only be wasting your precious time if you started writing about something and stopped halfway and went with something else; to prevent this from happening, I recommend that you base your topic on something that you are enthusiastic about.

Dear friend, the whole point of this, is for you to use the time that you have available to you wisely.

Also, after a hard day’s work, there are other things for you to perform on your to-do list; for example, chores.

The sooner that you can get your blogging and your chores done, is the more time that you are going to have for that coveted rest and relaxation.

Writing The Way That You Talk Helps

When it comes to time management, writing the way that you actually talk, helps you to finish the draft copy for your blog post faster.


Because your words will flow naturally; somewhat like water flowing with ease down a stream.

Easy, right?

Very easy indeed!

Create The Content For Your Blog In An Anxiety-Free Environment

Unfortunately, anxiety is one of those things that can slow you down when you are writing.

One can lessen their anxiety or turn it off entirely by:

It is much easier for a person to create a blog post when their mind is in a relaxed state.

Write Your Blog Post When Everyone Is Asleep

Writing a blog post when everyone is asleep is not a new concept; housewives are quite good at it. They know that writing when everyone else is asleep is the only time that they can get their quota of blogging done.

The rest of their day is spent:

  • Preparing meals for the family.
  • Cleaning the house.
  • Doing a bit of shopping.

You can choose to write your blog post before the members of your family wake up in the morning or when they have chosen to retire for the night.

Putting Aside A Certain Amount Of Time For Writing Daily

Yes, my friend, putting aside a certain amount of time for writing daily works; an example of this is a person devoting two hours for working on their blog post.

Hey, it is possible to produce some high-quality writing in a timeframe of two hours or less.

I do it all the time and I am sure that there are other bloggers who make the best of two hours or less.

Do keep in mind, that we do not have twenty-four hours to create a blog post (Which is the reason why we must use whatever time that is available for our content-creation process wisely).

Forget About Being Perfect

I have said on numerous occasions, “Perfection is an illusion!”

Unfortunately, a lot of us waste a lot of time in trying to create the perfect blog post.

The most that you or I can do, is to do our best in creating a blog post that is somewhere close to perfection.

Guess what?

In spite of creating the so-called perfect blog post, someone is going to find fault in your writing.

So, forget about writing the perfect blog post and add the element of fun into it (We tend to do things easily whenever fun is involved in the mix).

Make Writing A Habit

Now, you do not need a rocket scientist to say to you, “Writing becomes easy when it has been developed into a habit.”

My article, 7 Tips To Develop The Habit Of Writing, will teach you how easy it really is to develop the habit of writing.

And, why is it should you develop the habit of writing?

You should develop the habit of writing because once it has become second nature to you, writing a blog post with whatever timeframe available to you becomes child’s play.

You Need To Believe In Yourself

Doubting in your ability to write a blog post would be a major setback; it is counterproductive; you will get no sort of writing done.

Therefore, it would be in your best interest to have an unwavering belief in your ability to write a blog post; that will ensure that you will do a fine job of putting your blog post together.

Trust me when I say to you, “Once you have done it a few times, you will be able to do it whenever you set your mind into doing it.”

Final Thoughts

So, as you have learned, anyone can create a blog post with the limited time available to them by:

  • Choosing a topic and sticking with it to the very end.
  • Writing the way that they talk.
  • Creating content for their blog in an anxiety-free environment.
  • Writing their blog post when everyone is asleep.
  • Putting aside a certain amount of time for writing daily.
  • Forgetting about being perfect.
  • Making writing a habit.
  • Believing in their own self.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to having you here on Renard’s World in the near future.

72 thoughts on “Blogging Against The Clock

  1. I agree with everything you say Renard…and there is one more recommendation I would make – make use of the scheduling feature. I work six days a week, but when I sit down and write, most of the time I schedule posts to be published later. That means I can make sure I am publishing regularly…instead of publishing a bunch of posts on the same day and then nothing for a week.

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  2. Even when retired, days can fill up, especially if we are reading other people’s blogs, commenting, answering comments, etc. It can easily take over a big chunk of the day. I usually write when I can’t NOT write. (Inspired) I also schedule posts to be released once a week on Fridays. Thanks for the point about trying to write a perfect post. Perfectionist tendencies are definitely a hang-up of mine… 🙄

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  3. Some wise words here and I like how you summarise the points at the end. You are right in saying it’s good to write with no one around, as soon as I have the house to myself I use that time to sit at the computer

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  4. As a “housewife” (although I prefer the term, Domestic Goddess, or Household Engineer), I can absolutely attest to the value of writing when everyone else is sleeping! True, it makes my sleep schedule a little wonky, but once I start writing, I can’t stop until a post is birthed, even if it’s in the wee hours of the morning. Great advice here!

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  5. All great tips Renard. I sometimes write a couple of blog posts at a time too (when inspiration strikes)and schedule ahead. This way, even if I get too busy later in the week my blog posts take care of themselves. I think consistency is key as readers can then rely on a post appearing at a certain time.

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  6. Some excellent points Renard. I’ve started more and more to schedule posts. Working long hours five days a week, leaves little time to create content. At best during the work week, I can respond to comments or comment on other bloggers posts. On days off, I’ll work at creating posts that can be published on those days and some that can be scheduled to be published later in the week.

    Each blogger needs to find what works for them. All solutions and ideas won’t work for everyone. Work at determining what works for yourself and your particular situation.

    Thanks again Renard.

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  7. The best advice here for me was making writing a habit. And to me the best way to make something a habit is to do every day, for at least a month. Once I did that, blogging became part of my daily routine.

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  8. One of the reasons I prefer feature writing or editorials as opposed to writing news is that I can use my speaking voice. I can write how I would speak. This is one good advice! Plus forget about making your blog post perfect. Found a typo? That’s what the “edit” button is for. Thanks for another great post!

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    1. 🙂 I was not insinuating that a person should ignore typos on their blog. If one locates a typo, they should edit it at once.

      The perfectionist attitude that tends to indicate to a person that nothing is good enough is a major setback and that some people will always find fault in our writing in spite of it being well-written.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  9. thank you for shearing this article. i think consistency is the most important in this field of blogging if you are a consistently working on a niche you are successfully done otherwise you face a lot of issues.

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  10. I especially love the point “Write Your Blog Post When Everyone Is Asleep”. It is so true though! I always get more stuff done when no one is in the room with me, when I am alone.

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  11. I have actually been thinking about my blogging routine today, once I start school again. I told myself I need to figure out how to keep blogging even if I struggle with my exams and such. And I’m really glad I read this post today! I truly agree with all your points, I’m quite good at writing like how I speak but I think I need to focus more on writing when everyone’s asleep 😂😂 thanks for these tips, Renard!

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  12. I like the points you mentioned however I feel it’s hard to stick on one topic when there are several new things to try. I become confused when it comes to niche blogging. I don’t know why. I am still exploring the whole concept of blogging.

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    1. 🙂 In all honesty, there is nothing at all wrong with not wanting to stick with a niche since niche-related blogs are not for everyone.

      When I said, “Choose a topic and stick with it,” I was referring to not changing your topic midway and going along with a next topic during the writing process. Have I cleared that up for you?

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