10 Interesting Observations Of The Blogosphere


If you are one of those people who peruse blog posts regularly, you would have observed a whole lot of things about the blogosphere; such as:

  • Simple mistakes that bloggers are still making.
  • The types of behaviour that bloggers carry out when they are online (Good as well as bad).
  • How bloggers truly feel about new features being introduced.
  • The emotional states of bloggers.

Honestly, a whole lot more do take place in the blogosphere; however, I am only going to highlight ten of them — ten observations of the blogosphere that stood out to me.

1.) A Lot Of Bloggers Do Not Proofread Their Blog Posts

Unfortunately, there are bloggers who do not take the proofreading process seriously. It is as though they press the publish button without reading whatever it was that they typed.

On many occasions, some bloggers have used:

  • The word, “There” when the word, “Their” would have been the correct word to use in the sentence.
  • The word, “To” when they should have used the word, “Too.”
  • Mistakenly used, “Your” instead of, “You’re.”

I will admit that errors like these do pop up when we are typing away speedily on a keyboard; especially when we are trying our best to keep up with the flow of the words in our minds.

However, as responsible bloggers, we should proofread our blog posts before we publish them.


Because there are readers who hate to see grammatical and typographic errors within blog posts.

Another reason is that it makes our work look sloppy.

Dear friend, you do not have to be a professional blogger in order to take the proofreading process seriously. You can still take pride in your blog posts in spite of being a personal blogger.

2.) A Large Percentage Of WordPress Bloggers Are Using Tags Incorrectly

To put it simply, tags are used to describe specific details in your content; for example, the tags “Photography” and “Photos” could be added to those blog posts of yours that feature the pictures that you took with your DSLR camera.

It is a sad fact, that a large percentage of bloggers (particularly those on WordPress.com) have developed the practice of using tags incorrectly; an example of this is when a blogger uses the tags “WordPress” and “Blogging” when the nature of their content has nothing to do with WordPress or either blogging.

Dear friend, if you were exploring the topics under “Computers” via the WordPress Reader, you would expect to see blog posts that are related to computers and not umbrellas.

Too many people are labelling their blog posts haphazardly.

3.) People Are Still Complaining About The Rollout Of The Block Editor

The Block Editor has been out for quite some time (There are those who love it and there are those who hate it).

In my case, I am okay with it because I learned to use the Block Editor when it was in beta (Back then, the Block Editor was very buggy).

Did I like the Block Editor when I first used it?

Hell no! I thought that it was the most unintuitive piece of engineering contraption that was ever invented by mankind.

After I perused reading material and YouTube tutorials that were based on the Block Editor, I learned to use it proficiently.

Does that mean that you should force yourself into learning how to use the Block Editor?

Of course not!

You have every right to utilize the Classic Editor (Provided that it is still an available option).

We all know, that there will come a time when the WordPress engineers will dismantle the Classic Editor; making it a thing of the past.

Therefore, at a time convenient for you, it would be a wise move on your behalf, to learn how to use the Block Editor (An article from the WordPress Support Team — the one that is entitled, WordPress Editor: Working With Blocks, will provide you with the necessary information).

Hey, you can think of it as being prepared for when the inevitable happens; which is the proverbial death of the Classic Editor.

4.) Some People Have Complained About A Decrease In Their Incoming Views For This Time Period

A few people brought it to my attention that they had a decrease in their incoming views for this time period.

My theory is that a lot of bloggers had a lot of time on their hands during the quarantine period (as a result, many people created new blogs and both the new and the old bloggers devoted more of their time to blogging) and now that the quarantine period has been lifted in a lot of places, a large number of bloggers are taking the opportunity to spend valuable time outdoors.

On a positive note, their incoming views will increase in the near future.

The only way that their blogs are going to remain stagnant is if they stop blogging.

In the meantime, they could participate in blogging prompts; that will help the rate of their incoming views to increase and gain a new set of followers in the process.

5.) WordPress Is Still A Great Place To Blog

Yes, my friend, WordPress is still a great place to blog; I came to that conclusion because:

  • The people on WordPress are friendly.
  • The people on WordPress are supportive of each other.
  • The people on WordPress enjoy being part of the WordPress community.

The truth is that WordPress is one of a kind and that it usually leaves a positive impression on the minds of those people who have joined the WordPress community.

Do you still think that WordPress is a great place to blog?

6.) Guest Blogging Is More Dominant On Some Of The Larger WordPress Blogs

I have observed a few blogs (mostly on the self-hosted WordPress blogs) that are mostly packed with guest posts. It is as though some of the administrators for those blogs allowed the guest bloggers to run the proverbial show and the administrators for those blogs would publish a blog post of their own once in a Blue Moon.

For the record, there is no rule that states that the majority of the blog posts on a blog should be from the blog’s administrator.

In my case, I prefer the majority of the blog posts on my blog to be from me.

I think that blog administrators run the risk of becoming lazy if they allow their blogs to be comprised of over ninety-five percent of guest posts.

Hey, do not get me wrong. I have a deep appreciation for guest posts (After all, I have a talented team of guest bloggers — people who are free to add their reading material anytime they want on Renard’s World).

Besides, it is up to the blog’s administrator to decide whether or not the majority of the blog posts published are going to be from his or her team of contributors.

7.) Most People On WordPress Enjoy Celebrating Their Blogging Anniversaries

Most bloggers on WordPress love to celebrate their blogging anniversaries (One can easily find the evidence for this claim by perusing the WordPress Reader).

It is nice to come across a blog from a blogger who is celebrating their WordPress anniversary. Those bloggers usually thank all of their followers for supporting their blog (It is a refreshing sight to see because a lot of bloggers tend to lose interest in their blogs in the early stages of blogging; which is the reason why one feels genuinely happy for those bloggers who have managed to keep their blogs active for one year and over).

I truly hope that more bloggers on WordPress stick around long enough to see many of their own blogging anniversaries.

Could you remember how elated you felt when you were notified about your first blogging anniversary?

8.) Some Bloggers Are Still Using The Generic Style Of Commenting

The majority of us bloggers are not fond of receiving generic comments in our comments threads.

The generic style of commenting that I am referring to is a comment like, “Nice Post!”

It is a known fact that spammers are masters of generic comments.

So, to prevent your comment from being misconstrued as spam, tell the author of the blog post the reason why you thought that their blog post was a nice one (It proves to the author that you took the time to read their blog post).

9.) Some People Are Still Spamming The WordPress Reader

Like most of you, I use the WordPress Reader to keep myself abreast of the most recent blog posts from those bloggers that I am following; I also use it to search for topics that I am interested in.

I have noticed that there are a group of people who update their blogs numerous times a day.

I would like to state for the record, that I am not against anyone for publishing content on their blog multiple times a day. What I am absolutely against is seeing several posts from a blogger within the timeframe of fifteen minutes or less.

If a person wants to publish numerous blog posts daily, they should spread them out by publishing them a few hours apart (Thus preventing their fellow bloggers from blocking their posts on their WordPress Reader or from unfollowing their blog).

10.) Some Bloggers Have Not Regained Their Blogging Mojo

Many bloggers were unable to concentrate on their blogging when COVID-19 first came on the scene (They were terrified of the outcome of this new novel virus).

Some of them have managed to publish one or two blog posts.

And, the absence of some of those bloggers tend to make one wonder, “Are those people still alive?”

One of my fellow bloggers mentioned to me that she knew of two bloggers who passed away from COVID-19.

Those bloggers who were unaffected by COVID-19 (or managed to make a recovery from it), might start blogging again later on in the year.

Final Thoughts

So, those are my ten observations pertaining to the blogosphere.

Have you observed anything interesting about the blogosphere lately?

Also, I hereby invite you to share your thoughts on what you have read via the comments section of my blog.

And, thank you for reading!

107 thoughts on “10 Interesting Observations Of The Blogosphere

  1. Wow, this is a whole lotta stuff to take in. I remember how I felt so happy when I celebrated my first blogoversary September last year.

    Bloggers on here are very kind and I also dislike generic comments.

    On the issue of typos, I think since most bloggers try to be very consistent especially on a weekly basis, they’re more prone to such errors.

    And lastly, I’m a big fan of the Classic Editor.

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    1. 🙂 I believe that most bloggers will always remember their first blogging anniversary (Wow! and last September was yours).

      It is also nice to know that you experienced kindness from your beloved WordPress family.

      If a person is updating their blog on a weekly basis, there is a higher chance of them discovering typographical errors.

      And, you are among the many people who love the Classic Editor.


  2. Good one! 😂
    No really. you made some great points. I slowly became accustomed to the Block Editor. I has a lot to explore and I’m learning faster now.
    Thanks Renard

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      1. You’re welcome
        Here’s a WHAT IF
        I just discovered a blogger unknown to me reblogged one of my posts. Fine BUT they also copied and pasted one of my Art works from another one of my posts. and used it as an image for the reblogged post.
        He copied and pasted my art and it didn’t have my name on it. (Mistake)
        Here’s the link
        I’m not sure what to do. Should I just leave it?


        1. 🤔 You could request to have it removed.

          If the person had used the “Reblog” button, a lot of people would have known right away that it was from you.

          On a positive note, the link that the blogger used forwards readers to your blog post.

          Also, the unauthorized use of your image is unacceptable.


  3. Use spell check, always proofread! I still won’t use that block editor, I think WordPress is smoking something wacky in creating it. How about improving the legacy editor which is far better?

    My stats have fallen off a bit in the last month or so, I suppose C19 has something to do with it. The only reason I tolerate WP is for the wonderful community here. If I found this elsewhere, I would leave WP as the powers that be are dolts in my opinion.

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    1. 🙂 John, WordPress views the Block Editor as something that is modern.

      I will admit that there is nothing quite like the Classic Editor; it is most straightforward and even a six-year-old child can use it.

      Thank you for sharing your perspective!

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  4. I won’t repeat here why I can’t and won’t use block editor, as I have expressed enough about it on my blog. But my feelings still stand on it, that I have mentioned and what I plan to do when that time comes.
    Although the plan will be to stop blogging here, if the old editor gets ditched in the future, I will keep my WP account open, so I can come back and comment at blogs I would still be following at that point, while possibly blogging elsewhere. As you say, the community is good here.

    I am preparing for that possible day, coming up with alternative blog names, to then choose one from, then use my current title.
    I am going down the route of new name as a fresh start.
    I shall get one part set up next year ready, not visible, in the event it happens and my story continues elsewhere.

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      1. I am aware when they make the change that choice of classic editor will be there. But they have only spoke about it being there for next couple of years. They have not mentioned after that, which is why I am preparing.
        At the moment, I have found my usual editor is still in place, to say they were adamant about going to block editor. So I have not had to change from it.

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      2. And looking at the option you shared regarding classic block, after looking at that, yes, it’s not the same and it’s still mucking about with the new editor that is not an option for me. So it still won’t keep me blogging for the very same reasons. So if they don’t keep classic editor, or current editor I still have, then my bligging days end here.


  5. I encountered the block editor when I was using Medium – totally hated it – tho it seems a bit different than the wordpress one – fewer options. I still don’t like it, will never like it with one exception – it has a block for poetry which people who do a lot of poetry might do well to utilize. Otherwise. I just write words, in sentences and paragraphs – so basically a simple word processing type platform is all I need (or want). Oy, and proofreading, please what is it about homophones that has people so boggled? There is a lovely man who writes a lovely blog but the homophone errors always bring me up short and almost ruin the experience. (Bear/bare etc)

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    1. 🙂 Thank you for letting me know how you feel about the Block Editor and for bringing up the issue that pertains to homophones.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day, Grace.


    1. 🙂 I had a feeling that you would have been one of those people who prefer using the Classic Editor (Which is not a bad thing).

      What would you do when WordPress decides to discontinue the Classic Editor?

      Yes, you never struck me as the type of person that would ever feature guest posts on their blog.

      Thank you for your participation, Sadje.

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      1. I don’t think they will discontinue the classic editor. I have tried the block editor but it is too time consuming for me. And since I blog almost entirely from my phone, the option of classic editor is always present.

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    2. I’m not hosting guest bloggers but I have co-bloggers, which is a bit different. They have weekly columns n stuff and can post whenever and whatever they feel is right. They get Author/Editor permissions, so we’re more like a collective. Fukn technocommies, I know. =^.^=

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        1. It’s not a burden Sadje. How can you say that?

          If blogging was a burden, I’d simply not do it. I release 4-6 daily posts on average, my co-bloggers mostly just cover their races and publish the results.

          What they do doesn’t have any influence on me or my workflow, it just makes the blog more worthwile and useful for its Second Life sailing readership.

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          1. I didn’t mean it in bad way. I just know a few bloggers who get overwhelmed by the thought of posting daily. It’s great that you have a seamless system going.


  6. 3. I respect if anybody likes it. But damn, I’m definitely one of the guys who hate it. I’m still using the classic editor.

    5. I can’t disagree. You’re so right about that. The best community I ever experienced and I’ve walked a lot through the web over the decades.

    6. My inbox (contact form) is regularly invaded by people who’d like to guest post on my site. It probably give someone a chance to publish an article on my site. But not with those generic emails like “Dear Admin of…”. What the actual fu… you didn’t even have 5 seconds time to find out that I am called Dennis? Or those “Hey, great site…” mails… really? You’re damn sure that you have read any of my posts (not photo posts) or did you just stumble over some high traffic search queries and articles on my blog? It’s extremely hilarious if you know about SEO yourself and if you can spot within 2 seconds if an inquiry is written by a damn spammer, a marketing agency, or any other lunatic who thinks I’d give a complete stranger a chance to publish something on my site. I’d consider allowing bloggers who I know for a while and trust to publish something on my site if they think they have something that would fit into any of my categories. For anyone else, it’s dead simple…. they can try their luck someone else. I even had some lunatics offer me like $100… common, in most cases, their articles wouldn’t even be worth my time if they’d triple the sum. Even if I’d consider taking money, it rather cut the middlemen out of the game and the price would be quite a bit higher. I’m not exactly rich, but also not poor enough to be willing to convert my site into a link spam mill for casinos or whatnot.

    8. Right. Similar to those email inquiries, spam comments that go through Akismet are way too blatant as well. Even if it’s a longer spam comment, I just read 3 words and skip the rest because nobody would write “Helpful article bla bla bla…” on a beach photo post lol. Those short comments you mentioned are annoying as well. Renard, do you know those experts (strangers) who think they know their game and try to establish a small back and forth discussion with you, to win your trust, to eventually drop their link? I find them funny too because I always think “Nope, nice try, but that’s not gonna happen, marked as spam” xD

    Sorry for the wall of text. But your post inspired me to ponder over our shared interests.

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    1. 🙂 Dennis, from the looks of things, a lot of people would rather use the Classic Editor.

      I believe the majority of people’s experience with the WordPress community is a positive one.

      Yes, Dennis, I fully agree that if someone wants to send you an email in regards to doing a guest post, they should know your name and not use generic terms as, “Dear Admin of… ”

      And, in regards to spam comments, they are much easier to recognize.

      Also, there is no need for you to apologize for the long wall of text because I enjoy reading lengthy comments and I am pleased to know that this post of mine helped you to ponder on our shared interests.

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      1. In 10 years of blogging here, I had maybe 5 bad experiences with individuals. It’s pretty telling about how good we have it here. In 10 years, you’d run into hundreds of bad experiences somewhere else (take gaming forums, or games as an example, gosh).

        I am glad you’re ok with long comments. I’m sometimes chatty. However, I wonder why some passages in my comment broke…. it converted all “I’d” to “it”. Maybe Grammarly is bugged or another plugin.

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        1. 🙂 Five bad experiences in the timeframe of ten years are not bad at all.

          In the past, I was disrespected by many people on Reddit (I eventually removed myself from that toxic social media service).

          One of the reasons why I have so many comments on my blog is because I am okay with them (That tends to put bloggers at ease).

          Hmm. I highly doubt that Grammarly would make that kind of error and Grammarly is not known for breaking passages in comments.

          Checking to see which plugin is the culprit is a good idea, Dennis.

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          1. Maybe I was also typing too fast. I had a sleepless night too 😀 I should attempt to sleep again. 🙂

            Yes, Reddit is a nice example of an online place where you run into drama and insults in no time. Social media in general can be a very toxic experience. Bloggers are so mature, that even if they disagree with each other, they have a very respectful way to tell each other, like “I respect your opinion even tho my views are different”. You can have very mature discussions on your blog on others. I like that a lot.

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            1. 😃 A tired mind could account for errors.

              One of the best ways of eliminating typos is to turn off the predictive text feature due to the fact that it is horrible at guessing some of the words that we use.

              I also agree that bloggers are usually the respectful type of people.

              And, please get some sleep, my friend!

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  7. I like your WP State of the Union posts. You have the blogging authority and experience to do them well. I prefer specific comments also. I think the block editor would work well for a business website that sold merchandise, took surveys, and recruited salespeople. My website is much simpler than that. Last comment: would you consider using the term humankind rather than mankind? We are humans, although we’re not all men. Thanks, Rebecca

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    1. 🙂 Rebecca, I did not invent the word, “Mankind.” It is one of those words that has been around almost forever and it relates to both sexes; not just men.

      Thank you for letting me know how you feel about the Block Editor.

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  8. I started using the block editor on my smaller blog when it was in beta. Once I got used to it, I switched over my larger blog. Personally, I like it and WP is improving on it frequently. I’ve never given tags much thought but I will in the future. Thanks for the tips on tags, Renard.

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  9. Take it from grammar police, dear Renard: using “there – their” interchangeably and instead of “they are,” as well as “your” instead of “you are” is not a matter of proofreading, but rather of poor grammar skills. These people do not know that they are making mistakes. I see these same errors in students papers all the time, and when I bring students’ attention to them, they are surprised.

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  10. You always post such insightful thoughts. I love the WordPress community and am now in touch with a few different people. I read more blogs now through reader, I don’t use instagram as much. I am also trying to use block more!

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    1. 🙂 I am all for insightful posts, Alison.

      Yes, the WordPress community is amazing!

      And, it is nice to know that you are reading more blogs via the WordPress Reader.

      You mentioned to me that you are using the Block Editor more often. Do you find the usage of the Block Editor to be cumbersome? Or are you getting the hang of it?


      1. I’m slowly getting the hang of it, a bit cumbersome but I like the different gallery options, and I did a short post today using it on my iPad, which was a first, including a ping back. I will look at the link you posted.

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  11. It’s frustrating when bloggers used the wrong tag because when I look up the tags, I’m expecting contents related to the tags not just some random blog posts on an entirely different topic.

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  12. Nice post! It is a nice post, but yeah, I think that if all you have to say is that, you can just use the “like” button.

    Another observation I’ve made is that people continue to post at random times. I don’t think that’s a practice that will get someone the attention they want. I think it helps for your readers to expect a post from you at a particular time of the week, on a particular time of day. With you, for example, it helps to know that at mid-afternoon US East Coast time on a Saturday, I know to expect a post from you. And it helps me read your posts, because I know to be on the lookout for your posts after mid-afternoon Saturday US East Coast time.

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    1. 🙂 Publishing blog posts on a certain day and time is one of the best ways of letting people know when they can expect to see a blog post from you.

      Thank you so kindly for sharing your perspective, Brendan.

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  13. “We all know, that there will come a time when the WordPress engineers will dismantle the Classic Editor; making it a thing of the past.”

    Why? My question is simply Why? What’s the use of disrupting proven techniques of creating texts? Because Gutenberg Editor is nothing but a disruption of everyone’s workflow. Not only that, it appears like it was made to destroy the workflow by making piecemeal out of it.

    Bad idea, bad execution!

    My brain works in paragraphs, not in blocks. Blocks are for impulsive youngsters who think and operate in slogans and one-liners, can’t focus for more than 3 secs, and rate the package/layout higher than the content.

    Did the happiness engineers see such stupidities in, and got inspired by MS Word, Libre Office, Abiword or any other proven, traditional word processor? No! For good reason. Because Gutenberg makes us think and care about fukn technology instead of our content.

    It’s terrible!

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  14. Hi, Renard. Thanks, once again, for such an interesting post; filled, with such common sense and wise observations. I am one of those bloggers who posts daily. Sometimes I feel too regularly. However I try to follow your advice with regards to publishing etiquette. Your views are greatly valued. Have a great day.

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  15. The misuse of tags isn’t unique to WordPress alone. It’s also common on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve seen a lot of people add tags to their posts that aren’t related to the posts’ topic. They usually use popular or trending tags because they feel it would give the posts more visibility. It’s not a strategy I like or encourage, especially because I search for posts by tags and usually find posts that aren’t related to the topic I’m interested in. But do what works for you, I guess.

    Concerning the block editor, suffice it to say that I’m now a huge fan of it. I used it once when it was still in its testing stage, and I hated it. But now that it’s been developed, I can’t help but love it. It really does make writing easier and faster.

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    1. 🤔 Unfortunately, people are abusing tags on other platforms. Those people are doing a disservice to others.

      It does take a while to learn how to use the Block Editor and even though the Classic Editor is way easier to use, I have no intention of going back to it. I have made up my mind to use the Block Editor.

      However, those people who love using the Classic Editor should not be forced into using it.

      Thank you for your valuable contribution, Obinna.

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  16. The block editor was standard when I started posting regularly, so no big deal. It gets the job done. I’ve used a lot of different editors and word processors in my many decades as a geek. One has to learn how each one thinks.

    I don’t like getting spammed. If someone posts too often or posts too many photographs on Flickr or Instagram or deviantArt, it doesn’t matter to me how good they are. I unfollow.

    I’ll have to post my rules for leaving a good comment. They’ve been part of my journal footer on dA for several years.

    Thank you for keeping me thinking.

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  17. I know I am guilty of publishing posts with typos…and I know why.
    I come home from work exhausted and tend to write one or two posts before I go to sleep.
    I then schedule my posts to be published at a later date. Sometimes I am really surprised at myself when the post is published and I realize how tired I must have been. I make a point of going back and editing my posts to correct typos.
    Writing when tired means you are more likely to include typos!

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  18. Interesting observation Renard Moreau.
    #1. True what you said.Grammarly can come to rescue if only blogger has patience.
    #2. I take the blame 😂 some times I might have used wrong tags.
    # 3.Block Editor…I am finding it time consuming may be I get used it.Still I love Classic Editor.
    #7.Anniversary intimation ( though one forgets ) is a real booster to continue blogging.
    #8.Generic style of comments we regularly notice in photography blogs.All that one can say is…. beautiful shot !😃
    But in non photography blogs ….saying it’s a nice post means nothing.
    #9.Spamming depends on the individual.Rest of the bloggers can help themselves by unfollowing the person.
    Spamming makes one finds difficult to,reach the remaining bloggers,since one has short time to go through the reader.
    #10.Covid made me post minimum one article daily.Is this good ? I am not sure.
    I feel sorry if blogger is no more due to covid-.RIP
    Thank you Renard for your 10 interesting observations.

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    1. 🙂 There is nothing wrong with publishing one article on your blog post daily (Provided that you can keep up with the pace).

      In regards to publishing more than one article daily, a person can publish their articles hours apart.

      And, thank you for sharing all of those things with me.

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  19. Such a intresting post totally on point. I have soo noticed the reduction in views, and I totally agree with your resoning. Love how honest and open you were in this post!!♥️🔥

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  20. I’m a generic comment-maker! Lol! 😂

    My proofreading ability is plain awful. However, I wanted to let you know that I love how your mind works! Gee, your observations are spot on and I always feel I’ve learnt something when I visit your blog.

    Thank you Renard 💙

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    1. 🙂 First of all, I would like to thank you for reading and commenting.

      I would also like to point out to you that, “Amazing work,” is one of those comments that can be perceived as a generic comment (I will allow it to be approved this time).

      In the future, please provide further details.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day, Nancy.

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  21. lmao i proofread all my posts, but sometimes grammatical errors and typos still slip through, oops 🙈 also, i love celebrating blog anniversaries (though my blog is only about a year and a half old lmao). it makes me so happy to look back on how my blog has grown and how i’ve grown with it. and i usually do a fun post like a q&a when i celebrate them!

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    1. 🙂 Yes, grammatical and typographical errors do find their way in one’s blog posts after reading them; the best way of avoiding those things is to proofread on a separate day.

      And, people love blog posts that are based on questions and answers.

      Thank you for your participation.

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  22. Very thoughtful post Renard! I DO proof read every blog post & still manage to let a few errors slip thru’. When I see them a few days later I DO make corrections to spelling or grammar. I am a bit obsessed with good writing.
    I have noticed that people come & go on WordPress. You are right that more people were reading posts more often due to Covid-19. In fact, I found myself being on PC for hours at a time catching up on so many posts. I will say that having so many people ‘to visit’ helped pass the time & calm my nerves.
    As for ‘losing one’s mojo’…Lord knows I lost mine in Sept.2018. (due ot Purrince Siddhartha’s passing). I really was thinking of packing the entire blogging experience in. However I just perservered…some posts were great; some were good & some were utter rubbish (my opinion, lol). I still soldiered on & I;m glad I did. I have so many lovely friends ALL over the world. Most are animal bloggers but some are like yourself & I enjoy the variety of people I’ve met here. Honestly I’d miss visiting & reading blogs daily….And I’ve been told by many they would miss ”goings-on @ THE Purrfect Pad”!! That is HUGE incentive to carry on…
    OK I will wrap this up. I always have so much to share when you post. You REALLY get me thinking & this is a GOOD thing!
    Wishing you a sunny day, Sherri-Ellen T-D. BellaDharma sends **purrss** too!

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  23. The information you wrote about “tags” helped me immensely. Also, I liked the part about “Updating Posts” because I tend to go back and redo or update mine quite a bit.

    So, whenever I update a post, followers are getting it sent to their email boxes (or other area), again (even if it’s an old post I’m revamping)?

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    1. 🙂 If you are merely making corrections to an old post, your followers will not receive an email notification. They will only receive an email notification if you repost the amended blog post.

      Thank you for presenting me with a question, Tamara.

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      1. Ohh, I see! This makes sense. Thank you so much, Renard.

        I actually have a few more questions to ask you, but I don’t want to pressure you.


  24. These are some very observant thoughts.
    I have also noticed how the blogging anniversaries can sometimes bring back the mojo for some bloggers when they get that you have been flying with WordPress for…. So and So years.
    My addition to your thoughts is that people treat blogging more as a hobby which limits it from being fully appreciated, blogging is actually a way of life in the way living a healthy lifestyle is a way of life, because to be on top of your blogging game you will need to take care of your body and mind, and create time to work on your writing which is actually an exercise in critical thinking which sharpens your mind.

    And finally the way people dislike Gutenberg, people by nature don’t like disruption to their status quo, but we forget comfort can be an enemy of progress, I did not like Gutenberg when it came out, but now I can see its not just an article editor but is poised to take over even as a web design tool, instead of waiting to be forced between switching platforms or stopping blogging completely bloggers need to start learning more about it half of the reason some don’t like it is simply because they unwilling to try it out. A few weeks ago I taught a few bloggers how to use it and now they are using it like pros using some features I hadn’t even explored now I have to go exploring some more to see what’s new.

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  25. Thank you so much for sharing Renard. It was very insightful and eased one of my concerns that I had. My views were up as well over the past months and since July have decreased. I thought it was my fault and in terms of maybe my content was not great or people did not like what I posted. Maybe they did, who knows. Still, it is a comforting to hear that I am not the only one and maybe or hopefully my content is not rubbish. I guess it is like you said, people are busy again with work, which is of course great.

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