5 Reasons To Explore Your Blog Archives

There are people who go through the blog posts in your blog archives with the intention of finding out whether or not your blog is one that is worthy of being followed.

I am one who likes to believe that the blog posts within our blog archives have the potential of making a positive impression on the minds of those people that explore them.

As a matter of fact, the blog posts within our blog archives says a whole lot about us; for example, they can indicate to the reader:

  • That we are have achieved a level of mastery in a particular field.
  • Whether or not we are the type of person who takes pride in our writing.
  • If we are optimistic or pessimistic by nature.
  • The things that we like and dislike.
  • If we are humble or pompous.

So, my friend, from this day on, promise me that you will never take the blog posts within your blog archives for granted (It would be wise to revisit them once in a while).

If you happen to be one of those people who do not check out the blog posts within their archives, I am going to provide you with some valid reasons why you should.

1.) To Fix Any Typographical Or Grammatical Errors That You Come Across

If you are one of those bloggers who are always in a rush to publish blog posts daily, you run the risk of making typographical errors or grammatical errors (The same thing could be said for those who create content for their blogs in an environment that is filled with distractions).

Realistically speaking, we human beings are not infallible; we make mistakes once in a while (It is nothing to be ashamed of).

Some bloggers do not proofread their blog posts after putting them together; their mind is more focused on pressing the Publish tab in their WordPress Editor (As a result of this, they have allowed typographical and grammatical errors to make their way into their blog posts).

And, then there are bloggers who miss those typographical and grammatical errors after reading their blog posts (This happens because their mind is exhausted; attempting to proofread a blog post soon after it is written does not work in their favour).

So, in this case, it would be a wise move on our behalf, to make the time to go through the blog posts within our blog archives with a proverbial fine-tooth comb.

2.) To Fix Any Broken Links That You May Have

Many of us have encountered a “404” error after clicking on a broken link on a website that we visited; that sort of thing can transpire if:

  • The page that the website’s administrator linked to is no longer in existence.
  • The website that was linked to had its URL changed and the owner of the website did not take the time to do a proper “301” redirect.
  • The person who created the link made a typographical error.

Broken links can result in a bad user experience (And, that is the reason why you should revisit those old blog posts that you added links to).

I recommend utilizing Ahref’s Broken Link Checker to locate broken links within your blog posts.

3.) To Know Exactly What You Published In The Past

There are those moments when our minds race with the intention of finding a topic to blog about and unknowing to us, we dealt with the exact topic in the past.

In some instances, it is okay to tackle a topic that we did in the past; such as Google’s algorithm (Due to the fact, that Google’s algorithm is always changing).

Also, let us always remember that there are those types of topics that we can only publish once; such as a recipe for bread (Or any topic that we have no desire of repeating).

Knowing exactly what you published in the past prevents you from publishing blog posts that are based on topics that you have already dealt with (And, going through your blog archives is one of the best ways of doing that).

4.) To Find Comments That You Have Missed

If you possess a genuine love for responding to comments, you would want to revisit your blog archives.


Because we do not always get notified of comments (This may be due to some type of glitch).

Now, I do not have to tell you that there are people who hate it a lot when other people do not respond to the comments that they made.

Another good reason to check out the comments on old blog posts is to make sure that spam did not make its way to our comments thread (Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of spam that makes its way to the comments section of our blogs).

Google (and the rest of the other search engines on the world wide web) hate spam; which is why we should delete them whenever we discover them in our comments thread.

Thankfully, Akismet does a fantastic job of imprisoning the majority of spam comments.

Knowing fully well that spam-bots are attracted to older blog posts, I have set my comments to be closed twenty-one days after a blog post has been published.

5.) To Gain Some Inspiration

There are those moments when I rummage through my own blog archives with the intention of gaining some inspiration. There were times when I said in amazement, “Wow! Did I write that?”

It often reminds me that I have a standard to maintain.

Hey, if you are serious about blogging, you will also want to maintain a high standard.

Have you ever gained a bit of inspiration by reading some of those old blog posts of yours?

Final Thoughts

Dear friend, I hope I have inspired you to explore your blog archives.

As you have learned, exploring your blog archives will enable you to:

  • Fix any typographical or grammatical errors that you found within your blog posts.
  • Fix any broken links that you may have within your blog posts.
  • Know exactly what it is that you published on your blog in the past.
  • Come across any comments that you missed the first time around.
  • Gain some inspiration.

Please feel free to share your unique perspective on what you have read via the comments section of my blog and thank you for finding the time to read this blog post of mine.

Love and light to you, dear friend!

74 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Explore Your Blog Archives

    1. 🙂 As far as you can possibly go. But if you have been thorough with your proofreading process, you should have nothing to worry about.

      Thank you for your question, Dr. Tanya.

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  1. I’ve had many blogs on many platforms all these many years and when I delete a blog I back it up and I transfer all the posts I deem memorable to this one back-up blog . And when I scroll through it I often think “Damn, that is insightful and well written” LOL I don’t think there is anything on my current blog worth saving (as yet, but who knows what the future holds, eh?)

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    1. 🙂 Thank you!

      To set your comments to be closed twenty-one days after your blog post has been published you will have to go click on “WP Admin” in your dashboard area and then scroll down to “Settings” and when you place your cursor on “Settings” it will bring up many options; “Discussion” will appear; click on that; in there, you will be given the option to close comments within a specific time period.

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  2. Awesome advice, Renard! I never thought about closing my comments after a certain amount of days – a great idea!
    I go through both blogs frequently. It’s monotonous but worth it in my opinion. I use my categories to help me get through it. I find broken links are my biggest issue.

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  3. GREAT post Renard!! I DO revisit my blog archives regularly. And I check spelling & grammar…..in fact any errors ‘jump’ out at me! And I check links too. And I check comments. I can’t believe that I DO miss comments but you’re tight we are not infallible. And as I have limited space I sometimes delete posts…there were a handful of posts about Purrince Siddhartha Henry that were edited or deleted. I don’t want people to have to read that now.
    And I like to track my progress as a blogger by re-reading posts.
    Blogging as BellaDharma has been the biggest challenge. She came to me shut down & it took months to get her to come out of her shell & then some more months to retrain her….so trying to get into her mind was NOT easy. I think I’ve captured her personality now…when you commented on her being a ‘Diva’ tonite I was like “YEAH!!!” So I think I finally captured her true self!
    Thank you for such inspiring posts!!!
    Sincerely Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** ‘Diva’ BellaDharma

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  4. Another reason I sometimes like to go through old posts is because I find something that seems relevant now and is worth republishing. That being said, I think your reasons for going through old posts are good as well and should be taken into consideration by bloggers.

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  5. Indeed very helpful and informative, Renard! I will keep this in mind. And it’s definitely a great feeling when you read your own older work and get impressed by it. Cheers

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  6. Good post, Renard. I actually created my weekly Fandango’s Friday Flashback prompt to inspire people to reach back into their archives and highlight a post that they wrote on the same date in a previous year. It also enables bloggers to expose their newer readers to some of their older posts that they might never have seen or to remind their long term followers of posts that they might not remember. If they want to participate in this prompt, it forces bloggers to go through their archives to select an applicable flashback post.

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  7. I have a time table for visiting my archives to fix any grammar errors I might have missed the time I published the blog posts. One day, while I was editing one of my earliest blog posts, I discovered that my blog was still littered with links to my old Twitter account. Fixing broken links isn’t one of my favourite pastimes, but I’m glad that I spotted this issue the time I did.

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    1. 🙂 Obinna, it is nice to know that you have a time table for visiting your blog archives.

      I have a feeling that you will never litter your blog with links to any of your social media accounts again.

      Thank you for your participation, my friend.

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  8. Great points Renard and I do it for SEO, it helps a lot to update old blog posts with current info. I find a lot of old ones in my related posts too and with WordPress (paid version) it lets you know if you have orphaned content or stale posts.

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  9. Thanks, Renard, for another great post filled with more wise words and sound advice. Revisiting one’s blog archive is a wholly worthwhile habit for the very reasons you have highlighted. Best Regards.

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  10. Hi Renard, I tend to visit the ‘about’ page of a new blog first to find out more about the blogger and what their blog is about, although if the ‘about’ page gets me interested, I will then delve into some of their blog posts to find out if it’s worth following.

    I have an easier way of checking for comments I may have not responded too. On the old comments section of my blog’s dashboard (via the WP Admin button), there’s a ‘pending’ link that tells me how many comments I have outstanding. From what I know, I’ve never missed responding to a comment by using this method. However, I’m guessing you may be referring to approving a comment and then not responding to it? There’s a good ‘work-around’ for that too, where you can approve and respond to the comment at the same time. You’ll find the ‘pending’ link between ‘mine’ and ‘approved’ on the comments page of your blog’s dashboard. Let me know if you’re not able to locate it. I can send you a screenshot of where it’s located.

    As I also moderate all comments first, I’m confident that I’ve never approved any spam comments to appear on my blog posts. May I recommend that readers moderate all comments before they appear, rather than allow comments to appear straight away? That way, you can stop any spam comments getting to the comments section of any blog post.

    Have a great week, Renard.

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  11. Always enjoy reading your advice on blogging, Renard, especially if I’m already doing what you suggested before you post your article. 😉 Thanks for eliminating any guilt I’ve had about reblogging my articles. I feel a bit lighter now. Sending light n love.

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  12. Interesting thoughts Renard Moreau,Visiting old blog posts and doing the corrections or adding the relevant latest points etc really helps one grow.Checking the links is equally important because sometimes they may show errors, and better to delete it.
    Personally I feel always one must check spam folder regularly for genuine comments.Thank you

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  13. Looking at old sermons or essays or old computer code or photographs, sometimes I wonder, “Did I really write that crap?”. But other times I think, “Oh that was good. I wonder whether I could produce such good work again.”

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  14. I do at times visit my initial posts and I feel happy. Thank you for the deep insight. I think I should also look into the glitches. I was missing this one.

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