When Bloggers Disappear Into Nothingness

Bloggers come and bloggers go; it is as though some of them have chosen to give up on blogging, while some of the blogs of those bloggers have some type of built-in expiration date system.

Now, realistically, you cannot get angry with a blogger for abandoning their blog because they are entitled to leave it if they no longer view blogging as being an activity that is filled with fun or genuinely believes that it is time for their blog to come to an end.

Oh, the disappearance of bloggers is a complicated issue.


Because bloggers abandon their blogs for various reasons.

The Blogger Who Wrongfully Believes That They Are Wasting Their Time Blogging

It is quite easy for a blogger to think to themselves, “I am wasting my time with my blog, ” if they spent six months publishing content and only received a small number of incoming views.

Hey, on the bright side, a small number of incoming views is actually better than receiving no incoming views at all!

Now, if a large number of incoming views to their blog means a lot to them, they could have done the following things instead of abandoning their blog:

  • Promote their blog on their social media accounts.
  • Encourage social sharing.
  • Conduct on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Invest their time in creating evergreen content.
  • Have a full understanding of the audience that they are creating content for.
  • Interact with the people within their blogging community.

Dear friend, I want you to remember the old saying, “Rome was not built in a day.”

The truth is that you are not going to have overnight success with your blog; everything takes time.

An orange tree does not bear oranges before its time.

So, why is it in God’s/Goddess’s name that you expect your blog to be highly popular if you started it only a few months ago?

It is a sad fact, that too many people lack patience and hunger for instant gratification.

The Blogger Who Was Disrespected By Another Blogger

Disrespect is one of the reasons why some bloggers chose to abandon their blogs (It is usually in the form of trolls leaving disrespectful comments in the comments section of bloggers).

Hugh W. Roberts’s blog post, Is Your Blog Under Attack?, teaches you how you can go about preventing disrespectful comments from making their way to your comments thread.

Being disrespected by a troll can cause a highly sensitive person to have second thoughts about blogging.

If you follow Hugh W. Roberts’s advice, you will never have the cause to worry yourself about receiving disrespectful comments from trolls.

Now, even though the experience of dealing with a troll is a horrible one, you should not allow that negative experience to make you say, “I quit!” and leave the blogosphere faster than a bat out of hell.

The better thing to do is to regain your composure and moderate your comments.

The Blogger Who Slacked Off Until They Eventually Abandoned Their Blog

Unfortunately, there are bloggers that fall within the slacker category; they are the ones who always give reasons why they are unable to publish content on their blog consistently (Many of us know who some of those people are).

Now, I am fully aware of the fact, that there are extremely busy people out there and that a lot of them struggle to find the time to add a new blog post to their blog.

Guess what?

There are busy people that find the time to update their blogs with new blog posts.

And, how in God’s/Goddess’s name are such people able to find the time to publish content on their blog consistently?

The answer is a simple one. They made updating their blog with fresh content consistently as one of their main priorities.

Hey, no one is saying that you have to publish blog posts on your blog on a daily basis; you can actually do it at a time that is most convenient for you; such as:

  • Publishing content on your blog weekly.
  • Publishing content on your blog fortnightly.
  • Publishing content on your blog monthly.

The truth is that it is actually feasible for an extremely busy person to update their blog with new content on a consistent basis.

So, there is really no need to adopt the habit of slacking off because it would eventually lead to posting in an inconsistent manner (And, that would eventually lead to you throwing your blog on the proverbial backburner).

The Blogger That Was Pressured By Their Spouse To Stop Blogging

I knew a blogger who was pressured by her husband to stop blogging.

She held her ground and continued creating content for her blog.

The good news is that her husband did not divorce her. Her husband eventually saw the light and bought her a domain (Hmm. Talk about a happy ending).

We all know of the person who thinks that bloggers waste a lot of time and that blogging is a figurative walk in the park.

The truth is that if we asked those same people that criticized blogging to create a blog post, they would pull their hair out of their head (They would learn the hard way that there is a lot of work that goes into the content-creation process).

Also, if your spouse truly loves you, they would not pressure you into giving up blogging.

But it is a pity that some of them give into their spouse’s demand; which was to give up blogging and do something else that is deemed worthwhile and productive.

The Blogger That Decided To Quit Because It Was The Easiest Thing For Them To Do

Quitting something (in this case, blogging) is one of the easiest things that any person can ever do.

As you already know, blogging involves a lot of hard work and there are people who do not want to involve themselves in something that remotely resembles hard work.

Instead of challenging themselves, they chose to give up on their blog entirely.

There are many bloggers that ventured into the world of blogging without ever knowing anything about it. But as time went on, they learned about the things that they could do to make themselves a better blogger and the things that would help them to grow their blogs.

Final Thoughts

The truth is that as a blogger, you do not have to disappear into nothingness (Unless you want to).

Blogging may not always appear to be figuratively smooth-sailing; there will be those moments when you will encounter obstacles — the types of obstacles that will make you question your loyalty to blogging.

Dear friend, the truth is that you can overcome those obstacles.

I have faith in you!

By the way, if you found this blog post helpful and you believe that it could be helpful to other bloggers, you are more than welcome to share it on your favourite social media accounts.

Thank you for reading!

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