6 Things To Do When You Do Not Feel Like Blogging

There are those moments when bloggers do not feel like blogging.

What are some of the things that can rob a blogger of their zeal for blogging?

Truthfully speaking, it can be a number of factors; such as:

  • Encountering a severe case of writer’s block.
  • Being low on energy.
  • Burning oneself out due to creating and publishing too many blog posts in a short space of time.
  • A person having doubts about being always able to come up with topics for their blog.
  • Being incapacitated due to a mental health-related issue.
  • A person being displeased with the blogging platform that they are currently on.

Anyone who is experiencing the things that I mentioned above, needs to take a short break (or a long break) from blogging (Hopefully, the blogger will figure things out while they are on that important hiatus of theirs).

In the meantime, a blogger can engage themselves in other activities — the types of activities that would help in the area of lifting their spirits.

1.) Watch A Movie

Everyone is already aware of the fact, that movies, on the whole, are entertaining; especially when we are viewing the genres of movies that we love.

Dear friend, watching a movie is a great way for you to relax.

As an added bonus, you are granted the opportunity of putting together a review that is based on the movie that you saw whenever you feel like blogging again.

Most of us watched our fair share of movies during our COVID-19 quarantine lockdown period.

In my case, I watched Season One (twenty-three episodes) of Space: Above and Beyond.

What did I think of that American science fiction television show?

For starters, it was okay, but the people who were acting as the United States Marine Corps aviators did not have their hair cut or styled according to the USMC hair regulations (That took away from the believability of the characters).

Jeff E’s article, Marine Corps Grooming Standards: Haircuts, Mustaches, Beards and More, will bring you up to speed with the United States Marine Corps hair regulations.

Okay, I will admit, that I am a bit hard to please where movies are concerned.

In your case, you are free to watch any movie or television show that entertains and relaxes you.

2.) Read A Book

Reading a book is also a wonderful form of entertainment.

Reading is also known to:

  • Reduce the reader’s level of stress.
  • Help the reader in the area of expanding their vocabulary.
  • Improve the reader’s focus and concentration.
  • Improve the reader’s memory.
  • Strengthen the reader’s analytical thinking skills.
  • Increase the reader’s ability to empathize.
  • Expand the reader’s knowledge.

Reading books on a regular basis certainly works in our favour.

You are free to choose reading material that is based on fact or fiction.

By the way, if you do not own any books, I strongly suggest that you borrow one from a family member, a relative or a friend.

In spite of not having a gigantic personal library, I do re-read those books that I purchased from bookstores many years ago.

Guess what?

You can even write a review on a book that you have read; which will come in handy the day that your blogging hiatus comes to an end.

3.) Get Some Sleep

Getting some sleep might be the easiest thing on the list for many people to do.

Sleep is known to:

  • Improve our memory.
  • Reduce our levels of stress.
  • Keep our weight under control.
  • Reduce our chances of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Strengthens our ability to fight infections by keeping our immune system strong.
  • Increases our libido.

So, my friend, you must never take sleep for granted.

4.) Get Some Physical Exercise

You and I both know that physical exercise helps in the area of keeping us healthy.

Also, some of you are probably thinking, “Renard, I am under lockdown. How am I going to get my daily quota of physical exercise?”

Well, if you are under lockdown, you will have to do all of your physical exercises at home.

If you happen to be one of those people who do not own any sort of exercise equipment, I highly recommend that you read, Anthony J. Yeung’s article, Your 10-Minute, No-Equipment, Total-Body Workout.

Here in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, I am allowed to go outdoors with the intention of conducting essential business (Since walking is a form of physical exercise, I can walk to the supermarket, purchase some food and walk all the way back home).

I am keeping my figures crossed with the hopes of my government lifting the quarantine restrictions on Friday 15th May 2020 (If they do not, I fear that I may develop a severe case of cabin fever).

5.) Listen To Some Music

The majority of people that I know enjoy listening to music (The genre will, of course, vary from person to person).

Listening to music can:

  • Decrease our fatigue.
  • Improve our mood.
  • Help to lower our anxiety.
  • Help us to manage our pain.
  • Reduce our levels of depression.
  • Strengthen our learning and memory.
  • Motivate us.
  • Improve our cognitive performance.

Do I listen to music?

Yes, I do; I listen to it whenever I can!

I am a music-lover.

Do you like listening to music?

6.) Do A Bit Of Soul Searching

Try to remind yourself of the reason you wanted to blog.

In the beginning, you probably wanted to have fun and now it is no longer fun for you because you fell into the trap of blogging competitively.

Or you went along with a niche because it was highly popular and you lost your interest in it as time went along.

Or you created your blog with the intention of it bringing in additional cash via the monetization of your blog, but the amount of money made is not enough to help pay the bills.

Whatever the issue might be, a bit of soul searching will help you to find a solution; for example:

  • Discontinuing to blog competitively and going back to blogging solely for the fun of it.
  • Going with a niche that you actually like or doing away with niches altogether by taking the miscellaneous topics approach.
  • Taking a blogging course that will help you in the area of making a reasonable income from your blog.

Dear friend, a bit of soul searching, will assist you in resolving that inner conflict of yours — the one that caused you to take the wrong blogging approach.

One must never underestimate the power of doing a bit of soul searching once in a while.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you feel as though you do not want to do any sort of blogging, you can always engage yourself in the following activities:

  • Watching a movie.
  • Reading a book.
  • Getting some sleep.
  • Getting some physical exercise.
  • Listening to some music.
  • Doing a bit of soul searching.

Doing the above things will help you in the area of rejuvenating your energy (And, that, my friend, will come in handy the day that you choose to end that blogging hiatus of yours).

75 thoughts on “6 Things To Do When You Do Not Feel Like Blogging

  1. Tanks for this, this is really helpful

    I would also add a 7th point to that, really tying in with the 6th point; don’t focus too much on views, traffic, approval, use other outlets for that. Have a natter on the phone with a friend, reach out to forums if you’re feeling lonely. I say that because I’ve certainly fallen into that trap.

    What it was originally about is the main thing to focus on, sod competing. It’s easy to compare yourself to others (especially times when you’re lonely, don’t have anyone to talk to or other communities that serve that outlet).

    RE tip 3 sleep; difficulty level=EXTREME!
    RE tip 4; exercise; difficulty level=Easy-moderate

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  2. Hello Renard.
    I came to this post only because I could no longer comment on your Hinglish/Benglish post. I know your blog is your blog, so I am totally intruding here. but I really wanted to say something after I read that post, but comments were closed. I felt frustrated. I often discover posts long after they are written, but I still love to comment on some, even years later. This one was only last month, I think. So I thought I would ask–you do not have to answer–what makes you close comments? Your writing has value, but with “comments closed” it becomes impossible to have a conversation relevent to it. It is like you “expired.”
    This is my opinion, and I thought I would let you know.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 For starters, “15 Funny Common Phrases Of Indian English You Are Unaware Of” is a guest post from Dr. Sridhar (an Indian gentleman that goes by the sobriquet, “Philosophy Through Photography).

      Being the owner and administrator of “Renard’s World”, I have set the comments on all blog posts (including mine) to be automatically closed within the timeframe of twenty-one days.


      Because older blog posts tend to attract spam and spam was significantly reduced when I implemented that method.

      Besides, twenty-one days is more than enough time for the followers and the occasional visitors to comment.

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      1. Not if it takes longer to find your blog. But no problem, I wasn’t looking to anger you. I was jyst asking because I am curious that way.
        Thank you for getting back to me.

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        1. I agree with you, rawgod. I don’t always have enough time to read and comment on a blog post, so often come back to them a month or so later. Plus, when I do searches for particular subjects using the search bar on WordPress, it often brings back posts that are more than 6 months old. It’s a shame I can’t leave comments on all of them. I feel like the door has been closed on me, but I can understand why bloggers choose to close off comments on certain posts, especially if they’re away from their blogs for an extended length of time for personal reasons.


      2. I took your advice on closing comments- you are 21 days and l am 14 days and l find that short period more than ample – prior to performing this, l was receiving 1000 spam bot comments a day – it was very stressful, l was starting to look for a tree until l read your post last year about being able to disable the comments section. NOW? Now l have none, and if l do it’s genuine comments from bloggers who have just ended up there and not something from the likes of Michelle’s Big Juicy and Puffy … anway ha ha – so thank you my friend for that excellent bit of advice last year.


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  3. Goodness, these are great tips. I too have had days where I’ve lost my gusto and I’ve had to rethink things and I even had one very recently. I split my blog in two (one adult content, one miscellaneous) and I saw my traffic drop. As soon as I combined relationships, intimacy and various bits and pieces again, my traffic has picked right back up.

    Another excellent post, Renard 🙂

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  4. Renard, your post is a great reminder of our need to practice self care. We will run out of gas trying to keep writing or do anything for that matter without recharging and reinvigorating ourselves. I think you were possibly one of my inaugural followers, possibly my very first :). Thanks for following me, liking my posts and engaging with my blog! 🙂

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  5. All were great ideas that I think might and have worked for me. All but one actually. Sleeping is never the answer for me. I feel more beat when I wake up and still don’t have anything. Scheduling posts have really helped me as opposed to writing on the same day that I post. These are some pretty good tips :’)

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