Is There An Ideal Time For Publishing Blog Posts?

If you have ever researched this topic on the internet, you would have encountered various answers.


Because each blogger has their own opinion (Their methods worked for them).

From a realistic perspective, what works for someone else might not necessarily work for you; which is why you will have to do your own experimentation with the intention of finding out what will work in your favour.

People have been asking this question since the dawn of blogging, so I am going to have an in-depth look at it.

People Read Blog Posts At A Time That Is Convenient For Them

Publishing your blog post at 8:00 AM does not guarantee that everyone who is following your blog will read it at the time that it was published.

Dear friend, the truth is that your blog post is not going to run away; it will be online for almost an eternity (That is provided that you did not delete that blog post of yours or it was taken down due to a copyright violation or some other type of infringement).

Also, it will take your email subscribers awhile to sort through their email messages; thus visiting your blog post way after it was published.

Now, let us not forget about the bunch of the WordPress bloggers that rely on their WordPress Reader for coming across blogs that they are following (They will have to scroll down a list of blogs that they are following until they come across your latest blog post).

Depending on the time that you have available for perusing blog posts, you will most likely read them during the following periods:

  • When you are having your breakfast.
  • When you are having your lunch.
  • When you are having your dinner.
  • Before you go to your place of employment.
  • After your working hours.

All bloggers must keep in mind, that people need to attend to other things in their lives and that the followers of their blogs will check out their blog posts at a time that they believe is most convenient for them.

A Different Rule Will Apply To A News-Related Blog

Where a new-related blog is concerned, the ideal time to publish a blog post is as soon as some type of breaking news happens (And, as you and I both know, that could be anytime).

People want their news immediately.

Hats off to those bloggers who run a news-related blog (They have chosen the difficult task of keeping their readers abreast of the latest news).

There Is No Special Time For Publishing Evergreen Content

Why is it that there is no special time for publishing evergreen content?

There is no special time for publishing evergreen content because that type of content never expires and it is deeply appreciated by the readers that adore evergreen content.

Evergreen content is usually in the form of:

  • Case studies.
  • Beginner’s guides.
  • How-to posts.
  • Frequently asked questions.

Evergreen content is not the type of content that is rushed; it is the type of content that requires a lot of research before putting together.

People Will Always Accept Blog Posts From Reputable Bloggers At Any Time

If you happen to be one of those bloggers who have gained a reputation for publishing high-quality blog posts, your blog posts would be appreciated whenever they are published; it does not matter at all if they are published at 3:00 AM, 9:00 AM or 11: 00 PM.

Also, high-quality content is in demand (Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to go about creating it).

Dear friend, focus your energy on creating high-quality content and not so much about what you think is the most appropriate time for publishing it (Unless it is a time-sensitive blog post — a blog post that falls into the category of News).

Paying Close Attention To Your Search Queries Will Open Your Eyes

We have all utilized the services of various search engines with the intention of finding the right answer or the correct solution to a problem.

If you are highly observant, you would have noticed the following things among the search engine results pages:

  • Articles that are a few days old.
  • Articles that are a few months old.
  • Articles that are a year old.
  • Articles that are a few years old.

Dear friend, the main goal of search engines on the world wide web, is to provide you with the best answer to whatever it is you are looking for.

The times that those articles were posted had very little to do with whether or not Google or Bing looked upon them as being valuable information.

Bloggers May Publish Their Blog Posts At Specific Times For A Reason

Those of you who have been following Renard’s World for quite a while would know that my blog posts are scheduled to be published every Saturday at 1930 Greenwich Mean Time.

Why is it that I chose that interesting schedule?

I chose it because it is highly convenient for me.

And, even if I failed at scheduling a blog post (Which is less likely to happen), I could put together a blog post quickly on Saturday and 1930 Greenwich Mean Time, is actually 3:30 PM in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (So, I have more than enough time to create content for my blog in case things do not go as planned; which means I will always meet my deadline).

For the record, I would occasionally break my routine by publishing a blog post randomly on a weekday (Hey, I am free to do that because Renard’s World is my blog and no one else’s).

From experience, I can say to you, “It really does not matter what time I publish my blog posts.”


Because in addition to acquiring lots of views on the same day and the same time that my blog post was published, it receives additional views days after.

Final Thoughts

From the looks of things, it is okay for you to publish your blog posts at any time.

To recap:

  • People will always read blog posts at a time that is most convenient for them.
  • A different rule will apply to a news-related blog.
  • There is no special time for publishing content that is of an evergreen nature.
  • People from around the world will always read blog posts from reputable bloggers at any time.
  • Paying close attention to your search queries will open your eyes.
  • Bloggers may publish their blog posts at specific times for a reason.

Please feel free to share your opinion on what you have read via the comments section of my blog.

And, most importantly, thank you for reading!

73 thoughts on “Is There An Ideal Time For Publishing Blog Posts?

      1. You are welcome. I noticed the times do repeat for me much of the time, 10, 3, 5, and 9 happen a lot more than pre-8 morning or post midnight. I am U. S. Central Time, 5-6 hours behind GMT depending on DST differences.

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  1. What a coincidence!
    Earlier this week, I wrote a Blogging Insights post about optimum posting times and days.
    I feel really reassured by what you have said because I use my blogging times mainly as reference points for myself.

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  2. I publish frequently most days, perhaps too much but the blog does OK. I wish folks would visit the actual blogs more often – I’ve never used the reader thing…

    Liked by 3 people

        1. 🙂 Well, Tropical regions are famous for their heat and yes, it is currently hot and humid where I am.

          Subscribing to blogs by email is quite common and there is a small portion of people that utilize certain widgets on their sidebar to check out blogs; for example, the Recent Comments widget.

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  3. I get email notifications of my ‘followed’ blogs and I can rip through them quickly in the morning, my favorites tho I ‘save’ to read later when I have time to savor them. Sometimes I don’t read them for several days and then have a little blog binge. So it doesn’t really matter to me when a blog posts tho honestly I prefer morning posters.

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  4. So lemme share a personal story. For a while I’ve been relying on the wordpress best time tab for my posts scheduling. However, I discovered that traffic continued to go down on my site. Yesterday I published by 9am instead of 9pm (best time) and I noticed a big jump within the first few hours.
    This taught me a big lesson. It’s not always about time.
    Thanks for being truthful Renard!

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  5. I do think there are limits to how much timing does (or doesn’t) matter. If most of your readers are in the US, publishing something at 2 AM East Coast time probably doesn’t make much sense.

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  6. My strategy is to publish at 9 am three mornings a week. I notice that US readers often read posts in the morning. That time puts me in the WordPress queue to be read that day. European readers often check posts at the end of their work day. 9+7=16 (4 pm) which is good in Europe as well. Thanks for your informative posts!

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  7. Hai Renard!

    I write posts all the time, and publish them as soon as I’m done. I guess the publishing time doesn’t matter, because blogging isn’t a real time conversation … not even a conversation at all but a one-way dispersion of info and opinion.

    My audience is pretty much spread all over the world (there are even some people who write in those south-east asian swirly fonts and probably speak English even worserer than me), so they live in various time zones. Some may open up my blog once a week, others multiple times a day.

    So it really doesn’t matter at what time I push the FIRE! button.

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  8. Hi Renard, I t hink today all the schedules are out the window with the pandemic crisis. People are home and are online much more than ever before. I used to always publish early am but now when I have something of value I’ll hit publish anytime.
    I do have readers that are in different time zones so if I publish later in the day or evening they are most likely sleeping.
    Take care Renard and stay safe!

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  9. I’d have to agree with this post. Aside from break news, which does indeed need to be as fresh as fact checking will allow, it’s fairly wise open.

    From my own personal experience and the advice I’ve seen from a few blogging experts, consistency seems to matter much more, both in terms of posting regularly and at a set time. Whatever that time is, is up to you. The thing is to build the expectation in readers to look for it.

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  10. A fascinating subject, especially given that WordPress recently published an article about this very subject, Renard.

    You’re right in that bloggers should publish blog posts when it’s convenient for them to do so. I like to be around when one of my posts goes live, so I never schedule any posts to go out when I’m asleep. However, as WordPress said, the best time to post on your blog depends on your target audience and content goals. While most users read blogs in the morning, more men than women read blogs in the evening (I’m not sure how they know that?). You may get more views on Monday but more comments on Saturdays. It all varies. On a platform like, where users can discover blogs in real-time, they say it could pay to post on a less busy day.

    As most of my readers are in the U.S.A, I tend to publish posts between 13:00 and 17:00 GMT. That way, I know that most people in the U.S.A will be up and about.

    I used to publish posts on the weekends but started to notice that those posts got fewer hits and comments. For me, blog posts published on a weekday (apart from a Friday) seem to fare better. I get lots more comments left on them.

    And if you’re anything like me, and don’t get to some posts for weeks (or even months) after they’ve were published, it’s nice to still be able to join in the conversation. And, of course, I also come across some older posts that have great content when doing a search on a particular subject.

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  11. …also depends on ‘time zones’ too I guess, you never catch everyone at once – depending on where the majority of your readership are based 😊🌍

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        1. 🙂 Even though a blogger has set out to capture the attention of readers from a specific global region, everyone from that specific region will not view it at the same time that the blogger’s blog post was published. They will read it at a time that is most convenient for them.

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          1. That’s my point – time zones will always play a part, so there is probably no ‘one’ good time, unless all your readership are based (or your targeting) a particular county/region, or time zone…

            You could get around this by scheduling re-posts at different times to cover each one….if getting high numbers and the widest reach is your priority.

            Enjoy the rest of your weekend Renard, Best wishes 😊

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  12. Superb post, Renard! I don’t use the Reader and prefer email. I release most posts right after I write them except for my “Sharing” posts connected with my weekly event. I feel publishing several similar posts in a day’s time is overwhelming the Reader and thus lose their value. There are some posts I write ahead of time and keep them as a draft until it’s time to publish. I’m not too keen about the scheduler. Stay safe and well. 😉

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  13. While it is not a bad idea to consider when most of your target audience is active – there have been researches regarding this, it really boils down to when people have the free time to sit down and read your posts. I do publish whenever I have completed them, but I try to schedule them for the evening people over in the US.

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  14. With most of my follows having to stay home because of Coronavirus, I am quite relaxed about when I post at the moment. Hope you are OK Renard … What is the Coronavirus situation where you are?

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    1. 🙂 It is nice to know that you have developed a relaxed approach to blogging, Marie-Céline.

      At the moment, we have one hundred and one COVID-19 cases here in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.


  15. Once I discovered the scheduler, I was on a roll. I used to write at about 11am my time, publish straight away and wonder why my posts were hardly noticed. I think it also pays to notice where a lot of your readership comes from, in my case, overwhelmingly the USA. As a rule, that’s a 6 hour time difference, so 6pm in the USA is midnight here (in the UK). By scheduling my posts I can write at a time that is convenient for me and schedule it to be available at a time when most of my readers will be active. It’s a useful tool and it hasn’t failed me yet. An excellent topic that few people think about 🙂

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