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Happy Anniversary To Chinelo’s Blog!

First Anniversary (Photo credit: Pixabay)

It’s Our Life Struggle‘s one year anniversary today. It’s even more exciting that it falls on International Women’s Day.

I know the work I try to do with this site is beyond solving gender issues, it is about the wellbeing of men and women of all races and classes and religions.

But I am happy that I’ve got the courage to stand up to this belief that dreams are meant to come true if only we work towards achieving them, by taking a step toward its accomplishment one day at a time, and I do not let myself be confused about how there are limits to which a woman should go.

Women are often told that a certain extent of success or confidence scares men away, and so you ought to limit yourself below your heights so as to be accepted, or loved.

But who cares about the values or levels of success or education or confidence a woman looks out for in men? Oh, it doesn’t matter? And why is that?

Anyway, the truth is that there are a large number of women who don’t even have a dream, or a career, or any goals at all except to find a man who would love her. It’s not about limiting herself, it’s just how she is. Let those men file applications to such women.

If you’re a career woman, I want you to reach beyond the sky, balance whatever you do with confidence, don’t ever look down or be afraid to reach higher. You’re not doing it to challenge any man nor any woman for that matter, you’re doing it because you’re who you are, and if that man doesn’t love you for who you are, he doesn’t really love you, and you deserve someone who really loves you.

Life, I always suppose should have more to offer to every individual beyond love. I love to love someone and to be loved. But more than anything, I want to fulfill all my dreams. You can’t even begin to imagine what my dreams are, and what’s the biggest and most important, and I have to work toward and through other dreams to get through to it.

I want life to give me love, especially that of my own child one day, but beyond everything else, I want to accomplish my goals, I want to build a legacy! And it’s so important to me that it’s not just my dream but my past and present and my future! It’s my life!!

Therefore, any man who would feel intimidated by my confidence in handling my daily living, how would he handle my legacy? Besides, I can not handle a relationship where instead of building together and supporting each other, it’d be a stage for competition and jealousy.

And I know there are men who’d do everything in their power to have a woman whom he could build with, not one who he’d be building for. I hope to find love with one of such men.

Our life struggles like I mentioned earlier is about you finding yourself and making a difference in your own personal life, no matter your age, gender, race, religion, or class.

So reflect on yourself today as we celebrate our very first anniversary. I know we still have a very long way to go, but I’m very glad we made it this far.

Thank you to everyone who has walked through this past year with me, through the ups and the downs. I appreciate you all.

Let’s do this again next year!!!

About the guest author:

Chinelo Anikpe is an ambitious blogger from Africa who enjoys writing about her life’s experiences.

Her wonderful website is called: Our Life Struggles.


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21 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Chinelo’s Blog!

  1. This is a wonderful post, dear Chinelo! Yes, we should only challenge ourselves, to do the best we can, and then some more. Congratulations on your first blogoversary – many more in good spirit!
    Happy Women’s day, darling!

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  2. 🙂 Chinelo, I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you, “A happy first blogging anniversary!”

    And, thanks a lot for highlighting gender-related issues on International Women’s Day.

    Liked by 1 person

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