Examining Blogging Awards Closely

Every blogger is familiar with the concept of blogging awards (It is the thing that is given to you for doing an outstanding job at some aspect of blogging).

Some of you have probably received your fair share of blogging awards.

Have I ever been nominated for any type of blogging award in the past?

Yes, I have (And, since I am not into blogging awards, I never made it a priority of mine to remember the names of those so-called blogging awards).

Bloggers in the blogosphere do possess some rather mixed feelings about those blogging awards.

Some see it as being essential, while others view it as a time-wasting activity.

You can consider today as being your lucky day because I am going to tell you exactly what it is that I think about all of those blogging awards circulating on the internet.

Blogging Awards Can Be Beneficial To Some People

In spite of not being a fan of blogging awards, I genuinely believe, that those blogging awards can be somewhat beneficial to others.

And, why is it that I think that blogging awards can be beneficial to others?

Because it has the potential to encourage bloggers to keep on blogging.

Receiving a blogging award can be looked upon as being appreciated by your blogging peers (And, most bloggers that I know, love being appreciated by others).

The chances of a blogger abandoning their blog when they know that they are appreciated by others are slim.

So, in this regard, blogging awards can be viewed as being something good.

Blogging Awards Can Cause A Chain Reaction

Yes, my friend, blogging awards are known to cause a chain reaction in the blogosphere.

And, what is this chain reaction that I am referring to?

I am referring to when you are nominated by one of your fellow bloggers, you, in turn, will have to nominate a certain number of your fellow bloggers for the award that you just received.

As a result, all of your blogger friends spend the entire month (or longer) circulating the specific blogging award among each other.

And, when the season for that old blogging award ends, someone creates an entirely new blogging award; which causes almost everyone to participate.

That sort of thing is fun for the type of blogger who loves blogging awards and it is quite loathsome for the blogger who wants no part of the blogging award system.

Blogging Awards Can Be A Time-Wasting Activity

The downside of blogging awards is that it can take up a lot of your time; especially when you have been busy thinking of people to nominate and have been busy creating blog posts along those lines.

Whereas, your time could be spent doing the following things:

  • Creating the draft-copy for your well-researched and well-written blog post.
  • Reading the blog posts from your fellow bloggers and leaving them meaningful comments.
  • Responding to the comments that were made in the comments section of your own blog.

Every blogger is aware of the fact, that it requires a reasonable amount of time to do all of those things that I mentioned.

Therefore, every blogger should make it a priority of theirs to use their time wisely.

Blogging Awards Can Be Viewed As Somewhat Spammy Behaviour

What happens when you receive a blogging award?

Someone leaves you a comment along these lines, “I have nominated you for the Dog-Rat-Cat Award.” The person who left you that comment also left a link to the blogging award; which they requested that you have a look at.

Come on, bloggers should know better.

And, why is that the case?

Because the comments section of a person’s blog is reserved for comments that are based on the person’s blog post.

It is utterly wrong to pollute a person’s comments thread by telling them that they were nominated for a blogging award.

That message could be sent out to the recipient of the blogging award via an email message.

Are Those Awards Even Genuine?

Okay, you and I both know, that those awards are all made up (They were created for the purposes of having fun and letting our fellow bloggers know that we appreciate their work).

Hmm. Giving out imaginary or fake awards to real friends is certainly an interesting concept.

Oh well, it is the thought that counts (I will certainly give the creators of those blogging awards the credit for being thoughtful).

Also, there is no real harm in giving out imaginary or fake awards.

Are Some Of Those Bloggers Deserving Of Those Awards?

I think that there are bloggers who do not deserve the blogging awards that they receive.

And, how is it that I could say a thing like that?

Because it is the truth!

The person probably nominated you for the blogging award:

  • Because they were required to send it out to a certain amount of people and you were one of those people that they thought of (Which is out of convenience).
  • Because you are their friend (You could be the world’s worst blogger, but they nominated you for a blogging award anyway).
  • Because it might have been done solely out of fun (Which means that the blogging award may not have to do with any type of merit).
  • Because they invented the award and decided to send you one (You turned out to be not only one of the first recipients of it but one of those people that they know will help to circulate it on the internet).

Oh, people really have some interesting reasons for creating blogging awards and sending them out to others.

The world of blogging awards can be a crazy one!

There Are People Who Will Ignore Your “This Is An Award-Free Blog” Badge

My former blog had the This is an award-free blog badge in the sidebar.

Guess what?

People ignored the This is an award-free blog badge and they sent me blogging award nominations.

Hey, so much for having a This is an award-free blog badge.

When I created Renard’s World, I did not waste my time putting up such a badge because I knew that a lot of people would have ignored it.

Whenever someone nominates me for a blogging award, I politely decline it.

Final Thoughts

I genuinely believe that blogging awards are going to be around for many years (Once blogs exist, blogging awards will be around).

For the record, blogging awards are not inherently bad; they can inspire those bloggers to keep creating content for their beloved readers.

Also, it can be somewhat annoying to those people who dislike the idea of being nominated for any type of blogging award underneath the Sun.

The most that any blogger can do is to tolerate the existence of those blogging awards.

So, my friend, do you like blogging awards?

Or do you hate them?

Please let me know what you think about blogging awards via the comments section of my blog.

And, thank you so kindly for reading!

55 thoughts on “Examining Blogging Awards Closely

  1. I sometimes like them and sometimes not so much. I keep my awards and wait ’till I’m in the mood to ‘fill them in’. I’ve made a rule for myself to check my nominations every 50 new followers, so I can nominate some new people. As my blog grows slowly I have the time to get to know new people and to type up the award. No stress here 🙂

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      1. Lol. Just joking really. 🙂 You couldnt give a sun award to the moon. Too weird! Theres Moon awards but the sunshine ones the most popular. 😁 I think blogging awards are a bit of fun. But I think if you got lots it would get tedious. One or two would be okay. But would be interesting to see more specific ones in certain niches. Interesting post.

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        1. 🙂 Yes, I knew that you were joking.

          You have made a valid point. It would look a bit odd presenting the Moon with the Sunshine Blogger Award (But there is a first time for everything).

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Indeed! 🙂 I am curious how you nominate someone? Do you have to be nominated to nominate someone? I am honestly confused how they work or who creates them. It seems like a chicken and egg situation. There’s a few I would nominate but I am not sure how it all works or if they would even want to be nominated. 🙂

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  2. I used to do awards as you know, but in the end stopped, because I felt it was getting a bit repetitive.
    But yes, I am appreciate of those awards received and they created new posts for me, which I felt with some helped my readers to get to know me a little better.

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  3. I received 2 Sunshine Blogger awards but I rudely ignored them, 🤗sorry! I guess I think they’re time consuming and it’s hard to choose to nominate others, I don’t want to exclude bloggers in preference over others.

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  4. I have enjoyed doing them in the past. That being said, if I won too many of them to keep up with it all, maybe I would feel differently. If I get nominated too frequently to keep up with the awards, I may do something similar to what Ashley does over at Mental Health @ Home: whenever there’s some sort of wrap-up post, thank the bloggers who mentioned me for blog awards but then move on.

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  5. When I first started my current blog I got the Sunshine Blogger award in Sept of 2019 after blogging since June of 2018. At that time, I sometimes wondered if anyone cared about what I posted and as someone that suffers from anxiety it was definitely a self esteem booster for me. I initially chose blogs I really liked (some who had huge followings) and was ignored but a handful of people participated and seemed to genuinely appreciate it. Then I was nominated for my second Sunshine award and a versatile blogger award a measly two months later those annoyed me, then sometime I think in January the sunshine happened again, so took a month break. By now I no longer care for them but It seems everytime I nominate someone it manages to really brighten someones day. Silly Maybe but a much needed boost for certain people at certain times. If someone nominates me again I’ll decline, but I do enjoy answering the questions. 🙂

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  6. I have both mixed feelings about these awards. I even get a good chuckle with made-up awards that know the silliness of their nature. Well, if it encourages others to keep on blogging, sure. Though, I would rather not be included in its shenanigans, thank you very much. Hahaha…

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  7. I feel blogging awards are great for new bloggers wanting to get to know other bloggers. Awards can build confidence and camaraderie within the WordPress community. With that said once your blog grows and your precious time is dedicated to your writing, then the award process becomes cumbersome. I have deemed both my blogs Award Free and every now and then, I am nominated for an award. I politely decline.

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  8. I don’t care about those things at all. Blogging awards make as much sense as the Oscars: A subculture celebrating itself in a kinda masturbatory manner. I see my audience/readership not as fellow bloggers but as consumers, as readers. And I treat them as such. It’s completely irrelevant what other bloggers may think about my blog, it’s all about the reader’s entertainment. And nothing else!

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  9. I like blogging awards and I felt very happy when I received one. Fortunately I have received only two blogging awards in my 4.5 months of blogging. I like answering the questions in a blogging award as The questions help the readers and fellow bloggers to know me better.

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  10. Valid Points, Renard! Awards are not everyone’s cup of tea but they really help brighten the day of new bloggers who are looking for some validation from the community. I was happy when I got nominated for the first time but over the period of time I’ve gone neutral towards these awards because they take up a lot of time and for someone like me who doesn’t do blogging full time, it gets really difficult to write a post everytime especially when the frequency of these nominations increase. So now I have stopped participating in the whole ordeal but I give a shout-out to the person who nominated me as a token of gratitude.

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  11. I don’t agree with what you say in that creating and displaying an ‘award-free’ badge on your blog is a waste of time, Renard. It may not stop nominations coming in, but in my case, it has drastically cut the number of nominations I now get. I also think it only polite to inform all readers (new and old) that your blog is award-free. It’s all well and said in a comment or in a blog post, but at least having a badge displayed on one’s blog means it is always there for visitors to see. I know that people may not always see it, but it has worked for me (and many other bloggers I know).

    I agree with what you say that most of these awards are not really awards at all. They were created as a marketing tool to help new bloggers grow their blogs and put them in touch with other bloggers. I had great success with them during my early days of blogging, but they have their time and place in the blogging world. Once they’ve done the job or they start to become a chore to do, it’s time to move on and become ‘award-free.’

    However, I also agree why many bloggers won’t participate in them (often because they are seen as another version of a chain-letter).

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    1. 🙂 Hugh, I am pleased to know that having an “Award-Free” badge displayed on your blog helped in the area of decreasing the number of blog award nominations.

      And, I will not argue the fact that the “Award-Free” badge will alert most of the new and old visitors to one’s blog that they do not participate in blogging awards.

      From past experience (with my former blog), having an “Award-Free” badge on my blog was neglected by a lot of people.

      Today (with my current blog), I do not display an “Award-Free” badge on my blog and ironically, I am not bombarded with a huge amount of blog award nominations.

      Thank you for voicing your opinion on the blog award system.


  12. I think awards are beneficial for beginners because they attract more readers. When a blog has gained a following of its own, ti becomes a waste of time, as you very aptly remarked, Renard. And yes, the badge is usually ignored.

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  13. In my early blogging days I have been nominated for said awards and did partake but I absolutely find it to be time wasting and a nuisance to be honest. I do agree that they allow for new bloggers to get exposure but its a tedious thing. I think the main reason I dislike it is because its monotonous, no originality whatsoever.

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  14. I think the awards are great for when you are starting they sort of show you someone noticed you (even if later you realise they are made up awards and you possibly got nominated because someone is your friend or just needed someone to add the numbers)

    I agree that they can get a bit overwhelming, spammy and downright annoying especially when nominated out of the blue by someone who never seems to interact with you and the one and only comment they make on your blog is to tell you to come see the award you have been nominated in.

    My system for dealing with them was to create an awards page on my blog and I simply add an acknowledgement of a received award (most usually have the same tell me about yourself questions so I wrote a post which answers most questions and that’s what I add all the badges to) and sometimes I get nominated in fun and crazy ones with an interesting twist and I will participate in those
    But these days I don’t tag anyone I just add at the bottom
    If you found this award fun and want to do it consider yourself tagged and some people do join in.

    And the big news, this year I intend to do actual blogging awards… Put together a panel of judges and rope in a few people to help and maybe even get some corporates to sponsor prizes because we I want blogging and bloggers to get recognition for being a space much much more than just an online diary as most people outside of the blogging sphere tend to think.
    You would be surprised to learn that in my part of the world, it’s not that much known, yeah people know social media but blogs not so much.


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