Though the roads we walk on

aren’t smooth highways with lights on.

No straight paths with beautiful scenery,

or fixed tolls with abundant greenery.

They are narrow lanes,

much rough and less plain.

Twisting and winding,

with unclear grindings.

Amidst the blaring noise of horns

dies the continuous tales of confidence torn.

Frequently missing the bull’s eye,

but not giving up until we fly.

Trying still hard to revive,

Yet, I think somehow we all will survive.

About the guest author:

A.S. is Akanksha Singh’s pen name. She is a person who happens to be quite fond of reading and is also a deeply passionate writer from India.

Her highly entertaining blog is called: My Bubble.

Published by Bulbul

A young writer from India who has loved stories since she was able to understand one. Now, she tries weaving them herself.

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  1. Reblogged this on My Bubble and commented:
    Originally written for Renard’s World as a guest post.
    All we need is some trust in ourselves to pass even the most terrible times of our lives. With some Faith, I know we all will thrive!

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