12 Things That Can Cause Bloggers Psychological Discomfort

As a blogger, you will need to stick with the things that you truly believe in.


Because those things are part of you, my friend.

Also, conflict arises whenever we engage ourselves in something that is not harmonious with our core principles.

Therefore, we need to keep it real at all times (Our audience will appreciate it and our conscience will appreciate it too).

So, without further ado, let us explore some of the things that can cause a bit (or a lot) of psychological turmoil for a blogger.

1.) Sticking With A Single Niche When You Are Interested In Posting Numerous Types Of Topics

For the record, sticking with a niche has its advantages; some of them are:

  • People and search engines knowing exactly what your blog is based on.
  • All of your blog posts will be created for your target audience.
  • It has the potential of performing better in the area of SEO.

Sticking with a niche also has its disadvantages; such as:

  • You run the risk of becoming bored with your chosen niche (This usually happens when you are no longer passionate about the niche that you have chosen for yourself).
  • You end up stifling your God-given creativity.
  • Your niche becomes highly competitive in the near future (Thus making it very difficult for you to make money off of it).

I have stated in the past (and I still believe today) that business-related blogs should stick with a single niche.

If a business-related blogger has an additional interest, they would be better off creating an entirely new blog for it.

Whereas, personal blogs have the freedom to stick with a single niche or delve in the area of miscellaneous topics.

Therefore, personal bloggers should not have the cause to feel imprisoned by the act of sticking with a niche; blogging would be way more fun for personal bloggers if they published blog posts that were based on a multiplicity of topics that they are interested in.

In my case, I would lose my sanity if I stuck to a niche (And, I believe that there are other bloggers who would go completely insane if they forced themselves to stick with a niche).

2.) Having Trouble With Coming Up With Fresh Content For Your Blog

A lot of newbie bloggers (and some of the veteran bloggers too) have complained about their inability to come up with fresh content for their blog.

At first, coming up with fresh content for your blog will appear daunting. However, as time passes, it will become easier for you to come up with fresh content for your blog.

Believe it or not, any blogger is capable of creating fresh content for their blog with ease, my article, 10 Ways To Come Up With Topics For Your Blog, will teach you how.

3.) Finding Out That Someone Else Stole Your Work

One of the worst things that could ever happen to a blogger, is to have their work stolen.

Just in case you did not know, there are unscrupulous people who will steal your blog post and publish it on their own website.

The bad thing is that some of those content thieves do get away with stealing other people’s work.

The good thing is that some of those content thieves do get caught.

Darren Rowse’s article, What to Do When Someone Steals Your Blog Content, will educate you on the necessary steps to take if you discovered that someone stole your blog post.

No one likes having their blog posts stolen (And, I hope that it never happens to you).

4.) Accidentally Deleting A Blog Post

I would safely speculate, that every blogger on the face of the Earth, accidentally deleted a post of theirs in the past.

Hey, it happens if you are groggy from lack of sleep.

The good thing about WordPress is that all deleted items end up in the Bin; which means you will be able to recover them from there (It will only be lost if you clicked on the Delete Permanently tab).

To save yourself the stress of losing your blog post, you should create them via:

  • LibreOffice Writer.
  • Microsoft Word.
  • Google Docs.

When you are finished with the draft copy of your blog post, copy and paste it into your WordPress editor.

I know of bloggers who would either cry, faint or use obscene language if they accidentally deleted a blog post of theirs.

5.) You Find It Difficult To Keep Up With Publishing Posts On Your Blog

It is a sad fact, that there are people who find it difficult to keep up with publishing content on their blog (This happens mostly with those people who publish content on their blog on a daily basis).

To be most honest, the problem does not lie with posting content on your blog daily, due to the fact, that there are other bloggers who can do that sort of thing with ease.

The issue stems from you being unable to keep up with the pace of publishing content on your blog daily.

Instead of forcing yourself to publish content on your blog daily (and being burnt out in the process), you should opt for publishing content on your blog a few days a week or weekly.

From a realistic point of view, publishing content daily is not suitable for everyone.

6.) Handling Your Blog When You Are Tired

Being tired is one of the things that can discourage bloggers from updating their blogs.

For the record, not every blogger publishes blog posts on their blog for a living.

There are bloggers who work a regular nine to five job (Which means they are going to be tired at the end of the day).

The wise thing to do is to get an adequate amount of rest before creating a blog post from scratch.

If you are physically and mentally exhausted, you will not perform at your best.

Forcing yourself to create and publish blog posts when you are tired could result in:

  • A blog post that is filled with grammatical errors.
  • A blog post that is filled with typographical errors.
  • A blog post that does not make any sort of sense to your readers.

You have a much better chance of doing a fantastic job by seeing to it that you are well-rested.

Also, the following things will help in the area of boosting your energy levels:

  • Engaging yourself in a reasonable amount of physical exercise.
  • Eating in a healthy manner.
  • Laughing regularly.
  • Engaging yourself in prayer and meditation.

Dear friend, the more energy you have, is the less tired you are going to feel.

Have you been doing anything to boost your energy levels lately?

7.) Being Subscribed To Too Many Blogs

Some bloggers have developed the habit of following every blogger that followed their blog.

Is that a good thing to do?

No, it is not a good thing for you to do, unless you know for a fact that you would be in a position to check them all out.

Come on, let us be real here!

Do you have the time to visit five thousand blogs?

A lot of bloggers that I know have a hard time keeping up with five hundred blogs, much less, five thousand of them.

The wise thing to do is to follow a number of blogs that you know that you are capable of checking out.

Dear friend, there is really no need for you to bite off more than you can actually chew.

8.) Trying Hard To Please Everyone

There are bloggers who try their utmost best to please everyone.

Guess what? It is impossible to please everyone.

Those people who come across the blog posts on your blog will either:

  • Hate them.
  • Love them.
  • Be neutral towards them.

Simply do what you do best; which is publishing the type of content that you genuinely love.

The good news is that there will always be those people who will appreciate your blog posts.

Are you the type of blogger that tries hard to please everyone?

9.) Allowing Bloggers To Make You Feel Horrible

Some bloggers have a way of making others feel horrible by telling them certain things; such as:

  • Their blog posts are not good enough because they do not fall within the long-form content category.
  • They are not serious about blogging because they are not on the self-hosted version of WordPress.
  • Their blog posts will not appear on the first page of Google because they were not optimized for SEO.

What do I think of those things?

Well, this is my point of view on the things that were mentioned:

  • Although long-form is favoured by search engines, there is some short-form content that is of a high quality.
  • The self-hosted version of WordPress is ideal for business-related blogs. However, when it comes to personal blogs, WordPress.com can fit the proverbial bill.
  • Taking SEO into consideration is a good thing because it contributes to greater visibility on Google. However, not every blog post that is optimized for SEO will appear on the first page of Google.

The bloggers giving you those types of blogging advice mean well; so never become upset whenever they tell you those sorts of things.

Always keep in mind, that some of the blogging advice given may not be suitable for you.

10.) You Are No Longer Making As Much Money With Advertisements On Your Blog

I would like to state for the record, that this only applies to those bloggers who have monetized their blogs.

If no one clicks any of the advertisements on your blog, you are not going to make a profit from those advertisements.

These days, a lot of people are using adblockers (They are designed for the sole purpose of keeping the webpage free from advertisements).

So, how can a blogger make money from their monetized blog when so many people are using adblockers?

A blogger can help bring in the cash via a page on their blog that displays a list of their services (Hopefully, someone or some people would be interested in the services that they have to offer).

11.) Your Popularity Dwindled A Bit

There is really no need for you to worry if your popularity dwindled a bit.


Because the incoming traffic will fluctuate; certain times of the year, your blog will receive a huge amount of incoming traffic, whereas other times of the year, your blog will receive a small amount of incoming traffic.

In the meantime, you can utilize the following methods to promote your blog:

  • Doing a podcast (And, mentioning the URL of your blog in the podcast).
  • Doing some YouTube videos based on your expertise (And, mentioning the URL of your blog on your vlog or simply adding a clickable link to your blog’s homepage via your YouTube channel’s About section).
  • Doing a guest post for a fellow blogger (In most cases, the owner of the blog will add a link to your blog at the bottom of your guest post).

The things that were mentioned above are merely some of the ways in which will help in the area of sending additional traffic to your blog.

12.) Spam Has Become Overbearing

Spam can be annoying at times (Especially if it managed to infiltrate the comments section of your blog).

Bloggers can combat spam by:

  • Reducing the number of links that are allowed per post.
  • Moderating their comments.
  • Turning off the Anonymous commenting feature.
  • Using an anti-spam plugin; for example, Akismet.
  • Closing comments that are older on a chosen amount of days; for example, you can set comments to close within the time period of three weeks.
  • Disabling pingbacks and trackbacks.
  • Creating a list of blacklisted words.
  • Blocking spammy IP addresses.
  • Blacklisting spammy users.

Please note, that having spam in your blog’s comment section will negatively affect your search rankings on Google (So, eliminate them as soon as you encounter them on your blog).

Final Thoughts

Dear friend, there is really no need for you to endure any type of psychological discomfort with your blog.

If you are experiencing psychological discomfort with your blog, you can work towards alleviating it.

And, if you found this blog post useful, you are more than welcome to share it via any of your social media accounts.

I hereby invite all newcomers to my blog to subscribe to Renard’s World (You will be notified every time any of my guest authors or I publish a new blog post).

And, most importantly, thank you for reading!

52 thoughts on “12 Things That Can Cause Bloggers Psychological Discomfort

  1. I’m particularly interested in #9. Not that I get a lot of horrible comments. In fact the opposite. And most of the time it’s just a like. BUT when someone decides to criticize you or malign you in some way over and over what would you do then. I don’t like the idea of blocking them after all, they have the right to their opinion. What? Just nicely say Thanks or Thank you and leave it at that.I have taken off the ability to comment on a page because of my wariness of an individual. But that’s not right either.A conundrum!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ In regards to creating a podcast, you can use Anchor β€” a free podcasting host; here is the link: https://anchor.fm/

      You can do an audible version of your blog post or any topic of your choice and mention your blog’s URL on your podcast.

      There is also the option to embed your podcast on your WordPress blog.

      In regards to vlogging on YouTube, you can create an account on YouTube (It is free and the user interface is intuitive).

      There is an About section where a vlogger can add the URL of the blog along with the links to their social media accounts.

      And, you probably know by now that you can embed YouTube videos on your WordPress blog.


  2. You are so right about various reasons for psychological discomfort, Renard. I, for one, had to come to grips with the fact that, for some valid reasons, I cannot have a blogging schedule, so I have to write when I can and be happy about it. Life is not always predictable, and we have to deal with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your #1 point really speaks to me. It’s funny you should mention creating an entirely new blog, because I have at least 3 other blogs in mind. I just haven’t had the time or manpower to launch them. Of course I know I’ll never get tired of talking about movies, but I do feel like talking about other things sometimes. Luckily movies cover such a wide range of topics that I feel like I can lean into something new every time. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A very comprehensive guide to the ins and outs of blogging. I’m blogging less these days and reading less (real life takes over) but I still really love the interaction. Great blog post.

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  5. while I do sometimes feel a bit of stress from trying to publish every day as well as keep up with a number of blogs, in the end, blogging is an enjoyable way for me to spend a couple of hours a day.

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  6. Reaching out for all the followers is actually difficult. One cannot make everyone happy. Thank you for this post Renard.
    Have a cheerful weekend. πŸ™‚

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  7. I enjoy reading your posts and ‘always’ learn from them. Although blogging is one of my favorite hobbies I found a few tips quite beneficial for the future. Thanks for sharing so much quality information. πŸ™‚

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  8. Very appropriate post, Renard! These points are all agreeable with most of the bloggers here. I am in the habit of doing all my writing on Microsoft Word so I have a copy of almost all my work on my laptop, just in case.

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  9. Thank you Renard Moreau, for in depth analysis of blogger’s psychological aspects.Very helpful.Thank you.
    My thoughts
    #1 Personal bloggers need not stick to a niche.Hence one can cover wide range of topics.
    #3 If someone steals the content-I feel just let it go to be peaceful in rest of your life.
    #5 personally I felt, one must be taxing oneself too much in terms of decision regarding posting the articles daily.I am amazed how some bloggers post daily !
    #7 Subscribing to too many bloggers- a strict no.

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