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Bad Characters Within The Linux Community


Bad characters are everywhere; including the Linux Community (And, they have been doing lots of damage to it for quite some time).

These bad characters would make those looking in feel as though everyone within the Linux community is unkind and highly egotistical (Now, in spite of the Linux community being filled with nefarious people, it still has a high percentage of people that are loving, kind and understanding โ€” the type of people who welcome new Linux users with their arms wide open in the proverbial sense and possess a deep desire to see the Linux community grow).

So, without further ado, it is time to discuss some of the things that the bad characters within the Linux community are in the habit of doing.

Making Other People Feel Badly For Using A Beginner-Friendly Distro

Those of you who have only used a Windows operating system or macOS all of your lives are probably wondering to yourselves, “What the hell is a beginner-friendly distro?”

Well, to put it simply, a beginner-friendly distro, is a distribution of Linux that a newcomer to Linux can use with ease right away; such as:

I got my proverbial feet wet with Ubuntu back in 2015 and as time passed, I went along to using other distributions of Linux.

Dear friend, Ubuntu has been a gateway to Linux for a lot of Linux users (Including some of those people who use Arch Linux today).

Unfortunately, there are those people (intermediate or advanced Linux users) that ridicule people for using a beginner-friendly Linux distribution (They are the ones that believe that they are God’s greatest creation and that they are the Alpha stock within the Linux community).

Ridiculing others for using a beginner-friendly distro is wrong.

The right thing to do is to welcome them to the Linux community and wish them all of the best on their Linux journey.

Being Disrespectful To People On A Linux Forum

I have seen my fair share of disrespectful behaviour on Linux forums (The disrespectful behaviour will continue to persist until the forum’s moderator becomes aware of abusive behaviour taking place on their online medium).

One of the most common insults on a Linux forum is telling someone who is experiencing technical difficulty, “RTFM“.

A lot of highly intelligent people would agree with me when I say, “That some of the things that are documented on the Linux Wiki pages can appear as gibberish to someone who is not familiar with the terminology.”

So, in a case such as this one, forum members need to cut the person experiencing technical issues some slack.

I would also like to mention, that there are people who have never researched their technical issues โ€” the type of people who are in the habit of expecting others to hand them anything that they want on a proverbial platter (Those people are known as help vampires and most Linux forums that I know of hate help vampires).

On a positive note, most people within the Linux forum will gladly help you if you mentioned to them, the steps that you took with the intention of getting your Linux distribution up and running.

Insulting People’s Choice Of Desktop Environments Or Window Managers

One of the nice things about Linux is that you have a variety of desktop environments and window managers to choose from.

If you love KDE Plasma, you are more than welcome to go with that.

If you love the Cinnamon desktop environment, you can go with that too.

And, anyone is free to play around with the i3 window manager.

Recently, a YouTuber (who is also a Linux user) dragged everyone else’s desktop environment in the figurative mud. He was telling everyone how beautiful and modern-looking the Deepin desktop environment is and spoke badly of Xfce, MATE and the rest of the other desktop environments.

I will admit, that the Deepin desktop environment is beautiful and modern-looking out-of-the-box.

However, desktop environments like Xfce and MATE can look beautiful and modern-looking with a bit of customization.

I am a huge fan of the MATE desktop environment (And, you will never catch me saying anything horrible about the rest of the other desktop environments or the window managers).

Also, people will take it as an offence if you speak badly about their favourite desktop environment or window manager (That can lead to an online war).

From a realistic perspective, everyone is not going to like the same things (And, that my friend, is okay).

The most important thing is that your computer is set up in a way that is harmonious with your workflow.

Do keep in mind that what is perceived as beautiful by one person can be looked upon by another person as being horrendous (Beauty is really held in the eye of the beholder).

Insulting someone’s choice of desktop environment or window manager is puerile behaviour (Anyone doing this sort of thing needs to grow up).

Telling People That Linux Will Work Perfectly On Their Hardware

Dear friend, the truth is that Linux does not work perfectly on every hardware (Especially if the computer came pre-installed with Windows or some other type of operating system).

One should always remember, that computers that come pre-installed with Windows or some other type of operating system, usually go through lots of quality control testing by the manufacturer with the sole purpose of seeing to it that everything works correctly.

When it comes to installing Linux on a computer, one is actually taking a chance to see if it is compatible with Linux (Most of the time, the gamble pays off; thus enabling them to utilize the Linux distro of their choice on their computer).

In some rare cases, people who installed Linux on their computers experienced driver-related issues.

The wise thing to do is to always research the brand and the model number of the computer that you intend on installing Linux on (You can find the necessary information on the internet).

People can also create a bootable USB flash drive with Linux on it; which they can test out in live mode to see if their chosen distribution of Linux is compatible with their hardware (The article, How to Create a Bootable Linux USB Drive, will teach you how you can go about making that possible).

Another thing that I want people to know is that no Linux distribution is one hundred percent perfect and that it involves a bit of tweaking for it to look and work the way that they want it to.

The good news is that there are computers that are compatible with Linux and some of them even come with Linux pre-installed on them.

Even though it is nice that some people are recommending Linux to others, they are doing a disservice if they tell people that it would work perfectly on their hardware without ever knowing the brand and the model number of the computer.

It would be most unfortunate if a person erased their Windows operating system, installed a distribution of Linux that refused to boot up when they rebooted their system.

Therefore, it would also be a wise move on their behalf to research the Linux distribution that they intend on installing on their computer.

Final Thoughts

Bad characters can certainly make a mess of things.

People need to be fully aware of their intention (Which is not a favourable one).

So, ignore them and find the time to do your own research on things pertaining to the world of Linux (It might be hard to ignore their insults and not fall trap to the misinformation that they disseminate, but those are all things that you can overcome).

Do keep in mind that the Linux community is also filled with people of exemplary character and that is filled with those who are highly knowledgeable about Linux and people that desire the utmost best for everyone within their Linux community.


38 thoughts on “Bad Characters Within The Linux Community

  1. A Shame. 10+ years ago, the Linux community used to be the most tightly knit, supportive community online.

    We’re always going to have a small percentage of problem children out there who think tearing others down is the way to build themselves up. Game Theory (an advocated path to success that teaches people to treat everything like a game & win at all costs) along with people raised by over-indulgent parents have really made the problem bad anymore though.

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing your insight on this matter.

      I am just trying to imagine all the members of the Linux community being a tightly knit group of people ten years ago.

      I have only been part of the Linux community for five years.

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  2. It always amuses me how people rave about their particular system. As an ex motor mechanic, there was a similar snobbery about brands of cars. Some people do indeed get joy belittling others, the rest of us have grown up and moved on. Linux is a wonderful way to reuse old computers, and eventually it becomes your main computer- well that’s what happened to me.

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not at all surprised that snobbery also made its way to automobiles (Those engaging in that type of behaviour would feel superior to those who drove economy-classed vehicles because they owned an expensive one; for example, a Rolls-Royce).

      Yes, Neil. Linux allows the user the opportunity to add new life to old computers and they are mindblowing on some newer models of computers.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ To put it simply, the Linux community is the men and women who have made Linux what is today and have contributed to it in some form or fashion.

      By the way, some smart refrigerators contain Linux components as well as some modern vehicles; therefore, Linux has been part of people’s lives without them even knowing.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day!

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      1. LOL! Reread you first statement, and imagine that you do not know what Linux is – or the community or “what it is today” … (I laughed out loud.)
        From the rest of your answer, I’m guessing it’s a manufacturer. Or the material that things are manufactured from.


        1. ๐Ÿค” Oh, I am a comedian now?

          Linux community โ€” people within it that contribute to various aspects of Linux.

          Linux operating system โ€” an open-source and community-developed operating system.

          Also, here is a link to an article that would provide you with a greater understanding of some of the things that manufacturers have applied it to,

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    1. I thought so too, when I first started researching alternatives to Windows and Mac computers. There are approximately a zillion and twelve Linux distributions (Operating Systems, or OSes, based on the Linux kernel), some designed like a one-size-fits-all, some made for a particular function or aimed at a particular clientele (from little kids to hackers). Very confusing! I almost gave up on the idea and just figured I’d have to buy a whole ‘nother computer with super-razoo CPU and 200,000 terabytes of RAM or something.

      But I Googled “Linux for new users” and found some Linux-based OSes designed for beginners, “ordinary” desktop users, or even people like me who are genuinely scared of new technology. All this only because I didn’t have the money to replace my perfectly good computer that had become frustratingly slow and I needed it for school! I found a “kiddie distro” designed especially for people who were totally new to this whole desktop Linux thing, and found my first “Linux community” in the Help Forums. Very friendly, very helpful!

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  3. Those that look down their nose at choices made by others should keep their opinions to themselves unless constructive. Linux has been around for years and I wish I had a greater understanding of it. Just because it’s not our way doesn’t mean it’s wrong or inferior.

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  4. Renard, the times of Ubuntu being a beginners friendly distro are over. Since long already. And with the unspeakably stupid Gnome 3.xx DE it becomes shockingly bad for all the new users coming from Windows and Mac. For example the inactive desktop is a regular dealbreaker for most.

    And ppl who judge DEs by their prettyness or how modern they look, aren’t even worthy discussing with.

    And I am obviously one of the bad characters myself as I just notice. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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    1. I have to agree that Ubuntu (with the new Gnome desktop) is prob’ly not so “beginner-friendly” as before, except that Gnome 3 looks a lot like Windows 10! I bet they’ll work on making that desktop more and more like Win10 or even like an Android cellphone interface. For the desktop it kinda makes less sense.

      For beginners I always recommend Linux Lite or Linux Mint.

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      1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Believe it or not, Zorin OS has configured their GNOME desktop to look like Windows 10.

        Robin, we will have to wait and see if Ubuntu chooses to do the same thing.

        Yes, Linux Lite and Linux Mint are excellent options for beginners.

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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ That is good to know, Sadje.

      It would be nice if your two daughters convinced you to use Linux for blogging.

      I can picture in my mind’s eye, you publishing a blog post that is based on your experience with Linux.

      Since you are a bit apprehensive about installing Linux on your computer, you can ask your daughter to use her computer whenever she is around.

      What do you think about that?

      Liked by 2 people

        1. @Sadje:
          No, please don’t. Don’t be ‘almost sure’. And don’t ‘try’.
          Do or don’t!
          There is no try.
          And what was true for grandmaster Yoda should be good enough for us non-green humans as well. I can promise you that Linux Mint is super duper easy to install and use. Didn’t meet a single user who was disappointed with Mint. And the steep learning curve consists mainly of forgetting all the shit you’ve learned in Windows. Apart from that here is the first and last lesson you’ll ever get and need:
          You must know how to use a mouse or trackpad. You must be able to type meaningful struff on a keyboard.
          Ok, questions? No? Cool. Lesson over.
          cya laterz on Linux

          PS: Before I forget, here you go
          Welcome on the minty side of kombjudin’

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            1. I hate to be that girl but … ever heard of goodwill stores, second hand stores, factory outlets on eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree, local papers? Oh, btw, I just started anew series on my own blog … oh my, I shouldn’t advertise my own shit in other people’s blogs but here you go for pt. I:
              Part II later today or early tomorrow …

              Trust me, it’s easy and fun and in the long run will unburden you from a lot of stress and add more quality to to your life. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I have used Ubuntu for many years and never had a compliant with it. It is better than windows in so many ways especially for programming and LaTeX! Helped me so much to write my thesis.
    great post, Renard!

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  6. I still prefer Ubuntu. It was my starting point when trying to self-host my website. A VPS and Linux go hand in hand. Itโ€™s just awful that people are insulting others for their choice in distro. I hear it all the time.. Linux is easy. Actually, itโ€™s not easy but it is robust and I like that about it.

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