Should I Delete Renard’s World?

For the record, I am not fed up with blogging.

And, I am not affected by what is commonly referred to as, Writer’s block, either.

So, why ask my viewing audience if I should delete Renard’s World?

Because I want to know if the content on my blog is of value to them.

If it is not of value to them, I can give it an executioner’s death.

And, if it is of value to them, it can stick around.

My Blog Is Not A Vanity Blog

My blog was not created with the intention of having the bragging rights of me being a blogger.

Renard’s World was created because:

  • I wanted to have some fun in the blogosphere.
  • I wanted to pass on some of the things that I have learned about blogging to others.
  • I wanted to interact with my fellow bloggers.
  • I wanted to challenge myself.
  • I wanted to pass on my knowledge of Linux operating systems.
  • I wanted to deal with miscellaneous topics.

Okay, I will admit, that I have achieved all of the things that I have mentioned above.

However, I still had to ask, “Do you find those sorts of things beneficial?”

Also, you cannot blame me for wanting people to learn something new whenever they read my blog posts (This probably stems from wanting each blog post to be of value to the people who perused it).

I Am Aware Of The Fact That I Cannot Please Everyone

From a realistic perspective, it is impossible to please everyone.

There will always be those people who will have objections to certain things that bloggers publish on their blogs (I am okay with that because everyone is entitled to have their own opinion).

Also, I do not go out of my way to be a people pleaser.

And, it would be a nonsensical move on any blogger’s behalf, to delete their blog if a portion of their viewing audience disagreed with the content that they published on it (You can rest assured, that I would not delete Renard’s World because of disagreements).

Too many bloggers have severed ties with blogging over some type of disagreement; whether it be with their readers, their fellow bloggers or their blogging platform’s Terms of Service.

I Have Enlisted The Services Of Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers are unique because of the following reasons:

  • They share things that are of a different perspective with your viewing audience.
  • They possess a style of blogging that is absolutely different from the host blogger (Which in my opinion is a good thing because viewers love variety).
  • It grants your own viewing audience the opportunity to get to know your guest bloggers better.

Do you like the guest posts that were featured from my guest bloggers?

And, were those guest posts of value to you?

Also, would you like to see more guest posts from guest bloggers on Renard’s World in the future?

By the way, I find it quite difficult to delete an entire blog when it contains quality content from numerous guest bloggers (Now, that can be looked upon as a good thing because it would force me to think twice before wiping Renard’s World clean from WordPress).

I Never Get Carried Away With The Number Of Followers That I Have

I will admit, that I am pleased that a lot of people chose to follow Renard’s World.

Realistically speaking, a large number of followers mean nothing if they are not interacting with you (Thankfully, a lot of my followers have interacted with me in some form or fashion).

Many bloggers become elated whenever they see that they have acquired a large number of followers.

Now, in spite of being happy for those bloggers who managed to get a large following, a percentage of those followers:

  • Have abandoned their own blogs (Those followers fall into the inactive category).
  • Are currently following too many bloggers (Which often results in them not finding the time to check out their blog).
  • Blog sporadically (Those followers interact with them and their blog once in a proverbial Blue Moon).
  • Are not truly interested in interacting with other bloggers (Those bloggers are proverbial dead weight β€” they are of no use to them or anyone else in the blogosphere).

If one hundred percent of your followers interact with you and your blog every time that you publish a new blog post, you can consider yourself lucky.


Because that sort of thing never happens in real life.

However, it would be the most ideal situation if the majority of your followers interacted with you and your blog each time you published fresh content.

In my case, I have made it a priority of mine to make the blogging process one that is filled with lots of fun.

Therefore, I would not feel dejected and delete Renard’s World if the number of my followers was a minuscule one.

People Deserve To Read High-Quality Blog Posts

I adhere to the philosophy that everyone deserves to read high-quality blog posts (After all, people deserve the best that life has to offer).

Besides, substandard content only wastes the reader’s time.

I do not want to waste anyone’s time (And, that is one of my main reasons for creating and disseminating high-quality content).

All serious-minded bloggers should publish high-quality content on their blog because:

  • It is the type of content that search engines love.
  • It is the type of content that most people love to share via their social media accounts.
  • It is the type of content that has a high click-through rate.
  • It is the type of content that helps you to establish yourself as an authority figure in your field or your niche.

I would gladly delete Renard’s World if I failed miserably in the area of publishing high-quality content.

High-quality content is valuable content!

What are your views on high-quality content?

Do you think that it is overrated?

Or do you believe that it is underrated?

Final Thoughts

Dear friend, the funny thing is that what one considers to be valuable content may be perceived as mediocre content by another.

From a realistic perspective, I can only do my best when it comes to creating and publishing valuable content.

The most that I can hope for, is that the majority of my readers view my content as being valuable.

If huge corporations can ask their customers for feedback (which is done with the intention of finding out if they are serving them well), I can do something similar by finding out from my readers if I am meeting their needs.

As I have mentioned earlier, if the blog posts that I have been publishing on Renard’s World are of no value to you, this blog of mine will be deleted.

Please share your point of view in the comments section of my blog and thank you for reading!

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  1. Your blog is the one which motivates a blogger to be better at it.
    Its fun to read your posts. πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³
    You rock, Renard πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

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