11 Ways To Remain Triumphant In The Blogosphere


Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of bloggers who lack patience. They are the type of people who will not stick with blogging if they are unable to see favourable results in a short space of time.

Hey, that sort of mentality is a crazy one!


Because everything on the face of the Earth takes its time to blossom (And, your blog is no different).

Also, if you give up without ever giving blogging your best shot, you are not going to be triumphant (And, since you have made it this far, I am going to share with you six simple things that you can do to make that blog of yours triumphant).

1.) By Resisting The Urge To Look At Your Stats Numerous Times A Day

If you have just started blogging, the number of your incoming views is going to be low (The only way your incoming views are going to be high the first time around is if you are already a celebrity).

Some of the newcomers to blogging wrongfully think the reason their blog is receiving a minuscule amount of views is that the content on their blog is not good enough.

Realistically speaking, it takes a while for bloggers to build their readership. Therefore, it would be extremely naive for any blogger to want overnight success in the blogosphere.

According to Kyle Byers’s article, How Many Blogs Are There? (And 141 Other Blogging Stats), 77.8 million new blog posts are published each month on WordPress (Now, that is a huge number of blogs competing for the attention of readers).

Dear friend, if you continue doing the following things your stats and readership will gradually increase:

  • Making sure that your blog posts are devoid of grammatical and typographical errors before pressing the publish button.
  • By publishing the type of content that you are genuinely interested in on your blog.
  • By interacting regularly with like-minded bloggers.
  • Making it a priority of yours to see that your blog loads quickly (People hate blogs that load slowly).
  • By seeing to it that your blog is easy to manoeuvre (Viewers should be able to find your blog posts easily as well as your blog’s pages).

So, in the meantime, ignore those stats of yours and have lots of fun with the blogging process.

Do not make the mistake of abandoning your blog because your blog received a small number of incoming views.

2.) By Ignoring The Haters

From a realistic point of view, everyone is not going to like your blog; there would be those who hate it.

The most that you can do is to continue publishing the types of blog posts that resonates well with you (By doing so, you will also attract readers that are of a similar mindset).

Dear friend, if someone hates your blog, that is their problem and not yours.

Besides, it would be a ridiculous move on your behalf to discontinue blogging because someone hates your blog or a portion of your blog posts.

So, ignore the haters!

3.) By Engaging With Your Audience

One of the simplest ways of engaging with your audience is via the comments section of your blog.

Do you ever respond to the comments that were made in the comments section of your blog?

I truly hope that “Yes,” was your answer.


Because most people hate it when you do not make time and the effort to respond to their comment.

If a viewer shares their perspective via the comments section of your blog, you should read it thoroughly and respond to it.

Believe it or not, people have made online friendships with other bloggers simply by leaving valuable comments.

Interacting with your audience via the comments section of your blog also helps you to know them better.

Blogging is not a proverbial one-way street; hence the importance of responding to comments.

If comments are not your thing, disable them (That way, you would not have any sort of reason to respond to the comments that were made on your blog).

After all, the way that you respond to comments (or not respond to them) can make or break your blog).

To acquire a better understanding of this, check out my article, Comments Versus No Comments.

4.) By Believing In Yourself

Dear friend, believing in yourself and in your ability to blog, places you in a much better position to be triumphant in the blogosphere.

And, why is that so?

Because a lack of belief will result in the growth of doubt (People who lack the belief in their ability to blog will not put out the effort that is required of them to have a successful blog).

The stronger your belief, the better.

Do you believe in yourself and in your blogging abilities?

5.) By Working On Building Your Credibility As A Blogger

Why is it that you should work on building your credibility as a blogger?

You should work on building your credibility as a blogger because bloggers that have a high level of credibility are taken seriously by their peers and their readers (That would certainly be a great step towards becoming triumphant in the blogosphere and remaining triumphant in it).

People can gain credibility as a blogger by:

  • Having a reputation for always publishing high-quality content on their blog.
  • Practicing what they preach.
  • Being deeply involved with their online community.
  • Always maintaining a high level of professionalism (This works for both business-related blogs and personal blogs).
  • Having expertise in a particular field or niche.
  • Being honest and straightforward with their viewing audience.

Dear friend, you should seriously take into consideration the things that I mentioned above if you have a sincere desire to be triumphant in the blogosphere.

Are you currently doing any of the things that I highlighted?

6.) By Taking Superb Care Of Yourself

Taking superb care of yourself will also place you in a much better position to become and remain triumphant in the blogosphere.

And, why is it that taking superb care of yourself will bring you closer to those things?

Because you are the creative force behind your blog (Your blog will remain dormant if you kicked the proverbial bucket).

So, it would be wise of you to take superb care of yourself.

All bloggers can take superb care of themselves by doing the following things:

  • Getting an adequate amount of rest.
  • Getting the proper nutrition.
  • Getting a reasonable amount of physical exercise.
  • Participating in prayer and meditation.
  • Getting regular checkups from their doctor.

Have you been taking superb care of yourself lately?

7.) By Being Consistent With Your Blog Posts

To be most straightforward with you, posting content sporadically on your blog is not going to help you in the area of being triumphant in the blogosphere.


Because posting sporadically on your blog indirectly shows others that you are not at all serious about blogging.

And, it should not come as a huge surprise to you, that serious-minded bloggers are the ones who are consistent when it comes to publishing content on their blog.

You would be most pleased to know, that bloggers can become consistent with their blogging by:

  • Planning out their content in advance.
  • Utilizing a realistic blogging schedule.
  • Creating the draft-copies of their blog posts at specific times.
  • Developing the habit of writing.

By the way, Neil Patel’s Guide to Blogging Consistently is a fantastic article; it will help you in the area of publishing content on your blog in a highly consistent manner.

8.) By Never Becoming Egotistical

Some bloggers who have had the taste of success and became egotistical crashed and burned.


Because no one is truly fond of an egotistical blogger.

From a realistic perspective, it is all about being of service to the reader.

People really do not care if you are a big blogging superstar β€” someone who is well-known throughout the internet via their guest posts and having their eBooks about blogging advertised for sale on their blog or on Amazon.

What do readers really care about?

Readers want the following things:

  • To find solutions to their problems.
  • To be entertained.
  • To learn something new.
  • To come across reading material that will motivate them to become better at a task.
  • To learn how to go about accomplishing their goals.

By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to mention to you, that not everyone who does guest posts, sell eBooks on their blog and have their eBooks about blogging advertised for sale on Amazon are egotistical; there are also exemplary bloggers who are also involved in all of those things β€” the type of people who put their readers first.

9.) By Knowing Which Type Of Blogging Advice To Follow

If you have ever perused blogging advice on the world wide web, there is a high probability of you coming across fantastic ones and those that are absolutely horrendous.

It is no secret that the good kind of blogging advice will contribute to elevating your blog, whereas the bad kind will cause your blog to take a nosedive if you implement it.

In your case, you will have to use your intuition to help you find out which type of blogging advice is most suitable for you (You will want to consider doing this if you truly desire to be triumphant in the blogosphere).

My article, Putting Blogging Advice Underneath A Microscope, helps the reader to utilize a bit of common sense whenever they are examining blogging advice from others.

10.) By Making Your Blog Stand Out From The Crowd

The blogosphere is filled with countless blogs and there is a high chance of them posting topics that are similar to yours or have a niche that is similar to yours; which is why you will need your blog to stand out from the crowd.

Some of you who are reading this are probably wondering, “How do I get my blog to stand out from the crowd?”

Well, you can make your blog stand out from the crowd by doing the following things:

  • Allowing your personality to shine through your writing.
  • Making a conscientious effort to publish epic content on your blog.
  • Creating a unique-looking logo for your blog.
  • Offering information that can only be found on your blog.
  • Going against the norm.
  • Being an expert in your field or niche.
  • Making every blog post of yours useful to your viewing audiences from across the world.

Dear friend, you will have a much better chance of becoming and remaining triumphant in the blogosphere by simply making your blog stand out from the crowd.

11.) By Constantly Learning

Dear friend, when it comes to blogging, the learning never stops.

To have the most up-to-date information on things like SEO and blogging, you will need to be learning about them constantly (Now, do not be surprised about that because those two things are always evolving).

You will also need to keep the following things up-to-date:

  • Your photo editing skills.
  • Your HTML and CSS skills.
  • Your social networking skills.

Any blogger who believes that the learning stops when they have reached the top is an ignorant one.

So, are you prepared to be constantly learning new things and updating the information that you possess?

Final Thoughts

As you have learned, any blogger has a chance of becoming and remaining triumphant in the blogosphere by adopting the following methods:

  • Resisting the urge to look at their stats multiple times per day.
  • Simply ignoring their haters.
  • Engaging with their beloved audience.
  • Believing in themselves.
  • Working arduously on building their credibility as a blogger.
  • Taking superb care of their own self.
  • Being consistent with their blog posts.
  • Never becoming egotistical.
  • Knowing the right type of blogging advice to follow.
  • Doing the things that will make that blog of theirs stand out from the crowd.
  • Having the mindset to be constantly learning new things and updating the information that was deemed outdated.

By the way, if you found the information within this blog post to be valuable (or you know that it is going to be of much value to other people), I kindly ask that you share it on your favourite social media networks.

Also, please feel free to subscribe to Renard’s World (Doing so will let you know when blog posts similar to this one are published on my blog).

And, most importantly, thank you for reading!

87 thoughts on “11 Ways To Remain Triumphant In The Blogosphere

  1. Good advice! I would include being creative with your titles. I follow so many blogs right now I can’t possibly read every post of every one. When time is limited, I look through the titles, and when I see one that is unique, intriguing, or just plain weird, that’s the one I will read.

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  2. You really do practice what you preach! This is an excellent blog post, Renard πŸ™‚ There’s so much useful content here that I am saving your blog post to read it again later.

    One thing that I often question is how some people write really good content but less than 5 followers. Their content is great, so what’s going on here? I think they don’t engage with other bloggers or the blogging community. Personally, I don’t follow blogs that have less than 100 followers, and very rarely 50 followers (there are some exceptions). It hurts because I want to follow them, but knowing that they probably don’t engage if at all is enough for me to walk away.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Hilary.

      Do keep in mind, that those popular blogs with a large quantity of followers once started off with a very small number of followers.

      A blogger’s number of followers should increase as time goes along.

      And, you are right about some of those bloggers having a minuscule amount of followers due to the fact that they did not engage with their community.

      May you have a wonderful 2020, my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly! That’s why their follower counts confuse me, Renard. They post content on a regular basis and their websites are professional. I feel like they are missing out on an entire community of bloggers here. Perhaps they pay too much attention to IG and Pinterest stats, while neglecting what I think is the most important platform: WordPress!!

        I am honestly surprised that so many people don’t engage with this amazing community. Therefore, I am going to assume that it is lack of engagement on their end.

        Have a wonderful Sunday! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•

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  3. I am not sure I think most readers about your “no comment” advice, Renard. I think most readers want to express their opinions or their appreciation and find disabled comments a bit discouraging.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ Your point is valid, Dolly. I also agree that most readers would want to express their opinions and appreciation via a blogger’s comments threat (Those people will no doubt be disappointed if they encountered a blog with disabled comments).

      I would also like to add, that not everyone has the kind courtesy to respond to comments; which sabotages their blog.

      So, in an instance where a blogger has no intention of responding to comments, they would be better off disabling the comments feature.

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      1. Yes, you did make that point in your post, Renard, but that’s where I am inclined to disagree. Interacting with readers is an important part of blogging, as you very aptly remarked, and disabling comments eliminates interaction.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. πŸ€” Dolly, interaction is a proverbial two-way street; one that involves both parties.

          However, if a blogger has their comments enabled and they purposely ignore the comments within their comments section, they have failed sadly in the area of interaction.

          Which is worse? Someone who has their comments enabled and refuses to respond to the comments that were made? Or someone who made up their mind that they have no intention of interacting via comments and chose to disable their comments?

          Hmm. We have reached a stalemate.

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  4. Thank you Renard Moreau.The number one point ie Statistics can kill the very enthusiasm of the newbies.Better newbies ignore this and continue their good work, and your 7 th point regarding consistency In posting their articles keeps the tempo and followers won’t abandon.

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  5. Wow. Almost 78 millions posts a month on WordPress alone! That’s an amazing number. And more than 5.7 million posts each day worldwide. That’s staggering. Thanks for sharing that article.

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  6. You definitely have to ignore the haters. They will drag you down only if you let them. You’ve given some great tips here. I think in the end, you just have to commit and know that in the long run, you’re going to blog no matter what. You’re the force to be reckoned with because you’ll never stop and it’s not because you have some crazy obsession. It’s because you enjoy what you do. I take a lot of pleasure in adding new posts to my blog and writing new stories. I would do it for free if I wasn’t trying to get a profit. In then end, I’m going to do it no matter what because I only get one life as far as I know and I’m going to enjoy it. Thank you so much for sharing, Renard. As usual, you provide encouraging and helpful content.

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  7. Another fabulous post, Renard!
    I am stumped to know that around 78 million posts are written per month, at this rate I feel very lucky to get any readers myself.
    Cheers πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Obinna.

      Consistency plays a vital role (Especially when you want to be triumphant in the blogosphere).

      I know that you have been busy with the goings-on of your university education.

      Maybe, you can update your blog monthly until you graduate.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve considered that monthly routine you suggested, but I don’t know if that’s the best idea. I’m aiming for (at least) one blog post every week. It won’t be easy, but I’m going to push myself.

        Like they say, good things don’t always come easily.

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  8. I would like to make a small remark to your point 3:
    Yes I always respond to comments! Why should I not? If someone will take the time to make a comment to one of my posts, of course I should use as much time to respond to his comment. It’s called ‘dialogue’! Over time it builds friendship and mutual understanding across the world (Something we may all need in our World of today?)
    But – at least 50% of my ‘followers’ guard their mail addresses like they were a ‘state secret’?! Thus, they never ever leave a comment to anything! But they have decared themselves as ‘followers’! Are they really?

    I must confess that I many times have contemplated to delete all ‘followers’ without a visible mail address?
    With no way of communication, why should I keep them on? Isn’t ‘communicating’ what it’s all about? What a real ‘follower’ would do? Or is their real agenda only to promote their own blog and nothing else?
    In that case I really don’t need them! πŸ™‚


    1. πŸ™‚ You have made a valid point.

      I also hope that your followers do not see this comment because some of them may feel a bit offended by reading it.

      Thank you for your participation!


  9. Hi,
    How are you doing?
    I liked the point where you mentioned Professionalism which is important for a blog to stand apart and survive. Glad to have followed your blog. 😊
    Have a great day πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ I am okay, Kritika.

      Yes, professionalism will help any blogger to stand out from the crowd.

      Thanks for the kind sentiment and may you also have a great day!


  10. I absolutely love these tips. They are practical, helpful, thoughtful and easily applicable to any of our situations when trying to write for our blogs. It’s so easy to doubt that we have what it takes to be successful sometimes. Guess that’s why I love #4 (Believing In Yourself) so much. We forget that each of us were created for unique purposes and have skills that only we possess. Our voice is needed and valued. Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚

    Blogging is definitely full-time if we seek to make it an income. It takes creativity, a unique voice, dedication and a whole lot of love! Thank you for what you’re doing here. Wonderful blog you’ve created! β™₯ ~ Holly

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  11. Another fabulous post and having taken time to read all the comments to and from l see some of the points confuse readers/writers – but you are right – l think that if your intention is to not respond to comment then yes, disable – there are many reasons for not leaving comments back, l have found a lot of writers on the spectrum tend to at times disable comment sections, and sometimes so too do the shy.

    On the other side to the coin and l can see both – sometimes l am confused – but the one thing that must be adhered to is to ‘respect’ that writers choice.

    Top notch post my friend.

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  12. Thank you for your great words of wisdom. I will take them to heart as I “Try” to begin my blog. But it’s so frustrating to figure out details and layout and design. I can’t even get a menu set up. Any advice on where to go to for help?
    Thanks again for your guidance.


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