How To Find Your Own Blogging Path

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Blogging, on the whole, can be a bit of a mystery to newcomers; it is something that they gradually learn and not something that they master overnight.

The good news is that once a person has gained an understanding of blogging, they can work towards finding their own blogging path.

And, it should not be too surprising to know that people will have similar blogging paths to each other or way different blogging paths from each other.

Dear friend, your blogging path is unique (And, your job is to make that uniqueness work well for you in the blogosphere).

So, without further ado, I am going to give the newcomers to blogging (those blogging recruits that took the time to read this), a gentle nudge towards the direction of finding their own blogging path.

Be Fully Aware Of The Reason Why You Want To Be A Blogger

Numerous personal bloggers have ventured into blogging without ever fully knowing the reason why it is that they want to be a blogger (To an extent, personal bloggers can get away with this; but they would be much better off if they knew exactly the reason why they wanted to start a blog of their own).

Business-related bloggers, on the other hand, need to know the reason why they want to be a blogger (Their reason for blogging helps them to narrow down on their niche).

Any person who has intentions of starting a blog of their own should ask their self the following questions:

  • Do I want to get into blogging because I would like to make money from it?
  • Do I want to get into blogging because I want to entertain my readers?
  • Do I want to get into blogging because I want to teach people something new?

Dear friend, the sooner you have answered those questions, is the sooner you will be able to put the appropriate plan in place; whether it be one that involves monetizing your blog or one that involves creating the most ideal content for your readers to peruse.

Blogging without a clear vision in mind is akin to throwing darts at a dartboard in a pitch-black room.

Do you know your reason for wanting to start a blog?

Be One Hundred Percent “You”

Bloggers should never make the mistake of trying to be like other people.


Because they were blessed with unique personalities.

Bloggers would be doing themselves an injustice if they chose to become a clone of their favourite blogger. They would be of more service to the world by being themselves.

Your experiences in life are different from those of the blogger whom you have chosen to idolize. Therefore, you are the most ideal person to put your life’s experiences into your words via your own style of writing.

Besides, you cannot find your own blogging path by pretending to be someone else.

So, my friend, be one hundred percent you.

Blog About The Things That Matter To You

Blogging about the things that matter to you should be easy because you will obviously know of the things that you are interested in.

Are you interested in art?

Do you like poetry?

Are you fond of cooking?

Is writing long-form content your sort of thing?

Do you like putting short stories together?

You probably know by now, that it is way easier for you to create content that is based on a genre or a topic that you hold dear to your heart.

Hey, do not go along with a genre or a topic because it is highly popular; go along with those two things because you have a genuine love for them (After all, it is all about you finding your own blogging path).

Also, you will attract those readers that have an interest in the same things as you.

Are you blogging about the things that matter to you?

Learn At Your Own Pace

I have been involved in blogging since 2008 (I managed to learn various things throughout the years by learning at my own pace).

There is an old saying that states: “Rome was not built in a day.”

Therefore, it is going to take a while for you to blossom into a remarkable blogger.

When you look back two years from today (provided that you are still alive and that your blog is still around), you will say to yourself, “Wow! I have grown as a blogger!”

Believe it or not, it actually takes some bloggers quite a while to develop their own writing-style (Some sooner than others).

And, it even takes a longer period to realize that they are actually part of a blogging community.

Realistically speaking, there is a whole lot about blogging that bloggers need to learn (And, you might as well, learn them at your own pace).

Find Out What Works For You And Stick With It

What works for Peter might not necessarily work for Paul.

However, as a human being, you will know exactly what it is that works for you.

In my case, I know that publishing content on my blog on a weekly basis works for me (It is way less tiring than creating content for my blog every day).

I also know for a fact, that creating this type of content and publishing it on my blog works out well for me.

As a matter of fact, anyone who has been blogging for quite a while will eventually become aware of the things that work for them.

Newbie bloggers will need to be observant; they will need to pay close attention to the things about blogging that worked for them (And, once they have figured out what those things are, they should stick with them).

Final Thoughts

Finding your blogging path is important; for without it, you would be a lost blogger (And that, my friend, is not a good thing).

Finding your own path to blogging will involve doing the following things:

  • Being fully aware of the reason why you wanted to be a blogger.
  • Being yourself no matter what (Which falls within the category of being authentic).
  • By blogging about the things that truly matter to you.
  • By learning about blogging at your own pace.
  • By finding out what works for you and sticking with it.

I genuinely want all of the newcomers to blogging to find their blogging path because there is a high probability of them sticking with their blog once they have discovered it.


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  1. Thank you for this Renard. It is undeniably true that you need to find your own voice as a blogger. Trying to copy another blogger will reduce your chances of connecting with your audience.

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  2. This post made me feel comfortable about my blogging skills. Up until now, u thought I sucked in blogging but you made me realize that it takes time… 3 months of blogging probably is not going to make you an expert.

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  3. Great list! I love the part about being one hundred percent you. If you’re not, then your blog won’t be as much fun and people will pick up on that negative vibe in my opinion. Thanks for posting!

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  4. I have been blogging since 2017 and everything you posted is true! I wanted to make enough money to cover the cost of my website and I do. I would love to make more but I didn’t start blogging to get rich, few do. I blog because cooking, sharing and teaching others how to cook is a passion of mine. When you blog about something that is a passion you will love blogging! I love your blog!

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  5. Being yourself in blogging is great advice! While it can be tempting to emulate our idols in blogging, our own writing style will eventually shine. Thank you for this great post!

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