5 Ways To Keep That Blog Of Yours Alive

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Currently, the blogosphere is filled with more abandoned blogs than you or I could ever count in a lifetime.

Guess what?

The number of abandoned blogs is going to grow.


Well, for starters, maintaining a blog takes a whole lot of work (It is not as easy as some viewers think it is).

Even talented writers find it somewhat difficult to find the time to blog; however, they do it because they know that if they slack off once, they may be tempted to do it again.

Like it or not, all bloggers need to be highly committed to their blog.

And, why is it that bloggers need to be highly committed to their blog?

Because their blog could join the long list of abandoned blogs in the blogosphere.

The good news is that there are always things that we can do to help our blog survive and I am going to let you know what they are this very moment.

1.) By Publishing The Type Of Material That You Are Deeply Passionate About

Dear friend, it is no huge secret, that it is a thousand times easier for you to compose an article that is based on a topic that you are deeply passionate about.

Also, if you maintained the habit of filling your blog with the type of content that you are deeply passionate about, that blog of yours is going to have a much better chance of standing the test of time.

Some of you might be thinking, “Well, no one is going to be interested in the topic that I am passionate about?”

Hey, to be straightforward, you will never know until you publish the content that you are truly passionate about.

Whenever we compose the types of blog posts that we are deeply passionate about, we give off positive energy; which is something that our viewing audience can sense.

And, if you force yourself to write an article that is based on something that you are not interested in, you will end up blocking that creative flow of yours (You will not only have quite a hard time creating that content, your readers will pick up on your boredom and bounce to someone else’s blog).

Please keep in mind, that we are always giving off energy (Positive energy will attract readers, negative energy will repel them).

So, sharing your passion with the world via your blog is a wonderful way to radiate that positive energy of yours.

Are you publishing content on your blog that is based on a topic (or topics) that you deeply passionate about?

2.) By Choosing A Realistic Blogging Schedule

What do I mean when I say, “Choose a realistic blogging schedule?”

It simply means, choosing one that you can stick to and not deviate from.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that not everyone is capable of creating content for their blog on a daily basis.

Some people might be better off creating content for their blog three days a week, while others would find comfort in creating content for their blog on a weekly basis.

One of the secrets of surviving in the blogosphere is to find yourself a common ground β€” a blogging schedule that you can maintain without the risks of burning yourself out.

So, choose wisely.

3.) By Being A Community-Oriented Blogger

What does being a community-oriented blogger have to do with keeping that blog of yours alive?

Honestly speaking, it has a lot to do with keeping that blog of yours alive!

People who only publish content on their blog and fail to interact with their fellow bloggers will experience a quick death to their blog.

If no one reads your content and your blog is devoid of any sort of interaction; such as in the form of genuine likes and valuable comments, your blog will eventually die a horrible death.

Besides, interacting with your blogging community is a whole lot of fun; it involves:

  • Finding the time to read the blog posts from your fellow bloggers whenever they publish them.
  • Leaving your fellow bloggers a well-thought-out comment in the comments section of their blog.
  • Pressing the like button on those blog posts that you truly enjoyed.

A lot of bloggers have formed friendships with some of their fellow bloggers.

Once you become a community-oriented blogger, you will view the WordPress bloggers as one big happy family (And, family members have a way of supporting each other).

4.) By Being Consistent With Your Blogging

You cannot expect to have a successful blog if you publish content on it sporadically.

You will need to publish content on your blog on a regular basis (Publishing content on your blog regularly lets people know that your blog has not been abandoned and that you are serious about blogging).

By the way, if you are one of those people who is plagued by what is commonly referred to as, “writer’s block,” my article, 10 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block, will help you out greatly.

If you can constantly come up with topics for your blog, you will be consistent with your blogging.

Have you been consistent with your blogging lately?

5.) By Never Giving Up

Some bloggers have been tempted to throw in the proverbial towel, but instead of giving up, they continued publishing content on their blog.

What is it that causes some bloggers to give up?

Well, truthfully speaking, some bloggers have given up on their blog because of the following reasons:

  • They were not getting the number of incoming views on their blog that they had hoped for.
  • In spite of monetizing their blog, they made little or no money.
  • They wrongfully believed that blogging is dead (Which caused them to abandon their figurative ship).
  • They used the wrong hosting provider to host their blog and became despondent as a result.

The truth is that blogging has its peaks and its valleys (Things may not always go as planned one hundred percent of the time).

If you are strong enough to weather the storm and stick with your blog, you will see some positive results in the end.

By the way, if you happen to be one of those people who is thinking about giving up on their blog, reading, 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Blog, will encourage you to stick with your blog.

Final Thoughts

Dear friend, any blogger can keep their blog alive by:

  • Choosing to publish the type of material that they are deeply passionate about.
  • Seeing to it that they have chosen a realistic blogging schedule.
  • Being a community-oriented blogger.
  • Making it a priority of theirs to be consistent with their blogging.
  • Simply not giving up.

If this article was helpful to you, please show it a bit of love by sharing it on your favourite social media networks.

And, thank you for checking out, Renard’s World.

42 thoughts on “5 Ways To Keep That Blog Of Yours Alive

  1. Beloved Renard, you’ve missed number 6.) Because to be completely honest, we as human beans are all so prone to that death thing, that eventually when it happens it’s very difficult, perhaps even impossible to keep thinking of blog posts and to keep blogging. {{{laughs}}}

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      1. You are right Renard, you did mention in the title of your post is was all about keeping it “Alive”. I intend to do just that, keep it all healthy and Alive (mind and body) and hope this for you also. I like reading some of the things you discuss here on wordpress and the comments you receive. Thank you for your responses.

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  2. I find it difficult to find out what a realistic schedule would be for me. I started a bit too frequently, then went to 5 posts per week. Now I feel that I really enjoy blogging as long I can write about subjects that really speak to me. And that is not 5 evenings per week. It’s a bit of a journey and I hope that my readers can be patient with me.

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  3. Renard – I find myself frequenting your posts quite often. You have such encouraging words to help motivate bloggers to keep pursuing their passions for existence in the blogosphere. All of your tips are spot on and they really boil down to putting in the work and staying consistent with it. Being fairly new to the writing arena, I’m realizing more and more that growth, achievement, and success take time. But, if you work at things a little each day, you will eventually see results. Sometimes, it takes a mindset shift to view success in the incremental but steady strides we make each day that lead to long-term success in the future.

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