Seasons Of The Weather

Raindrops (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Do you have a favorite weather season?

I know for most people the question should be, “What is your favorite weather season?” But because I haven’t figured out yet if I have a favorite season, I wonder if there’s anyone else in my shoe.

I always hear people say harmattan is their favorite season, I wonder.

Here in Nigeria, our seasons are rainy, dry, and harmattan.

During rainy season, people stay indoors most of the time because of heavy rains, and bad roads, of course affected by the rains. And when you break through all odds and go to work, if you’re a businessperson, or your work is one you need regular customers to be active, then you might get there and actively sleep your brains out, because your customers may not be able to break the odds.

Sometimes, when it’s finally time to go home, that might seem the perfect time for one heavy rain to start, maybe you should just go back to sleep.

Don’t even think about washing your clothes now because they won’t dry until they start smelling from dampness.

Sometimes during this season, the rain could go on for consecutive days.

Now everyone is ready to welcome dry/sunny season; this rain is too much.

Finally the dry season is here. And the harsh sun is ready to dry all the water and blood out of your body.

Nigerians are hustlers. We’re survivors. So people go about their ways, hustling in the markets, drivers are always on the roads, hawkers are everywhere, those in their air conditioned offices are very busy too, but unaware of the harshness of the sun outside, until they step into it, people in their workplaces with or without electric fans are burning with heat, the fan seems to be waving flame.

Oh we miss rainy season. If only it could rain small and cool this hot weather.

Oh but harmattan is coming! It’s most people’s favorite.

Harmattan came, along with uninvited dust, the cold is too much too, your skin seems to be drying up no matter the amount of cream you apply on it. There seems to be a combination of dryness and coldness in the weather.

Maybe that is a blend of what everyone seems to want. I’m not sure I want this.

By the way, we’re in harmattan now.

After this season we’re back to repeat.

Farmers are waiting for the rain. The earlier the first rain comes, the more hopeful the farming year would be. We need rain for our farm crops, and our farmers don’t mind when it’s raining everyday, they could work under the rains.

Buildings foundations are easily done this time, because the land is smooth and so can be dug easily.

I love it when I have no where to go and I’m in indoors, and it starts raining. I’d just cover myself with bracket in bed and sleep all day, or listen to music, looking out the window while it rains magically outside.

But those that are molding blocks can’t wait for dry season to come. Marketers are waiting too. Their skins may burn from heat but they’ll have money in their pockets.

Everyone can now wash their clothes knowing they’d dry quickly.

You can now go ahead with your wedding without worries that rain might prevent people from coming and spoil the show.

The roads are back to normal, you don’t need to worry about being stuck on the road and looking for people to help push your car out of the molds.

Harmattan comes with smells of Christmas.

I might have good reasons not to choose any one of these seasons as my favorite, but I have better reasons to anticipate the coming each of them and reasons to enjoy each when it finally comes.

Do you have a favorite season?

About the guest author:

Chinelo Anikpe is an ambitious blogger from Africa who enjoys writing about her life’s experiences.

Her wonderful website is called: Our Life Struggles.

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23 thoughts on “Seasons Of The Weather

  1. 🙂 Here in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, we only have two seasons — the rainy and the dry.

    The rainy season is my favourite because I am no fan of the heat.

    Thank you for letting me know what the weather is like in Nigeria.

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  2. Nigeria sounds lovely! *sigh* I will visit The Motherland one day but until then I will live through the experiences of those who are direct or direct adjacent (children born to immigrants). My hubby and I want our children to know and understand their ancestry- its imperative. Although I might not have proof to actually be descended from a particular country of the Mother Continent, I resonate with all.

    Side note: I made jollof rice this weekend for the first time and let me tell you….HEAVEN🤤🤤🤤❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow.
      Africans are one, and we love you all our descendants who are settled in foreign lands no less. It’s a good thing you’re determined to teach your kids about their origin, I’m sure they’ll grow up to appreciate that.

      The jollof rice sounds inviting! I can already envision it’s beautiful tasteful looks from here!

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  3. At school I learnt about how the are four seasons in a year


    From the textbooks my favourite season was spring when the world springed back to life after the biting cold.

    But in practicality the seasons we have are more like the Hot Dry Season, Hot Wet Season and Cold Dry Season

    Currently we in the Hot wet season…. And it always rains on Christmas Day 🎄

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    1. Yes, indeed. Here at the Cape of Good Hope it seems, eventhough we have glorious spring season now, on xmas day it’s rainy and stormy. Don’t we love tradition?

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