My Blogging Plans For 2020

The Year 2020 (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Wow! Time is always moving fleetingly!

Not too long ago we entered the year, 2019 and now it is almost 2020.

Damn! I am getting older and my blog is getting older too (And, like any good blog that is getting older, I have plans for it).

Since you are here, I might as well tell you what plans do I have in store for Renard’s World.

I Plan On Resuming My Weekly Schedule

Although blogging every day is fun, it takes a whole lot out of you.

As a matter of fact, a lot of bloggers would go crazy if they had to keep up with the pace of blogging daily (And, a standing ovation goes out to those bloggers who have a penchant for publishing content on their blog on a daily basis).

I missed the free time that I had when I was posting weekly.

Now, in addition to creating content for my blog on my own time, I had ample time to do the following things:

  • Visit a larger quantity of blogs.
  • Leave valuable comments in the comments section of the blogs of my fellow bloggers.
  • Do more in-depth research.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Watch more documentaries.
  • Play around with more distributions of Linux.

Apparently, when a person is so caught up with the practice of publishing content every day on their blog, they begin to feel like some type of robot churning out blog posts (It is a known fact, that robots do not get tired and they can go on for extremely long hours before their power is drained).

I want my life back (And, posting weekly will help me to regain it).

God alone knows what I was thinking when I decided to participate in Blogmas.

One of my favourite bloggers, Neal Patel, once said that blogging weekly is too much time blogging and that updating his blog on a monthly basis is enough for him.

I think that he can get away with that because the average length of his blog posts is around three thousand to four thousand words (Neal Patel is a master of long-form content).

Anyway, bloggers should utilize a blogging schedule that is most appropriate for them (My article, 6 Ways To Prevent Blogger Burnout, discusses this in detail).

Blogging weekly should add a bit of sanity back into my life.

I Plan On Featuring More Guest Bloggers

I have warmed up to the guest blogging project.

There are fantastic bloggers out there in the blogosphere (Whom I would not mind featuring on Renard’s World).

Chinelo Anikpe became Renard’s World‘s first guest blogger in the year, 2019, with her guest post, Chinelo’s Hopes And Dreams (She is worth having for more future guest blogging projects).

I would not mind featuring guest posts from bloggers that deal with these specific things:

  • An in-depth knowledge of preparing vegan recipes.
  • Amazing content that pertains to blogging.
  • An insight into the latest technology.
  • Electrifying lifestyle-related content.

As a matter of fact, I am willing to allow any topic; provided that it is well-written.

Most readers became aware of my guest blogging project when I posted, Expect To See Guest Bloggers On Renard’s World In The Future.

I am predicting that the year, 2020, my beloved readers will see guest posts from lots of new bloggers.

If you are on the proverbial fence on guest blogging, do have a look at Vikas Agrawal’s article, The Top 11 Benefits of Guest Blogging.

If you think that you have what it takes, you are more than welcome to submit your guest post.

I Plan On Supporting More Bloggers

Yes, my friend, I plan on supporting more bloggers in the year, 2020.

Earlier on, I mentioned to you that I would have the time to do that when I go back to publishing content on my blog weekly.

As always, I will support my fellow bloggers by:

  • Reading their blog posts.
  • Leaving them valuable comments.
  • Encouraging them to continue blogging whenever they feel like giving up.

If we all supported more bloggers, the blogosphere would be a wonderful place.

Do you like the idea of supporting more bloggers?

I Will Try To Ignore Google’s Changes In Algorithm

Experienced (as well as some inexperienced) bloggers know that it is somewhat difficult to keep up with Google’s changing algorithms.

Now, do not get me wrong, I will continue to read some of the latest material on the web pertaining to Google and their ranking system.

It is just that I am not going to lose any sleep over it.

A lot of professional bloggers tend to lose their minds whenever their blog is negatively affected by Google’s updated algorithms.

In my case, I will remain cool and continue to publish high-quality content on my blog.

Google is going to shake up the way in which they rank websites in 2020 (The most that any respectable website administrator can do, is to fall in line).

Anyway, a large percentage of personal bloggers on the world wide web would continue to have fun in spite of Google’s implementation of their new algorithmic changes.

Final Thoughts

So, to put it all in a figurative nutshell; I plan on doing the following things blog-wise in the year, 2020:

  • Going back to my normal weekly schedule (Hey, I really missed it).
  • Going out of my way to feature more guest posts on Renard’s World (I think that some of my readers would appreciate that).
  • Making it a priority of mines to support more of my fellow bloggers (Mainly because it is the exemplary thing to do).
  • Trying my best to ignore Google’s new algorithmic changes for the year, 2020 (Bloggers and website administrators alike, would go crazy if they try to wrap their minds across those changes in Google’s new algorithms).

By the way, I would love to read the plans that you have for your blog in 2020 via the comments section of my blog.

Also, I will be keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that your blog will still be around in the year, 2020.

63 thoughts on “My Blogging Plans For 2020

  1. It is becoming more difficult to post weekly as I get home tired. But your tips have helped me plan how to go about it.
    I also hope to be more consistent with weekly posting by God’s grace.
    See you in 2020!

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  2. I already made a plan to be publishing twice a week long ago, but I’ve found I’ve been unable to keep up.
    So by next year, I hope to provide two posts a week, one for my blog site, and one guest post on Renard’s world.

    God’s grace would see us all through.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I have learnt a lot this past year from your blogging techniques, I’m look forward to reading your future content, I have been formulating my plans for next years blog, in a post scheduled for tomorrow. The WordPress community has been a wonderful discovery for me.

    Liked by 4 people

  4. I love the guest post series and I must say I was somewhat surprised since earlier in the year you were very set against having those but well things change, even google algorithms change too

    I think in the coming year I will join the waiting list of people who want to do a guest post on your site, soon as I figure out what I want to share, will be in touch…

    Plans for the blog include adding a buy me coffee button for people who wish to buy me coffee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and I am setting up a personalised email address for my domain for a more professional feel.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Great planning for 2020. I certainly will be around in 2020 blogging. The way I blog will be no different as I do now when back from my blogging break.
    Some posts planned, or to write about will be a review of a product I mentioned I would share, when used up.
    Chit chat catch up, as well as my regular monthly chit-chat chats and talking about my counselling I am having and how I am getting on with that. And what ever other posts come to mind.

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  6. That’s a neat plan, Renard. You will definitely see me around in 2020. I still need to devise a schedule for my blog.
    December has been the least active month for my blog because of my unavoidable personal commitments, I still hope to write a post before this year ends.
    I hope to write a guest post for your blog in January’2020.

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  7. When it comes to my blog, I’m not a planner. Except for my prompts, everything else is spontaneous. I hope in 2020 that I will continue to have the energy and inspiration to post 3-4 times a day…or at the very least, twice daily.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Fandango, the combination of prompts and spontaneous posting has worked out well for you in the past; it should continue to work out well for you in 2020.

      Thank you for your participation!

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  8. Interesting post, Renard. My plan for 2020 when it comes to my blogs is to tell my story on my blogs, come out of my shell and be more imposing till I get what I want as a blogger which are – more traffic and money from blogging. I want a successful blog with a real community around it.

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  9. Awe I’ve literally never ever been someone’s guest spot but I’ve never been a popular person and I’m not a social butterfly. I live in the shadows. Happy holidays and wish you the best in your new year!

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  10. Thank you for sharing your plans for 2020 with your readers. I, too, want to create a weekly schedule for my blog as well. My plans are to:
    -be more consistent with creating weekly content
    -be more consistent with engaging more with other bloggers: (leaving thorough comments, and cultivating relationships where it’s an even exchange for all of us.)
    -learn how to update my blog without driving myself crazy.

    I loved what you said about supporting and making room guest writers on your blog. I really value that idea. I never really thought to consider it before, considering my blog is still at the early stages. However, it’s a great learning and teaching opportunity that I can expose myself to for the betterment of my blog improvement.

    Thank you once again for your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ You are welcome.

      Blogging on a weekly basis should be achievable for the busiest person on the planet.

      Also, a blogger would have more time to interact with way more blogs if they published content on their blog weekly.

      May things go as planned for your blog in 2020.

      Liked by 1 person

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