It Is Not Easy Being A Blogger

Last updated on December 14th, 2019


A lot of people wrongfully believe that a blogger’s job is an easy one.

Some people have probably thought, “All bloggers have to do is publish articles every so often.”

To be most straightforward with you, there is more to blogging than what actually meets the eye.

So, my friend, I am going to spill the proverbial beans β€” I am going to tell you the truth about blogging!

Blogging Involves A Lot Of Work

Blogging requires more than merely composing an article, editing it, proofreading it and pressing the ‘Publish’ button.

In addition to publishing articles, bloggers are required to:

  • Do research.
  • Come up with more material for their blogs.
  • Edit their photos.
  • Promote their content via social media.
  • Network with other other bloggers.
  • Further their knowledge on blogging.

Blogging is never a figurative walk in the park.

If people knew of all the work that was involved in blogging, some of them would shy away from blogging.

One of the worst things is to jump into blogging blindly and to realise in the end, that you have bitten off more than you can actually chew and swallow.

Dear friend, there is a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes.

I Made It A Priority To Promote The Content On My Blog

Earlier on, I mentioned, that bloggers are required to promote their content via social media; well this is how I go about promoting the content on my blog:

  • I share them on VKontakte.
  • I pin them on the Renard’s World board on Pinterest.
  • I share them on Mix.
  • I share them on Gab.
  • I promote them on Viral Content Bee.

Some of you are probably thinking, “Hey, Renard. What about Facebook?”

To be quite honest with you, I no longer use Facebook and you can find out the reason why by checking out my article, I Finally Deactivated My Facebook Account.

By the way, do you promote your blog’s content via social media?

And, what are some of the services that you use to promote your blog’s content?

You Will Need To Be An Active Member Of Your Blogging Community

If a blogger thinks that all they have to to is simply publish blog posts, they are deluding their own self.


Because, they need to be an active member of their blogging community; that can be accomplished by they doing the following things:

  • Reading the blog posts from their fellow bloggers.
  • Leaving their fellow bloggers thoughtful comments after they have read their blog posts.
  • Sharing the content of their fellow bloggers via their social media accounts.

What goes around, comes around; the majority of their fellow bloggers will reciprocate.

Also, blogging on the whole would be boring if a blogger did not have a blogging community to interact with.

I certainly enjoy interacting with the members of my blogging community.

Do you interact with the members of your blogging community?

There Is No Room For Laziness

Yes, my friend, it is true. when it comes to blogging, there is no room for laziness.

Lazy people (whether they are lazy physically, whether they are lazy mentally or both) tend to come up with countless reasons as to why they are unable to blog.

A blogger needs to find the time to blog.

And, a blogger needs to make up their mind to blog.

In reality, successful bloggers are just as busy as the average person. Their mindset sets them apart from the rest of the other people in the blogosphere; in spite of being very busy, they do find the time to blog.

Believe it or not, some successful bloggers carry a smartphone or a tablet computer with them almost everywhere they go; their purpose for doing that is to jot down a few paragraphs for the draft copy of their blog post in what little spare time that they have available to them.

As a matter of fact, any blogger who is fully determined to get their blogging done is capable of doing the same.

Are you really committed to getting your quota of blogging done?

Sacrifices Are Made In The Name Of Blogging

When it comes to blogging, sacrifices are necessary (And, I am not referring to sacrificing the best of your livestock to a God; I am referring to giving up a fraction of your recreational time).

In my case, I gave blogging a higher priority than viewing television programming; therefore blogging comes first (However, I do make an exception in the case of Monday Night Raw).

A lot of people have spent countless hours watching television.

Some of that time could be utilised in the area of creating content for their blog.

For the record, I am not asking bloggers to give up television viewing; I am suggesting to them, that instead of watching five hours of television, they can use two hours out of the entire five hours with the intentions of getting their quota of blogging done.

How many bloggers that you know possess the discipline to actually do that?

Television viewing is addictive for a lot of people; which is why a lot of bloggers would binge-watch their favourite television episodes on Netflix.

If all bloggers sacrificed a fraction of their recreational time with the sole purpose of creating content for their blog, they would always have material to publish.

Dear friend, the real issue here is the manner in which we spend our valuable time.

Final Thoughts

Those of you who are bloggers would know without a doubt, that blogging is no easy task.

Although it is not easy being a blogger, I have managed to produce outstanding content for Renard’s World on numerous occasions.

My mindset is a serious one β€” I am deeply focused on blogging.

And, believe it or not, there are fantastic bloggers who have doubted their ability to come up with content repeatedly (But, they know that they are capable of getting it done; especially when they have been blogging religiously for over the period of one month).

Bloggers do not pull out their magic wands and point them at the direction of the monitor, say a magic word and watch an article magically appear out of thin air.

Instead, we work arduously at composing our blog posts one word at a time.

The content that other people have seen on our blogs are there, because we have sacrificed a portion of our time to put them there.

And, none of us would have a certain level of recognition in the blogosphere without the help of other bloggers from within our own beloved blogging community.

Blogging requires a lot of effort and in most instances, we do get back what we put out.

55 thoughts on “It Is Not Easy Being A Blogger

  1. I completely agree with you. I recently started and am taking this seriously- yes it’s an outlet for me to be creative but I’m managing my writing with an already full day and life. Now on holiday but I can’t stop writing (ok a bit less), planning next steps and content for my blog. I also think it’s very important to comment on other bloggers site and content!

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  2. Hi Renald,
    I cannot agree any less with you. When I started I thought it was all about creating and publishing content. I never thought about other aspects of blogging such as promotion, connecting with other bloggers via different channels, etc. So when you look at it, you see that, although blogging can be fun, there more work in it than you can imagine.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

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  3. Good article. I appreciate the tips, such as the social media aspect. I have been kicked off of facebook about a dozen times or so. But I never considered Pinterest. Blogging for me is more of a hobby, so I don’t believe that any of my material will ever become monetized or really have a far reaching audience. Good luck to you in your blogging adventures. Keep it up, your very productive and insightful.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I like what you said about the community aspect…meeting other like-minded people is the best part. It is work to find connect with those people, but it’s so important and makes the journey so much more fun πŸ™‚

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  5. Thanks for such a honest and real post. I agree with you. I am just becoming aware of the amount of effort it takes to be active. It is funny how some people dont consider writing or blogging to be a work.

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  6. Another honest article, Renard. Thanks for the social media tips… Facebook doesn’t work at all!
    Interacting with the fellow bloggers is something I look forward to.

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  7. I couldn’t agree more. Blogging is a lot of work but it can be very fun. It’s a great way to get your thoughts out there. I haven’t shared on Gab yet but I might. I’ve noticed it’s been growing. Great post!

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  8. Interesting post Renard
    My grandson Vince was a MEME on the Reddit squaredcircle 4 years ago. He still loves wrestling. Cutting down on television is one of my latest methods to be more productive.

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  9. A very honest account of a bloggers life, you made valid points so precisely by breaking it all down by sharing great tips. I learnt a lot from this article. Thank you Renard!

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