Is It Wise To Start A Blog In December?


As far as I know, the majority of the people who created blogs (especially the personal bloggers) did not do any major planning as to when they wanted to launch their blog (They simply did it on a whim).

Realistically speaking, the only type of bloggers that really thinks things through, are the business-related bloggers.

The truth is that countless people are going to create blogs for the month of December (Whether or not if they succeed, is entirely up to the effort that they put out).

Also, launching a blog in the month of December can be quite challenging.

Are you one of those people who recently started a blog of your own for the month of December?

If you have said, “Yes,” you are definitely in for the ride of your life.

December Is One Of The Busiest Months Of The Year

Most people are aware of the fact, that the month of December happens to be one of the busiest ones on the calendar.

Even the seasoned bloggers find it somewhat challenging to find the time to create content for their blog during the month of December (Which is one of the reasons why many of them go on a hiatus).

So, one can simply imagine how a newbie blogger feels during this time of year.

Dear friend, it takes a great deal of sacrifice combined with the proper implementation of time management in order to get your quota of blogging done.

Now, do not let that scare you into thinking that you have volunteered to partake in an impossible task.

And, why is it that you should not be scared?

You should not be scared because it is possible for a blogger to find the time for creating and publishing their blog posts.

Self-Discipline Is A Prerequisite

A blogger who possesses a high level of self-disciple will have a greater chance of finding the time to create articles for their blog.

Guess what?

The time is seldom perfect! Therefore, you will have no choice but to make the time for putting together blog posts for your blog.

There is the saying, “Life happens to us.”

Dear friend, you will have to delve into the content creation process at some odd hours; which could involve:

  • Writing your blog posts when your spouse and children are fast asleep.
  • Giving up an hour’s time of television viewing with the sole purpose of creating content for that blog of yours.
  • Not hanging out with your friends until you get your quota of blogging done.
  • Getting up one hour earlier in the morning with the intention of working on your blog post.

Do you possess the level of self-disciple to do those things?

If you have said, “Yes,” to that question, there is a good chance of you being able to meet your blogging commitment for the month of December.

Creating blog posts in the month of December is not for the undisciplined person who lacks commitment.

You Will Need To Be Able To Work Quickly

What does working quickly has to do with starting a blog in December?


For starters, you will have to utilize the time that is available to you (And if you are not a retiree, you are going to be pressed for time).

How many words can you type within an hour’s time?

Is it 500?

Is it 700?

Well, in all honesty, it will depend on your level of expertise.

The faster you are able to complete your blog post, is the faster you will be able to publish it.

If you are not accustomed to writing, I strongly advise that you practise writing for shorter periods; for example, fifteen minutes daily until you get the hang of it.

Any person who has approximately two hours to spare can put together the draft copy of their blog post.

And, if you have less time, you can create the draft copy of your blog post in parts; an example of this is typing out your work at thirty-minute intervals.

I strongly recommend that you carry out the editing process the following day (preferably after you have awakened from your slumber) due to the fact, that you would be in a much better position to locate grammatical and typographical errors when your mind is well-rested.

Also being able to work quickly with whatever time that is available to you will be an asset (And that will certainly come in handy for blogging in the month of December).

Eating Healthily Is A Must

Many of you will agree with me when I say to you, “Eating healthily is a must!”

But you are probably wondering, “What does eating healthily has to do with whether or not a person should start a blog in December?”

Well, earlier on in this blog post, I mentioned that December happens to be one of the busiest months of the year.

Now, in most cases, people do not always make the best food choices when they are extremely busy.

A large percentage of the people who move at a breakneck pace for the month of December, will either skip their meals or purchase some type of unhealthy meals at a fast-food restaurant.

However, the person who cherishes their health will make it a priority of theirs to eat in a healthy manner because they view it as quality fuel for their mind and body.

Dear friend, there is no way that your mind and body are going to perform at an optimal level when you are filling them with lots of junk food.

So, it would be in your best interest to eat in a healthy manner.

Eating healthily will provide your body with the energy that it needs in addition to helping your mind think clearly (All of which would contribute to finding the time to blog and not crashing halfway in the process).

Have you been eating in a healthy manner lately?

Bloggers Will Benefit From Exercising Regularly

Yes, it is true that bloggers can benefit from exercising regularly (It is good for their mind and body).

Now, do not overdo your exercise routine; it is much safer for you to exercise in moderation (Thirty minutes of daily exercise should be enough).

To be on the safe side, visit your doctor with the intention of finding out if you are healthy enough to carry out aerobic training.

In addition to becoming physically fit, you will experience the following mental and emotional benefits:

  • Better sleep (Exercising regularly on mornings will contribute to regulating your sleep cycle).
  • Better memory and being able to think clearly (Exercise is known to stimulate the growth of new cells in the brain and slow down cognitive decline).
  • Mood enhancement (Thanks to the body releasing endorphins during exercise).

To get a better understanding of this, I highly recommend that you read Juliette Tocino-Smith’s article, 10 Neurological Benefits of Exercise.

I am sure that a lot of you never thought that exercising regularly can help us to be the best that we can be (Which can be put to good use in blogging).

If you are considering starting a blog of your own in the month of December, you should do everything in your power to boost your physical and mental fitness.

Learning The Basics Of Blogging Is A Must

It would be unwise for anyone to venture into blogging without knowing:

  • How to set up a blog.
  • How to write an SEO-friendly blog post.
  • How to build an amazing call-to-action.
  • How to promote their blog posts.
  • How to know their audience.

The good news is that there are lots of reputable blogging experts online that they can learn these things from; such as:

Do not even dream of starting a blog for the month of December (or anytime for that matter) without ever learning the basics of blogging.

Final Thoughts

Dear friend, it is more than okay for you to start a blog in the month of December (In spite of it being one of the busiest months of the year).

However, you should only do it if:

  • You possess a high level of discipline.
  • You are capable of working quickly.
  • You plan on eating in a healthy manner.
  • You are serious about exercising regularly.
  • You are willing to learn the basics of blogging.

Everything that I mentioned above works synergistically (Do them all and you will reap the positive benefits).

And, please feel free to share this informative article via your favourite social media accounts.

Thank you for reading!

41 thoughts on “Is It Wise To Start A Blog In December?

  1. Really good tips. Never really thought about these. I must admit I ditched word counting. It was taking forever to write and then try to get everything perfect. So I set a time limit. As soon as the time limit is up I have to stop writing and it gets published come what may. Has helped a lot.

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  2. Huh. I must be an anomaly. I spent well over a month on planning (design, coming up with post ideas, etc) before I actually published my first post. I certainly did not start my blog on a whim.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Wow. Nice tips. But I think these tips aren’t for starters alone, anyone can actually benefit from the post, remember we all are in this busy month together.

    Which is why I think that patience is a good tip to apply here, this time, especially for new bloggers, because as the month is busy for you as a writer, so it is for readers. So it is only advisable that the new bloggers learn to be patient and even more so consistent and not give up when it seems they don’t get what they deserve in return from the work they’ve put into their blog.

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  4. Most personal bloggers do, indeed, start a blog on a whim. It does not matter when. You just do it. However, keeping it alive and running successfully is another story. Thanks for these helpful reminders.

    Self-discipline is indeed important. If putting out content is important to you, then for the further success of your blog, create posts that meet your quota before enjoying life.

    Have a nice day!

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  5. Very nice tips! I will admit that I started my blog in December, on a whim after getting a camera for Christmas, haha. It wasn’t until years later I really worked on improving my content and blog overall.

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  6. This is my fifth December when I have been blogging, and like all the other Decembers, it’s a quiet month in the world of blogging. There are less than the usual number of posts published, and many bloggers do take time for a break before returning in the New Year (myself included).

    In answer to your question, Renard, I don’t think there is anything wrong with starting a blog in December, but I’d recommend not publishing that first post until after the New Year. By then, many bloggers will have returned.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Hugh, I recommended not starting a blog in December because it is an extremely busy one (Not busy in the blogosphere but busy in the sense of people who are employed with regular 9-to-5 jobs and pick up blogging at the end of their workday).

      Thank you so kindly for sharing your perspective!

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