5 Reasons Why I Am Not Fond Of Christmas


Everyone on the planet knows, that there are people who are not fond of Christmas.

Guess what?

I happen to be one of those people who wants nothing to do with Christmas.


Because I think that it is a huge pile of rubbish — one that is higher than the Empire State Building.

Without further ado, here are my five reasons for not being jolly around this time of year.

1.) Christmas Is A Fairytale

I will admit, that Christmas is a wonderful period for most children and grown adults due to the fact that it helps them to get into a joyous state of mind.

However, Christmas is heavily wrapped up in lies; the biggest one of all being that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day.

The truth is that no one really knows the actual day that Jesus Christ was born.

Some scholars have speculated that he was born earlier in the year (Somewhere around Spring).

Some of the staunch Christians are probably thinking, “How in God’s name could Renard make a blasphemous statement like that?”

Hey, I was never one to blindly believe everything that I was told.

Erin Laviola’s article, Was Jesus Really Born On Christmas?, helps to shed some light on this mystery.

And, do not get me started on Santa Claus.

How is it that a fat man can freely go up and down a chimney without ever getting stuck or without ever getting an ounce of black-coloured soot on his red suit?

Now, that is what I call, “A well-put-together children’s story!”

To gain a much better understanding of this Santa Claus character, I highly recommend that you peruse Zoe Mintz’s article, Santa Claus’s Pagan Origins: 5 Influences Behind Father Christmas.

2.) Christmas Contributes To Overworking

There are many people who work numerous hours at their place of employment; for example, those store clerks and restaurant employees who proverbially bend over backwards in order to please their customers (The only positive thing about this is that they are paid to carry out those tasks). 

After a hard day’s work, some of those people go out of their way to thoroughly clean and decorate their homes.

And, why is it that they put themselves through that ordeal?

They do it because they want their homes to be in pristine condition for the Christmas Season.

I would like to remind you, that overworking yourself has negative consequences; such as:

  • Putting yourself at risk of developing diabetes.
  • Developing an abnormal heart rhythm.
  • Setting yourself up for heart disease and stroke.
  • Developing psychiatric disorders.

Do keep in mind, that a moderate amount of work is good for you and that too much work can send you to an early grave.

So, please do not burn your figurative candle at both ends!

3.) Christmas Has Become Commercialized 

Yes, my friend, Christmas has become commercialized; some examples of that being so are advertisements that pertain to:

  • Buying electronics to make people happy for Christmas.
  • Purchasing jewellery with the intention of presenting it as a Christmas gift for that special someone.
  • Acquiring more elaborate Christmas decorations.
  • Purchasing a new set of furniture at a reasonable price with the intention of making one’s home look lovely for the Christmas Season.

Jason Armstrong’s article, Have We Commercialized Christmas A Little Too Much?, goes into details on the commercialization of Christmas.

Christmas has lost its traditional meaning.

4.) I Am Forced To Socialize At Christmastime

For the record, there is nothing at all wrong with socializing with others.

The problem is forcing yourself to socialize with people during Christmastime.

We were all taught from an early age that it is polite to socialize with our friends, family, relatives and associates during the Christmas holidays.

So, as a result of this so-called age-old tradition, we end up finding ourselves socializing with everyone (Including those people whom we do not wish to socialize with).

If a person wants to spend their time alone for the Christmas Season, they should be allowed to do so and not force themselves into pretending to be friendly with those people that they have no real intentions of socializing with.

Sorry, I am not a politician.

I hate indulging myself in meaningless conversation (And, I am sure that there are people who feel the same as I do).

5.) The Time Of The Season For Receiving The Worst Gifts Ever

From an honest perspective, we do not always get the types of gifts that we desire (Which is okay in the sense because it is the thought that counts).

Some people received an ugly-looking sweater from their mother-in-law and they wear it (in spite of not liking it) to impress their mother-in-law whenever she drops by their home for the Christmas Season.

In my case, I end up getting bottles of cologne — cologne with fragrances that I do not like (It is as though someone received them as gifts many Christmases ago and they passed them on to me because they did not like the way in which they smelled).

Yes, people do those sorts of things (Once they do not give it as a gift to the person who bought it as a gift for them, they can get away with recycling their Christmas gifts).

By the way, if you are intrigued by the topic of horrible Christmas gifts, you should check out Caitlin Cochrane’s article, People Name the Worst Christmas Gifts They’ve Ever Received

Final Thoughts

Christmas is certainly not my favourite time of the year (As a matter of fact, whenever it comes around, I keep my fingers crossed with the hopes of the Christmas Season passing fleetingly).

For me, enduring the goings-on of Christmas is a harsh form of punishment — one that I would never wish on my worst enemy.

The Christmas tradition is certainly one that I can gladly do without.

Now, I am in no way discouraging anyone from enjoying their Christmas (If Christmas is their sort of thing, they might as well enjoy it).

However, it is quite clear that Christmas is not for everyone.

39 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Am Not Fond Of Christmas

  1. I agree with you on many of your points. Especially the commercialization. I don’t do Christmas either. I’ll wish you Merry Christmas because it’s a holiday and one’s expected to. I don’t mind that. I gave up Christmas for my own sanity. That doesn’t mean I hate it. I’d just rather not participate in the rat race. The “JOY” of Christmas should be throughout the year.

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      1. You’re right my friend. Some people find a happy medium. But most are still contributing to the commercialism. and dare I say it? Even religion. I’ll probably get bombed for that remark but c’est la vie. Everyone has the right to there opinion. Doesn’t mean I’m not a believer either.

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  2. Hi Renard, I agree with most of your thoughts on this one! I don’t like the commercialization, the feeling of things have to be just so and we know how often they are not!
    I like to give to a charity or adopt a poor family for the holiday to purchase some gifts for. That helps get me in the “Christmas” spirit. Otherwise I’m with you on this one Renard!

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    1. 🙂 Thank you, Lisa.

      I love the idea of giving to charity for the holiday season and purchasing Christmas gifts for a poor family is a wonderful way of doing that.


  3. December 25th was chosen simply because it coincided with a major pagan holy day, and the Roman church at that time wanted to “compete” and eventually convert the pagan occasion to a “Christian” one. It wasn’t picked for any suggestion that Christ was born on that date at all. So while it’s probably a “lie” that the Lord was born on the 25th of December, the awesome truth is that God became a human to share our weaknesses, our sufferings, our temptations, and our pain. To take our place on the receiving end of God’s justice towards the fallen sons and daughters of Adam, to defeat death itself by His resurrection, and to fully redeem a people for Himself from fallen, lost humanity.

    At Christmastime, the entire world is singing songs and telling stories about the King of the Universe becoming a man, born in poverty to a peasant in an occupied land under the humblest of circumstances, and about the reasons He came. When the whole world is singing about Him, it’s hard to feel any hostility towards the holiday.

    This time of year should be hard for me, as a foster kid, abused, etc., but the memories of pain fade away when I consider the majesty of the Incarnation, and that His coming was the means by which I am reconciled to my heavenly Father and adopted into His family! It also reminds me that my Lord’s first coming is not to be His last. He is coming yet again, only this time not as a helpless baby born to poverty and humiliation, but as the King of Kings, to conquer the whole planet, do deal justice to His enemies, and restore justice to the world.

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  4. I’m not a fan of Christmas, either, Renard. I’m already sick of Christmas music and the commercialization of the day. But I’m a whatever floats your boat kinda guy, so while Christmas is not my thing, I have problem with those who are into it…for whatever reason.

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  5. I typically can’t stand the festive period. I witness so many people getting into debt! Just for this one day, and then hitting the sales the day after and building more debts.

    It’s a sad mind affair.

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  6. You’re certainly entitled to have your own opinions about Christmas. I don’t celebrate it either but if someone likes to celebrate it, they are most welcome. The commercialization part is absolutely true. And the unwelcome gifts which will sit around in your closet for years.

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  7. I’m with you on this. Especially on the commercialization part. What gets me, as a person of Christian faith, is that we celebrate the birth of Jesus (never mind the fact he almost certainly wasn’t born December 25th), someone who was not really into material things, by getting…material things?

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  8. You make some valid points here. But as for socializing with people you don’t necessarily want to be with, I would beg to differ. I’ve learned form experience that sometimes when I go out of my way to see someone I don’t ordinarily spend time with – sometimes with a sense of sympathy or obligation – I end up getting a lot more out of the visit than I was giving. Even if I don’t, if the visit gives them a lift, it’s time well spent. – Life isn’t all about me! So many people are alone at the holidays who don’t WANT to be alone. Why not inconvenience yourself for an hour or less, drop by and give them a smile and a hello?
    If you like poetry, check out “A Cup of Christmas Tea” by Tom Hegg. He makes the point much better than I do.


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  9. Part of the product I produce at work is often a Christmas design. I have produced Christmas printing stamps most weeks for at least 10 year’s. I agree it is far too commercial.

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  10. I have to agree with those who describe this time of year as being far too commercial, far too much focused on wealth and lavish gift giving. But rather than let those failings get me down, I let it remind me of the wealth, power, and glory that was His in heaven, which He left behind to become human, to live as one of us, and die a criminal’s death. And to remind me of the wealth and glory that He now enjoys having ransomed me… and the wealth that awaits those who love Him. Don’t let others ruin this joyous time of year.

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  11. The older I get the less stressful Christmas has become for me. No Christmas tree. No Christmas shopping. No presents to wrap. I’m over it. If I feel like decorating, fine. If I don’t, I won’t. We don’t know when Jesus was born, but it wasn’t on Dec. 25. Socializing is hum bug. I only socialize with the people I really love (my world is pretty small). Most families are better off staying clear of each other during Christmas. I’ve seen a man thrown into a Christmas tree once when a stupid fight broke out. No matter what month or day Jesus was born, He is sadly disappointed in the way we celebrate His Birthday. I enjoyed your post. It made me laugh and nod my head in agreement. Where is the love and peace and joy Christmas is supposed to bring?

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  12. Some houses don’t even have chimneys, so I get what you mean about Santa Clause!

    And I agree that Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25. Anyone who actually takes the time to study religion or question it’s validity would know this… that’s why I think it’s hilarious how super religious people get all defensive if you question ANYTHING about the Bible.

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  13. I used to love Christmas as a kid, but now that I’m an adult with my own kids it’s not as fun. Especially when the whole background for this season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus(at least for me and my family). How does that equal buying someone a toaster or my kid a nintendo switch? And don’t get me started on Santa who is legally allowed to break and enter into my home and leave behind toys made by “elves”…🤔 We still celebrate it, but I’ve slowly started to shift our focus back to the original reason for the season.

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