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Six Blogging Tips That I Ignore


Have you ever ignored certain types of blogging advice from blogging experts?

Oh, I have ignored some of their advice (Especially those that I do not agree with).

And, I am making an educated guess, that you probably did the same.

Today, I am going to share with you, six blogging tips that I blatantly ignore along with my reasons for ignoring them (So, without further ado, I am going to get cracking).

1.) Write Drunk, Edit Sober

Some of you have probably seen this advice circulating around the blogosphere (And, some of you have wrongfully attributed this quote to the legendary writer, Ernest Hemingway).

According to Jess Zafarris’s article, Did Hemingway say “write drunk, edit sober”? Nope — he preferred to write sober, the quote probably made its first appearance in Peter De Vries’s novel, Reuben, Reuben.

In the past, I experimented with that concept; I wrote when I was drunk on three separate occasions and it did not work out well for me.


Because of the following reasons:

  • Typing letters on my keyboard became highly inaccurate; I missed a lot of the keys; for example, when my fingers aimed for the letter “I” on the QWERTY keyboard, it ended up hitting the letter that was next to it — the letter “O” (My motor skills were severely affected).
  • My mind was a bit cloudy (I was unable to think as fast as when I was sober).
  • I felt drowsy (Which resulted in me discontinuing my content creation process and going to sleep instead).

However, I strongly agree with the part about editing sober (A blogger will no doubt do a much better job of editing their blog posts in a coherent state of mind).

Anyone who has any serious consideration of writing when they are drunk should read, Alcohol’s Effects on the Body.

2.) You Must Publish Content On Your Blog Every Day

For the record, I have nothing against anyone for wanting to publish content on their blog every day.

As a matter of fact, if a blogger can publish content on their blog without burning themselves out and have also managed to keep their blog posts at a high quality, it is okay for them to do it.

Realistically speaking, only a small percentage of people are capable of publishing high-quality content on their blog on a daily basis without burning themselves out.

Dear friend, as a blogger, you are supposed to know what you are capable of doing. Therefore, if you know, that you are not the type of person who can keep up with the pace of publishing content daily on your blog, it would be in your best interest to do it a few days a week, weekly, fortnightly, etcetera.

Am I capable of publishing content on my blog on a daily basis?

Yes, I can!

However, I chose to do it weekly because it grants me the ability to do other things with my time; such as:

  • Spending quality time with my family.
  • Socializing with friends.
  • Going on long walks outdoors.
  • Reading books.
  • Watching a small portion of movies on Netflix.
  • Getting quality rest.

Even though blogging is a lot of fun, a person should not allow the blogging process from allowing them to live a balanced life.

So, there is no harm in blogging in moderation.

3.) Do Not Edit While Writing

I will admit that the concept of not editing while writing has its merits (It works for a lot of people).

Some people need to get the idea out of their heads as fast as possible because if they do not, they will end up forgetting it.

However, not everyone is like that; there are people who know exactly what it is that they would like to say to their viewing audience (Therefore, editing while writing does not affect their content creation process).

Do you use grammar checking and spell checking tools like Grammarly and Ginger?

Okay not everyone uses those things. But there are people who do.

Anyone who has ever used the grammar checking and spell checking tools that I spoke about, know that it points out grammatical and spelling issues while they are writing (And, they can rectify those issues by hovering their cursor on the area that the tool highlighted and clicking on the recommended suggestion).

Technically, that in itself is editing while writing.

In my opinion, it saves the blogger a lot of time — time that could be spent on finding or creating an image for their blog post.

Also, I have adopted the habit of proofreading a paragraph as soon as it is typed (That too falls into the category of editing while writing).

Why do I do it?

I do it because I would rather complete the editing process as fast as possible.

And, to be on the safe side, I would proofread the article that I wrote in its entirety the following day with the intentions of catching any typographical errors or grammatical errors.

And, when I am satisfied with my article, it is scheduled to be published on Saturday at 19:30 Greenwich Mean Time.

Does the concept of not editing while you are writing apply to you?

Well, if it does, that is your particular thing (The process is neither right nor wrong).

And, as you have learned, that concept does not apply to me (It is one of those blogging rules that I enjoy breaking).

4.) You Should Only Write About Topics That People Are Searching For


I should only write about topics that people are searching for?

Who the hell came up with that rule?

Even though my content is SEO-friendly, I write about the topics that I am genuinely interested in (I would not have it any other way).

Dear friend, my sole purpose is not to write for search engines on the world wide web.

It so happens, that people are interested in the things that I write about (Hmm. Maybe, I should consider myself lucky).

Besides, I am a personal blogger (And, that grants me a lot of freedom to write whatever it is that comes to my mind and to publish it on my blog).

I do not have to say to you, “I threw that blogging tip into the trash can ages ago,” because you intuitively know that it is a whole lot of crap.

5.) You Must Stick With A Niche

In all honesty, sticking to a niche is ideal for business-related blogs.

In regards to personal blogs, sticking to a niche will also work. However, personal blogs are flexible; any blogger can get away with publishing miscellaneous content on their blog.

In my case, I enjoy dealing with miscellaneous content on Renard’s World (I would lose my mind if I had to deal with a single niche).

Hey, I am not the only personal blogger who deals with miscellaneous content on their blog; other personal bloggers do it too (And, it is somewhat the norm in the blogosphere).

No offence to those of you who would rather stick to a niche.

It is just that I find that sticking with a niche is limiting.

If I wanted to stick with a niche, I would have created a business-related blog on the self-hosted version of WordPress.

6.) The Best Times For Publishing Blog Posts

Ironically, blogging experts can never agree with each other when it comes to the best times for publishing blog posts.

In my case, I do get a reasonable number of incoming views to my blog posts on the same day that they are posted. However, the majority of the incoming views to my blog posts happen a few days after they are published.

I genuinely believe that things are different for each blogger and they more or less write about things that work for them.

Realistically speaking, people will read blog posts at a time that is convenient for them.

So, I have discarded the rule that pertains to the best times for publishing blog posts from my rulebook.

Final Thoughts

From an honest perspective, we bloggers only follow those blogging tips that make sense to us and those that we know that work for us. Therefore, it is only fair that I blatantly reject those that I strongly disagree with.

In my blog post, This Is What I Think About Blogging, I pointed out to my readers that blogging rules are not set in stone; they are really guidelines (Which any blogger is free to follow or disregard).

Are there any blogging tips circulating on the internet that you disagree with?

If your answer happens to be, “Yes,” please tell me all about them via the comments section of my blog.

And, as always, thank you for reading!


84 thoughts on “Six Blogging Tips That I Ignore

  1. One tip I disagree with is that you MUST have pictures in order to have a successful blog post. Pictures are nice, but some of my most successful posts actually didn’t have any pictures. It’s better to have no pictures and good content than irrelevant pictures and good content.

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  2. Reblogged this on Cordelia's Mom, Still and commented:
    Here’s an established blogger/advisor with sense. This post is especially relevant to some my newer readers who may be struggling with their own sites and wondering if they’re doing everything “right” – there is no right or wrong; every blogger is different. Thanks, Renard, for confirming that.

    (Comments are closed here – leave any comments over on Renard’s site.)

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  3. You’re right that people follow only the advice which makes sense to them. I follow my own mind and do things my way. It seems to be working till now. Who knows what will happen in the future.

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  4. all depends on just for fun, or trying to build a readership to sell to be it information or a product you want to sell………….i sorta studied both sides and decided for now Just for fun, I will see about the other when i have my own internet

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  5. I have heard of many of these rules, and like you, I try to follow what works best for me, regardless of what the “rules” may say. Thanks for confirming that it is OK not to follow such rules!

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  6. My fingers are usually poised to hit the letter beside my actual choice. Old and arthritic, and impatience all do not help. I wish we could redo a comment if when you see it in print, there with a typo, you could edit.

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  7. I can’t speak about writing while drunk, as I don’t drink, but I’d say the strangest writing I’ve ever done was when coming off of anesthesia. I thought I was clear headed, because it had been awhile, but must not have been.
    I blog for fun, so pretty much set my own rules, of course checking for spelling and things like that along the way. 🙂

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  8. 1.) Write Drunk, Edit Sober
    Hmm, I don’t drink, so I can’t say anything about that. But if I would drink, I guess being a bit tippsy wouldn’t stop me from blogging. Quite the contrary. 🙂

    2.) You Must Publish Content On Your Blog Every Day
    Phuk dat! I post whenever I feel like it and have fun. Sometimes one or two days may pass without me blogging anything, usually I publish 3 – 8 times a day.

    3.) Do Not Edit While Writing
    Define editing! I correct typoes on the spot, but mostly I edit after publishing, sometimes it takes me hours and various edits and I can only pity the fools who jump on my blog and read the latest shit before I had a chance to finalise it. Often the finished post is vastly different from the first published version, contains new thoughts and more photos.

    4.) You Should Only Write About Topics That People Are Searching For
    I write about shit that is in my head and wants to get out. I don’t know what ppl are searching for and it doesn’t interest me. I’m blogging for myself, not for ominous peepels!

    5.) You Must Stick With A Niche
    Ugh, no, really? Second Life and GNU/Liinux operating systems and radically left politics (not the new American left bullcrap definition) niché enough?

    6.) The Best Times For Publishing Blog Posts
    Haha, fortunately you left that sentence unfinshed, Renard. 😉 Because there is no best time!
    I publish as soon as I’m done, often even before I’m done. And it makes no difference anyway I guess. There is no expiry date on blogposts, is there?

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  9. Loved reading this while drinking my coffee this morning, I best comment:
    1) I wonder if writing sober and editing drunk would work? (not that I drink much)
    2) If I have too much to say I put somethings in for [Schedule] just to even out my output of blargh.
    3) I’m a half and half on this one (a bit like chips and rice) for sometimes I do and other times I don’t.
    4) I write for me, so no rules.
    5) I have a niche? I don’t think so.
    6) I post the time it suits me.
    Finally I wish to thank you for the interactions of comments you and anyone who stumbles into my spider’s web, so perhaps I do like the idea of others reading my twaddle after all.

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  10. I wrote two short stories while drunk. I got lots of great feedback from readers, including how freaked out many of those who read the stories were after reading them. I don’t, however, write any blog posts while drunk as I take at least five days between writing a post and publishing it so that I can keep going back to it.

    The best time for me publish my posts seem to be Mon to Thurs between 12:00 and 14:30 (GMT). I’ve tried other days and times and had success, but over the six years I’ve blogged I’ve seen a shift in when I should publish. Like anything else, things change, and that includes blogging.

    Great points, Renard. All your points really do give everyone food for thought.

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  11. My blog is a “niche” blog, rarely updated. I think a separate blog for my rants and raves would be better than posting them on the same blog as the tech stuff. So I think I respectfully disagree with you on point #5, especially since I would probably lose readers of my tech blog if I include my Christian, capitalist, right-leaning, pro-life, pro-liberty opinions and rants. Tech blogs about Linux and open-source free software tend to attract anti-capitalists with values that totally oppose my own. I wonder if I should create a second one for that stuff, “Robin’s Rants and Raves” or something.

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  12. I struggle most with the second. I ‘read’ once that you need to be consistent and publish every day and so on. I post 5 times per week. I have ideas, I love writing posts but yes, you need to keep that in balance with other things in life. I find it difficult to find a good middle ground but that is also my character speaking. As your blog is your ‘own’ there should be no issue but still … Thank you for these tips and the other ones, I read a lot of them with great pleasure.

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  13. Thanks for posting this Renard, a great topic.

    Some rules are met to be followed. Others can be tossed out the window. First, open the window though!

    I think that bloggers need to figure out what works for them.

    I can’t blog every day, even though the so-called experts may say it’s necessary to have a successful blog. I write, post and alike on my days off. If I’m not “feeling it that day”, not much gets out on the computer screen.

    I’m not entirely sure “justabitfurther’ fits into a specific niche. It’s outdoor adventure, mental wellness, life, coping, inspiration and likely other areas I can’t remember.

    I blog and write what is touching my heart, soul and spirit at a particular moment.

    Perhaps an approach to blogging advice and rules is simply this. Take it all; throw it against the wall; see what sticks and works for you; toss the rest. You’ll eventually figure it out.

    Oh yes, remember to open the window first.

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    1. 🙂 Nicely stated, Glen.

      I truly hope that you continue to write about the things that touch your heart, soul and spirit.

      By the way, if I throw them out of the window, I would be littering; which is the reason why I throw them into a trash can.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  14. Renard – Your post is fantastic! I think you expressed it well by summing everything up in your conclusion and stating that a blogger should go with the tips that work best for him or her. Obviously, we are all unique in our own rights and no one size or tip will work for all people in all cases. So, I tend to look at it like this: strive to blog what you enjoy blogging about while providing value to others through your words. I think this mindset can keep a blogger writing with a long-term focus if they look at it from that perspective. Thanks for the great post.

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  15. I cannot agree more with all of them, Renard! I heard that “write drunk” phrase many years ago, while still a lowly reporter for a local newspaper. I have this happy constitution that allows me to drink without any effects, but I’ve seen colleagues who tried to follow this advice with dire results. Thank you for yet another valuable post, dear friend.

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  16. I actually used to see a lot of posts about blogging tips, I read a lot of them, because I really don’t want to do it wrong. I mean these posts always come from people who have been blogging for a long time, and you have to trust them if you want to last as well. But at a point I really got tired of it, especially when it’s coming from the same person over and over without them posting anything different other than telling how to blog right.

    One tip I listened to and found I couldn’t keep up with is publishing a post on daily bases.
    I don’t like the idea of publishing a post with the mere aim of publishing, I like to publish a post because I have one.
    So I just decided I’d be publishing twice a week, I could have a post and wait out till my publishing days.

    I never heard of “write drunk edit sober”
    Anyway, I don’t drink.
    But I always say, “Write whenever the ideas are running through your mind” and maybe edit later if what had promoted your writing had been annoying, you don’t want to publish a post you wrote when angry without editing them when you’re calm.
    But write when the mood for a new topic is there, for instance, I could pause a movie or music or reading to to write a post, and I could write one at the end of a conversation. It may not be my writing time, but I have to put down the ideas.

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  17. Hi Renard
    How are you doing?
    You seem to know and understand a lot about WordPress and the internet in general.
    I have noticed something slightly strange about my blog. I just published a post asking if anyone might be able to explain it, or if it’s anything I should worry about.
    I wondered if you would kindly take a little look when you have time and let me know if you think there is anything to be concerned about please.

    Thank you…Mel ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 You probably have the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) activated in your theme.

      To put it simply, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source project that was specifically designed to improve the web speed of mobile pages.

      Due to its simplistic look, it loads faster.

      Google mentioned that they are focusing on mobile-first indexing (Which is a good thing).

      Seeing referrals from simply means that Google cached some of your AMP pages and used it to send traffic to your blog.

      If you no longer wish to keep the AMP aspect of your theme activated, click on “WP Admin” in your WordPress dashboard, scroll up to “Appearance” and click on “AMP”; in there you will come across the option to toggle it off.

      To make sure that it is truly off (that is provided that you wish to have it deactivated), click on “WP Admin”, click on “Appearance” and click on “Mobile” (which is underneath AMP); in there you will be presented with, “Enable mobile theme”; click on “No” and then click on “Update”.

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  18. Another wonderful post Renard, very informative… l don’t drink, but at times l fall asleep and try and write when tired, which is disastrous!

    Also l have had two huge problems with digital keyboards – wireless l think is the correct term, l had no manner of problems with them, and they recently made editing a nightmare – first l had some kind of runnaway mouse cursor problem then l had a keyboard that even know l was typing the words [ l am not a touch typer as in l cannot look at the screen and type l look at my keyboard and type, so l know l was spelling all the words correctly], when l would go to publish, l would notice letters missing! Which irks me a lot. Now l am back on a hard wired keyboard and not experiencing the problem.

    I have a problem with rules anyway, so tend to not follow them … but an excellent post once more – so thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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  19. Publishing every day is bound to backfire. Soon you put pressure on yourself to publish something, even if it’s not great. It’s best to post quality content a few times a week.
    This is a really good post!

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