How To Add New Life To An Old Blog


Do you have an old blog that you hardly use?

Are you one of those bloggers who would like to add a proverbial breath of fresh air to the old blog that they use regularly?

Would you like to feel better about your old blog in general?

If you have answered, “Yes,” to those three questions, you have come to the right place.

Without further ado, I am going to teach you how you can add new life to that old blog of yours (The best part of all, it is easy for you to do).

Use A New Theme

One way of sprucing up an old blog is by using a new theme.

When was the last time that you used a new theme?

I have seen blogs that are still using themes from the year, 2012.

Come on, if you are still using the same theme that debuted with your blog many years ago, it is time for you to change it.

Luckily for us bloggers, WordPress has modern-looking themes that are fast, responsive and SEO-friendly.

So, take your pick; free or premium.

Most people are known to change the colour of the paint on the walls of their house.

Dear friend, your blog is your home for your blog posts and it deserves a new look every once in a while.

Add A New Category Or Tag

There comes a time in a blogger’s journey when they wish to deal with an entirely new topic.

Some blogging experts have recommended that you stick with a niche (Which would result in you creating an entirely new blog).

While niches are ideal for business-related blogs, people who are in charge of personal blogs can get away with posting miscellaneous topics on their blogs.

And, since you will be venturing into a new topic, it would be wise to create a new category or tag that fits perfectly with the new topic that you plan on highlighting.

Adding a new category or tag is another great way of adding new life to an old blog.

Showcase Blog Posts From Guest Bloggers

Showcasing blog posts from guest bloggers happen to be another great method of adding new life to your old blog.

And, why is that the case?

Because guest bloggers will obviously have a different point of view than us (Which would reflect in their writing).

An entirely new take on a topic that you specialize in will no doubt add a bit of zest to that old blog of yours.

Now, I would like to state for the record, that you do not want anyone to be a guest blogger on your blog.

It would be a wise move on your behalf to make sure that those guest bloggers can be trusted.

Am I being overly paranoid?

No, I am not!

During the days of my first WordPress blog, I featured blog posts from guest bloggers (While the majority of them were spectacular, there was a small percentage of them who turned out to be unscrupulous).

Here is a list of problems that I faced with some of the guest bloggers in the past:

  • One blogger stole someone else’s blog post and pretended that it was theirs.
  • A small handful of bloggers thought that they could exploit my blog by adding links to their products within their guest posts.
  • Some of the guest bloggers had to be reminded via email to respond to the comments that were made on their guest posts (Despite the fact, that part of the rules involved responding to comments from others).
  • I spent long periods correcting spelling and grammatical issues from some of the guest bloggers.

So, please forgive me if I am not too eager to feature guest bloggers on my blog at the moment.

However, if your guest bloggers are well-trusted individuals, you should have no problem with them.

Add Fresh Content To Your Blog On A Regular Basis

Adding fresh content to your blog regularly is another wonderful way of adding new life to an old blog.

Why is it so important for a blogger to update their blog regularly?

Because both people and search engines appreciate it greatly when people blog consistently.

The problem with irregular blogging is that the viewer never really knows when the author is going to update their blog again.

Also, the majority of people would prefer to subscribe to a blog that is updated on a regular basis.

Now, keeping your blog fresh will require you to keep coming up with ideas; if you have problems doing this, I highly recommend that you peruse, 10 Ways To Come Up With Topics For Your Blog.

Work On Yourself

Some of you are probably thinking, “What does working on myself have to do with adding new life to an old blog?”

Well, to be most straightforward with you, it means a lot; here are some reasons why:

  • If you learned a new skill, you can use your blog as a medium to teach others that particular skill.
  • If you were successful in learning how to clear your mind, it would place you in a much better position to concentrate fully on your blogging process.
  • If you found a way to master time management, you would always find the time for creating content for your blog.

Now, those are merely some of the positive attributes that a person can acquire by working on their own self.

So, never give up the opportunity to work on yourself.

A new and improved version of yourself will no doubt contribute in the area of adding new life to an old blog.

Update Your Older Blog Posts

A lot of bloggers who take SEO seriously are known to update their older blog posts.

You can update your older blog posts by doing the following things:

  • By checking your older blog posts for broken links and fixing those links that are broken.
  • By updating the information.
  • By adding new or additional images, embedded videos or infographics.
  • By adding internal links.

Dear friend, updating your older blog posts is a fantastic method of adding new life to your old blog.


Because it contributes to the freshness on your blog and it indirectly tells your readers that you care about them.

Always keep in mind, that Google loves blog posts that are relevant (Its main goal is to provide people with information that is up-to-date, useful or evergreen).

Final Thoughts

As you have learned, any blogger can add new life to their old blog by doing the following things:

  • Using a new theme.
  • Adding a new category or tag to their blog.
  • Showcasing blog posts from guest bloggers.
  • Adding fresh content to their blog on a regular basis.
  • Working on their own self.
  • Updating their older blog posts.

Hey, I told you that the process of adding a new life to an old blog was an easy one.

Also, if you thought that this blog post was enjoyable or helpful, you can show it a bit of love by sharing it on your favourite social media accounts.

Thank you for reading!

55 thoughts on “How To Add New Life To An Old Blog

  1. Thanks, Renard! πŸ’œ This post came right when I needed it. Was just considering making some changes to my blog, but I was fearful the change would be seen as bad. Now, I can’t wait to change my theme and add a new category to my blog. Trying to keep it fresh. Your blog is very helpful. 😊🌷

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Renard, I just dumped 200 posts from 2010-2012 and updated another 100 old ones. I found many broken links and outdated images and content. I gave them a fresh new look with updated content. I have another 94 to go. It takes a lot of time. Sometimes more than a new post but it will help seo for sure! And readers will like it too. Thanks for the tips!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great suggestions Renard.

    I’ve been going back and re-visiting and updating old posts with new links and refreshed content. I find going back, re-reading and updating older posts results in a couple of things. A better original post and often it creates new ideas for entries.

    Been toying with the idea of a new look or theme, but I like what I have, so making that change hasn’t happened yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Glen.

      It is nice to know that you are one of those people who revisit and update their old blog posts.

      You will probably make changes to your WordPress theme when you feel it is the right time for you to do so.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day!


  4. I feel the opposite, Renard; a familiar look of the old theme makes readers feel comfortable (if the theme is good, of course). I feel the same about my house, incidentally. When people come here, as they do quite often, since we love company, they do not expect to be impressed by new dΓ©cor. On the contrary, they anticipate familiar comfortable environment. This is only my opinion; others might feel otherwise, of course.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is very helpful, Renard. I do an audit of my blogs about every 3 months. I check for broken links, disappearing images, grammatical errors, etc. Sometimes, I trash posts and redo them to give them new life. I change themes frequently, probably too often. IMO, the key is to be consistent and pay attention to the comments.

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  6. As always, excellent advice! I just recently changed the look of my blog to update and make it more inviting. I had also added a new theme, that surprisingly has taken off.
    It is necessary to keep reinventing in order to keep your blogger audience interested.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. These are great tips. I am only aware of changing the blog’s appearance. I will be using these to make sure my blog will always be fresh.

    I haven’t thought about updating old posts… perhaps I should re-visit old posts that are generating hits and see if the links/images need updating.

    Thanks for the great content!

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  8. A blog is a like a loved garden, you have to water it, weed it and well, plant new plants then take a chair sit and breathe lol

    I am actually thinking of tweaking up some things on my blog such as adding a page with bios of my guest bloggers and links to their articles for easy navigation
    Creating a new landing page which tells you were everything is (I always assume my blog is obvious to navigate but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a descriptive page detailing what you can find and where you can find it on my blog since its a bit of mixed bag with everything from poetry to music reviews and some conversations over coffee)
    This time I am clearly working out the changes I want to do than just fiddling with pages and themes and customizations and seeing what happens

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