Tygpress Scraped The Living Daylights Out Of WordPress


I was exploring new blogs via the WordPress Reader when I discovered some very bad news.

What was the nature of this bad news?

Tygpress — a scraper site, published a huge quantity of blog posts from many WordPress bloggers (It was done without their consent).

By the way, they stole a lot of my blog posts too (From the looks of things, Tygpress has been helping themselves to all of my blog posts).

The blog administrator of I Do Run was the one who brought this to my attention with their blog post, Please Read — Your Blog May Have Been Harvested!. 

There was no way that I was going to let Tygpress get away with their transgression. So, I filed a DMCA takedown request on Digital Ocean’s Report Abuse section of their website (Digital Ocean is the hosting provider for the unscrupulous blogger that wilfully stole a lot of people’s content).

Why Is It That Some People Harvest Other People’s Blogs?

Some people harvest the blogs of others because:

  • They are too lazy to put their own blog posts together.
  • They intend to monetize those stolen blog posts.
  • They intend on receiving huge incoming traffic to their website with the help of your stolen blog posts. 
  • They believe that no one would ever find out that they are stealing other people’s blog posts. 
  • They are devoid of a moral compass.

Now, the most that anyone can do is to file a DMCA takedown notice and hope for the best.

If you are unable to wrap your mind around the concept of filing a DMCA takedown notice, Claire Broadley’s article, DMCA Notices: Here’s Everything You Need To Know In 2019, will simplify the steps for you.

Tygpress Deserves To Be Shamed Publicly

There are a lot of WordPress bloggers who are angry at what the website administrator of Tygpress did.

One WordPress blogger went as far as abandoning her blog. She stated that WordPress does nothing to stop harvesters and that she needed to remind people that her posts are copyrighted.

As far as I am concerned, no one should have the cause to abandon their blog because their blog posts were harvested by a scraper site.

For a brief moment, I was unable to think clearly (Tygpress had placed my figurative scales out of balance).

And, someone else from around the world probably screamed aloud when they discovered that a number of their blog posts were harvested by Tygpress.

The blogosphere can be alerted of Tygpress’s wrongdoings via:

  • Blog posts from highly reputable bloggers.
  • Podcasts from people who are actually bloggers themselves.
  • Vlogs from those who are strongly against those using other people’s work without their consent.

I would not be surprised if Tygpress gets pulled down by the authorities.

Tygpress Could Have Handled Things Differently

If Tygpress’s website administrator had no intentions of posting his or her content, they could have:

  • Hired writers.
  • Asked guest bloggers to contribute articles.
  • Gotten an additional website administrator to help out in the area of publishing original content.

But no. Tygpress took the extremely easy way out by stealing other people’s blog posts.

Tygpress’s website administrator should be ashamed of their self for committing such an atrocity.

Who Is The Person Behind Tygpress?

The only people who would know the identification of the person running Tygpress would be the folks over at Digital Ocean, intelligence agencies and a handful of private investigators.

If you have ever visited that scaper site, you would have noticed that it does not have an “About” page or a “Contact” page (Now, that makes a lot of sense because most people who deal in nefarious activities enjoy remaining anonymous and have no intentions of being contacted by anyone).

One thing that I know for sure, is that people who break the law will eventually suffer the negative consequences of their misdeeds.

The Person Behind Tygpress Never Claimed That The Articles Were Their Own

If you have ever been on Tygpress, you would have noticed that a functional link to the original source of the post was provided with each article on their site (Now, that is still unjust because those bloggers did not give their permission to have their articles posted on Tygpress).

However, it could have been worse; someone else’s name could have been attached to those articles (But that did not happen; so no one has taken all of the credit for other people’s hard work).

What the person behind Tygpress needs to know is that what they have done falls into the category of copyright infringement.

Also, it is quite apparent, that they are using some type of sophisticated bot to steal other people’s content (And, bots do not have a care in the world about copyright infringement).

It Is Possible For You To Find Out Who Is Stealing Your Content

Yes, my friend, it is possible for you to actually find out who is stealing your content.

Blogging and marketing guru, Neil Patel, explains it all in his article, Content Scrapers — How to Find Who is Stealing Your Content & What to Do About It.

The funny thing is that most of us would never believe that our blog posts would be stolen by scraper sites; therefore, it would be wise of us to find out who those perpetrators are.

Have you checked lately to see which scraper sites are using your blog posts without your consent?

Was It Possible To Prevent All Of Those WordPress Blogs From Being Harvested?

Now, I cannot put the blame on WordPress for all of the WordPress blogs that got harvested.

However, they could have alerted us via email about our blog posts being stolen by an outside entity.

I find it very hard to believe that Automattic — WordPress’s parent company, was unaware that Tygpress was having a field day with the blog posts of countless WordPress users.

Matt Mullenweg should conduct an internal investigation.

Bloggers Are Fighting Back With Full Force

In addition to doing DMCA takedown requests, some bloggers have been spreading the news of Tygpress’s wrongdoings via their blogs (Thanks to the WordPress Reader, they were easy to come by).

My friend, Fandango even went as far as distributing an image on his site that embarrasses the hell of out Tygpress; that blog post of his is simply named, Feel Free to Use this Badge.

What amazes me, is that the image is all over Tygpress; I found it when I typed in “Fandango” into Tygpress’s search bar (I am sure that other people have seen it too).

My friend, Fandango, is the type of person who will continue to embarrass Tygpress until they remove all of his blog posts from their scaper site.

Nicely done, Fandango!

Final Thoughts

Personally, I would like to see Tygpress crash and burn.

However, whenever a scraper site goes down, another one takes its place.

Also, Tygpress is not the only scraper site on the world wide web (There are numerous ones out there).

At the moment, it is almost impossible to prevent your blog from being copied by a scraper site.

From a technological point of view, there are plugins that prevent a person’s blog from being harvested (They are available for WordPress.org users and they are not one hundred percent foolproof).

WordPress.com, on the other hand, will need to come up with innovative methods to protect the blogs that are hosted on their network from content thieves.

172 thoughts on “Tygpress Scraped The Living Daylights Out Of WordPress

    1. 🙂 I am in full agreement with your statement.

      I think that certain websites do it to make the most money that they can before getting caught.

      Thank you for your valuable contribution!

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  1. Thanks for this great insightful, informative post Renard. I’ve read 2 other blog posts about this today. Before today I had never heard of any of this or of Scraper sites. The Web can be a freaky place. :-/

    Liked by 3 people

    1. 🙂 You are welcome, my friend.

      The web is indeed a freaky place. But you and I can do our part in making it a better place.

      Tygpress should not be allowed to get away with what they did.

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  2. Another blogger filed a DCMA notice with Digital Ocean who basically told them without a court order from a U.S. Court, bug off. It was slightly more tactful, but the sentiment was the same.

    From what I read, Tygpress is in India. There are 2 other Indian sites doing the same thing. I don’t know the names of the other sites.

    I did alert a legal professor who blogs. No word back yet, but she generally loves responding when people do something like this.

    My old blog was scraped back in 2014. They used GoDaddy which made me jump through hoops before dealing with it.

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    1. 😲 Huh? Someone from Ocean Digital told a person who filed a DMCA takedown notice, “To bug off.” Now, that does not sound too promising at all; that means that our blog posts will continue to be harvested by Tygpress forever.

      Hmm. Tygpress is in India; that makes things a bit complicated.

      I would love to find out what the legal professor thinks about this situation.

      I am sorry to learn that your old blog was harvested back in 2014.

      The nice thing is that GoDaddy did the right thing.

      And, thank you for reading and commenting!

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      1. I tried posting a followup thati Digital Ocean appears to be using GoDaddy as their vendor according to Whois for Tygpress. It also included a contact name in India. Don’t know if it is a real name, but it is odd they didn’t block the name as that’s the wise way if you are scraping.

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          1. It is more about my home Internet connection which is my cell phone. I maxed out LTE so it’s now 2G until the end of the month.

            Here’s something worthwhile: Looks like Digital Ocean is a GoDaddy reseller and the Tygpress owner didn’t spend the extra to mask their name, address, e-mail address, and phone number in India.

            The relevant portion for reporting abuse is Registrar Abuse Contact Email: abuse@godaddy.com

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  3. Thank you Renard for more detailed explanation on this “site”. A few of my articles are up there, not my creative writings( Thank God!); I hurriedly took them down the same night I saw.

    You mentioned in your article how although they didnt change our names, it’s still copyright infringement; as long as we have our writings in hard copy on our websites are we still not covered under copyright law (a soft copyright)? The DMCA and WordPress should honor complaints just off of that alone.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. 🙂 Yes, we should be covered once we can prove that we are the original author.

      After all, your blog posts are your intellectual property.

      Thank you for showing your concern in this matter.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Great post, Renard, with lots of valuable information. I appreciate the shoutout for the badge I created and I hope that our WordPress community will be able to have some impact upon those unscrupulous bastards at Tygpress.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. 🙂 You are welcome, Fandango.

      I am glad that you created that badge.

      The badge is all over Tygpress’s site.

      And, I hope that Digital Ocean complies with our DMCA takedown notices.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day, my friend!

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  5. Good luck. But you will find Digital Ocean will do nothing about it as some other bloggers have posted.
    What has angered me about Tygpress, is that as well as not contacting me for permission, is that they are displaying the whole of my post, instead of only a partial of it, so the reader never gets to leave their site to visit mine for the rest of the post. Which is same as everyone else.
    They also have adverts on their site and I wouldn’t be surprised if they earn money from that. That money should go to us bloggers, as it’s our content that is providing that, with them too dam lazy and not having any care about our work, or be arsed to write their own.

    I have used Fandango image that was created to humiliate them with not caring how they have gone about it and with WordPress not seemingly bothered as said by other bloggers, on top of Digital Ocean not doing a dam thing about it. So so much for DMCA. It is not protecting us.
    A blogger I know who is not writing on WordPress because of this constant issue which have been acted on in the past, until now, I don’t blame her for not writing any further. But I miss her, to say I had not known this particular blogger for long.

    My future blog posts will be password protected now, unless it’s ones where I am joining in with some prompt from a WordPress blogger. It’s that, or I would probably leave too. I am glad I am not on a paid site anymore with WordPress not bothering.
    I hope WordPress change their mind and investigate this.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. 🙂 One of the downsides of a password-protected blog is that you are going to have way fewer readers.

      Also, I wish you all the best with that decision.

      In my case, I am not going to let content scapers prevent me from posting high-quality content on my blog.

      Now, back to Tygpress. Since my articles are long-form content, they appear truncated on their site (I checked it out and I saw the “Read more” button).

      I am speculating that if your articles are less than a specific word count Tygpress would post them in its entirety.

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  6. Morning Renard.- once more an excellent post.

    I had a conversation with WordPress late last night concerning this, and with me they said they were not even aware of this? I said that it wasn’t just me, but HUNDREDS of WP.com blogs had been affected. They [WP] informed me that Tygpress were scraping off our RSS feeds and that l should write to Digital Ocean, which l said l did this Friday and received a response that basically more or less implied, they were not to blame.

    WP informed me to file a DMCA Takedown, which l tried thirteen times last night on Digital Ocean’s form, but the form insisted on telling me that TygPress was not an original url which frustrated the shite out of me!

    This morning only on my first attempt was l finally able to request a DMCA Takedown on Tygpress.com. So l am now to await this response.

    WordPress.com l believe need to address this situation as it is meaning that many bloggers myself included are questioning the saftey element of using the platform.

    Everything you write in this excellent post is correct, and of course Tygpress are not actually claiming our content is ‘theirs’, we still have links back to us. It comes down to the moral compass l think of whether you [as in we] want to be associated albeit unwillingly with this nefarious bunch of tosspotting tosser bots who are principally using our blogs to make money from us, using a clever strategy

    However, what Tygpress HAS done is allowed me to see flaws in my own blog and these will be rectified from today. They will not make the biggest difference but they will mean with their inclusion that l am performing all l can in certain areas. A lot of my stuff is under copywrite, but not all.

    Fandango’s badge of shame is an excellent image to use should one wish to adorn their posts with it, but we shouldn’t have to is the base line.

    On a side note am l the only one to notice that Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith has deleted her blog?

    Liked by 6 people

    1. 🙂 Good morning to you as well, Rory.

      I am surprised that WordPress was not aware of Tygpress scraping all of our blog posts in the beginning.

      Digital Ocean is probably flooded with a lot of emails at the moment.

      I also did a DMCA takedown request.

      In regards to safety, WordPress.com is fairly secure.

      I believe that blogs on Blogger could also be harvested by bots.

      I also agree that Fandango’s badge of shame should not be at the bottom but anywhere else that is visible.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!


  7. From what I was able to find, Digital Ocean isn’t the host for Tygpress, they’re just the DNS server. Under section 512(a) of the DMCA, passive conduits like DNS servers are not liable for copyright infringement.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you for pointing that out, Ashleyleia.

      However, a WordPress engineer told Rory that he had to contact Digital Ocean to do a DMCA takedown. There is certainly some type of mix up here.

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  8. Am still new to all these since I just started my own blog but personally I think it’s bad what Tygpress are doing and immediate actions should be put in place for them to stop

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  9. Thanks for the information, Renard.

    Another blogger also bought this to my attention.

    I only found one of my posts on the site (my most recent one). I’ve filed a DMCA with Ditihgal Ocean and will now wait and see what happens.

    As you know, I’ve been the victim of having my blog posts stolen before. On one of the occasions, it was actually a WordPress blogger who stole a post and claimed it as there own. I’m pleased to say that I’ve always been able to get the illegal posts/sites taken down. Fingers cross that Tygpress will be taken down completely.

    In the meantime, we should all do as much as we can to protect our work.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. 🙂 You are most welcome, Hugh.

      I am also hoping that I get some form of justice.

      Tygpress needs to learn a lesson; that it is not okay to use other people’s blog posts without their permission.

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  10. This last week has been so discouraging. I’m doing whatever I can on my posts and filed complaints. I’m just glad that everyone is passing the word on. I first heard about it at the beginning of last week as Teresa announced her departure. I passed that on. I have a quote I wrote that Reena made into a jpg file. Two angry eyes. I think I’ll use that along with Fandango’s.Lets hope someone will end. I just got a message on Face Book to inform Cybercrime?

    Liked by 4 people

      1. You’re welcome Renard. I have contacted them.
        but It seems this ship is loading up with more and more passengers. Hopefully there’s a lifeline and someone with savy is listening. I heard from Eugenia (BrewNSpew) that when she uses Firefox to post, nothing shows up on Tygpress but it does using Google. I’m not that technically savy.

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  11. Hi, Renard. Thanks for sharing this article. I have just checked Tygpress and find they have been harvesting countless numbers of my posts. Have re-blogged your post. have already started adding the statement –
    The posting of any content from, Art Photography Poetry, by Tygpress.com isn’t authorised by the author of this blog! 
    Now to increase awareness of their dirty tricks. Have a great day. Goff

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Pleasure. It needs to be out there. Tygpress has no scruples harvesting the creativity of honest bloggers without their knowledge and authorisation. Best Regards. Goff

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Thanks, That is great news. However that is only temporary small term fix. They need to be closed down permanently. How many other such sites exist out there in the great blogging universe? Have a great day. Goff

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  12. Thanks for this explanation. I never copyrighted any of my stuff because I had doubts it would actually work in the first place. Unless you are making money from your blog or an author, I don’t see the point. You would need lots of money and lawyers to defeat them. Even if you could do that it would be too late anyway. JMO of course. Thank you for explaining it well. I think WP in general takes your money like a bank. No responsibilities, just give me your (cash) info.

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  13. Because we are new to the blog world, I don’t understand all of this as much as some. However, I do have a good relationship with several bloggers and we share and collaborate simply to support each other. Most bloggers we have found, are happy for us to share one photo and a link to their posts. We always relate our post subject to their posts inspiration. With such a positive blog community within wordpress, and others, and how often I see a reblog, why these sites do this.

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  14. Wow, I just went to check this Tygpress out, and indeed, my posts are all there too! Being based in Ghana, I really don’t know what action to take…

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  15. I was made aware of this back on Friday.

    What bugs me the most about the Tygpress situation is that they are talking WordPress content and claiming it as if it’s the content of Tygpress people. It’s pretty dishonest.

    I personally stand to lose nothing from this, as I don’t make any money blogging. That being said, doing what Tygpress is doing is dishonest (not to mention breaking the law, seemingly) and should be stopped.

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  16. Thank you for explaining much more about our blogs being “Harvested” – I went to WP and they “Claim” that there is nothing they can do about it at all. I actually copied and pasted that on my site what WP sent to me. This really is such an outrage to so many of us, I’m sure you must be fuming too.
    I would like to reblog this to my site in case other’s haven’t seen your post.
    Thank you again, Renard! xoxo!

    Liked by 3 people

  17. They have everything of mine. Everything. They even have the post I literally posted like 3 hours ago. They gave me credit, but I don’t want to allow them to use my content when they hurt so many other bloggers. Why do they give some bloggers credit and others don’t get credit? I also can’t find an e-mail to ask them to take my stuff down. Any suggestions?

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  18. They posted all my blog posts without my permission of course.
    I was contemplating to stop blogging using WordPress. I do not think individually we can do anything. From now on I shall be careful about posting blogs in WordPress I intend to publish myself afterwards.
    For the time being, I am going to post a note on top of all my blogs that Tygpress is stealing without permission to post in its blog.
    Not sure if that will be of any help.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. For whatever it is worth, they put this disclaimer at the bottom of the post:

      Disclaimer: Respecting the owner of orginal contents we are now displaying only the excerpts of the original content and stopped showing full content. All the images and text content belongs to the respctive author of the post, which has been mentioned and linked.

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      1. Seems Tygpress is down now. Saw this notification.

        Tygpress.com is temporarily out of service due to technical issues. will be back soon…

        Tygpress.com was created with an intention to create a blog search site , but due to some techical issues, full contents of respective sites were being displayed instead of just excerpts as intended. We thank the complainants for bringing this issue to our notice and We are extremely sorry to the content owners.

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  19. I have seen some of my posts there too 🤨🤨 Sad that this is happening and I will never understand why people need to do this! Why respecting each other is so difficult for some?
    Thank you Renard!

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  20. “Tygpress.com is temporarily out of service due to technical issues. will be back soon…
    Tygpress.com was created with an intention to create a blog search site , but due to some techical issues, full contents of respective sites were being displayed instead of just excerpts as intended. We thank the complainants for bringing this issue to our notice and We are extremely sorry to the content owners.”
    Probably just trying to cover their asses.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. 🙂 Yes, that could be the case, Matt.

      Why blame it on themselves when they can pin the blame on a technical issue.

      I am happy that they are down temporarily (I would be elated if they were down permanently).

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  21. A very interesting article. At this moment their site is down. I haven’t check if my Article: Journaling was also snatched. But for now, good thing is that they’re down.

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  22. I have seen-that my full site is linked there. After publishing a post, within few hours, I have seen that post in tygpress. I came to know about this yesterday. I thought that -it is one search engine like Being. After reading so many blogs on this-I feel that WordPress should update their software so that no one can copy our contents without our permission.

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  23. This is the message on the tygpress site now

    Tygpress.com is temporarily out of service due to technical issues. will be back soon…
    Tygpress.com was created with an intention to create a blog search site , but due to some techical issues, full contents of respective sites were being displayed instead of just excerpts as intended. We thank the complainants for bringing this issue to our notice and We are extremely sorry to the content owners.

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