Are You Ready For August?


The month of August can be a very hard month for a lot of bloggers because a lot of them have to work extra hard in order to get their desired amount of views.

From what I have gathered, the thought of working extra hard can be a very intimidating one for a lot of bloggers.

Are you intimidated by the idea of working extra hard where blogging is concerned?

If you have said, “Yes,” you are definitely not alone.

And, if your answer turned out to be a confident-sounding, “No,” you deserve a standing ovation (That means, you are more than ready to handle your quota of blogging for the month of August).

Oh, the month of August tends to make or break bloggers; which is one of the reasons why numerous bloggers go on a hiatus during the Summer period.

Some People Will Be Re-Thinking Their Blogging Philosophy

If you are not a blogging celebrity, you will have to come up with innovative ways of maintaining or acquiring a large number of incoming views.

And, what will bloggers have to do in order to keep people interested in their blog?

Well, they can experiment with these various blogging formulas:

  • Publishing blog posts that are related to Summer (Highly advisable).
  • Publishing content on their blog twice a day (Optional).
  • Participate in prompts (Optional).
  • Invite others to guest post for them (Optional).

To be quite honest with you, you will need to be highly innovative (The more innovative, the better).

Now, I do not mind publishing content that is related to Summer (Hey, after all, this blog post falls within that category).

And, in my case, I do not see myself publishing content on my blog twice a day because my blog posts are somewhat beefy; my articles are what is commonly referred to as, “Long-form content”.

Most people that I know would not go through the trouble of reading long-form content from a single author twice for the day; which is the reason why I publish content on my blog once a week.

In regards to prompts, I do not participate in them because I like choosing my own topics (Prompts are great for the person who is in need of a topic to work on and working on a topic right away helps the blogger to save a lot of time — time that most bloggers sadly lack).

And, I have no intentions of inviting anyone to do a guest article for me.


Because I did it in the past with my former blog and it did not turn out well for me.

Back then, the policy was: all guest bloggers had to respond to the comments that people made (I saw that as being fair because they were the ones that wrote the article).

And, guess what?

Some of those guest bloggers were horrible at responding to comments; I had to remind them to respond to those comments via email.

So, no guest articles will be featured on Renard’s World.

I will continue to be innovative by publishing blog posts that resonate with who I am.


Because it is my blog and publishing blog posts that resonate with who I am is a form of authenticity (All bloggers need to be authentic because bloggers with fake interests will find themselves fading into oblivion).

A Lot Of Bloggers Will Be Participating In Blaugust

Some of you are probably wondering, “What the hell is Blaugust?”

Dear friend, Blaugust was created by Belghast — a gaming blogger.

Why did he create Blaugust?

He wanted to challenge himself (and others too) by publishing articles every day for the month of August.

Blaugust participants can also find a blogging mentor or become a blogging mentor to others.

Now, I will not discourage anyone from updating their blog on a daily basis because they are entitled to have a bit of fun.

In my blog post, The Real Truth About Blogging, I highlighted the fact, that quality will always surpass quantity.

However, there is no real harm in posting daily if you are one of those bloggers who are gifted in the area of creating high-quality content.

The God’s/Goddess’ truth is that you are the one who is supposed to know if you have what it takes to participate in Blaugust.

Although I write daily, I do not publish content daily.

The whole purpose of writing daily is to get yourself into the habit of writing.

And, I have said numerous times in the past, “It is not mandatory to publish everything that you write.”

I have to admit, that the concept of Blaugust is a lovely one nonetheless because it encourages bloggers to push their proverbial boundaries.

By the way, will you be participating in Blaugust?

Many Blogs Will Be Created In The Month Of August

Yes, my friend, many blogs will be created in the month of August (Summertime is when a lot of people are on vacation).

There will be those people trying out blogging with the intentions of finding out if blogging is right for them.

Some of those people who started a blog of their own in August will continue to publish content on their blog.

And, a large percentage of those people will abandon their blogs because they would have learned:

  • That blogging is not for them.
  • That blogging is not as easy as it looks.
  • That it actually requires a lot of time and effort to produce amazing content.

In my blog post, Are You A Temporary Blogger?, I brought up the issue of some people approaching blogging as a holiday project (As far as those people are concerned, they are merely passing through the blogosphere).

I will admit, that I hate to see abandoned blogs (The world wide web is heavily littered with them).

If you are reading this and you are wondering if you should set up a blog or not, I highly recommend that you peruse my article, 10 Ways To Know If Blogging Is Right For You.

I have a genuine desire to see all bloggers become successful (And, that is the reason why I have volunteered to pass on what I have learned about blogging).

By the way, if you have stayed away from your blog because you were plagued by writer’s block, you can alleviate that unwanted issue by reading, 10 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block.

August Will Be Like Any Other Month For Some Bloggers

For some bloggers, the month of August will be like any other month for them. They will continue to:

  • Publish blog posts.
  • Read blog posts from their fellow bloggers.
  • Interact with their fellow bloggers.

These people never miss a beat and they are deeply devoted to blogging.

Do you know of anyone who fits that description?

Final Thoughts

In my case, I am ready as I can be for the month of August.

However, I will not be a Blaugust participant.

I will be paying close attention to seeing how well some of my fellow bloggers handle the so-called stress of blogging in August.

If you happen to be one of those people who can handle whatever it is that life throws at them, you should be able to continue creating content for your blog in August in an unhindered manner.

So, my friend, are you ready for August?

48 thoughts on “Are You Ready For August?

      1. Looking forward to it as I think you will do a much better job than what I have seen so far. I will be blogging on it in a bit, but I think yours will blow mine out of the water.

        I enjoy your long posts as you keep my interest as I read.

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  1. I’d like to post something to do with summer, but I’m a vampire at heart… Great post BTW. Me thinks thee correct ;o)

    Liked by 4 people

      1. It’s funny in association because I always wear this long T-shirt full of different owls, and on my morning walks, the girls all say “Hi!”

        Liked by 2 people

  2. I’ve only read a little, but enough I feel inspired to comment. See how I took the sting out of being cheated in this way? Lol! let’s get serious! And you may quote me if you like: “YOUR POSTS ARE LIKE RAD MANN!” Lol! Well, so much for that attempt… Yet as one bro. to another you warmed me up like a nuked, vegan, oh who-the Hell-all cares about what they eat anyway? Are we here for a good time, or a long time? That’s my querry…

    Liked by 3 people

  3. For me August is the twelfth month and in September my blog will be one year old. So I will do my best to keep up to my blogging standards. Any thoughts on tygpress?

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  4. This is a great post, I never heard of ‘Blaugust’ before but it’s a good change of pace. I will join you in not participating lol, besides slow and steady wins the race!

    Liked by 4 people

  5. I had no idea August was such a difficult moth for some bloggers. I am actually finding my blogging groove again, (after major life events got in the way of it this past spring. Lol) and am excited to be more consistent again. I wish you luck in this month of August! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  6. my blog was a mess the whole month of July. I really struggle with being satisfied with content, so my approach has been to remove posts, change topics, and features. It was doing great mid July, that is until I vastly changed content. Stats plummeted near the speed of light, and I have yet to regain the early success my site had. However, the beginning of this month has been a great start, and I am just going to work on consistency and useful content. I truly enjoy your posts, I always learn from them.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. I’ve never heard of Blaugust before!! I had heard of Blogtober, but I’m always on the fence about participating because like you mentioned… I’d rather have quality content over quantity content. I can’t imagine having the time to promote all 31 posts I’d need to write for the month.

    Also, I 100% agree that it is important to get in the mindset of doing consistent writing/creative activities relating to blogging whether drafting a post, brainstorming ideas, taking photos, or creating social posts. It certainly keeps the creative thoughts flowing.

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  8. Like most of life, blogging looks to be an ongoing experiment where you try out different ideas and find that most of them don’t work in the real world. The key is to keep going and be willing to change based on the feedback received. I posted every day in July on a fixed schedule, but found a substantial drop in readership in the weekends. Thus for August, the weekend posts will be dropped. No idea how that will turn out, but let the experiment continue!

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  9. I haven’t been blogging long enough to notice any patterns regarding number of visits and month of the year, but I was expecting a drop of views this summer on account of people going on vacation. I am curious to see what the impact is going to be for this August.

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  10. I started my blog in August! But I will definitely not be participating in blaugust. For now I’m going to stick to my current plan of blogging twice a week until October.

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  11. This was super informative, thank you! I’m a new blogger and do write often but as you mentioned I do not publish much of it, because often I’m trying to get the juices flowing. What’s been most difficult is balancing the rigors of my day job with the necessities of a new blog. Any suggestions? I’ll keep reading for tips-Gem 💎

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  12. Hi Renard,
    I used to find traffic down in the summer but it’s not as bad today because I think everyone is so mobile and on 24/7 these days. But years ago there was a definite dip in traffic. I used to publish daily but like once a week or even twice a month depending on my client work. That always comes first now.
    I do have a few contributors from time to time but am picky as you are right, they don’t always respond quickly! And I’ve had to nudge them along. A few don’t promote on social media and that’s a big No-No!
    Ready or not August is here 🙂

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  13. I too find it difficult to get views all year round haha – But have found that engaging with readers and supporting there blogs equally helps!…enjoyed reading, thank you for writing! x

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