7 Telltale Signs Of A Desperate Blogger


Unfortunately, the blogosphere is filled with desperate bloggers (Unscrupulous bloggers who will stoop to an extremely low level with the intentions of grabbing other people’s attention).

Proverbially speaking, those people have a way of getting on our last nerve.

And, what am I referring to?

Well, stick around and I will gladly tell you what those things are.

1.) Pressing The “Like” Button Without Reading The Blog Posts

A lot of bloggers have been pressing the like button on people’s blogs without ever reading a single word (This type of behaviour has been going on since the inception of WordPress).

Many of you can relate to receiving incoming notifications that pertained to someone liking a number of your blog posts in a ridiculously short space of time.

My blog posts are a bit beefy and there is no way on God’s green Earth that a person can peruse eight of them in the short timespan of ten seconds.

You and I are not foolish people; therefore, we will not fall victim to their tricks.

Those people pressed the like button on a number of our blog posts with the hopes of us checking out their blog.

But, guess what?

It is never going to happen!


Because we would prefer to interact with genuine people (And, pressing the like button without ever reading a word that we posted is disingenuous).

Shame on those bloggers who pressed the like button without ever reading anything that we posted on our blog.

2.) Leaving Generic Comments

Generic comments will only annoy the owner of the blog because they know that spammers are masters of leaving generic comments in the comments section of other people’s blogs.

A lot of people are in the habit of typing, “Great article.” Now, even though the statement is a genuine one made by you, it would be wise to tell the blogger the reason why you thought that their article was great.

And, which type of comment will make a good first impression, the one that was thoughtful or the one that was generic?

It does not take a rocket scientist to tell you, “The thoughtful comment makes a good first impression!”

Always remember, that bloggers are deeply appreciative of thoughtful comments.

3.) Adding The Link To Your Blog At The End Of Every Comment That You Made On Other People’s Blogs

Most of us have witnessed the practice of people adding the link to their blog at the end of a comment (That practice is a display of utter desperation).

In all honesty, there is really no need for a blogger to leave a link to their blog at the end of a comment.

And, why is it that there is really no need for a blogger to leave a link to their blog at the end of their comment?

Because all a person needs to do is click on your name; they will be forwarded to your blog’s homepage (Provided that the URL that you added to your Gravatar’s profile is up-to-date).

Another thing to seriously consider is that a blogger runs the risk of Akismet viewing their comment as spam whenever they add the link to their blog at the end of it.

So, do not add the link to your blog at the end of your comment in the comments section of other people’s blogs.

4.) You Beg People To Visit Your Blog In The Comments Section Of Other People’s Blogs

I have perused the comments section of other people’s blogs and occasionally discovered a pitiful plea that asked the owner of the blog to visit their blog (Which was one highly desperate move).

There is really no need for a blogger to do that because if they visited a person’s blog on a regular basis and left them meaningful comments in the comments section of their blog, the blogger will eventually check their blog out.

Stop begging people to check your blog out in the comments section of their blogs because it makes you look desperate!

5.) Spamming The WordPress Reader

I am one of the many people who use their WordPress Reader to read the blogs that they follow as well as for finding new blogs.

Some people love to overdo a good thing by publishing countless blog posts in a short space of time (If you were to check out the “WordPress” tag on your WordPress Reader, you would see an entire long line of blog posts from one website).

Come on, that is being abusive to the WordPress Reader.

It also pisses people off whenever they have to scroll all the way down in order to locate a meaningful blog post.

I think that bloggers should be banned by the staff of WordPress when they are found guilty of spamming the WordPress Reader.

What are your views on this?

6.) Joining Every Facebook Group Underneath The Sun

Even though I no longer use Facebook, I will admit, that joining Facebook groups that specialize in blogging, is a wonderful way to acquire new readers. However, not every Facebook group has your best interest at heart; there are ones that are total rubbish and there are those that you can benefit greatly by being a member of (It is all up to you to find out which ones are worth your time and effort).

I remembered being in a Facebook group where people did not take notice of the links to my blog posts.

And, I was a member of a few Facebook groups that were exemplary — ones where everyone was more than willing to share the links to my blog posts with their followers on their social media accounts.

Also, there were those Facebook groups that were rarely active; a handful of its members would post a link to their blog post once in a while (Which gave me the impression that the Facebook group that I joined was a digital ghost town).

If you have intentions of joining any Facebook group, it would be wise to do some research with the intentions of finding out if its members are friendly and enjoy sharing the links to other people’s blog posts with their followers and are highly active members of the Facebook group.

7.) You Lose Interest In Your Blog Because Of A Decline In Your Incoming Views

Every blogger on the face of the Earth should know by now, that there would be moments when the number of incoming views to their blog will be high as well as low (The number of incoming views to one’s blog fluctuates throughout the year).

Some people would be more than eager to throw in the proverbial towel if they discovered that five people visited their blog in a day’s time.

Even though the feeling of seeing a large number of incoming views to your blog is a pleasurable one, you should never make the mistake of believing that you wasted your time blogging when you have noticed that the number of your incoming views was low.

Instead, maintain the belief, that the number of your incoming views will increase once again (Much like the ebb and the flow of the tide — when the tide goes out, it always comes back in).

Final Thoughts

The last thing that any person would want to be perceived as, is being a desperate blogger; which is why they should never:

  • Press the like button without ever reading the blog posts from their fellow bloggers.
  • Waste people’s time by leaving generic comments in the comments section of other bloggers.
  • Go through the trouble of leaving the links to their blog at the end of the comments that they made in the comments section of other people’s blogs.
  • Beg other people to visit their blog in the comments section of other people’s blogs.
  • Abuse the WordPress Reader by spamming it.
  • Make the mistake of joining every Facebook group underneath the Sun.
  • Lose interest in their blog due to a decline in incoming views.

Do keep in mind, that exemplary bloggers are highly respected bloggers in the blogosphere (And, most of all, highly respected bloggers are not desperate).

158 thoughts on “7 Telltale Signs Of A Desperate Blogger

  1. I’ll admit there are times when the “liking” and “following” feels a little insincere. I appreciate thoughtful comments such as yours. I’ve followed other blogs with small followings and I try to comment thoughtfully. Most of those bloggers have reciprocated – I love that! However, I wonder if they grow tired of me being the only commenter. I imagine them yelling at the screen, “Stop hogging the comments section!” It’s a struggle…I will say, I haven’t done any of the desperate things you listed. At least, not that I’m aware of.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😆 I am sure that they are happy for your comments; especially if they are the thoughtful kind.

      And, congratulations for not doing any of the desperate things that were listed in this blog post.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good advice. Especially on the canned responses. I hate when I get excited to read new comments and it reads like someone overseas hopes my blog is their ticket to a big money scam.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post! I have to agree with the liking and generic comments. I get that all the time, less with the comments now but people go on a liking spree and I’m just like “ehhh….” because my phone starts going off like crazy lol. And I personally do like thoughtful comments, I love engaging with other people. In fact, I’m notorious for leaving long ass comments. Haha. I also never understood the blog link at the end of a comment, I find it unnecessary.
    I think for people to become successful in blogging, they should not do this, just network properly. Read one new blog everyday, leave a nice comment and move on with your day lol. Also, I think if people start a blog to make money straight from the start, they may lose interest quickly? You can tell when people genuinely write because they like it. Idk, that last part seems out of context in regards to this post but just a thought 😂


  4. Haha, I received fifteen likes from a new follower today and when I refused to follow back, he liked ten more and I followed back so he won’t like twenty more in seconds😀😀😀. I thought he wanted me to follow him back. I liked his persuasive guts because I like it when I follow people and they follow me back. I like his blog anyway, I don’t follow for just following. It’s on creative writing. I’m guilty of not reading word to word of lengthy blog posts except when they’re thrilling but I make sure I extract useful information or the central message before hitting the like button. I read this lengthy blog post to the end and I must say you did a great job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 I do not think that I would ever follow someone for checking out my blog with the intentions of pressing the like button with the hopes of me following them.

      And, I am pleased to know that you thought that I did a great job.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your unique perspective.


  5. A WordPress “Happiness Engineer” suggested once that I simply disable the ‘Like’ button. In fact, I have seen blogs that don’t allow you to click “Like”. Instead, they encourage thoughtful discussion. If you really like a post it should be worth leaving a comment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 I am in full agreement with your statement. Disabling the “Like” button will certainly prevent people from abusing it. However, those who genuinely liked what they read would not have the option of pressing the “Like” button.

      I used to have a blog on Blogger (You and I both know that Blogger does not have a “Like” button and the only way that you can really show your appreciation for what you have read is to leave a valuable comment).

      Also, people who are shy might be a bit hesitant to leave comments.

      Thank you so kindly for sharing your perspective!

      Liked by 1 person

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