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In Defence Of Linux Mint

Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition (Photo Credit: Linux Mint)

At the moment, there are people who would like to see the Linux Mint project come to an end.

To be most straightforward with you, I hate it when a distribution of Linux goes into oblivion.

On Tuesday, the 21st of May, 2019, the developers of Antergos mentioned via a blog post of theirs, that they would be ending the Antergos Linux project (The hearts of the people who used that distribution of Linux was broken that day).

In reality, there is a huge number of Linux distributions out there (And, a percentage of them will meet their untimely demise).

However, in regards to Linux Mint, I believe that it would be around for a very long time (In May 2019, the Linux Mint team received $24,149.00 in donations from 868 people; which is proof that there are people who love Linux Mint and would like to see it prosper).

I view Linux Mint as a wonderful distribution of Linux and I am going to tell you the reasons why.

Linux Mint Is Ideal For The Beginner

How do I know that Linux Mint is ideal for the beginner?

I know that for a fact because it was the second distribution that I ever tried (The first was Ubuntu; I did not like the Unity desktop environment, so I went over to Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop environment).

Today, I am using Solus MATE (But, that does not mean that I have lost my appreciation for Linux Mint).

I would recommend Linux Mint for a beginner because it has a layout that is highly reminiscent of that of Windows 7 (And, that helps the user to find their way around the operating system).

The young and the elderly alike can use Linux Mint with ease.

In addition to the Cinnamon desktop environment, Linux Mint is also available in the Xfce and the MATE desktop environments.

Linux Mint Is Stable

Yes, my friend, Linux Mint is a stable distribution of Linux.

And, why is it that Linux Mint is a stable distribution of Linux?

Linux Mint is a stable distribution of Linux because it is based on Ubuntu (The one with the Long-term support kernel).

By the way, there is also another stable version of Linux Mint that is based on DebianLinux Mint Debian Edition (That one is recommended for an advanced user of Linux).

The following types of people can take full advantage of Linux Mint’s stableness:

  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Vloggers
  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Disc Jockeys

No content creator would want their operating system to crash on them while they are in the middle of a project; which is why they would be better off using a stable version of Linux (And, Linux Mint is well-known for being stable).

Linux Mint Works Well On Old And New Hardware

If Linux Mint can move fleetingly on an old computer with only 2 gigabytes of RAM, you would be pleasantly surprised to see how fast it would actually run on a modern computer with 16 gigabytes of RAM.

Some people have old computers lying around; they are collecting dust because those computers are looked upon as remnants of the past (Those computers are not powerful enough to run Windows 10; they would run slow like molasses if someone were to install Windows 10 on them).

Guess what?

You can install Linux Mint on an old computer; it would breathe new life into it.

And, Linux Mint ISO images come in both 32-bit and 64-bit (That is convenient for those people with older machines because a lot of Linux distributions have dropped their support for the 32-bit version).

So, wouldn’t it be a wise choice to install Linux Mint on an old computer that you have lying around?

Yes, it would be, because you would get to utilize that old computer of yours once again.

And, do keep in mind, that the performance of Linux Mint on newer computers will leave you speechless!

Linux Mint Is Free

Currently, there are a lot of people who are unable to afford the license fee for Windows 10 (As a result of this, they end up using an older version of Windows or they break the law by using a cracked version of Windows 10).

Now, why is it, that a person should break the law by using a cracked version of Windows 10 when they could use Linux Mint for free?

Also, using older unsupported versions of Windows leaves your computer vulnerable to malware, hacking and all sorts of security risks.

It is actually okay for you to download a copy of Linux Mint and install it on many computers as you like (And, it is all legal).

Even though Linux Mint is free to use, the Linux Mint team does accept donations from people worldwide (However, donations are not mandatory. But, those donations will help the Linux Mint project to move forward and remain operational).

Linux Mint Comes Bundled With Lots Of Software

One of the nice things about Linux Mint is that it comes bundled with lots of software (Both free and open-source software and proprietary software).

And, why is that a good thing?

That is a good thing because it provides the user with a positive out-of-the-box experience.

Here is a small sample of some of the software that Linux Mint comes bundled with:

You are more than welcome to install a copy of Linux Mint on your computer to find out how well the various types of software work firsthand.

Final Thoughts

In my four years of using Linux, I have spent three of them using Linux Mint (I learned that it is a very reliable and stable distribution of Linux).

Linux Mint does not break with updates; which can render an operating system unusable (A plus for this popular distribution of Linux).

However, I will admit, that some people find it a bit boring after a time (Especially when they have been using it for over a year).

Thankfully, there are people who are utterly satisfied with Linux Mint (Those people love it for its stability and its great performance and have no intentions of using another distribution of Linux).

I would also like to add, that Linux Mint is one of the distributions of Linux that a lot of people use to proverbially get their feet wet in Linux (Some of those people will move on to other intermediate and advanced distributions of Linux).

Linux Mint is a highly polished distribution of Linux that works quite well (Which is why I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to give Linux a try).

I hereby invite you to give Linux Mint a try. You can obtain an ISO image of it via Linux Mint’s official website.


28 thoughts on “In Defence Of Linux Mint

            1. You can try Linux Mint without installing it or making any changes to your computer at all! Run it “Live” from a USB thumbdrive just to see what it is and what it does.

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    1. Linux Mint (or any distibution) will breathe life into an old computer. In fact I bought a new laptop a couple of weeks ago, the first thing I did was rip out Windows and replaced it with Ubuntu with a customised desktop using gnome’s Dash to Panel and Arc Menu to give the desktop a winows like feel.

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  1. Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    Some very concise arguments for why we must protect Mint. Eventhough the Mint dev team had some sad surprises for us lately, it’s still so good, so minty, so fresh and adorable, not just for the n00b but for every user who wants to get shit done and not just dabble with freakish problems. Thank you for this post, Renard

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  2. I have mint on 6 of my machines. Version 19 is fantastic. I have tried 10 or more distros. Mint remains my OS of choice. You install it and use it. No messing about required. I am aware you can run Windows 10 downloaded from Microsoft with out ever registering it. Without going into privacy and phone home software. Mint is superb. Lol your preaching to the converted. I love Mint.

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  3. Thanks for this post. I have Linux Mint installed to one of my computers. It is ok if you stay away from music. I haven’t had luck with any stand-alone blog editors, like BloGtk, either. I use Open Live Writer in Windows. If these things worked on Mint I wouldn’t use Windows at all.
    All the best to you and Linux Mint.

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  4. I’m at the point where I’d LOVE to see Linux start grabbing a much larger hold of the electronics market in general.

    MS, Apple and Google / Android are all too big to care about their customers. Linux is the best hope we have of taking them all down a notch.

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