7 Things That Great Bloggers Have In Common

Seven That Is Made Out Of Wood (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Have you ever wondered what most of the great bloggers have in common?

The thought probably never crossed your mind.

But, I have (I have an inquisitive mind; which causes me to go searching for answers).

Also, I have been blogging for many years and during that time, I have paid close attention to patterns — the various types of things that make bloggers standout from their peers.

And, without further ado, I am going to share them with you.

1.) They Are Devoted To Their Blog

Now, this should not come as a surprise, since the top bloggers in the blogosphere are devoted to their blogs.

Am I devoted to my blog?

Yes, I am!

People who are devoted to their blog will:

  • Find the time to blog.
  • Not be dissuaded by a small number of incoming views (They will stick with their blog and watch those numbers grow).
  • They will fathom ways of coming up with great content for their blog.

Are you devoted to your blog?

I truly hope you are because if you are not devoted to your blog, you will end up blogging in a half-hearted manner.

Dear friend, you cannot be lukewarm where blogging is concerned; you will need to give it your all.

2.) They Enjoy What They Do

All bloggers can enjoy what they do by:

  • Blogging about topics that they are genuinely interested in.
  • Coming up with ways to make the blogging process easier for themselves.
  • Being genuinely interested in their blog.
  • Watching their blog evolve into something great.
  • Believing in their ability to create a blog post every time they set out to do it.

Dear friend, if you do not enjoy blogging, it is going to feel like a difficult chore whenever you engage in it.

If you do not enjoy blogging, I highly recommend, that you spend your time doing something else that you enjoy.

Blogging should give you a sense of joy; it should not make you feel as though you are being severely punished by a gruesome slavemaster.

For the record, I love blogging and I would feel out of sorts if something or someone prevented me from doing it.

Do you enjoy blogging?

3.) They Are Highly Disciplined

Discipline is a requirement for blogging because, without it, you would not get your quota of blogging done.

It is the discipline that ensures that you stick with your blogging schedule.

In regards to blogging, a person can become more disciplined by:

  • Putting what they have learned about blogging into practice.
  • Setting aside a particular time of the day (or night) to do some research based on the topic that they intend to blog about.
  • Refusing to be distracted whenever it is time for them to create content for their blog.

All of the successful bloggers possess a high level of discipline.

So, in order to make any sort of leeway in blogging, you will have to develop discipline.

Discipline will make you a better blogger.

It is a pity, that a lot of bloggers in the blogosphere lack discipline.

4.) They Are Community-Oriented

Great bloggers are community-oriented. They are well-known for:

  • Visiting the blogs of their fellow bloggers.
  • Leaving thoughtful comments after they read the blog posts of their fellow bloggers.
  • Encouraging their fellow bloggers to continue blogging.
  • Following blogs that they are genuinely interested in.
  • Pressing the like button on blog posts that they genuinely liked.

In my case, I have made it a priority of mine to interact with my fellow bloggers.


Because I am fully aware of the fact, that I am part of a blogging community.

Dear friend, never forget that you are part of a blogging community (If you do, you will end up suffering the negative consequences).

It is impossible to have a successful blog if no one visits it.

Therefore, it is imperative that you become community-oriented.

5.) They Know Their Topic From The Inside Out

Great bloggers are well-versed on their chosen topic; for example:

  • Bloggers who are fantastic at giving blogging advice are well-adept in the area of blogging.
  • Bloggers who are superb at photography possess lots of information about photography.
  • Bloggers who provide their readers with recipes know a whole lot about food.

Most people will continue to visit a blog from a blogger who knows their topic from the inside out.

Also, it proves to your readers, that you are an authority on the topic that you posted on your blog.

6.) They Post Valuable Content

Successful bloggers are not known for publishing rubbish on their blog — they have a reputation for posting valuable content.

Some of you are probably wondering, “What is valuable content?”

Well, valuable content can be defined as:

  • Content that provides the reader with a solution to a problem that they are faced with.
  • Content that educates the reader.
  • Content that is relevant to a particular niche.
  • Content that is engaging.
  • Content that is trustworthy.
  • Content that is inspirational.
  • Content that is up-to-date.

One should never underestimate the power that valuable content has (Which is the reason why you should add lots of it on your blog).

Do keep in mind, that the majority of people will keep returning to a blog that is always updated with valuable content.

7.) They Know What Their Blog Is All About

Most newbie bloggers went into blogging without ever knowing what their blog was going to be based on (A percentage of them eventually figured out what their blog was going to be based on along the way).

Professional bloggers need to find a niche, whereas, personal bloggers can get away with creating blog posts that fall within a niche or blog posts that deal with miscellaneous topics.

The greatest advantage of sticking with a niche is that most people will know what your blog is all about (They would not have to guess).

However, personal bloggers can make the best of blogging by posting various topics; for example:

  • Publishing a blog post that fits into the theme of, “Wordless Wednesdays.”
  • Publishing a blog post that is based on prompts.
  • Publishing a blog post that is based on arts and crafts.

Actually, the sky is the limit where personal blogs are concerned.

And, if you are a professional blogger, it would be unwise to deviate from your niche (Professional bloggers need to stick to their chosen niche; they are not allowed the luxury of posting about everything underneath the Sun).

Anyone who has a desire to start a blog should know exactly what it is going to be based on.

Besides, it is less time-consuming for the blogger to create content for a blog that has a clear vision.

So, now you have a better insight, as to the reasons why great bloggers know in advance what their blog is going to be all about.

Final Thoughts

You can also become a great blogger by:

  • Being fully devoted to your blog.
  • Enjoying the blogging process.
  • Being highly disciplined.
  • Being a community-oriented blogger.
  • Knowing your topic well.
  • Posting valuable content for your readers to peruse.
  • Knowing what your blog is all about.

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Thank you for reading!

105 thoughts on “7 Things That Great Bloggers Have In Common

  1. I love blogging and this wasn’t my first blog originally. My previous one I written for many years but I decided it was time to come to an end about a year, or less, before I started writing this one. The previous one was having a negative effect on me and so it was time to call it quits.
    This current blog I now write, I debated months about and never thought I would still be writing now.

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  2. Reblogged this post with the comment;
    Another excellent post from Renard about great bloggers and blogging tips. A must read for personal and professional bloggers alike

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  3. Concise and excellent advice and thoughts for professional (or amateur) bloggers. My husband says I was born with a pen in my hand and I love words. Therefore I write. BUT, I am now quite ancient, slower and not in the least technical;so a big problem. I’ve written and had published plenty of poetry, short stories (in anthologies) and had eight books published, and really enjoy posting on my web-site. Luckily, my eldest son – who is an artist/photographer/writer – helps me with photographs and puts my monthly posts on WordPress, for which I’m eternally grateful. I’m half-way through my ninth book, so can just about keep up with all the wonderful posts I read each day. For me, inter-acting with like-minded people is a joy. You never know what nuggets of wisdom or humour (a favourite) you will come across, so, PLEASE keep on blogging. (Anti-ageing tips: think wine not bananas and really believe you’re only 40 mentally…) I am. Best wishes. (https://joylennick.wordpress.com )/

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  4. I have never considered myself a Great blogger. The one area here that I fall short is being disciplined. I don’t have a regular schedule for posting or a certain amount of time dedicated to blogging. For now I guess I settle for being a good? blogger. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 Oh, well. I am not going to be hard on you since you are the who is supposed to know what you are capable of.

      As in your case, I would like to recommend that you update your blog on a fortnightly basis.

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  5. Another excellent post Renard – and quite a thought provocative post to boot. I don’t tend to write posts on the subject of blogging myself, l tend to ask questions about the subject of blogging from the readership, but this one more specifically has made me think about a post l am going to be writing today. I shall pay credit to you Renard as l feel that you will be mentioned in this post and of all the posts quite possibly this post will be mentioned. So thank you for 1] writing another excellent post and 2] thank you for writing this particular post.

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  6. For me it’s quality over quantity. Takes 2 seconds to post a few lines per day if not more, but it takes time to write a well thought out, longer blog post. Even if a person posts once a week, it still counts as being devoted. Sure, they might have less followers but it’s quality over quantity man.

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  7. Great content, as ever, Renard. I’d add that successful bloggers will always find the time to visit and comment on other blogs. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked “how do I get readers to leave comments on my posts?” and to then find out from the bloggers asking the question that they do not have the time to visit, read and interact with other bloggers.

    I’d also add that ‘Content that is entertaining’ also qualifies as valuable content. Mind you, for me, the title of a post and it’s first few lines also have to grab my attention if I’m going to read the post and leave a comment.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 Thank you, Hugh.

      You are absolutely right about successful bloggers always finding the time to visit and comment on other blogs (It is all about reciprocity).

      And, yes, content that is entertaining can also be looked upon as valuable content.

      Oh, the title of the blog post is important because that is what actually attracts the reader’s attention.

      Thank you for reading this article and sharing your perspective on it.

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  8. Thank you for the article. As a rookie, it’s been a struggle, but I am determined to keep putting content out there and I appreciate any tips I can pick up. I always look forward to what you have to say.

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  9. The discipline thing is so on point! As a reader myself I’d like it if the bloggers that I follow have some sort of posting schedule so I know when their posts would be published.

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  10. This is such great advice.
    When I began to blog I could not decide on a niche so I made several categories and I write off and on in each.

    But I would eventually like to make blogging my source of income and I am still not too clear about my niche.
    Can one be a professional blogger and still blog about more than one topic?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 No problem, my friend.

      I believe in responding to comments in a timely manner.

      I might not be logged into WordPress all of the time, but I pay close attention to the notifications when I am logged into my WordPress account.

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  11. 7 for 7! With a full time interior design firm to run as well, don’t always get to read as many other bloggers work as I’d like. This one caught my eye. Inspirational! Littleblackdomicile.com

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