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Taking The Path Of A Cord-Cutter

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

Charlotte was displeased of the cable company’s decision to raise the prices of the various cable packages. “Do they take me for a fool?” is what she said to herself after reading a letter that the cable company sent out to all of their customers.

Harry (Charlotte’s husband) felt a discomforting vibe in the room; his beloved wife was broadcasting that negative vibe of hers throughout the entire living room. Being a concerned spouse, he asked, “What is wrong, my love?”

“The damn cable company wants to raise its prices again!” She shouted.

“Oh, that is not good,” was his response.

“You are certainly right about that! I know that you are the one who pays all of the bills around here. But, I do not think that you should be paying the cable company extra money for its over-glorified package,” Charlotte said.

Harry thought about what his wife said to him and uttered, “Darling, we can get rid of the cable tv. We have high-speed internet.”

Charlotte was a bit baffled. “Huh? What are you getting at, Harry?”

“We can watch movies online, darling,” Harry said. “You can watch Netflix online via a paid subscription and you can also watch free movies online.”

“I love the sound of that,” Charlotte said happily.

“So, it is settled. No more cable tv,” Harry said with a smirk on his face. “I will let the cable company know that we no longer need their service.”

People Are Slowly Moving Away From Cable Television

Cable television was amazing many years ago and it was the norm for most households to have cable.

As time went along, certain cable companies started taking advantage of their customers by removing the channels that their customers had grown accustomed to watching and adding them to another package – one that cost way more money.

And, how did customers react?

Well, a lot of customers are never happy about paying extra money for what they originally had in the past. So, they end up paying more money to see what they are accustomed to watching, or they settle for a lower package – a cheaper package that is devoid of their favourite channels or they give up their cable service.

A lot of people have realized, that cable television is no longer meeting their needs and those cable companies are placing a figurative dent on their pockets.

And, what do people who are angry with their cable company do? They end up cancelling their service and they utilize alternative methods of watching their favourite television shows.

Cord-Cutters Love Streaming Services

Streaming services are highly convenient because you have the option of watching your favourite television shows when you are on the go (Thanks to the power of high-speed internet).

Whereas, with cable television, you will need to be at home (or at someone else’s home or business) in order to watch it.

Anyone who is willing to pay for a subscription can utilize the following streaming services:

  • Amazon Video.
  • CBS All Access.
  • Fubo TV.
  • HBO Now.
  • Hulu.
  • Netflix.
  • Philo.
  • Sling TV.
  • Sony PlayStation Vue.
  • YouTube TV.

Streaming content on one’s electronic device is the modern-day approach to consuming content.

Luckily, for most cable companies, they also provide their customers with high-speed internet and telephone service (If they did not provide those extra services, they would cease to exist).

The Android TV Boxes Are For Those Who Want To Watch Everything On Television For Free

Yes, my friend, it is true about watching almost everything that you can think of for free via those Android tv boxes.

How is such a thing possible?

It is made possible via certain Android apps (One can download those apps via FileLinked).

And, believe it or not, people provide others with codes to their FileLinked Stores – places where they can find apps like Cyberflix, Morpheus TV and much more.

I would also like to point out, that some of those people utilize a paid VPN service with the intentions of hiding their digital footprints from their internet service provider.

I have heard the rumours about someone receiving a warning letter from their internet service provider for using an Android tv box because their internet service provider also provided their customers with cable service and then there is the case of certain internet service providers throttling the internet speed of anyone utilizing an Android tv box.

Currently, a lot of the people in Caribbean countries (and, in other countries around the world) are enjoying the services of those Android tv boxes.

Besides, the laws are different and internet services providers cannot prevent people from streaming movies via those Android tv boxes.

For the record, Android tv boxes are not flawless; some of them are entry-level and some of them are high-end (It is no secret, that you are going to get a higher service with the Android tv box that you paid more money for; which is due to the higher specs like RAM and storage capacity, etcetera).

Another important factor is that one is heavily reliant on high-speed internet (If a person’s internet speed slows down or is interrupted, the movie that is being watched on the Android tv box buffers badly or stops showing).

Some Websites Allow People To Watch Movies And Television Episodes For Free

Some of you are probably thinking, “Why am I paying my cable company to watch movies and television episodes when I can watch them online for free?”

Many of those websites that allow people to view movies and television shows for free do not store any of the content on their servers; it is stored on third-party servers.

To put it simply, one can think of those websites as services that go hunting for the movie that you requested to see.

Hey, there are lots of websites that provide that type of service (I will not go out of my way to mention them all because the URLs for those websites are always changing and some of them may end up going out of business).

However, there is one that I would gladly share with you; it is called, Movies Joy.

The nice thing is that no app is required; only a web browser of your choice; which means you can watch movies and television episodes on:

  • Your smart tv.
  • Your smartphone.
  • Your tablet.
  • Your desktop computer.
  • Your laptop computer.

Do you like the idea of watching movies and television episodes for free?

In my case, I do (And, there are others who feel the same way too).

Final Thoughts

There are always alternatives for the person who has a desire to sever ties with their cable company.

A person can become one of the many cord-cutters on planet Earth and begin streaming content online.

As I have mentioned earlier, cord-cutters can:

  • Subscribe to various streaming online services.
  • Watch everything for free via an Android tv box.
  • Enjoy movies and television episodes via certain websites.

One important factor in making all of those things possible is having high-speed internet.

I will admit, that having cable can be convenient (Especially, in those times when the internet is down). But, to be quite honest, cable tv is overrated and for a lot of people, it is looked upon as being an overpaid service – one that they are willing to rid themselves of.


45 thoughts on “Taking The Path Of A Cord-Cutter

  1. very important article and information! It’s so true, cable services are on the way to disappear I guess, lot of streaming options are available that you feel a life time is not enough to watch them all!
    Thank you for sharing 👌

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes it’s a common expression in English to explain that you live in a rural location. I live too far away from anything to get reliable service. Changing providers or having engineers out does nothing to fix the problem.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. 🙂 I am quite familiar with that English terminology, Athena.

          Here in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, our service providers go out of their way to make sure that a reliable internet feed is available nationwide.

          It sounds as though your internet service providers are not making an effort to provide a quality service.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Many people who have MI-FI use Netflix and ROK TV (our local internet TV) here. Few people who use cellular data use Netflix because, well, the network isn’t fast enough, so streaming videos is not always an exciting experience. (Plus it’s so expensive to get data!)

    Come to think of it, though. I’m not really a fan of television. I don’t know if it’s something to be proud of or not, but since June 2016, I haven’t really watched TV. I prefer watching things on my phone — YouTube videos and the movies I download from various sites. Cable TV is just… overrated. With the way people are switching to mobile, internet TV today, cable will be out of business before you know it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Suze and l were having a conversation similiar to this only last night. We currently have terrestrial TV, and there is very little watch, we have Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions where there is always something to watch and for many a time way less pcm than most regular TV, the latter more so with regards nothing to watch.

    We wanted to watch GOT Season 8 [Game of Thrones] , but neither Netflix was offering it nor Prime and none of the channels we have on TV. Suze suggested we get Sky at whatever price it was for a contract and l was like NO! If we have to wait we have to wait, but there are so many other options even in the Internet l would rather approach other angles first than tie ourselves into some silly contract for 24 months.

    Another greatly informative post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Guess what, Rory? You can watch season 8 of the Game of Thrones on Movies Joy (The link for Movies Joy is in the blog post; click the link and you will be able to watch it on your computer, smartphone or your tablet).

      And, it’s free!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I was thinking of writing about this but you wrote it first🙂 I might still write a post too. I think cable is so obnoxiously expensive, I use the Amazon fire stick and use the apps to stream free movies, some you have to pay a subscription but there’s almost no need to pay anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Thank you so kindly for sharing this with me, Judy.

      By all means, you can still post an article that is based on this topic.

      Online streaming services are more economical than cable.

      Liked by 1 person

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