Are You A Temporary Blogger?

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It is a sad fact, that not everyone who starts a blog of their own will stick with it.

I have been blogging for quite a number of years; therefore, I have witnessed many blogs come and go.

A lot of blogs barely make it to their first month in the blogosphere (Some of them are abandoned within the first week).

Many bloggers have learned the hard way, that they need to possess high amounts of discipline combined with blogging skills in order for their blog to survive (And, there are countless bloggers who lack those things).

The good news is that discipline can be developed and skills can be learned (But, the average person tends to shy away from things that they perceive as being difficult).

Blogging may appear a bit challenging for us when we are just starting out; however, those challenges can be overcome and it is those challenges that help us to grow as a blogger.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that there is really no need for a blogger to abandon their blog whenever they see the first signs of difficulty.

A Lot Of People Venture Into Things That They Know Nothing About

A large percentage of people wrongfully believe, that blogging is ridiculously easy and that anyone can do it (Well, anyone can run a successful blog provided that they learn how to go about it the right way).

Also, most people jump into blogging without ever knowing what it actually entails.

Many years ago, I jumped on the blogging bandwagon because I thought that it was easy; I saw a blog on Blogger and said to myself, “I can do that!”

Back then, blogging was relatively easy; in those days, blogging was somewhat of an online diary.

Today, blogging is more than that!

In addition to being a great writer, bloggers will need to know:

  • Exactly what their blog is going to be based on.
  • How to name their blog appropriately.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of free and paid hosting.
  • An understanding of search engine optimization.
  • The importance of creating an “About” page.
  • How to plan their content.
  • How to create attention-grabbing headlines.
  • How to utilize social media with the intentions of promoting their blog.
  • An understanding of copyright laws.

It is a pity that a lot of bloggers venture into blogging without ever knowing exactly what they are getting themselves into. They could have saved themselves the trouble by doing a bit of online research (That way, they would know what they are getting themselves into as well as finding out if blogging is right for them).

The wise person does not venture into things blindly (And, the same thing applies to blogging).

Some People Approach Blogging As A Holiday Project

Believe it or not, some people only blog when they are on a holiday (This is done with the intentions of passing the time; it is not viewed as something serious).

I have encountered blogs that people started when they took some time off from work and those that were started because students were home during the August holidays (The creators of those blogs had no intentions of updating them permanently).

In reality, anyone is free to start a blog as a holiday project and they are also free to enter the blogosphere as a temporary blogger.

One must always remember, that the blogosphere is made up of all types of people.

Some People Are Not Serious About Blogging

Although blogging is lots of fun, it is possible for a blogger to take their blog seriously.

Unfortunately, there are people who do not care about learning the basics of blogging (Anything goes for those type of people).

And, there is a high chance of a blogger messing up their blog when they are not interested in learning the basics of blogging.

A person with that mindset seldom thinks of interacting with their fellow bloggers (And, if a blogger fails to interact with their fellow bloggers, no one will interact with them).

People who are not serious about blogging will publish a blog post today and another one in the next six months; they lack the necessary discipline — an important element that would enable them to create blog posts on a consistent basis.

Little do they know, that if they refuse to take their blog seriously, no one will (And, when they have discovered that no one is viewing their blog posts, they end up getting depressed or angry and abandon their blog).

Out of sheer ignorance, those people made themselves temporary bloggers.

Some People End Up Losing Faith In Their Ability To Blog

There are many bloggers who think to themselves, “How am I going to keep this blog running? I am lucky if I come up with a topic in time.”

Some bloggers are plagued by what is commonly known as, “Writer’s block.”

Writer’s block can arise when:

  • You are filled with anxiety.
  • You allow doubt to reign supreme in your mind.
  • You are filled with fear of failure.
  • You are burned out.
  • You allow yourself to be distracted.
  • You are overly critical of your writing.

My article, 10 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block, will help you to rid yourself of writer’s block once and for all.

Also, I strongly advise, that you never lose faith in your ability to blog (If you lose your faith in your ability to blog, you will end up being a temporary blogger).

You can start by opening a text document and working on the first paragraph of the draft-copy for your blog post.

Do keep in mind, that if you did it once, you are capable of doing it again.

Some People Wrongfully Believe That Other People No Longer Read Blogs

I am deeply surprised by the fact, that there are people who genuinely believe that other people are no longer interested in reading blogs.

What is the cause of this erroneous belief system?

Well, it all started when vlogging became popular. Some people would rather produce a YouTube video than go through the process of putting blog posts together.

But, guess what?

A lot of the YouTube vloggers have blogs of their own on WordPress and Blogger (There is no need for you to become a temporary blogger by abandoning your blog for vlogging — you can do both).

So, in reality, blogging is not dead; it is very much alive!

Also, countless businesses have adopted blogging because of the fact, that many people still read blogs on the internet.

Final Thoughts

For the record, there is nothing at all wrong in wanting to be a temporary blogger; especially, if that was your plan all along.

However, it is not right for you to become a temporary blogger by abandoning your blog; especially, when it was your intention of becoming a longterm blogger.

There will be those moments when you will have to overcome the so-called, “Writer’s block,” and face your blogging challenges head-on.

Do keep in mind, that the more that you do something, is the easier it gets.

So, do not let the blogging process intimidate you.

80 thoughts on “Are You A Temporary Blogger?

  1. Hi Renard. I remember writing about abandoned blogs a long time ago. It’s such a shame. Going self hosted has been a good move for me because I have much more control over the design of my blog, which is important to me.

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    1. 🙂 Marie-Céline, I am pleased to know that the self-hosted version of WordPress is working out well for you.

      Self-hosting certainly has its advantages.

      And, keep blogging, my friend!


  2. I quite agree with this line of thought: ‘There is really no need for a blogger to abandon their blog whenever they see the first signs of difficulty.’

    At a point, I wanted to quit blogging because it wasn’t working. I felt not cut out for it because of little or no feedbacks on my posts.

    Every click on the publish button held my heart in my mouth. But I kept at it. Though I’ve been inconsistent but I’m glad I didn’t stop in my tracks. I still think of creative ways to spice my blog. I am approaching my second year, and I have no regrets. Blogging stays in spite of my stats.

    Also I started blogging when I saw my blogging mentor announce her blog on Facebook. It sounded like a pretty cool idea. And I thought it was something I also do. But no! Blogging involves more than having a flair for writing. There are other essentials to harness into the art.

    I am still learning to hone my writing skills. The use of SEO is quite daunting, so I am striving to flow naturally. I write to people and not robots.

    Thanks for sharing. By the way, your writing style is simple and concise.

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  3. Good read. Thank you for sharing.
    I started out just writing for myself. Embarrassingly I did no research. But the more I’ve got into it and the more I see I have to learn…the more I’m loving it. It’s just an added dimension.
    Plus people like yourself are willing to share some really helpful information. Much appreciated 🙂

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  4. Yes Renard, it is a shame that a lot of people abandon their blogs prematurely, either because the going gets tough or because of misunderstandings about blogging in general (like the thought that people don’t read blogs anymore, which simply isn’t true).

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  5. Great post Renard. I did not have any idea of what blogging involved when I started. In fact it was friends who had suggested it and one friend in particular who set up this site for me. I just liked the idea of having a handful of short stories and one poem I had written to be published online.
    When I first started, I was not sure anyone would read anything I had published, I think I had one view a day and one or two likes per week….but gradually gradually things warmed up 🙂
    Almost a year later, I have published almost 700 posts, which I cannot believe. I have come into contact with some wonderful bloggers who have encouraged and inspired me and it has motivated me to keep on going.
    I don’t know how long I will be able to continue. Things happen in life, sometimes circumstances change. But I am really enjoying this.

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  6. Another great post. Thankfully I made it past my first six months. I do plan my posts and schedule them at least once a week. Then I do the daily and weekly prompts which are around 2-3 times a day.

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    1. 🙂 Yes, I am committed to blogging and I do stick to my blogging schedule.

      And, yes, I do view those people who comment on my blog as being important.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  7. “Little do they know, that if they refuse to take their blog seriously, no one will…”
    This line is everything!
    Your recent blog posts have done nothing but encourage fellow bloggers, Renard. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we’re earnestly grateful. Keep up the good work, my friend!

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  8. Blogging is an interesting “creature” for sure. I like many people fell headfirst into it, with no idea what it was about. In fact, I had no pushing desire to start a blog or to write much at all. I read an outdoors blog from a person near us and thought, “I could do that and share our outdoor adventures.”

    I started knowing less than zero about blogging. But, through trial and error have learned so much.

    I think getting started knowing zero about it, is not a bad thing. In fact, it might be a good thing. I get that there is much to learn and know regarding the ins and outs, but perhaps all of that might scare some off from pushing publish at the beginning. And it may be one of those who has a message that 1000’s need to hear.

    The question that someone should be asking is, “why am I or why do I want to blog in the first place?”

    Is it for fun and to pass the time while on holiday? Is it to make money? Is it more of a cathartic passion as an emotional release? Or whatever reason the person may have.

    But, writing and blogging took time and as it did it evolved and has morphed into a necessary passion.

    People start and people quit blogging much as they do in other endeavours in life. It looks easy(it isn’t) and then they quit because it’s hard. It isn’t fun anymore, so they quit. They didn’t make money their first month when they monetized their blog, so they pack it in. The reasons are endless.

    But, the reasons are also endless, why people keep at it. It takes time to build a readership. It takes time to cultivate relationships in the blogging world.

    Likely a lot more to be said, but a great post Renard, thanks so much for taking the time to put it together. You certainly have generated plenty of comments on the subject!

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  9. Another marvelous post Renard, l do so look forwards to my weekly visits and catching up to your brilliance!

    I had never had a blog as such before here, but l had written as a guest writer in other blogs, and prior to ‘blogs’ being the in thing, l used to write titled as a special writer on many forums many years ago, prior to that, well l just wrote and wrote and was always writing. I also used to submit my poetry to various platforms like Scrbd so l was always used to platforming as such and of course for many years in the age old time of dial up, l ran a very busy 600 page website.

    With me nothing is ever temporary, it is either full out or not at all, and you are quite right in the short time here in WP, l have seen many bright stars fall into the murky depths because they simply had not truly given ‘blogging’ a lot of thought.

    Once more my friend, a truly excellent post!

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      1. it is always my pleasure renard, never a problem 🙂

        A quality post deserves attention, and we both know words come to life when they are read 🙂

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  10. Great post.
    I’ve been in this blogging for three years now and it is not easy, if you want to run successful blog you need self discipline and also, consistency is the key, but when you have a passion for it, it is not hard.

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  11. It’s Meeee that you’re referring to and I’ve just begun the process not so long ago! Definitely re-reading and taking all suggestions seriously. Needed this wake-up call. Blessings!

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  12. Great post! I am definitely one of those people who did absolutely no research into what blogging entailed. 2 years later and I am still learning so much and it hasn’t been as easy as what I thought. Thanks for sharing your insight, I’ll be sure to check out your writers block post 😊

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  13. Blogging isn’t as easy as most people think, it requires time, dedication and consistency. Regarding the last point you made, From experience I know most people would rather watch a video than sit down and read, most of the bloggers I know started off with blogs but along the line they had to switch to making Videos.
    Vlogging isn’t any easier but people are more likely to click on videos than spend as little as 5 minutes reading a blog. With that being said I enjoy writing and even if the number of views I get on my blog is nothing to write home about and can easily get me discouraged, I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon. Another great post well done 👍🏿

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  14. Excellent post. Took me 3 years to come back to my blog after I started and stopped. It does take discipline and consistency and that can take time to build up. But it’s worth it

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  15. Great job dividing the temporary bloggers into various categories. I’ve noticed similar events. New Year resolutions are a big part of a blog boom. They die as quickly as they are born.

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  16. Such an interesting post! Thank you!
    I have certainly learnt so much over the years of blogging, but I am a ‘dip in and out’ blogger even though my bliss would be to have the time to do it all the time. I’ve got so much to learn still!
    I think I originally started a blog because I just wanted a personal record of my journey so there was a timeline for my children to look back on when i am gone, then the blog developed into more about sharing with people ways of lifting their mood, sharing steps i have taken to overcome certain tricky times. I am going to take the time to have a good ferret through your blog because I think I might learn a lot x

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  17. I’m 6 months in this blogging journey and I must say that is not easy at all. Having a full time job I have very little time for blogging, but even so, the satisfaction from it is huge. Knowing all these wonderful WP community is awesome! So I hope to not be a temporary blogger. 😊💕

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        1. 🙂 Blogging guru, Neil Patel, updates his blog on a month basis.

          I would want to believe that you could find the time to publish content on your blog monthly.


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