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What Type Of Blogger Are You?

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A personality will vary from person to person and it is no huge secret, that bloggers are people too.

This blog post, in particular, was created for you to do a bit of introspection.

Now, if you are a seasoned blogger, you will without a doubt, know the type of blogger that you are.

However, if you have just started out blogging, you might not be entirely sure of what type of blogger you are.

So, without further ado, let us cross-examine the various types of blogging personalities.

The Blogger Who Is Curious

I can safely speculate, that all bloggers are curious by nature (Being curious about a topic propels us into the direction of wanting to find out more about it).

In most instances a curious blogger will want to know the following things:

  • How to attract readers.
  • How to get people to leave a genuine comment on their blog.
  • How to go about enticing readers to return to their blog on a regular basis.
  • How to grow as a blogger.

Now, the things that were mentioned above is just a drop in the proverbial ocean.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that we bloggers are curious about numerous things.

Curiosity is a good thing (Especially when you are curious about the things that can enhance your well-being).

And, curiosity can be a bad thing (As in the case of wanting to find out if you are going to be a much better blogger under the influences of alcohol and recreational drugs).

In my case, I am curious to find out if blogging is still going to be appreciated in the next decade (My theory is that blogging is going to be around for a very long time due to the fact, that a lot of people have a deep appreciation for reading articles online).

Okay. I will just have to wait until the next decade comes around to see if that prediction of mine is true or not.

By the way, are you a curious blogger?

The Blogger Who Likes Attention

To be quite honest, we all desire attention to a certain degree (Some more than others).

We all want people to read what we posted.

And, the majority of us enjoy interacting with our fellow bloggers.

Hey, there is nothing wrong in that.

On the other hand, there are bloggers who take it to a ridiculous level by:

  • Spamming the WordPress Reader by attempting to update their blog every three minutes.
  • Pressing the “Like” button on numerous of our blog posts without reading a single word.
  • By posting their problems daily on their blog with the hopes of someone solving those problems for them.

Now, those are horrible methods of gaining attention.


Because, everyone will view those types of bloggers as a major nuisance (And, no one is fond of nuisances).

Dear friend, you are better off being an exemplary blogger.

The Blogger Who Is A Perfectionist

A perfectionist wants their blog to be perfect. They want their blog to be:

  • Devoid of grammatical errors.
  • Without spelling errors.
  • Started with the perfect title.

For the record, all of those things are acceptable in the world of blogging.

However, the problem arises when the blogger keeps putting off publishing their blog posts due to the belief that they are not good enough for their audiences worldwide.

The truth is that some people will still find fault with your blog posts even though it is well-written (It is impossible to please everyone on the face of the Earth).

And, there would be those people who would welcome your blog posts with open arms.

The blogger who is a perfectionist would most likely be the type of person who created extremely high standards for their self — a level of standard that is unattainable.

I highly recommend Nicole Varvitsiotes’s article, How to Stop Perfectionism From Running Your Life, for those people with perfectionist tendencies.

The Blogger Who Could Not Give A Damn About Criticism

Yes, believe it or not, there are bloggers who could not give a damn about criticism. You could say the worst things imaginable about their blog posts and it would not hurt their feelings (It is nice to know, that they are not going to run in a corner of their house and cry like a newborn baby or give up entirely on blogging).

I genuinely believe that all bloggers should develop a thick skin; which would protect their psyche the day that someone (or some people) decides to throw a bunch of criticism their way.

For educational purposes, there are two types of criticism — one that is purposely designed to hurt someone’s feelings intentionally and the other being: constructive criticism; which is given because the person (or people) want to see a person improve in a certain area.

If someone told an SEO expert that they audited their blog and found broken links and that they need to be more vigilant, the SEO expert should be grateful because broken links are bad for SEO.

The right thing to do would be to tell the person, “Thanks,” in spite of the situation being somewhat of an embarrassing one.

But, if the SEO expert is immune to constructive criticism, he or she, might not even dream of rectifying the issue — the one that pertains to broken links on their blog.

Bloggers must know how to act appropriately for both types of criticism.

The Blogger Who Likes To Help Out Others

The blogosphere is filled with bloggers that enjoy helping out others; here are a few examples:

  • The blogger who publishes blogging advice.
  • The blogger that provides solutions to computer-related issues.
  • The blogger that teaches people to create things from scratch, so they would not have to go to the store and purchase it; such as artwork, food and clothing.

Those are all commendable things.

Now, as strange as this may sound, there are people who are not appreciative of other people’s help; for example: a person complains (via a blog post of theirs) about their failing eyesight and being the kind and helpful person that you are, you recommend that they visit an ophthalmologist and they insult you.

Ironically, some people do not mind reading helpful advice on the internet. But, some of those people would detest receiving helpful advice via the comments section of their own blog.

You might be thinking, “Why is it that a blogger should complain about their failing eyesight and be close-minded to a solution?”

The truth is that the blogger who complained never really wanted anyone’s help in the first place. They complained for the sake of complaining (They believe that it is their prerogative to do so).

Bloggers who enjoy helping out other people should not feel discouraged by being shunned by the occasional person who refuses to be helped.

Instead, they should go about with their happy disposition and continue helping others (In reality, there are always people who are in need of their help).

I would also like to highlight that fact, that there are some bloggers who would boldly say that you must do this and that you must do that.

In reality, you cannot accept every suggestion because some of those suggestions could clash with your creativity.

Your unique style of putting your point across in your blog is what sets you apart from the other bloggers in the blogosphere.

The Blogger Who Simply Wants To Have Fun

I adhere to the belief, that every blogger should have fun.


Because, if they do not have fun with the blogging process, they will end up hating blogging (And, that could result in the blogger abandoning their blog).

Bloggers can have fun by:

  • Associating themselves with like-minded bloggers.
  • Coming up with great ways to make blogging easier for themselves.
  • Reading the blog posts that were published by their fellow bloggers.
  • Telling their fellow bloggers what they thought about their blog posts via the comments section of their blogs.
  • Watching their blog grow.
  • Seeing an increase in their readership.
  • Experimenting with their blog.

Are you one of those bloggers who simply want to have fun?

Most bloggers that I know, would say, “Yes,” to that question.

Besides, a little fun goes a long way!

The Blogger Who Is Extremely Private

I would like to state, that there is nothing wrong in wanting to be extremely private.

At the moment, there are a lot of bloggers on WordPress (and various other blogging platforms) that use sobriquets (Which is done with the sole purpose of maintaining their anonymity).

Those bloggers do not want their family, friends, relatives and coworkers to know about the existence of their blog.

Blogging for those people is a way for them to fully express themselves on the internet without being ridiculed by the people closest to them (I do not disagree with their method because those closest to us can be opinionated at times).

Also, the things that we post on the internet can be used against us.

Do you know that there are companies that check out the social media accounts and the blogs of job applicants before hiring them (Yes, it is all part of their background check; it helps the employer to acquire a psychological profile of the individual).

If they liked what they saw, they will hire you.

And, if they hated what they came across, they will not hire you (Despite being fully qualified for the job that you applied for).

So, you cannot hate a blogger for being extremely private.

The Blogger Who Is Lazy

The blogosphere is currently filled with lazy bloggers. They are the ones who:

  • Publish a blog post today and post another blog post in the next four months.
  • Have no intentions of learning about blogging.
  • Are not concerned about improving their blogging skills.
  • Purposely plagiarize other people’s content.
  • Never took the time to create a blog post of their own and takes the easy way out by only reblogging other people’s work.

The truth is that there is no room for laziness in blogging.

Any successful blogger would say to you, “Blogging requires a lot of hard work.”

And, lazy bloggers do not want to put in the necessary effort in doing the things that would enable their blog to grow.

Those people are the dead weights of the blogosphere.

The Blogger Who Loves Technology

Technologically-oriented bloggers are fond of experimenting with various types of technology. These people do not mind finding out what it is like to compose a blog post on their smartphone or on their tablet.

They are also good at finding flaws with mobile applications and filing bug reports.

You can bet your last dollar, that if they are displeased with the WordPress mobile application, they are going to publish a blog post about it — one that highlights the flaws within the WordPress mobile application along with methods of improving it.

These bloggers also understand the workings of:

I will admit, that reading technologically-oriented blog posts from those people is a lot of fun. However, many of them have failed to put across their work in a manner that could be easily understood by the layman (It is as though they only cater for those people who are already in the field of technology).

The Blogger Who Loves Controversy

We all know of a blogger who loves controversy. These types of people usually post controversial things on their blog — things that we are deeply afraid to say on our own blog.

Bloggers who love controversy are known to publish:

  • Content that talks about the shortcomings of a President.
  • Content that highlights the injustice within a particular community.
  • Content that pertains to the hypocritical behaviour within a certain religious organization.
  • Content that exposes the real intentions behind the creation of a particular social media network.

Now, those are merely a handful of the things that bloggers who love controversy post about (The truth is that the controversial topics are infinite in number).

The bloggers who are into the habit of posting controversial topics do get a lot of attention (In most cases, it is the wrong kind of attention).

Some of the bloggers who publish controversial topics on their blog are known to receive abusive remarks in the comments section of their blog.

Bloggers who dabble in a lot of controversies should moderate their comments — they should set them to be manually approved.

The Blogger Who Is Into Writing

The blogosphere is filled with fantastic writers; these people provide their readers with short and long stories that are amazing and beautiful poetry.

This type of blogger enjoys participating in an annual, internet-based creative writing project that is known as, National Novel Writing Month.

In most instances, the blogger who is into writing is a natural-born writer.

Unfortunately, their work in underappreciated on the internet.

One of the major problems that these people face is having their work plagiarized.

Could you imagine what it is like to find out from someone else (or firsthand) that your work was published on another person’s website without your permission?

From personal experience, I can say to you, “The feeling is not a nice one!”

The article, How to Protect Your Blog Content From Copyright Infringement by Sarah Kornblet, will teach you what to do when you have noticed that someone has plagiarized your content.

Another great article that I would like you to have a look at is Lisa Sicard’s, How To Protect Your Blog From Content Thieves Today (She shares some marvellous pointers on keeping the content on your blog safe from those online predators).

It is a sad fact, that there are people waiting patiently to steal other people’s work and post it on their own website.

The Blogger Who Loves Food

The bloggers that are into food are usually the ones that publish recipes on their blog.

Food is something that everyone can relate to.

The only issue that I have is that some of the ingredients that they use are not available in my part of the world (And, I will make an educated guess, that some of the ingredients are also unavailable in other regions).

And, one has to get creative by force; which involves substituting various ingredients with the hopes of the recipe turning out successful.

The Blogger Who Is Into Photography

One of the nice things about photo blogs is that the blogger is not required to post texts; writing an article that pertains to the photograph that they took is optional.

A lot of them are well-versed in the area of photography and usually utilize a digital single-lens reflex camera (Which results in breathtaking pictures).

Then there is the budding photographer who uses a cheap camera to take their pictures (That is an okay approach because not everyone is capable of purchasing an expensive digital camera).

The professional photographer knows how to edit and compress their photographs, whereas the newcomer to photography seldom knows how to do any of those things.

The Blogger Who Likes To Travel A Lot

The internet is filled with travel bloggers (A lot of us tend to live vicariously through these people).

It is a pleasure seeing:

  • The places that they visited.
  • The food that they ate.
  • The people whom they interacted with.
  • The hotel or the house that they stayed at during their time in that foreign country.

However, a lot of the travel bloggers tend to leave out important information; for example: if the level of crime is high in the region that they visited or if there was an outbreak of a certain type of disease in the area that they visited.

But, it is up to us to find out whether or not a particular country is safe to visit; one can acquire this information via the United Kingdom’s Foreign Travel Advice web page.

The Blogger Who Is Into Fashion

Fashion blogs have saturated the internet (This is not a surprise because there is a lot of fashion to go around).

I have seen pictures of beautiful women wearing:

  • Beautiful clothing.
  • Designer shoes.
  • Expensive handbags.
  • Amazing jewellery.
  • Stylish watches.
  • Eye-catching hairstyles.

Hey, those are all wonderful things to look at.

The bad thing is that they never mention what style is most appropriate (or inappropriate) for a certain type of person; for example: certain hairstyles will look horrible on some people due to the shape of their face (I will safely speculate that women instinctively know those things; therefore there is little need for them to add that sort of information in their fashion blogs).

The Blogger Who Is A Pet Lover

Animals are fascinating to look at (Especially if it is the exotic kind).

Thankfully, there are bloggers who display pictures of the pets on their blog.

So far, I have seen blog posts that were based on:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Rats
  • Chickens
  • Pigeons
  • Parrots
  • Ducks
  • Rabbits
  • Snakes

It is most unfortunate, that ninety-nine percent of the bloggers who publish animal-related blog posts, never let us know what is actually involved in the care-taking process of their pets.

If an interested reader spots a picture of a cute-looking rabbit on a pet lover’s blog and is thinking about getting one, the reader should know:

  • The type of food that the rabbit eats.
  • The best environment to keep a rabbit in.
  • How often should the rabbit be taken to the veterinarian?
  • The average lifespan of a rabbit.

On a positive note, the reader of the pet lover’s blog can find out this information for themselves via a search engine of their choice.

The Blogger Who Is Into Product Reviews

I will admit, that at times, I am extremely skeptical of some of the products that are reviewed by bloggers (Especially if it is a paid review).

And, most people know that people react differently to cosmetics; here is an example:

Janet might wear a particular brand of makeup without any issues and Candice develops a skin rash after putting on the same makeup (Things turned out well for Janet, while the situation was a sour one for Candice).

So, take reviews with the proverbial pinch of salt.

Please note that I am in no way slamming those bloggers who do product reviews (I am sure that many of them do their very best to do product reviews that are thorough and honest).

The Blogger Who Is Into Spirituality

The blogosphere is also filled with spiritually-related blog posts.

And, spiritual people are entitled to publish their spiritual experiences via their blog.

A lot of people are unfamiliar with the spiritually-related terms that are posted on some of those blogs; for example, the average person does not know what a kundalini or a chakra is (Which can leave a lot of people confused).

It is very unfortunate, that some hardcore church-attendees (predominantly of the Christian sect) usually tell those spiritual bloggers something along these lines, “You are a witch. Repent in the name of Jesus Christ; if you don’t, you will go to Hell!”

And, then there are Christians who are insulted by Atheists for believing in God.

Spiritual blog posts do attract a lot of love as well as a lot of hate from readers.

Spiritual bloggers should manually approve their comments; that would prevent the infiltration of inappropriate comments from saturating their comments thread.

Dear friend, we might not always be in agreement with a person’s belief system. However, you and I are free to put across our point of view in a diplomatic manner via the comments section of their blog (Provided that the comments are enabled).

The Blogger Who Adores Wine

The majority of the wine blogs that I have visited are great; they go into the full details of their wine.

However, I am yet to find one that tells the reader that the wine that they posted on their blog is vegan-friendly.

Why is this information important?

That information is important because vegans do not consume animal products or byproducts of insects.

An article on PETA’s website; the one that is entitled, Is Wine Vegan? provides vegans worldwide with a list of companies that sell vegan-friendly wine.

Final Thoughts

Bloggers are unique people — people with interesting personalities.

You may have come across one or a few of your personality traits within this blog post.

If you want, you are free to discuss them via the comments section of my blog (I would love to know your perspective on the personality types of bloggers).

And, thank you for taking the time to peruse my eyebrow-raising content here on Renard’s World.

I do look forward to seeing you here in the near future.

Love and light to you!


93 thoughts on “What Type Of Blogger Are You?

  1. Hi Renard, wow – you covered a lot here! I agree you must enjoy and / or LOVE blogging to stick with it! I also love your point about perfectionism. I know now that if I make a mistake I can do a quick update to correct it, update the post and clear the cache. Much easier than my newspaper days with errors 🙂

    Thanks for the mention here on my latest article. I do like being helpful and keeping it simple.
    Too many times I went to research how to do things and fount them complicated. So I try to make it easier for others.

    Have a great rest of the weekend Renard 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Loved this breakdown🌞

    I’ve grown from a perfectionist to fun. Now I post my thoughts and feelings without a care. Posting when I have something to share not for likes(I want folks to like my stuff, but it’s not going to make or break me if they didn’t😉).

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you so much, this was an awesome read. I got helpful tips and also saw some things I was doing wrong and I’m definitely going to learn. Thanks again Renard♥️

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Wow I didn’t realise there were a vast variety of bloggers out there. I’d like to think of myself as a curious blogger. The way I structure out my blogs is to leave the readers to think and to look into themselves. That way they would leave a comment with regards to their retrospection or musings . If they do leave a comment It gives me a sense of achievement that I’ve reached out to my readers.

    I know numbers and statistic matter but to me.. having an audience who interacts genuinely is more important than having tons of subscribers. Well that is my personal opinion and we all have our preferences. I understand and respect other’s preferences. So I’m not meaning to offend anyone reading. 😊

    Thank you for sharing the different type of bloggers out there. And thank you for providing various links with regards to protecting my work. I checked those out and it really helped lot. This blog post helped lot. Thank you 😊

    Liked by 3 people

  5. I had a few laughs reading this. It was fun. I find myself in a few of them: curious, for fun, spirituality, product reviews, tech, photography and art (music too but not mentioned). I did dip my toes into controversy but pulled them back out. I don’t really lime it but I did want to know what would happen. It’s a mixed bag, obviously but I still didn’t like it.

    Blogging is fun and for the most part, I do it because it’s mine and I get to do whatever I want.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. A well-researched post! You actually covered all the ends.I think I’m a curious and fun loving blogger. But I also tend to get lazy with my posting schedules. Gotta work on that! 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Great article with lots of insights. I find that I’m a curious, perfectionist who likes to help others, have fun, write, and am very spiritual. Maybe a few others added in, like lazy and private. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Being a curious blogger who just wants to have fun whilst I experiment with this technology here (I do all my blogging on my phone), I really enjoy the way your posts help everyone else out with their blogging, always packed with lots of info and ideas… Great post as always!!! Thanks for sharing…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Great and insightful post. As a new blogger I feel I am a blend of a curious and helpful blogger with the hangups of being a perfectionist, but I’m breaking through that last one as I agree that not everything I write will be loved or even liked by all. By the way, you forgot the blogger who likes to blog about bloggers! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  10. This was great but I don’t know how I would class myself, possibly because I only relatively recently started out and because I see myself across a couple of your types! (this could be a bad thing haha!) I will definitely check out the Nicole Varvitsiotes article you posted – sounds like something I would be interested in 🙂 Thank you for the thoughtful analysis.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Don’t really like attention and yes I do love being anon to a degree, not into fashion and perhaps I like the idea of being helpful, love vegan food and kindness, but not spiritual stuff… so skipped reading about that and to extent I have fun. I am lazy with regard the photography and use the free stuff that suits what I am typing. Interesting post and maybe I do like [Like]s as it did make me look at your blog post today. This day full of potential and looks like it’s going to be good weather here, enough to get out, stay dry and enjoy the garden. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I saw a bit of myself in several. I’m a bit curious, I think my blog is quite fun at the moment as I’m enjoying it. I also love photography and post a lot of pictures and I also write on Spiritual matters. This was a great post and I really enjoyed reading it.


  13. Wow, totally comprehensive personality breakdown here Renard – displaying an awful amount of individual blogging traits – a totally solid read.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Thanks for this interesting post. At the moment I fit in several categories such as Food and Travel Blogger and some points you mentioned about what is missing in some blogs is very helpful. I will keep the ideas and suggestions in mind next time.

    Liked by 1 person

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