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Do You Have A Favourite Operating System?


A large percentage of people have only used one operating system — Microsoft Windows (So, a particular version of the Windows operating system will most likely be their favourite operating system).

There is an old adage that states, “Variety is the spice of life.” Therefore, one of the best ways of finding out your preference in operating systems is to give a few of the other operating systems a try.

Have you had the experience of using any other operating system other than Microsoft Windows?

Windows 10 User Interface

Microsoft Windows Is Quite Common

One of the reasons why Microsoft Windows is so common is because it comes preinstalled on most computers.

If you were to walk into a store that sells computers, there would be a high probability of them having Windows 10 preinstalled on them.

And, since the majority of us bought computers with a particular version of Microsoft Windows, we made it a priority to utilize that operating system to the best of our ability.

The funny thing is that the thought of using any other operating system other than Windows 10 is inconceivable for most people (It works for them and most people would prefer to use what works; especially if it is familiar to them). 

Now, in spite of some people being in love with Microsoft Windows, they would rather not have any dealings with Windows 10 (Some of those people would prefer to use Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1).

Also, it is no huge secret, that computers with Microsoft Windows preinstalled on them can be found in most homes and businesses.

And, most people are comfortable knowing that if they were to encounter any technological hiccups with their Windows operating system, there is someone out there (usually in the form of a good friend or a well-trained technician) who will be able to fix it.

Back in the days when I had Microsoft Windows on my computer and I had technical issues with it, I would either follow the instructions on how to rectify the issue via a telephone call with a friend, or I would carry the computer at their place to have it checked out.

You can bet the last dollar in your wallet (or in your purse) that there is someone who knows how to fix Microsoft Windows-related problems.

One of the negative aspects of Microsoft Windows is that it is prone to malware (The majority of viruses, trojans, spyware, etcetera are created for the sole purpose of infecting Microsoft Windows).

Most computer experts have advised that we use Microsoft Windows with a reputable antivirus and antispyware program (However, it is rumoured that those programs provide the user with a false sense of protection).

A Person Using A MacBook Pro (Photo credit: Pexels)

Apple’s macOS Is Well-Respected

Apple’s macOS is often used by:

  • People who do music production.
  • People who engage in video production.
  • People who design websites.
  • People who create software.

Apple has a reputation for making premium products (Which is one of the main reasons why their computers are so expensive).

People love macOS because of the following reasons:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is not as prone to malware (However, there are viruses, trojans and spyware that were specifically designed to infect macOS).
  • Its user interface is beautiful-looking.
  • It comes preloaded with productivity apps.
  • It is a proverbial workhorse.

One of the negative aspects of macOS is that it is not compatible with Apple’s older hardware; for example, you will have an extremely difficult time installing macOS Mojave on a MacBook Pro that was manufactured before 2012.

I have used a MacBook Pro in the past (thanks to a good friend of mine) and I have to admit that macOS was quite stable.

And, there will always be those folks who will stick with macOS because they believe that it is superior to Microsoft Windows.

ios-12-home -screen-on-an-iphone-x
iOS 12 On The Home Screen Of An iPhone X (Photo credit: Apple Inc.)

Apple’s iOS Has Been Receiving Lots Of Attention

Apple’s fanboys and fangirls are in the habit of purchasing the latest models of iPhones and iPads (These electronic devices run on iOS). 

A lot of you are familiar with the fact, that iPhones and iPads are very powerful computing devices. You can browse the internet on the go and utilize the amazing applications that are provided by iOS.

Currently, there are bloggers who are well-versed at using their iPhones and their iPads to produce and publish their blog posts.

You have probably guessed by now, that not everyone uses a laptop computer or a desktop computer (They have managed to get a lot done on their smartphones and tablets).

Some people adhere to the belief, that the new iPad Pro (third generation) has the potential of replacing the laptop computer and the desktop computer (Now, even though that electronic device is more powerful than a lot of the computers that are marketed today, I believe that people will always feel more comfortable performing various types of tasks on a laptop computer or on a desktop computer).

The be quite honest, the latest models of iPhones and iPads are impressive (Unfortunately, they are way too expensive for a lot of people).

A major deal-breaker for some professionals is that the new iPad Pro lacks mouse support (Which makes video editing or music production a tiresome task).

So, even though iOS has lots of potential, a large percentage of professionals would prefer to use the software on Apple’s macOS (And, in that case, there will always be a market for the MacBook Pro and the iMac).

It is plain for all to see, that iOS has its limitations.

Android Logo (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Android Is Everywhere

Most people own a smartphone or a tablet that is powered by Android.

And, by the way, the Android operating system can also be utilized on a laptop computer (I installed it on my laptop computer approximately two years ago and it worked wonderfully).

The nice thing is that there are Android devices for people of all income brackets (Which makes it feasible for any person to own one). 

Like iOS, the Android operating system has its limitations.

One of the biggest flaws in the Android operating system is its security (It needs to be beefed up).

In the past, some people had their information stolen via fake Android apps.

One a positive note, the Android operating system tends to get better with each new release.

Also, there are lots of bloggers who use their Android devices for the purpose of getting their quota of blogging done.

In my case, if my laptop computer were to die on me, I would still be able to publish blog posts via my Android smartphone (For further details, I highly recommend that you check out my article, Can A Smartphone Handle All Of My Blogging Needs?). 

Google Chrome Logo (Photo credit: Google Inc.)

Chrome OS Is Reliable

Chrome OS is lightweight; it requires minimum hardware requirements to run.

This operating system has a clean and simple user interface.

Chromebook users can also use Android apps on their device (After all, Chrome OS and Android fall under the Google umbrella).

Do keep in mind, that Chrome OS was built for browsing the internet and cloud computing.

These devices were not created with video and audio production in mind (Microsoft Windows, Apple’s macOS and Linux are better at handling those tasks).

And, since Chromebooks do not come with much storage, these devices do not require a fast and powerful processor (Which is one of the reasons why they do not cost as much as a laptop computer that runs on Microsoft Windows or macOS).

Chrome OS is great for:

  • People who want to check their social media accounts.
  • People who publish blog posts.
  • People who want to consume media on YouTube and Netflix.
  • People who want all of their data to be stored safely on their Google Drive account.
  • People who do not want to spend an excessive sum of money on a computer.
  • People who are comfortable with the idea of using online applications.
  • People who desire a secure operating system (Chrome OS has a built-in virus protection).

Even though Chrome OS has its limitations, it is worth its figurative weight in gold.

Linux (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Linux Rocks!

Some of you are aware of the fact, that I am a huge fan of Linux (And since I brought that up, a portion of my viewers are probably wondering, “Why is it that Renard loves Linux so much?” Well, my article, This Blogger Loves Linux, goes into full detail).

People who do not want to be walled up in Microsoft’s, Apple’s or Google’s ecosystems are the ones who usually go for Linux.

Why should you pay a subscription fee to use Microsoft Office when you can use free and open-source software like LibreOffice?

And, Linux works well on both old and new hardware.

I genuinely believe that there is a distribution of Linux that is suitable for each person on the face of the Earth.

At the moment, there are countless Linux distributions, numerous desktop environments and loads of window managers to choose from.

Linux can be used to do the following things:

  • Compose and publish blog posts.
  • Browse the internet.
  • Create documents.
  • Create PDFs.
  •  Create software.
  • Create and edit video footage.
  • Create and edit audio files.

Those are merely some of the things that a person can do with Linux.

Whether you are a casual computer user or someone who uses their computer at a professional level, Linux will get the job done for you.

I can say to you in a very proud tone of voice, “I have no regrets in going in the direction of Linux!”

For the record, Linux is not perfect; users will face the occasional technical difficulty (But, the good news is that the technical difficulty can be rectified).

Besides, the average Linux user is usually more technologically advanced than those people who utilize Microsoft Windows or macOS as their operating system.

Final Thoughts

One’s preference in operating systems will usually stem from:

  • Being easy to use.
  • Having the type of software that they desire.
  • Knowing that their operating system is stable.
  • Knowing that their operating system can be easily fixed whenever something goes wrong.

What is your favourite operating system?

And, what are your reasons behind your choice of operating system?

Please feel free to share those things with me via the comments section of my blog.

And as always, thank you for reading!


31 thoughts on “Do You Have A Favourite Operating System?

  1. I fix computers (all OSes) and have to say that I agree: if soemthing goes wrong with a Windows laptop you will almost always be able to fix it. If a Mac has a software issue there is a much lower chance of fixing the Issue as Apple purposefully make it difficult for non-Apple employees.

    ChromeOS is excellent for a get-up-and-go setup but is awful if you need soemthing unavailable as a Web app/android app.

    I personally have a Windows 10 laptop as my main computer, a Chromebook for writing notes at uni, an ipad mini for media on the go, and an Android phone. I think this is the best setup to be honest, and even if I bought Apple laptop/desktop I would want to run Windows on it purely for its ease of use and reliability

    Liked by 2 people

  2. macOS is definitely my favorite, even though I have a windows 10 computer:)

    I don’t mind windows, it’s just that when you want to get something done as simple as changing an account name, it is so hard, it took me and my dad (who is amazing with computers) hours to figure out. I think it would have been way easier on a mac. But maybe me and my dad just aren’t good with windows. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I run several OS using a VM. Each of them has its own uses.

    I usually run Ubuntu or Debian. However, sometimes, I use Windows since a number of my software only run on Windows.

    Overall, I prefer Linux as its stability and security are top-notched. Also, Linux’s terminal is hard to beat especially if I need to do some delicate tasks like backing up terabytes worth of data.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Thank you.

      I had the privilege of checking out your travel blog and I loved out.

      However, I highly recommend that you do not leave the link to your blog in the comments section of other people’s blogs since that behaviour is viewed as spam among the blogging community.

      Do have yourself a wonderful week!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi! Thanks a lot for the visit and the appreciation. Yes, I think you are totally right. Also I noticed a lot of spam in my blog with some strange comments. It is better don’t use the link. Many thanks and I wish you a great week!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. As someone who’s been working with computers for forty years now, I’ve used all sorts of OSs to include things like NetWare, OS/2, MS-DOS, DR-DOS, IBM AIX, many types of UNIX/Linux, OSX/iOS of course and now even roll-your-own Yocto-based operating systems. I’ve worked with a variety of the OSs for smartphones, too. Although I have a fondness for the Ubuntu desktop/server versions, I might have to say that Raspbian (for the Raspberry Pi) could be my favorite at the moment.

    That said, in the last five years it feels like OSX on a MacBook is the preferred platform for most programmers these days in the open source space. If you’re an OSS coder, you’re likely to be carrying around a MacBook. What this means is that software that’s being produced right now will be the most compatible for this platform. Nobody on a Mac is going to test their software on a Windows computer.

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  5. I am using macOS because I find it comfortable that I do usually not need to worry so much about viruses. There are, however, a host of problems with my iMac (OS X El Capitan, Retina 5K, 27-inch, late 2015) currently. I have no idea how to fix them yet: There seem to be problems with the internet connection (I need to turn it on and off again to make it work), there are problems with wireless keyboard and mouse pad connection (I need to plug the charging cable in and out to make it work), there are problems with turning on the computer (the screen appears black and I need to hit keys many times before it responds), and many other problems. I think that it may help if I save all my files to a harddisk and then reset all the software. Or do any of you have other good suggestions to improve the performance of my iMac? After all, saving all files to an external harddisk is a lot of work.
    – Dyami Millarson

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  6. An interesting place to start for people that just want to try Linux is Tails. It also a good introduction to Tor and the “dark web”, what it is, why a “normal” person might want to use it. It’s like having your computer in your pocket.

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  7. I’ve run different “flavors” of Linux for about 4 years I guess, just exploring different ones because they’re all free, so why not? From Debian to Slackware, from PCLinuxOS to Linux Mint and the Ubuntu-based stuff. All serve their niches well. My all-time favorite Linux, though, “bestest, most wonderfulest and awesomest distro in the history of ever,” as my friend Jamie would say, has gotta be Xubuntu.

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