Facing The Challenges Of November

Facing The Challenges Of November

November is an interesting time for all bloggers; it is the time of the year that shows them what they are really capable of doing (or not capable of doing) in the blogosphere.

During this time of the year, a lot of bloggers are known to take some time off from blogging (A hiatus helps them to maintain their sanity in the high-paced world that they live in).

Most workplaces are usually busier than average for the month of November (And, the breakneck pace continues all throughout the month of December too).

In reality, a large percentage of bloggers have a daytime (or a nighttime) job and at times, they find it somewhat difficult to devote their time to blogging after a hard day’s (or a hard night’s) work.

Lucky are the ones who blog for a living because they get to devote all of their time and their effort into blogging.

On a very positive note, there are people who manage their time well — people who will always find the time to compose a blog post after they worked arduously at their place of employment.

Are you capable of facing the challenges of November?

November Is National Novel Writing Month

Yes, my friend, the entire month of November is devoted to writing; it is the time period where writers make it a priority of theirs to write a manuscript that is comprised of 50,000 words.

Guess what?

There are bloggers on WordPress who are actual authors (And, they are the ones who actually look forward to the National Novel Writing Month; which is commonly referred to as, NaNoWriMo).

Some bloggers who would like to be authors, also take part in NaNoWriMo.

Hey, 50,000 words is a lot to write and the truth is that not everyone will be successful at that task.

If you are one of those bloggers who would be participating in NaNoWriMo, I would like to say to you, “May you have lots of fun in the process and may you accomplish your goal.”

Complete Your Unfinished Drafts

Since November is a busy month, you might as well finish those drafts of yours (Which is better than allowing them to collect proverbial dust).

Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers have unfinished drafts (Blog posts that they were working on and they never made the time to finish them).

Working on those unfinished drafts is a time-saver because you do not have to spend valuable time brainstorming topics (Your drafts are already based on topics).

Dear friend, complete those drafts of yours, polish them up nicely via the editing process and schedule them to be published at various dates in the near future.

Unfinished drafts are potential blog posts; which is the reason why you must complete them.

Post Less Often

Now, posting less often is only recommended for those people who are unable to keep up the number of blog posts that they are accustomed to posting (Such as in the case of those people who publish articles on a daily basis).

Hopefully, you should be able to find the time to publish one blog post weekly for the month of November.

It is possible for a person with a tight schedule to compose a blog post and publish it.

By the way, if you think that posting weekly would be too much of a hassle for you, there are the options of posting content on your blog fortnightly or monthly.

If you are the type of blogger who would be pressed for time for the entire month of November, my article, 7 Tips To Write Faster, would be most beneficial for you.

Feature Articles From Guest Bloggers

Featuring articles from guest bloggers is a great way of alleviating the pressures of coming up with blog posts on a regular basis.

Simply choose the time in which you would like to publish those featured posts from those guest bloggers.

For the record, it would be wise to feature articles that resonate well with you and fits well with your brand.

High-quality guest posts from guest bloggers have the potential of doing well; since they attract the guest bloggers’ audience to your blog (Oh, you cannot go wrong because of the fact that you will have their audience as well as your regular audience).

Choose The Easiest Option

At times, going with the easiest option is the right action to take (Especially when you are busy like hell for the month of November).

A blogger can make things easier for his or herself by doing the following things:

  • Participating in Wordless Wednesday prompts (A simple photo will suffice).
  • Writing shorter articles (Optional).
  • Producing an article that is based on a topic that you are excellent at (Optional).

Those are merely a few examples of choosing the easiest option.

It all boils down to posting the easiest thing that your mind can fathom.

Take A Hiatus

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that there is nothing wrong with taking a hiatus.

If you genuinely believe that you are unable to balance the pressures of the goings-on of your place of employment and blogging, by all means, take a hiatus from blogging.

As a matter of fact, a large percentage of bloggers do take breaks from blogging.

Some bloggers take long breaks from blogging while other bloggers take short ones.

In regards to taking a hiatus, you are the only one who would know what the ideal time period away from blogging is right for you (It cannot be dictated by anyone else).

Do keep in mind, that you are of no use to your fellow bloggers in a mentally frazzled state.

Before going on a hiatus, it would be wise to let your readers know that you intend to take some time away from blogging (This can be done in the form of a blog post).

And, why is it that you should inform your readers of your planned hiatus?

Because it would prevent them from thinking that you abandoned your blog.

The last thing that any respectable blogger wants is to lose the wonderful people that make up their viewing audience (And, these days, it is way easier to lose followers than to actually gain them).

Final Thoughts

November is never an easy month for bloggers.

The month of November is filled with challenges.

Bloggers are faced with the options of:

  • Participating in NaNoWriMo.
  • Completing unfinished drafts.
  • Publishing fewer articles.
  • Getting help in the form of featuring articles from guest bloggers.
  • Going along with the easiest option.
  • Taking a well-needed break from blogging.

Dear friend, those options are way better than giving up on your blog entirely (There is really no need for you to quit).

How do you plan on handling the affairs of your blog for the month of November?

Please feel free to tell me all about it via the comments section of my blog.

And, thank you for perusing my content.


17 thoughts on “Facing The Challenges Of November

  1. I did not know about the Novel Writing Month. I don’t think I could manage that many words, but I’m having some guest posts in the future and taking part in some collabs. Have a great day Renard. Or evening. It’s 10.00pm here!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. November is the last month of this cycle tour for us, so I’ll be busy keeping it up. A novel is something wee would like to have a go at, but not this November. Now I know about NaNoWriMo, I might schedule it in for 2019. Cheers Renard, always positive and helpful info.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you! I love your posts! Always full of information. November is my favorite month, maybe because is my birthday month ☺️ I’ve only started my blog 1 month ago and I love it, so for sure no break for me…is not easy with a full time job but is always rewarding. I love reading my followers and “meet” new people…

    Liked by 3 people

      1. 🙂 No, Bernice.

        I will not be writing any novel for the month of November.

        Also, I never leave my drafts unfinished (I possess the necessary discipline to complete them).

        And, I am already posting less often.

        At the moment, I have no intentions of featuring guest bloggers on my blog.

        And, I will not be choosing the easiest option or taking a hiatus.

        Thank you for your interest.

        Liked by 2 people

  4. I have tried and failed at NaNoWriMo about three times now. I simply can’t write at that pace and have it turn out to be worth doing . But I finished this last year’s manuscript this month. 54,000+ words. And I will also self-publish another one before the month is over. I write 500 revised and edited words per day, and that seems to be enough to accomplish quite a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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