7 Tips To Write Faster

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could write at least one thousand words in an hour’s time?

Of course, it would!

But, the God’s/Goddess’ truth is that we are capable of such greatness.

There are writers who are fantastic at churning out one thousand words and more in an hour’s time (So, that means, that we have the potential of doing the same).

And, here are some simple ways of writing faster β€” methods that any novice can implement.

1.) Eliminate All Distractions

Now, this one should be a no-brainer, because distractions keep us from focusing on the task at hand.

Some of the common distractions for a blogger are:

  • Email notifications.
  • Facebook notifications.
  • Twitter notifications.
  • Instagram notifications.

So, to be most straightforward, you will have to ignore all of the incoming notifications on your computer, smartphone or tablet, during the period that you are composing the draft-copy for your blog post.

And, you can even let your loved ones know, that you intend on getting your quota of blogging done at a certain time and that you do not want to be disturbed while you are blogging.

If that does not work, you will have to compose the draft-copy for your blog post when everyone is sound asleep.

The distraction-free method works.

2.) Refuse To Edit While You Are Writing

During our school days, we were trained to write perfect sentences (We made sure that they met our teacher’s standard before we moved on to another sentence or another paragraph).

However, most blogging experts have advised that we do the opposite.

They believe that we should give ourselves permission to write badly (Now, that is a very hard thing to do because perfectionism was ingrained in us from an early age).

Giving oneself permission to write badly, helps to resist the urge of editing anything while you are writing.

Think of it as going with the flow; typing out the first idea that comes into your mind (And, keeping up with this very method until you have finished the draft-copy for your blog post).

After you have finished writing the draft-copy for your blog post, you are free to edit the living daylights out of it.

3.) Create An Outline For Your Blog Post

Having an available outline for your blog post will also help you to save precious time.

An outline for your blog post will keep you focused because it shows you exactly what your blog post is about; it would contain the following things:

  • The title of your blog post.
  • The introduction to your blog post.
  • Subheadings (Each subheading would deal with a certain aspect of your blog post).
  • The conclusion of your blog post.

Bloggers have created many templates for themselves; they may differ a bit, but the idea is basically the same.

4.) Get Yourself Into The Zone

I have used the terminology, “Getting into the zone,” to refer to getting oneself in a state of mind where the writing process is done effortlessly.

I have mentioned in many of my blog posts, that I love to listen to electronic dance music while I write (That helps to put me inΒ the zone).

In your case, one of the following genres of music will help you to get into the zone:

  • Classical music
  • Country and Western.
  • Rock music.
  • Jazz music.
  • Rhythm and blues.
  • Reggae music.
  • Soca music.
  • Native American music.

Now, although music helps to place bloggers into the zone, some of them could only accomplish that state of mind by listening to music without lyrics, because of the fact that, lyrics in a song tend to make them lose their trend of thought.

Luckily for me, the lyrics of a song does not pull me out of the zone that I have created for myself.

Other bloggers also use quietude to get themselves into the zone.

If you are the spiritual type of person, you can use breathing exercises, meditation and prayer to get yourself into the zone.

5.) Use Dictation Software

It is a fact, that we can speak faster than we can actually write. So, utilising dictation software will help to make the writing process a whole lot faster.

Bloggers can use the following software to accomplish their goal:

  • Google Docs Voice Typing.
  • Apple Dictation.
  • Windows Speech Recognition.

The nice thing about the three software that I mentioned is that they are absolutely free.

However, I would like to point out the fact, that they are not one hundred percent accurate.

Therefore, you will have to edit a few of the words that the speech recognition software was unable to type accurately.

6.) Research Your Topic In Advance

Dear friend, researching your topic in advance, will help you to write quickly, because you would have acquired the facts.

And, to make things way easier for you, a summarised version of those facts could be stored in the form of a text document on your computer; which makes it easier to access whenever you need to take a quick look at them.

You can also store the referral links to your sources via one of your text documents.

All of the serious-minded bloggers are in the habit of researching their topics before producing a blog post that is based on them.

7.) Practise Your Writing With A Countdown Timer

To be most straightforward with you, we do not have all of the time in the world to compose a blog post; we have to utilise whatever time that is available to us.

Some people will only have an hour or two of free time (And, they will have to use that time of theirs wisely to compose a draft-copy for their blog post).

In the meantime, they could set their countdown timer to a specific time and attempt to complete the article before the time is up.

Luckily for us bloggers, our smartphones have that feature already built-in.

And, we can even use an old-fashioned stopwatch for that purpose.

We might not complete our article in the allotted time-period the first time that we try this, but we will get closer to our goal each time that we put this method into practice.

Final Thoughts

So, those are my seven methods for writing faster.

Do you have a method (or methods) that you use to write faster?

If you have answered, “Yes,” to that particular question, I would love to read all about it via the comments section of my blog.

And, thank you for checking out, Renard’s World.

40 thoughts on “7 Tips To Write Faster

  1. Thank you for the tips, especially about the structure of the post. I have so many notes of posts I want to write and have managed at least to put them on the pc. Next step is finding the time that I am alone to go through, a difficult one! As I am not so good with words if there are people around totally blocks me! I keep hoping! Love all your posts when I can read them!!

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  2. Great ideas. It also helps me to change where I sit, sometimes too much support in a chair can hurt one lower back, then the lack of upper back support can become an issue after a while. Having a container of something to drink and a snack, which will not get fingers dirty is a benefit and of course a pleasant temperature and fresh air. The scent of cooking food can be annoying. Have a great day.

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  3. Fantastic article, Renard!

    I downloaded Sound Record yesterday to try to take verbal notes on my computer throughout the week. My process is similar to what you recommend. I’ll look at your process a bit more to see if I can tune mine.

    1. Gather notes (I tend to build a mental outline and make text notes over the course of hours or days)
    2. Close everything except MS word
    3. Turn on Pandora (I have a station tailored/tuned for what I like to listen to while I write)
    4. Brain dump and stitch relevant notes
    5. Save draft and let it settle. I try to resist the urge to post right away. I usually find weird typos or find lines/phrases that made sense while I wrote, but not so much upon return.
    6. Read, revise, read aloud, revise, read…
    7. Post

    All the best,

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  4. My life is so chaotic, I’m surprised I get anything posted. (I’m sure it’s evident in my work that I hardly get time to even edit.) I hope my blog isn’t too disappointing since I use none of these tips 😱

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  5. The most obvious is not always the easiest. The biggest reason people have cited for not working from home is that they would be unable to deal with the distractions.

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