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8 Things To Seriously Consider As A Blogger

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Have you been thinking about stepping up your blogging A game lately?

If you have answered, “Yes,” to my question, you have come to the right place.

There are things that a lot of us bloggers waste time on.

And, there are things that we bloggers need to focus on more.

So, I am going to dive right into those things, because I know that you are exited to find out what they are.

Female Runners (Photo credit: Pexels)

1.) Blogging Is Not A Race

Yes, my friend, blogging is not a race (Realising this truth will help you to become a much better blogger).

Some of the newbie bloggers, along with a portion of some of the experienced bloggers, have been rushing their blog posts with the intentions of publishing them quickly.

What usually happens when you rush your blog posts?

They end up coming out mediocre.

And, if you would like to be taken seriously as a blogger, you would need to publish content that is not mediocre.

That means, you will have to take your time in the area of creating content for your blog.

And, the proofreading process cannot be rushed either.

I have learned the hard way, that errors can slip beneath my proverbial radar when I try to proofread my articles immediately after the whole writing process.

An exhausted brain is incapable of picking up one hundred percent of the errors; which is the reason why I proofread my articles approximately five hours after they are completed.

Many of the professional bloggers do not proofread their articles on the day that they completed them. They proofread their articles a day or two after they have completed them.

Why do they wait a day or two to proofread their articles after they have completed them?

They do it, because their mind is fresh (And, a well-trained, revitalised mind is capable of locating errors with ease).

We all hate it when we publish a blog post and discover a typographical error or a grammatical error moments after it was published (You and I can prevent that from happening by proofreading our articles when we are mentally refreshed).

After you have done a thorough proofreading process, you can go right ahead and publish that blog post of yours.

For the record, there is an exception to every rule; for example, blogs that specialise in the area of news will need to publish their content as soon as the news is released, because if they do not do so, their so-called news will end up being stale (So, in their case, there is a rush to publish news-related content as soon as it happens).

And, in most instances, the people who run blogs that are based on news would utilise special software like Ginger and Grammarly to assist them in the area of proofreading.

However, if your blog is not news-related, it would be in your best interest to take your time in the area of creating content for your blog and proofreading your articles thoroughly before pressing the Publish button.


2.) Look For Ways To Improve Your Blog

Dear friend, there are always methods that you can use to improve your blog; such as:

  • Publishing better content.
  • Using a theme that loads faster (Preferably one that is mobile-friendly).
  • Using a theme that visitors to your blog can navigate easily.
  • Compressing photos (Which helps in the area of making your blog load faster).
  • By adding About and Contact pages (They help your readers to learn something about you and how people can go about contacting you).
  • By displaying sharing buttons on your blog (While this may appear most obvious to a lot of bloggers, I have come across a few blogs that did not have any sharing buttons on their site).
  • By using legible fonts (Readers should know what you posted in your article; they should not have to guess).

Those are a small list of things that can help to improve your blog.

The secret is to make your blog as welcoming and user-friendly as it can possibly get.

And, never forget the old saying, “First impressions count.”

This Works For Me

3.) Stick With What Works For You

Currently, there is lots of blogging advice available on the world wide web (And, not all blogging experts see eye to eye with each other).

There are blogging experts that will tell you that you should keep your blog posts short and on the other hand, there are blogging experts that would tell that you should only post long-form content on your blog.

The God’s/Goddess’ truth is that you should always stick with what works for you.


Because, it works for you and you could end up sabotaging your blog by altering your unique formula.

If your viewing audience is accustomed to seeing short blog posts from you, do not give them long-form content, because you will frustrate them.

And, if your viewing audience has been reading long-form content from you, do not post short articles on your blog, because they would feel as though they were short-changed.

Do keep in mind that bloggers who have built their readership by posting short articles have attracted a viewing audience that loves short articles and bloggers who have built their readership by posting long-form content have attracted a viewing audience that has a deep appreciation for long, in-depth, articles that are well-written.


4.) Do Away With The Competitive Attitude

Some of you already know, that there are bloggers out there who try their very best to outdo their fellow bloggers (This behaviour is quite common among those people who run business-related blogs and this type of behaviour also exists among personal bloggers; but it is not as prevalent).

Believe it or not, some business-related bloggers have engaged themselves in negative SEO tactics.

I highly recommend that you read, How To Protect Your Website From From Negative SEO by Neil Patel (It would educate you on some of the tactics that they use to damage the reputation of your website and methods in which you can utilise to fix it).

I genuinely believe that each blogger in the blogosphere has something unique to offer.

And, for the record, I have no intentions of stealing your viewing audience; I am deeply focused on doing my unique style of blogging on my personal space of the web.

Bloggers who try to outdo each other possess what I like to refer to as, the scarcity mindset.

I adhere to the belief that there is more than enough resources around to fulfil the needs of everyone and that greed plays a major part in this so-called, “Lack.”

Google On An iPad (Photo credit: Pexels)

5.) Give Google What It Wants

For the record, Google is still the most used search engine in cyberspace; therefore it would be wise to give Google what it wants.

And, what does Google want from us bloggers?

Google wants the following things:

  • Content that is well-written and well-researched.
  • Content that helps the reader to solve a specific problem that they are faced with.
  • Content that is original.
  • Content that is evergreen.
  • Content that is not of a spammy nature.
  • Content that is not filled with unnatural links (Links that were bought or obtained via a private blog network).
  • Content that is trustworthy.

Google wants to provide the person doing the search query with the best result (It is that simple).

You can even go the extra mile by learning all about on-page SEO and off-page SEO.


6.) Never Compare Yourself To Other Bloggers

You must never make the mistake of comparing yourself to other bloggers.

And, why is it that you must never compare yourself to other bloggers?

Because, if you do, you will either think that you are better off than another blogger, or think that you are worst off than another blogger (And, those are not good assumptions to make).

Some people may come across a blog and think to themselves, “This blog is complete rubbish!”

But, little do they know, that the blog that they came across is actually a test site โ€” a blog that is used to test landing pages, plugins, widgets, etcetera (Some administrators would do those sorts of tests on a spare blog of theirs for the sole purpose of seeing the results of those tests; since it would pose a major risk to do those sorts of tests on their main blog).

And, some people may see a blog and think to themselves, “Wow! This blog is way better than mines!”

Most great blogs are usually run by experienced bloggers; a lot of learning combined with hard work helped them to reach where they are today.

And, some popular blogs have outsourced things like:

  • The design of their blog’s logo.
  • The creation of a unique-looking WordPress theme for their blog.
  • Proofreading services.
  • Hiring a ghostwriter for their blog (Which is something I am totally against, because the blogger takes credit for the ghostwriter’s work).
  • Photographs for one’s blog.
  • SEO services.

That, my friend, is a short list of the things that bloggers can outsource.

You might wrongfully think that the blogger did a fabulous job all on their own, when in fact, the blogger paid his or her money to get certain things done.

So, never compare yourself to other bloggers, because there is more than meets the eye.

Stats (Photo credit: Pexels)

7.) Never Get Carried Away With Your Stats

I would admit, that our stats help us to figure out the types of blog posts that our readers like.

However, some of your blog posts are not going to get a huge number of views on the same day (And, a blogger is going to frustrate their own self by checking their stats every minute).

In my case, a lot of my blog posts are viewed by other people days after they were posted.

So, it is quite easy for one to wrongfully think that not many people are interesting in their blog post if they looked at their stats on the day that it was posted and saw that the count was a low one.

Newbie bloggers should ignore their stats in the beginning, because their blogs are relatively new.

Instead, they should focus their energies on creating high-quality content and having fun.

Also, networking with like-minded bloggers will result in their stats being improved.

But, a blogger should never make high stats their main goal for blogging.

If a person truly loves blogging, they would continue blogging whether or not their stats are high.

And, a blogger should never make the mistake of abandoning their blog because they have noticed that their stats have been low lately.


8.) Know That Not Everyone Is Going To Agree With You

Unfortunately, there are bloggers who get their feelings hurt whenever someone disagrees with them.

In reality, some people who come across your blog posts are going to disagree with your content (That is to be expected, since various people possess a whole range of point of views).

I have always stated, “It is okay to disagree with me in the comments section of my blog; provided that it is done in a polite and diplomatic manner.”

And, a blogger should never be disrespectful to another blogger via the comments thread, because of a disagreement.

And, it is a sad fact, that some bloggers are quick to misconstrue constructive criticism as trolling behaviour.

Do make a mental note of the fact, that once your blog is set on Public, someone (or some people) are going to disagree with what you posted (That is life, my friend. And, there is no way of escaping that sort of thing).

If you are extremely touchy, you might as well disable your comments or set your blog on Private.

Final Thoughts

So, my friend, those are some of the things that I think that bloggers need to seriously consider.

I truly hope that the pointers that I provided in this blog post were helpful to you.

And, I hereby invite you to follow Renard’s World and to share this blog post of mine via your favourite social media.

Thank you for reading!


23 thoughts on “8 Things To Seriously Consider As A Blogger

  1. I think a lot of it comes down to the enjoyment of weekly writing. Blogging is a commitment. I’ve seen many bloggers burn out not because of a lack of talent, they simply cannot commit. Sometimes that’s a tough thing.

    For me, it’s simple: I enjoy the commitment. I enjoy taking responsibility upon myself to create two weekly posts. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with ideas and writing them in a way that is entertaining. There would have been a time where that would have been impossible.

    Most of all it’s the people I meet that drive me. That special group is my inspiration to give them my best.

    Long term blogging is not easy and it’s not for every one. On the plus side of things, one can always do it later.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good post Renard. My best stats came from sharing a post about Childhood Cancer within a support group. The people that read it were already interested in the subject because it was happening in their lives. I also had a spike in traffic when I shared a post on the โ€œSwimmersโ€ community site.
    Most of the time my blog is fairly quiet but Iโ€™m not worried because Iโ€™m doing this blogging because I like it not to get huge numbers of followers.
    I hope you are well and settling into your new blogging routine. Have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

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