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Is Blogging Really Tedious?

Laptop Computer, Notepad And Pen (Photo credit: Pexels)

We have all heard the saying, “Blogging is a lot of hard work.”

Is that saying a true one?

Or is it a myth?

If you were to choose ten bloggers randomly and ask them, “Is blogging really a lot of hard work?”

The majority of them would probably say, “Yes!”

Now, I believe that there are certain factors that can make blogging easy or hard for a blogger.

So, let us discover what those factors are together.

One’s Emotional State Of Mind Has A Part To Play

In reality, you would be in a better position to compose a blog post when you are in a positive frame of mind and everything seems to go against you when you attempt to compose a blog post when you are in a negative frame of mind.

When you are happy, things usually go smoothly.

And, when you are sad, angry or depressed, things spiral in a downward direction.

So, the trick is that you will need to do things that would place you in a very good mood (This is important; especially if you have a strong desire to be a highly productive blogger).

In my case, I enjoy listening to electronic dance music; I have the option of listening to it before I write or listening to it while I write.

I can also watch a movie of an uplifting nature on Netflix (That also helps in the area of putting me in a good mood).

Do you know what puts you in a good mood?

Of course you do!

Well, do those things that make you happy (Provided that those activities are legal and are not of an immoral nature).

And, I would like to highlight the fact, that certain types of food do elevate our mood and they are:

  • Mushrooms
  • Dark chocolate
  • Beets
  • Black beans
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Bananas
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Raisins
  • Avocado
  • Chia seeds
  • Walnuts
  • Oranges

That is merely a short list of some of the foods that will elevate your mood.

Do you eat any of those foods on a regular basis?

I do hope that you have answered,”Yes,” to that question.

As a matter of fact, the happier you are, is the more productive you are going to be at blogging.

And, let us not forget the importance of exercise; it plays an important part in the area of reducing our levels of stress.

Do check out this article from the Mayo Clinic staff entitled, Exercise and Stress: Get Moving To Manage Stress.

So, for the sake of our physical and mental well-being, you and I need to get an adequate amount of exercise.

External Factors Have A Part To Play

Would you be able to compose a blog post if you were being constantly attacked by mosquitoes?

Most likely, you would be unable to compose a blog post under those conditions.

In order for you to get your quota of blogging done, you would need to get rid of those mosquitoes (probably in the form of some type of insecticide or by lighting citronella candles in the room that you are in) or by moving to a location that does not have any mosquitoes.

In my blog post, I Have Been Thinking About Posting Weekly, I mentioned that I am unable to do my best work in torrid conditions.

For you, it might be something else like your arthritis coming into full swing whenever the temperature is very cold (People who suffer from arthritis would have a very hard time typing on the keypad of their electronic device; which makes blogging an almost difficult task for them).

We all know that life is not perfect.

And, there is always something that tries its very best to hinder our productivity.

Those of us who can barely concentrate when the temperature is high will have to compose our blog posts when the temperature has dropped significantly (which is approximately around nighttime) or purchase an air conditioning unit.

And, those bloggers who suffer from arthritis will have to get some sort of medical treatment for their ailment or use a heater to keep them warm whenever the temperature drops to a very low level.

Luckily for you and I, there is a solution for every problem that we are faced with.

One’s Blogging Schedule Has A Part To Play

To be most straightforward with you, a lot of bloggers have chosen inappropriate blogging schedules for themselves.

From a realistic point of view, a working parent will find it very difficult to publish articles on their blog on a daily basis (Although it is possible for those types of people to publish articles on their blog on a daily basis, the workload is an overwhelming one).

A working parent will find it easier to publish articles on their blog three days in the week or on a weekly basis.

As bloggers, we should know what is the most appropriate blogging schedule for us.

Therefore, we should never bite off more than we can actually chew.

And, another important factor is the type of content that you produce.

Do you produce short-form content or long-form content?

Long-form content usually takes longer to write (And, publishing long-form content on your blog on a daily basis can be very challenging).

However, if your blog posts fall under the category of short-form content, you can publish at least three of them on a daily basis.

So, I strongly advise that you choose your blogging schedule wisely (Choose one that is most appropriate for your lifestyle as well as the type of material that you post on your blog).

One’s Choice Of Topics Has A Part To Play

Dear friend, it is always a wise decision to post articles that are based on topics that you are genuinely interested in.


Because, it is way easier to compose a blog post for a topic that you are interested in.

If you are having trouble believing me, try composing a blog post for a topic that you are not interested in (The process is going to feel like chore β€” you will encounter a lot of resistance mentally).

In my case, I have chosen my topics wisely; my blog posts are based on topics that I genuinely love.

What about you?

Are your blog posts based on topics that you genuinely love?

One’s Choice Of Electronic Device Has A Part To Play

Each blogger would have their preferred blogging device; whether it be:

  • A laptop computer.
  • A desktop computer.
  • A smartphone.
  • A tablet computer.

Now, if a person is accustomed to using a desktop computer for the sole purpose of blogging, they are going to have a very hard time producing content for their blog on a tablet computer (Unless, they were practising months in advance to produce content for their blog on a tablet computer).

There is an old adage that states, “Familiarity breeds comfort.”

Therefore, a blogger would always use the electronic device that they are most comfortable with to produce content for their blog.

In my case, I would prefer to use a laptop computer or a desktop computer to produce content for my blog.

I have been practising the art of composing blog posts on my smartphone; that experience will come in very handy the day that my laptop computer refuses to work.

I know that my friend, Fandango, is going to lose his mind the day that his iPhone kicks the proverbial bucket (He handles all of his blogging needs on his smartphone).

Fandango might compose a blog post of a cranky nature on his laptop computer telling his followers that he urgently needs to go to the Apple Store to buy himself a new iPhone (Hey, I cannot blame him, because I would also be cranky if my laptop computer died and went to electronics heaven).

If you are a blogger who uses your favourite electronic device for the sole purpose of creating content for your blog, blogging should be relatively easy for you to do.

The stressful aspect of it would be to go outside of your comfort zone to produce content for your blog on an electronic device that you are not fully familiar with or satisfied with.

And, if you are a very busy person, you would want to save time by utilising the electronic device that you are more proficient at.

One’s Attitude Towards Blogging Has A Part To Play

Yes, my friend, our attitude towards blogging has a lot to do with whether or not the blogging process is going to be easy for us.

In most cases, a person who enjoys blogging would spend countless hours being fully immersed in their own blog and they would also have a keen interest in the blogs of their fellow bloggers.

On the other hand, a person who hates blogging would view blogging as a form of punishment; they would neglect their own blog (because they were not interested in it in the first place) and they would never make an effort to visit the blogs of their fellow bloggers.

Which person do you think that blogging is going to be easier for?

The person who loves blogging?

Or the person who hates blogging?

Oh, the answer is a very simple one; blogging would definitely be easier for the person who loves blogging.

So, it is plain for all to see that one’s attitude towards blogging has a part to play in whether or not blogging is going to be easy for them.

It is a sad fact, that the blogosphere has bloggers who hate blogging (Those people would be better off doing something else other than blogging).

Luckily for you and I, the blogosphere is filled with bloggers who have a genuine love for blogging (They are the ones who have transformed the blogosphere into a wonderful place).

One’s Manner Of Planning Has A Part To Play

Do you have a notepad with ideas?

Now, it does not matter if it is an actual old-fashioned notepad that you can jot your ideas down on paper via a pencil, pen or marker.

And, if you have a digital notepad that can work too.

Dear friend, blogging would be way easier for you if were in the habit of placing the ideas for your blog posts in a notepad.


Because, it would save you a lot of time.

You do not have to stare at a blank screen and wonder, “Hmm. What in God’s name is my blog post going to be based on today?”

Simply look at the contents of your notepad and choose one of your interesting ideas.

The sooner that you know what your blog post is going to be about, is the sooner that you would be able to work on your draft copy for that blog post.

And, the easy part is that you can take your notepad with you everywhere you go; whenever an idea for a blog post enters your mind, you can record it in your notepad.

My Android smartphone has a digital notepad; I would type ideas for blog posts into it (The majority of people own smartphones; therefore you can do the same as I).

And, if you do not own a smartphone, you can utilise an old-fashioned notepad for the purpose of writing down your ideas for your blog posts.

One’s Knowledge Of Blogging Has A Part To Play

It is no huge secret that a lot of newcomers to blogging have problems with their blog. They are unsure of:

  • What their blog posts are going to be based on.
  • How to go about creating a blog post.
  • What the most appropriate tags for their blog posts are.
  • How often they intend on updating their blogs; whether it be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etcetera.
  • How to attract an audience.

Blogging is usually difficult for the newcomers because most of the times, they are learning about blogging from scratch.

On the other hand, the experienced blogger would know:

  • Exactly what their blog posts are going to be all about.
  • Their method of creating a blog post.
  • The most appropriate tags for their blog posts.
  • Their blogging schedule (And, they are going to remain consistent with it).
  • Exactly what to do to attract an audience and keep them coming back for more.

Blogging is somewhat child’s play for an experienced blogger and that is because of the fact, that they acquired a lot of knowledge on blogging and most importantly, they put what they have learned into practice.

Final Thoughts

So, is blogging really tedious?

Well, to be most straightforward with you, it is the blogger’s job to make blogging easy for their own self.

If a blogger planned out things thoroughly, they would be in a much better position to create content for their blog with ease.

And, as you have learned, there are many workable methods that would enable a blogger to get their quota of blogging done.

If a person is devoid of a well-put-together plan, they are going to have a very hard time blogging.

Blogging is much easier for the person who has more knowledge and experience in the field of blogging.

Always put what you have learned about blogging into practice if you intend on making it easy for you (Reading it alone will not do you any good).

And, keep practising, my friend.


59 thoughts on “Is Blogging Really Tedious?

  1. Morning Renard, l could say Happy Monday to you, however that is slightly corny – so l will just wish you a good day πŸ™‚

    Good post, excellent article.

    I love blogging, and have finally found a ‘social medium’ that l am thoroughly content with to exercise my whims and fancy in the written word.

    You are spot on in all of your observations with regards the subject of ‘blog/blogging and blogger’.

    I prefer to write long form usually from around 1-5pm, and start the day with some post dated content from 7.15am till around 12.30, the post dated which l have prepared the previous day in so far as new content or RBing some of my previous poetry, allows me to start scheduling my day but also awards me time to think of where the day will take me.

    I only use a desktop as l have no tolerance for anything smaller, l have a healthy diet and generally l start the day in a good mood. Of recent times with my neck problem the way it is and the sheer volume of tablets l must take to reduce the pain, this can at times reduce my output especially in the likes of long form content. When the pain levels are higher l tend to produce more short form content like the question games or the challenges.

    One thing l find most beneficial and you have covered it here already is ‘topics’, l chose to run with a blog that was not specifically concentrated upon a fixed topic or subject matter, but still l only write about those things which l do have knowledge on and with, but as l do have a variety of subject matter l can cover, l am usually never short of self prompting motivation.

    i plan my day, but sadly at times ‘LIFE’ steps on board and most so recently with the new addition of my Father’s terminal illness and the responsibilities which arrive with that, but overall l do have an idea where l am going to be in so far as content production.

    I have an excel worksheet which lists everything l write about in so far as topics or series l am running, and it is a simple affair with topics on the far left, a date column and three time columns, 7-midday, midday to 5pm and 5pm – 10pm. This allows me a lot of movement for my activity daily.

    So once more Renard, a really great post. I would love to share it, and l have a share option available to me, however l do know that you are not keen on that, but if it is ok, l would still like to share the content, and if not, that is also fine.

    As said, have yourself a great day my friend and thank you for the enjoyable read πŸ™‚


    Liked by 5 people

    1. πŸ™‚ Rory, I placed the “Reblog” button on my blog. So, anyone is free to do so.

      And, by all means, you are more than free to share it. Permission granted.

      And, I do not think that you wishing me a “Happy Monday” is corny.

      Thank you for your valuable input!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I completely agree with this.
    I am one of those bloggers that says blogging is hard work… But while I stand by that, I DO very much enjoy it, all of it, the hours spent reading blog posts are some of the best spent hours of my week. The time spent making, and writing about a project I have loved – I look forward to sharing. The promotion, and chatting with people online, I have formed such great friendships.
    Honestly, it’s hard work, but in the very best way! And I wouldn’t change it at all! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I feel blogging is fairly tedious in the beginning especially for non techies like me.
    Writing the content is the easy part. It’s all the other stuff that is a pain.
    As Renard said, the more you practice the easier it gets.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Good post. I love writing and I’m always thinking of posts to write, even in the middle of the night. I don’t have a schedule of when to post my posts , just when the mood hits me really. I hadn’t thought about what foods to eat having an effect , really. I usually write my posts with music on . A few minutes ago it was Lady Gaga ‘ s song , Poker Face, and yes I was dancing as I was writing , now it’s Rhianna and Calvin Harris that I’m listening to while I do another post. I find it easier to write a couple of posts, then put them in the draft mode. When I’m ready to post them, I do. This works for me and keeps blogging from being tedious for me.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. There’s definitely a lot to be said for planning, and for making sure you have enough time to write a good blog post, rather than throwing one together at the last minute. I’ve found, since I went back to working full time, I haven’t enough time to write more than one blog post per week. Quality over quantity, every time. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

  6. This was very enjoyable! The mosquitos part made me laugh! πŸ˜‚πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ AND… I am in total agreement about “being in the right mood when you write.” Great post. Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ™‚ I live in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; unfortunately, there are lots of mosquitoes in the tropical regions of the Earth. I had to find innovative methods of dealing with those mosquitoes.

      And, almost everyone would agree that being in a good mood is conducive to good writing.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Christy!

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Well, where do I start Renard,

    First, I hope you are doing well.

    Now, I love blogging so Its Easy for me. That said, it was a steep learning curve esp. when I was talking to myself and waiting for the traffic to come…

    Until I realised I just had to call them to me, by sharing where they hang out, being a Go Giver and stop thinking all those silly thoughts I was thinking…So yes everything you said matters in the learning process. Once you are in the zone…you can create content all day long and still attract traffic πŸ˜‰

    Julie Syl

    Liked by 2 people

  8. You stated — “Now, if a person is accustomed to using a desktop computer for the sole purpose of blogging, they are going to have a very hard time producing content for their blog on a tablet computer”

    My response — This is so true. I hate blogging on anything other than a PC. I’m trying to use my phone more but it’s a struggle.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard. You make some excellent points.

    If we place unrealistic expectations upon ourselves we can feel pressurised to post content on days when we’d really rather not. Blogging can be emotionally led.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Frame of mind is huge. About a month ago I was really mad about a situation that happened to me. While dealing with it I was attempting to write a positive piece on my blog. When I finished I realized I wrote a piece full of sarcasm and doubt.

    I had to walk away and calm myself.

    For me the bottom will always come down to this: If my blog begins to feel like a dead end job it is time to walk away. One needs to be honest with themselves when creating anything.

    Fun post. Thanks!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ™‚ Bryan, the last thing you want as a blogger is to feel as though your blog has become a dead end job.

      And, yes, honest is good (It is something we need to keep in touch with).

      In regards to your frame of mind, you have learned by now, that it pays greatly to be in a good mood.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 2 people

  11. I see my blog as a stress reliever, kind of like a diary of thoughts at the end of the day. I very much agree with your post. πŸ™‚ Once, I tried blogging through my Ipad and it was so difficult typing through the screen. It took me hours to finish. Writing with a really great keyboard helps me to focus more on writing than the actual typing. Great tips, btw. Next time, I’ll always make sure that I’m stocked up on bananas and oranges while blogging. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Well written Renard – it is lovely to read your blog again. I am still enjoying my daily blog (not tedious at all!) but I will be joining your friend Fandango in the queue at the Apple shop as my iPhone is about to die :-0 _____ except that I can’t afford a new iPhone 😦

    Liked by 2 people

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