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How To Treat Your Blog Like It Is Really Yours


Larry sighed aloud and said, “I cannot keep on doing this!”

He was the type of blogger who followed the advice of blogging experts on the world wide web.

If one of the influential blogging experts said, “Do not respond to every comment on your blog,” Larry would go along with the blogging expert’s advice even though he had a burning desire to respond to every comment on his blog.

Larry had followed the advice of the influential bloggers for three years.

His blog did well; it had lots of views, likes, comments and followers.

However, in spite of having a successful blog, Larry was not happy.

Larry felt as though he had sold his soul for the sake of wanting to have a very successful blog.

And, Larry felt like a sellout for not following his heart.

From day one, Larry was never in full agreement with all of the advice that he received from those influential blogging experts (There was always something that he disagreed with).

“If this blog is really mine, I should post about the things that I really believe in,” Larry whispered to himself.

He acted boldly by deleting his WordPress blog (After all, it did not feel as though it was his blog; it felt like it had belonged to someone else).

Larry made the decision to start fresh; his new WordPress blog would highlight the things that he was in full agreement with.

Larry smiled because he had done the right thing and he also felt as though a very heavy burden was lifted from off his broad shoulders.

Post Whatever You Want

Yes, my friend, post whatever you want.

Hey, it is your blog and you do not need the permission of someone else to publish an article that is based on minimalism or any other type of topic for that matter.

You might think that no one would read what you published, because the topic that you chose to blog about is not a popular one.

The truth is that there would be some people who would be interested in your chosen topic, while there would be other people who could not give a damn about your chosen topic.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with whatever it is that you have chosen to publish on your blog.

It is all about authenticity, my friend.

Do not sell yourself out by choosing to post about a topic that is based on a very popular niche.

However, it is okay to post about a topic that is based on a popular niche provided that you have a genuine love for that popular niche.

Besides, it would feel like a chore to compose a blog post that is based on something that you are not truly interested in.

A blogger would experience less resistance (or none at all) if they went along with creating the type of content that they love.

The next time you experience resistance while composing a blog post, ask yourself, “Is this draft copy based on something that I am genuinely interested in?”

If your heart tells you, “Yes,” continue creating that particular content for your blog (The resistance could stem from a subconscious desire to publish a blog post that is perfect).

If your heart tells you, “No,” abort the creation of that content and replace it with something that you truly love.

Are you posting the type of content that you are in harmony with on your blog?

Choose A Theme That Helps To Reflect Your Interests

One of the nice things about WordPress is that there are themes for every type of blogger; for example:

  • There are themes for photography bloggers.
  • There are themes for recipe bloggers.
  • There are themes for music bloggers.
  • There are themes for writers.

Simply choose a theme that reflects your interests (And, you are also free to customise your chosen theme to your heart’s desire).

Does your blog’s theme reflect your interests?

Let Your Personality Exude In Your Blog

I genuinely believe that our blog is a reflection of our personality. So, it makes a lot of sense to let our personality exude in our blog.

Your blog would stand out if you injected your personality into it.

Also, it would help readers to identify easily with your blog post.

The truth is that every blogger has a personality of their own; for example:

  • Neil Patel does not write like Ryan Biddulph and vice versa.
  • Jon Morrow does not write like Zac Johnson and vice versa.
  • Lisa Sicard does not write like Julie Sly Kalungi and vice versa.

All of those bloggers that I mentioned have a very unique method of putting across their content (Their blog posts exudes with their personality and your blog posts should exude with your personality too).

I can proudly admit that I have allowed my personality to exude in every one of my blog posts.

Never Be Afraid To Let People Know The Things That You Agree And Disagree With

In my article, WordPress Is In A Class By Itself, I mentioned that people should stop belittling

Some of the blogging experts who utilised the self-hosted version of WordPress ( said that setting up a blog on is one of the biggest mistakes that a blogger could ever make.

I will admit that is superb for business-related blogs and that those self-hosted bloggers had the utmost freedom to do anything that they desired with their blog.

As far as I am concerned, I did not make any mistake by setting up a blog on

My blog is a personal one, I have no intentions of monetising it and things are working out wonderfully for me on

And, I was not afraid to voice my opinion.

I spoke out on behalf of the Community.

By the way, if there are things that you agree or disagree with, you can publish articles that are based on them via your blog.

Never Endorse Products That You Hate

Believe it or not, there are people who endorse products that they hate (They did it because they were paid to write the review).

Dear friend, it lacks authenticity to endorse a product that you hate.

However, if you were paid to do an honest product review it would be okay.

But, no company in their right frame of mind is going to pay someone a huge sum of money to write a negative review on their product.

Some bloggers gave in to the temptation of endorsing products that they hated because they were in some sort of debt and they were desperate for the money to pay off their bills.

One must always remember that their readers are relying on them for the truth.

Final Thoughts

Dear friend, it is your blog; therefore, the onus is on you to keep it real.

Always be yourself and post whatever it is that you would like to post on your blog (And, not what you think that other people would prefer to see on your blog).

Never be afraid to ruffle a few proverbial feathers.

If your views are unorthodox ones, do not be afraid to share them on your blog (Someone needs to go against the trend).

And, always allow your personality to shine via your style of writing and in your blog’s theme.

The way I see it is that we have a choice of selling ourselves out or remaining authentic to the core.

Be authentic my friend!


23 thoughts on “How To Treat Your Blog Like It Is Really Yours

  1. I know a blogger who was struggling to be herself and blog her way. She would always visit popular blogs, check out which of their blog posts went viral and then she would create her on post on the topics that went viral, hoping hers would be just as popular.
    She was trying to become someone else and she never succeeded. She gave up and took a break from blogging February this year (she’s yet to resume.)

    I’ve faced this challenge before: following every advice a successful blogger gives. At one time, I, too, was frustrated at everything. But I’m glad it didn’t take long for me to take control of my blog and blog just as I want to.
    Great post, Renard!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. πŸ™‚ Hmm. I hope that girl returns to blogging.

      Anyway, we must always be ourselves no matter what. We were all blessed with a unique personality.

      Also, we cannot follow every blogging advice underneath the Sun.

      And, I am pleased to know that you took control of your blog and that you blog the way that you want to.

      Thank you for your valuable input, Obinna!

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I love this advice. I have always been happy with my blog because it is ME. I don’t have lots of followers/ readers but the ones I do have get to know me and perhaps learn some things as well.

    Liked by 4 people

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