Have You Ever Felt Like Making Changes To Your Blog?


It is very apparent that we bloggers are seldom satisfied with our blog; we are always finding faults about it; the so-called dissatisfaction ranges from:

  • The theme that we chose for our blog.
  • The fonts that we chose to use on our blog.
  • The type of content that we chose to publish on our blog.

Hey, we bloggers can be very hard on ourselves (And, most of the times, it is usually something of a trivial nature).

We love to experiment and we change things even though those things are not in need of changing.

Does that sound anything like you?

Changing Our Blog’s Theme

The God’s/Goddess truth is that we are free to change our blog’s theme anytime that we desire.

But, is it necessary to change our blog’s theme?

Well, it all depends.

If you have only had that theme on your blog for a year, there is really no need for you to change it (Unless it is tacky-looking).

However, if your blog has been around for three years and you are still using the same theme that you first launched your blog with, it might be time for you to change it.

Now, in regards to a business-related blog, you would want to change things up every so often.

Business-related bloggers can:

  • Utilise themes that are SEO-friendly.
  • Utilise themes that are mobile-friendly (A large percentage of the population do use their smartphones and their tablet computers to browse the internet).
  • Utilise themes that are unique-looking (Where business is concerned, you do not want your blog’s theme to look like everyone else’s theme for their blog).
  • Utilise themes that load quickly (If the theme for one’s blog loads slowly, there is a very high chance of people leaving your blog for another that loads quickly).
  • Utilise a theme that visitors can find themselves around easily (If visitors are unable to find their way around a blog easily, they will end up leaving quickly; which leads to a ridiculously high bounce rate).

Where business is concerned, there is no room for mistakes, because they will cost you a lot in the long run.

Personal bloggers can:

  • Utilise a theme that is fancy-looking (Optional).
  • Utilise a theme that is clean-looking (Optional).
  • Utilise a theme that is easy for visitors to their blog to maneuver (Mandatory).
  • Utilise a theme that loads quickly (Mandatory).
  • Utilise a theme that is SEO-friendly (Mandatory).
  • Utilise a theme that is mobile-friendly (Mandatory).

The good news is that the majority of WordPress’ modern themes are SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly.

Now, I would not recommend that you change your blog’s theme too often, because you might end up confusing some of the visitors to your blog (And, you do not want that to happen).

Some themes have important pages (for example: your social menu, your contact information and your categories) hidden in specific menu tabs.

And, as far as your readers are concerned, they should not have to guess where things are.

Back in 2012 (during the period of my first WordPress blog), I used to change my themes regularly (As a matter of fact, I wasted a lot of time with the intentions of finding the perfect theme for my blog).

For the record, there is nothing wrong in wanting to have the perfect theme for your blog.

The major cause for concern is concentrating all of your efforts on the way your blog looks and neglecting the standard of the content on your blog posts.

The wonderful-looking theme goes hand in hand with content that is of a high-quality.

Whereas, it makes no sense at all having a wonderful-looking theme with subpar content.

So, make sure that your blog’s theme and the content on your blog compliment each other.

Using The Right Fonts Along With The Most Appropriate Size

In most instances, the default fonts along with the size of the fonts that come with WordPress themes are fairly okay.

However, a lot of the adventurous bloggers (which in most cases are the personal bloggers) tend to change the style of the fonts and its size.

Some of the changes I have seen in regards to the style of the fonts as well as the size of the fonts were good and others were downright horrendous.

I am not fond of fonts that resemble handwriting in the body of a blog post, because a lot of them take a bit longer to decipher.

However, they look passable as a heading or a subheading.

The best type of font of course is usually the one that you can easily decipher at a glance.

Some of the most easy to read fonts are:

  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • Helvetica
  • Georgia
  • Open Sans
  • Verdana
  • PT Sans
  • PT Serif
  • Quicksand
  • Ubuntu

From a logical perspective, people will gladly read a blog post in a style of font that they can easily read.

And, there are instances when bloggers reduce the size of their fonts to the point where people have trouble reading it.

Honestly, I dislike it a lot when bloggers use font-sizes that are way too small for me to see.

The most appropriate size of font for reading is 16px to 18px.

So, please think of the needs of your readers whenever you have thoughts of changing the size of the fonts on you blog.

Changing Up Your Blog’s Content

Luckily for us personal bloggers, we can change up our blog’s content whenever we like.

In my blog post, Should You Be Dealing With Multiple Topics On Your Blog?, I highlighted the fact that personal bloggers had the freedom to engage in multiple topics, whereas the business-related bloggers were not granted the same freedom.

If you have grown tired of publishing book reviews, you are free to publish poetry or any topic underneath the Sun (Provided that you are a personal blogger).

The tagline for Renard’s World is My Personal Space On The Web To Post Anything That Tickles My Fancy (Therefore, I am free to publish a blog post that is based on any topic that I like).

If no one held a gun to your head and said, “I want your blog to be based on coffee,” you can publish any type of content that you like.

If you have ever looked at my ‘Category Cloud’ you would have noticed the following:

  • Electronics
  • People
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Social media
  • Blogging

Renard’s World is not a blog that is solely based on blogging tips.

If you have a personal blog, you might as well have fun with it (And, you can have a bit of fun by changing up your blog’s content).

Changing How Often You Publish Content

In reality, it is up to the blogger to decide if they are capable of publishing content daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etcetera.

But, if you are unable to update your blog daily, you are more than welcome to change things up by posting content on your blog three times a week (But, do inform your audience of the changes).

In most cases, personal bloggers can get away with posting whenever they want and they do not even have to inform their viewing audience of the days that they intend on publishing content on their blog.

Each personal blogger is different.

In my case, I prefer to keep my viewing audience in the loop (I will let them know exactly what is happening with my blog, when it happens and they will also be alerted of any sort of changes that I plan to make in the near future).

How you choose to run your personal blog is entirely up to you.

But, if it is a business-related blog, you will have no choice but to handle the affairs of your blog in a professional manner.

Recently, I have been thinking about publishing content three times a week (Posting three times a week will be very difficult for me because I am heavily addicted to my blog).

While posting on a daily basis for me is rather easy, it can feel like a chore when I am sick.

Do you know what it is like to create a blog post when you have the flu?

Oh, it is not a nice feeling.

Your nose is stuffy, your eyes are red and you have to think twice as hard because your brain is protesting; it wants to go on a strike.

I have forced myself to publish blog posts when I was under the proverbial weather.

Logically, sick people should remain in bed.

They should not be working on the draft copy for their blog post.

So, in the future, I plan on taking a day off whenever I am sick.

Would that be okay with you?

Changing The Times That You Publish Your Blog Posts

Some bloggers have sworn by the Holy Bible that the best time to publish content on their blog is at around 8:00 AM in the morning (Most people are usually awake at that hour and your blog post has a chance of being viewed by the morning-people).

But, many bloggers have failed to realise the fact that their viewing audience comprises of people from around the world (So, they are inadvertently dealing with various time zones).

It is always morning in some part of the world (And, the same goes for nighttime).

It would be wise for business-related bloggers to post during the daytime in their particular region (Preferably business hours).

Personal bloggers (such as myself) can publish blog posts at a time that is convenient to us.

I have experimented with posting at various times and I was surprised when I found out that my blog got a lot of engagement during the nighttime (Hmm. My blog is probably attractive to vampires).

The truth is that I have stopped focusing on the time that I publish my content, because there are a large percentage of people who check out my blog posts the day after it was published.

Bloggers need to always keep in mind, that a percentage of their readers are comprised of busy people β€” people who have jobs, a family and a list of chores to be done at their homes and that those people will visit their blog whenever they have a bit of free time.

So, never get the wrongful impression that your blog post has failed because it received very little views on the day that it was published.

There is always tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, etcetera.

If you are in the habit of publishing evergreen content, you have nothing to worry about, because that type of content receives views right throughout the year.

Some of you are actually surprised about your old blog posts attracting incoming traffic.

Dear friend, content is still king and if your content is of a high-quality, expect people to pursue both your new and your old blog posts.

Do make a mental not of the fact, that there is no special time in regards to people checking out high-quality content.

However, if you happen to receive lots of incoming traffic to your blog whenever you publish your blog posts at a certain time, stick with that formula.

I have always advised my fellow bloggers to do whatever it is the works best for them.

And, I am going to continue doing whatever it is that works best for me.

Changing The Social Media Networks That You Promote Your Blog Posts On

When I deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I thought that my blog’s incoming views would have suffered (Those were the main places that I promoted my blog’s content).

But, guess what?

The incoming views to my blog actually increased.

That proved that I do not need Facebook and Twitter to increase the incoming views to my blog.

What is my secret?

I focused on the follow things:

  • Sharing the links to my blog posts on Google Plus.
  • Pinning the images from my blog posts on various boards on Pinterest.
  • Interacting with my fellow bloggers via the WordPress.com Reader.

I have come to the conclusion that it is better to focus on promoting my blog’s content on two social media networks combined with the regular interaction with my WordPress.com community.

Dear friend, if you are part of a social media network β€” one that is not working in your favour, drop it like a very hot potato.

And, if you are a member of a social media network β€” one where everything works out in your best interest, stick with it.

In my case, I stayed with Google Plus and Pinterest because those two social media networks treated me well and things worked out in my favour.

By the way, what are some of the social media networks that you use to promote your blog?

Now, if you happen to be one of those bloggers who do not use social media networks to promote their blog do not feel badly?


Because, there are bloggers with blogs that are doing rather well without the intervention of social media networks (They are the bloggers who interact with their fellow bloggers on a regular basis; they are extremely loyal to their blogging tribe).

Final Thoughts

Making changes to your blog can be a good thing (Provided that you have made some wise changes).

And, I would suggest that you experiment; that way you will know what works for you as well as the things that do not work for you (You can replace the things that do not work for you with what works).

Do show this blog post some love by sharing it with your friends via your favourite social media networks.

And, you are hereby invited to follow Renard’s World (You will be kept up-to-date on whatever it is that I choose to publish).

And, thank you so kindly for making the time to read this blog post!


17 thoughts on “Have You Ever Felt Like Making Changes To Your Blog?

    1. πŸ™‚ You are welcome.

      And, there is nothing wrong in wanting the appearance of your blog to look wonderful (Do make sure that your blog posts are as wonderful as the appearance of your blog).

      Well, if you are a perfectionist, there is a high probability of you doing rather well in those areas.

      And, thank you for your valuable input!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Excellent post Renard. I might have a look at different themes. Mine is quite plain. I usually customise the colours because I like purple but try not to have a font that is too fussy. I do like verdana – I often use that in my emails.
    Finally, I am not a vampire! I read blogs at all different times of the day.
    Finally finally, I would be interested to find out more about Trinidad and Tobago πŸ˜ƒ

    Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Renard – I haven’t changed mine too often over the 8 years but did just over a year ago. It needed it! I always keep SEO in mind when posting. I try to post at least once a week and some weeks twice. It gets harder as you start offering services and consulting. It also gets harder when you have written over 500 posts on your own site and another 100 or so elsewhere.
    I love the look of your blog and how you have really ramped up your writing. Awesomeness! I miss you on Twitter though. I’ll have to go to Google+ more now πŸ™‚ Have a great day and and weekend Renard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ Hi Lisa, I love your blog’s clean look.

      I also expect a professional blogger like yourself to keep SEO in mind whenever they are posting.

      And, posting at least once a week helps a blogger to attract viewers and also keep them interested.

      I take my writing seriously and I am attracted to clean-looking themes; which is why I use them.

      Using Google Plus more is not a bad idea at all, because it is great for promoting blog posts.

      I have missed interacting with you on Twitter (So, it is nice to know that we missed each other).

      Thank you for your valuable input.

      And, do enjoy the rest of your day, my friend!


  3. I change my blog theme once in the 15 month’s I’ve had this blog and that was solely to make it easier to search on the mobile version. Otherwise, I feel no need to change it and no one has complained. So….

    Liked by 1 person

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