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Should You Be Dealing With Multiple Topics On Your Blog?


Currently, there are a lot of bloggers who deal with multiple topics on their blog (It is a common practice among bloggers in the blogosphere).

Now, I would like to state that this article is not one that is for or against people posting vast topics on a single blog.

However, it is one that examines the potential pros and cons of posting multiple topics on one’s blog.

So, without further ado, let us delve deeply into this interesting topic.

It Is A Matter Of Choice

In reality, it is up to the blogger to deal with only one topic on their blog; the same applies to dealing with multiple topics on a single blog.

I genuinely believe that personal bloggers can actually get away with publishing blog posts that touch on various topics.

If you are a personal blogger with various interests, there is a high probability that you have already posted multiple topics on your blog.

There are bloggers who believe that it is okay for them to fully explore any amount of topics on their blog.

And, there are bloggers who adhere to the belief, that a blog should only deal with a single topic.

What do you believe?

The Chief Reason For Dealing With Only One Topic On A Single Blog

From a marketing perspective, business-related bloggers will have a higher return on investment by dealing with only one topic on their blog.

If a business-related blogger specialises in SEO services, they will stick with that topic; they will not venture in the area of healthcare.

Also, it is easier for the first-time visitors to their blog to know exactly what it is that their blog is about.

And, search engines will also know what type of business that the business-related blog specialises in via the nature of the blog posts that were published.

Business-related blogs do not have the flexibility that comes along with personal blogs.

So, we cannot blame business-related bloggers for wanting to deal with only one topic.

After all, it is business that we are referring to here.

Some personal bloggers (especially those people who specialise in a niche) will only stick with their chosen category.

Now, if their blog has been monetised, they might as well stick to posting articles that fall within the niche that they have chosen for their blog (Just like those business-related blogs, the return on investment is higher for those personal blogs that specialise in a niche).

To put it plainly, “It is all about the money!”

There Are Valid Reasons For Dealing With Multiple Topics On A Single Blog

As I have stated earlier in this article, personal bloggers have more flexibility in the area of dealing with multiple topics on a single blog.

Those types of bloggers can touch on multiple topics, because it is their blog (And, they are more than welcome to do that sort of thing if their blog is not monetised).

And, let us not forget the fact that they are called, “Personal blogs.”

Personal blogs are really about having fun and about the blogger posting topics that resonates with them.

A personal blogger has the freedom to post poetry today on their blog and they also have the freedom to post photographs of butterflies on their blog tomorrow.

Personal blogs were not meant to be rigid.

Personal bloggers are free to do anything that they desire with their blog!

And, I would like to point out, that some bloggers would be bored to death if they had to stick within the confines of a single niche (And, that is the main reason of theirs for dealing with miscellaneous topics on their blog).

There Is The Argument Of Losing Subscribers

Now, if a person subscribed to a blog because it dealt with arts and craft and they received an email notification alerting them to a new blog post that is about cooking, that person might think, “Huh? What the hell! I subscribed to a blog that deals specifically with arts and craft! Why am I seeing cooking?” If they hate cooking, there is the high probability of them unsubscribing.

Thankfully, not all subscribers are like that, because most of them know that anything goes with personal blogs.

I am one of those people who do not mind receiving email notifications pertaining to a personal blog that has delved deeply into multiple topics.

For example, I would not mind reading about the type of food that Wendy prepared in her kitchen today, even though I read a blog post from her two days ago about her favourite book.

In regards to a business-related blog, I might get annoyed if I received an email notification telling me that their latest blog post is about shoes when I know that I subscribed to a blog that was supposed to be based on computers.

Rules Have Placed Us In Trouble

One blogging expert will stipulate that we take a specific course of action.

And, another blogging expert will tell us to do something else β€” something that is in total contradiction to what the other blogging expert said.

In my article, This Is What I Think About Blogging, I mentioned that blogging rules are not set in stone (They work for some bloggers, while there are other bloggers who do not reap any sort of benefits by following the same rules).

So, if your blog turned out to be a successful one that covered multiple topics, should you go and delete various topics with the intentions of re-branding it into a niche-related one?

Hell no!


Because, your audience expects to see multiple topics on your blog.

Dear friend, the same thing applies to a blog that has established itself as a niche-related blog (It would make no sense to add more topics to it, because the viewing audience has grown accustomed to a single niche).

Continue doing whatever it is that works for you.

And, always remember that there is an exception to every rule.

Final Thoughts

If your blog is a business-related one, it is better off being based on one topic.

And, if you have a personal blog, you are granted the opportunity to do whatever you desire with it (Whether or not you want to venture in the area of posting multiple topics).

So, what are your views on this?

Do you believe that you should stick to posting a single niche?

Or do you believe that bloggers can get away with posting multiple topics on their blog?

I would love to read your unique perspective in the comments section of my blog.

And, thank you for reading this very controversial blog post of mine.


35 thoughts on “Should You Be Dealing With Multiple Topics On Your Blog?

  1. *raises hand* I for one like to post multiple topics on one post. The only time I do this is when both are in correlation with one another. It gets crazy but I enjoy the challenge. But I love personal blogging because it’s freedom!! So along as the blogger knows what they’re doing business or personal, it can be rewarding.

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  2. Renard, thank you for not knocking personal bloggers who deal with several topics. Like you said, it’s a matter of choice. Not everyone needs or wants a ‘niche’. As always, great piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you make good points about the distinction of personal vs. business blogs and, like Rakkelle noted, for not knocking personal bloggers who write about many subjects. I also think one needs to have a vision for the future. Do you want to have lots of followers? Is this just for self-expression? Who do you want to read your blog? How much do you care? I’ve written for business blogs, and while it was nice to make money, it always felt like work, which it was. It’s nice in my personal blog to not care much about SEO. I want readers to share with, but I have no vision of thousands of readers. A small circle of readers/writers whom I get to know would be ideal.

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  4. I’ve been discovering personal blogging too and have come up with various areas to blog about. It’s all about creative freedom after all!

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  5. Love it! I’ve just started blogging and am slowly experimenting to find which topics I want to focus on! I think over time, bloggers discover what topics they enjoy writing and get good responses and can respond by catering to that audience πŸ™‚ or not! The choice is up to the individual as you’ve pointed out!

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  6. That’s all about the marketing. And it’s also about branding. And it’s also about the strange belief that a person can be only good at one thing.

    I understand those who write about only one topic all too well. I served as a Communications Manager at one company – and the problem with one topic is that it gets bled dry quickly. I had to deal with a CEO who was disappointed with the communications output at the time, but I had to respond to him every single time that there was simply not enough to write about. How many times can you write the same thing?

    And that’s why I don’t. If a writer isn’t evolving, if writers ignore the intersectionality, to me they are boring. I cannot stand being bored.

    There’s also the topic of branding. Of being pigeon-holed. Of people thinking that what you write about, solely, defines you.

    I do not care for that. Some do. I suspect that they only have what they write to offer.

    Speaking for myself, though, I write in 3 main places now. On, I’m more of the person exploring life and meaning. On, I’m more of the technologist/social media person. On TechNewsTT, I’m more of the T&T technologist who can write without worry about politics or worrying about advertising.

    So – I don’t know. Everyone does what they wish. But what people forget is that search engines find articles of worth, regardless of how one writes.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Nicely said, Taran.

      I hate being pigeonholed.

      And, if a writer is not evolving, they are not growing.

      You are certainly right about search engines finding articles of worth regardless of how one writes.

      Thank you for your contribution!

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  7. I just post whatever strikes me on any given day – sometimes it’s more writing, sometimes it’s more photography – and the subjects are all over the place. Sometimes the posts are humorous, sometimes emotion-tweaking. Some posts are short, some are long. While I tend to post weekly on a particular day (simply because that’s my day off work), I often add posts in between and sometimes I skip a week completely. But my readers seem to like it that way. I suspect they keep coming back because they’re never sure exactly what to expect. Since it works, I’m not likely to change anything. But I agree that a business-related blog should stick to only that subject; if I ever become a business, I’ll simply start a separate blog to accommodate that.

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  8. Good article. I agree with you on personal vs business bloggers. I don’t mind reading different topics on any blog if it is written well. But if I’m following a particular business, I want what it has to offer. I have three blogs, all different. The newest one I really hope takes off because it is a specialty niche —- but if I post fluff, it won’t happen! My audience won’t want to read about cute little puppies if they are interested in Flipping Houses, eh? I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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  9. Really beautiful post and touches something that I am still dealing with. But you have explained it very well. My blog is kind of growing with me and what I am trying to create, the clearer my vision and mission become so will my posts be more in line with each other… when I get to write them again, hopefully soon!!

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  10. I know the conversation on this post ended months ago but I have only recently been bingeing on your posts about blogging and just come across this one. First let me say I find those posts extremely helpful. I now have three blogs about cats, books, and depression. I sometimes think it would be easier having one blog . For one thing I would have only one set of stata to check on every day, only one theme to manage etc. I also worth about not blogging enough on to of the blogs but having just one moog would mean that I would still be reaching my readers every day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ Managing three blogs involves a lot of responsibility and work.

      Even though cats, books and depression have the potential of doing well on a single blog, you are better off keeping them separate because people who are interested in books may not be interested in cats and depression.

      Those blogs of yours started off as separate entities; therefore, it is not mandatory to merge them.


      1. Thank you for your opinion. I think you are right in saying that three blogs might be better for the reader. The topics do seem disparate, although my cat and my books are a great help in dealing with depression. I guess I am just thinking in terms of the amount of work involved. At present I am devoting most of my time to the blog on depression, less on the cat blog and very little on the book blog.

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  11. Sorry. I posted before I was finished. One reason why I don’t change to one blog is that I wonder if it would be confusing for my readers. I could have one blog with my name as its title but would my former readers still find me? Could my old content be transferred to a med blog. Just ike things I wonder about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ Those are all good questions.

      Your former readers will be able to find you once you let them know about your new blogging project.

      And, yes, you can transfer your old content to you med blog provided that it is related to that niche.


  12. I think that it’s all based on the blogger. However, I’m all for the multiple topics. I think you could probably still monetize with multiple topics, but you would probably be limited to affiliate marketing,ads or selling your own content.

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