A Loyal Blogging Community Is Priceless


There is nothing quite as nice as bloggers who are there for each other.

A group of bloggers who constantly support each other are referred to as, “A tribe.”

Are you part of a special blogging tribe?

Well, if you have a blog on WordPress.com, there is a very high chance of you saying, “Yes!”

For the record, blogging tribes are not exclusive to WordPress.com bloggers; they can be found among a lot of the other blogging platforms on the world wide web.

I have noticed that a lot of women with vegan blogs on Blogger are part of a blogging tribe β€” a loyal group of bloggers who are always there for each other.

Never Take Your Followers And Your Readers For Granted

Yes, my friend, you and I must never take our followers and our readers for granted.


Because, our blog would not go far without the help of our followers and our readers.

After all, those are the people who read our blog posts, comment on them and share the links to our blog posts via social media.

Let it be known, that I truly appreciate all of my followers and all of my readers.

What about you?

Do you appreciate all of your followers and all of your readers?

Loyal Bloggers Are Closer Than You Think They Are

You do not necessarily have to join Facebook or Twitter in order to come across great bloggers.

I will admit that blogging groups on Facebook and like-minded bloggers on Twitter will help your blog to gain a bit of recognition.

However, your potential blogging tribe is closer than you think.

I am referring to your fellow bloggers on your own blogging platform.

Once those people are pleased with your content and they love the way that you interact with them, they will keep heading back in your blog’s direction for more of your personal brand of joy.

One of the problems with blogging groups on Facebook is that there are people who will share your content via their chosen social media, because it falls within the rules of the blogging group and not because they genuinely want to.

Also, if you do not post anything in the blogging group (or blogging groups), a lot of those people are not going to check out your blog’s URL to see if everything is fine with you (One or two people from the blogging group (or blogging groups) that you are a part of might pass by your blog; but in reality, you are not top priority for the rest of those bloggers within those blogging groups).

For those of you who have left Facebook blogging groups, how many people from your former Facebook blogging groups still interact with you?

Some of you might say, “A few.”

And, others might say, “None of them!”

Dear friend, that is what happens when people have hidden agendas.

Some of your former Facebook blogging group members have probably thought, “That person is no longer part of the blogging group. They are no longer around to share the links to my blog posts with with their followers on social media.”

The nice thing about being on WordPress.com is that bloggers do not force themselves to interact with each other; they interact with each other because they want to.

The God’s/Goddess’ truth is that you can have more interaction on WordPress.com with others than on those blogging groups on Facebook.

The people on Twitter mean well, but Twitter’s algorithm tends to discourage people from sharing certain types of Tweets.

Luckily for us here on WordPress.com, you and I can interact with each other how many times that we want without suffering any sort of negative repercussions.

So, it would be a wise move on our behalf to build our blogging tribe closer to home β€” right on our very own blogging platform.

You Must Be A Team Player

The more team players that a blogging community has is the better the blogging community becomes.

In regards to blogging, a team player is:

  • Someone who is always reading the blog posts of others.
  • Someone who is always leaving thoughtful comments in the comments threads of their fellow bloggers.
  • Someone who is always willing to share the links to their fellow bloggers’ blog posts via their social media networks.
  • Someone who encourages a fellow blogger to keep on blogging when they feel like giving up.

Do you have what it takes to be a team player?

I would make an educated guess by saying, “Most people on WordPress.com have what it takes to be a team player.”

For the record, I have seen team players on Blogger and on various other blogging platforms on the world wide web.

Never Underestimate The Power Of The WordPress.com Reader

The WordPress.com Reader enables WordPress.com users with the ability to come across almost any type of category of blog post under the proverbial Sun.

If you are looking for blog posts of a spiritual nature, you will find them.

If you are looking for blog posts that specialises in blogging advice, you will also find them among the other blog posts that are within the same category via the WordPress.com Reader.

The folks at WordPress knew what they were doing when they created the WordPress.com Reader (It allows the WordPress.com users to find the types of blog posts that they are interested in whenever they desire to have access to them).

Therefore, it should not be too difficult to come across a like-minded blogger.

One of the reasons why some WordPress bloggers do not get the type of interaction that they hoped for is because they did not make it a priority of theirs to interact with their fellow bloggers on WordPress.

Dear friend, if you are shy, make up your mind to get outside of your figurative shell with the intentions of interacting with your fellow bloggers (You will benefit greatly by doing so).

Let us face the facts, anyone who did not place their blog on the “Private” setting wants their blog to be seen and interacting with their fellow bloggers is a great way to let people know that they actually exist.

Final Thoughts

You and I had our loyal blogging community underneath our noses all of this time.

And, if you have not started interacting with the members of your blogging community, you might as well start today.

Also, it would be difficult to build your personal blogging tribe if you never interacted with any of your fellow bloggers.

Always keep in mind that you cannot do it alone; you need the help of your loyal blogging community and your readers in order for your blog to blossom into its full potential.


43 thoughts on “A Loyal Blogging Community Is Priceless

  1. Nicely written, Renard.

    I once had a Blogger blog that was suffering. The main reason I abandoned the blog for this WordPress blog was because I heard how supportive the WordPress community is. Nothing can make a blogger happier than a loyal and supportive following.


  2. This is an excellent post πŸ˜‡ This exactly is the reason why I deleted my other social media accounts. I want more than likes and shares. I want a conversation and it can be difficult for an introvert like me. It’s great to know other writers through blogging. Well said, Renard 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Well said, Renard. I get asked all the time – ‘how do I get more people to read and comment on my blog?’ I usually answer that question with this question – ‘do you read and comment on other blogs?’ Most of the time, the answer I get back is ‘I don’t have time to do that.’ There lays the problem.

    I used to belong to some Facebook blogging groups but found they were either like ghost towns, unfriendly, or full of bloggers who only wanted to promote their own blogs and nobody else’s blog. Last year, I deleted my Facebook account. I haven’t missed those blogging groups at all.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing that with me, Hugh.

      Keep interacting with your fellow bloggers, my friend.

      I have witnessed lots of likes and comments on your blog and it is all because of you being a model blogger.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a good honest post, it feels authentic and needed to be read.
    I moderate a group of trusty bloggers and writers on Facebook. I like to think I am seen as loyal. As a writer my blog is where I procrastinate when the slog is hard. So I try different genre’s practice by picking up prompts and I interact with as many as I can. I have never paid for follows or lied my way to get numbers up and I know some that have. I have had three unpleasant people type disgusting things … that is in four years. So I chat and follow share and connect sometimes I have to.block. I find some bloggers take my comments and leave me without a word over and overagain. Reminiscent of a child with bad manners. My Blog is a mixed bag of flash fiction, story, rhyme, observation and pieces of me. My wages are the comments afterall anyone can press like. Thank you for sharing today. ☺

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Well. Facebook and Twitter are useless unless you have money to spend on Advt. For a small blogger like me, they are the worst thing to do without any result and waste of time. I read ‘why you deleted facebook and you shadow banned on twitter’.

    I am on Blogger and WordPress is not for me. You have not shared anything about, where to join the blogging community? I have now created an account on Triberr. let me know if its what you want to say.


    1. πŸ™‚ Hi Pravin, the blogging community that I am referring to are those bloggers that are within your own blogging platform.

      For example, your blogging community will be your fellow bloggers on Blogger.

      Whereas, my blogging community are my fellow bloggers on WordPress.com.

      I hope that clears things up for you.

      And, thank you for your valuable input!


      1. πŸ™‚ Your blogging community has nothing to do with your theme.

        To put it simply, your blogging community will be those bloggers from Blogger who interact with you on a regular basis and vice versa.

        Whereas my blogging community are my fellow bloggers on WordPress.com (We support each other by reading each other’s blogs and by leaving each other meaningful comments in the comments thread of each other’s blogs).

        Thank you for showing your interest in this topic.


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