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Are you Having A Great Time On WordPress?


Honestly, I have been having the time of my life on WordPress.

I cannot complain.

WordPress is fantastic!

What about you?

Are things going great for you on WordPress?

I do hope that your answer is, “Yes!”

Now, it is no big secret that there are some people who are dissatisfied with WordPress.

In reality, there is no service on the face of the Earth that can please everyone (Someone is always dissatisfied with an aspect of a service).

Bloggers On WordPress Are Usually Supportive Of Each Other

From my personal experience, I can say to you, that I have had the support of the WordPress community from day one.

My blog was not invisible; people saw my blog and interacted with it.

Now, how is that for the power of the Reader?

Pretty awesome, right?

In a past blog post, I mentioned that some people went back to using Blogger because they claimed that no one from WordPress was interacting with them.

Huh? No interaction?

Okay, something is definitely wrong there!

And, there could be valid reasons as to why no one from the WordPress community interacted with them.

The problem could have originated from the following things:

  • By not adding tags to their blog post (their blog will not show up in the Reader without tags), or by adding too many tags to their blog post (If they exceed fifteen tags, it would be rejected by the Reader).
  • By not making an effort to interact with other bloggers on WordPress (If a blogger does not interact with their fellow bloggers, how do they expect other bloggers to interact with them? A blogger should make it a priority of theirs to interact with their fellow bloggers).
  • By not having a blog that is easy to manoeuvre (I visited blogs that were hard to find where the blog posts were located at).

In most instances, it is the fault the blogger and not necessarily the fault of the WordPress community.

Some People Expect WordPress To Work Like The Blogging Platform That They Were On Before

I have read where some people expected the WordPress Editor to be easy like Blogger’s Editor.

Well, I have news for those people.

WordPress does things differently than Blogger and it is only obvious, that WordPress’ user interface is going to be different than Blogger’s user interface.

For the record, WordPress has an intuitive user interface; it is easy to use (And, the elderly are capable of finding their way around it).

So, if the senior citizens are capable of finding their way around WordPress, the youngsters should be able to find their way around WordPress too!

Some people have actually said that WordPress is too complicated.

The biggest irony is that there are a lot of WordPress tutorials on the world wide web (All a person has to do is to check out one of those tutorials with the intentions of learning more about WordPress).

WordPress was easy for me to use in the beginning (And, it still is).

How do you view the WordPress user interface?

Do you view it as an easy user interface?

Or do you view it as a very difficult user interface?

The WordPress Mobile App Crashed On Me

A lot of people from around the world use the WordPress Mobile App on their smartphones and on their tablet computers to blog.

And, these days, I have been practicing (I have been composing approximately one-third of the drafts for my blog posts on my Android smartphone).

The WordPress Mobile App crashed on me; it did not happen once; it happened three times (So much for updating the WordPress Mobile App the day before).

After that, I said to myself, “Okay, this is enough,” and switched to using WordPress on the Samsung Internet browser on my Android smartphone.

Why is it that the WordPress Mobile App is crashing?

Thankfully, the draft copy for my blog post did not vanish into thin air when the WordPress Mobile App crashed on me (All of the information was saved).

Is this a regular occurrence with the Android version of the WordPress Mobile App?

Anyway, the WordPress Mobile App was never perfect; it always had a few flaws.

Now, in spite of the WordPress Mobile App crashing on me while I was in the middle of composing a draft copy for my blog post, I still managed to have a good time (Stuff like that makes me appreciate my laptop computer even more).

I hereby salute all of those people who handle all of their blogging needs on their smartphones and on their tablet computers.

I think that I am better off accessing WordPress on my laptop computer.

I Have Not Come Across Any Major Glitches On WordPress

It looks as though that the Happiness Engineers have everything under control.

In the past, used to be full of glitches; especially during those periods when the Happiness Engineers were doing upgrades.

This is what happened back in 2012:

  • Parts of my blog posts disappeared when they were being composed in the WordPress Editor.
  • I was unable to log into my WordPress account (It only lasted for a short period).
  • They made permanent changes to the WordPress user interface that a lot of WordPress users (including myself) did not like.
  • The list of my followers mysteriously disappeared and reappeared.

I have not seen anything like that since I came back to WordPress.

So, I have to thank the Happiness Engineers for doing a very good job (They are the proverbial glue that keeps WordPress together).

The only issue was an Akismet-related one β€” one where a handful of comments from some of my fellow WordPress bloggers were wrongfully placed in the designated spam area.

By the way, I strongly advise, that you go through some of the comments in your spam section; you might be surprised to find comments from a few of your friends in there.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is indeed enjoyable (There are a lot of people who would back me up on that one).

And, the WordPress community is comprised of amazing people (Another plus for WordPress).

So, my friend, are things going nicely for you on WordPress?

Have you encountered any technical glitch (or glitches) on WordPress lately?

I would love to read all about it via the comments section of my blog.

And, it was a pleasure having you here on Renard’s World.


26 thoughts on “Are you Having A Great Time On WordPress?

  1. Yes, I love WordPress.

    I had a complaint for a while, having to do with saving drafts. When I write book reviews, I start a draft when I start the book. Then, as the book progresses, I put down my thoughts in the post. Then, finally, I finish the book and publish the blog post. The problem I had was that the post would publish with date I started it, not the date I published it. I got around it by scheduling the post a few minutes in the future. But then WordPress fixed the issue with a nice option to choose the publication date when I click Publish.

    This is why I love WordPress. There are issues that pop up, like with any platform, but WordPress is always improving.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I switched over from a Drupal site that I managed myself. I found myself logging in and finding I had updates to do… and forgetting what I was going to write about with Drupal. So I went to managed hosting on – the price was significantly better, and I didn’t have to manage any of the software anymore.

    I mean, I’m retired from software engineering now – and at the time, too, I would come home from work to… work. And, it gave me a fresh start with, which is relatively new. started later.

    So has been great in this way.

    Down the road, though, I see issues with monetization – what I’ve read about it doesn’t make it sound lucrative. That’s not too bad. I’ll decide in another year or so if I’m going to go that route.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ Wow! You are a tech savvy fellow!

      Drupal is one of those content management frameworks that business-related bloggers love.

      I am surprised that you did not go with the self-hosted version of WordPress (

      Anyway, I am happy that you are on

      Thank you for sharing that with me, Taran!


      1. Well, I worked with Drupal since 4.41. Then they just kept making it ‘everything for everyone’, which is effectively, ‘nothing for no one’. They targeted the enterprise, and regular hosting for smaller publishers just became too painful, IMHO. (I was actually a Drupal developer for a while).

        It’s a powerful system. I just found it largely not worth the trouble for what I do these days.

        A self-hosted version of WordPress is possible in the future – but, again, it’s about whether it’s worth the headaches or not. The hosting environment of is nice enough, but it is also limited enough – a necessity for the level of hosting we get.

        The traffic I get these days is fairly low – which is largely my fault, as I’ve only started to write seriously again. When that scales to being worth generating revenue, I’ll look around.

        A lot can change between now and then. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I am also new to wordpress, but am still really finding my way here.

    – are my blogs easy to found?

    – are my blogs intrest enough for people to follow my blog?

    -how do I reach the right people?

    -and occasionally a comment is nice, to know what people think about my story.

    I have only just started working in wordpress, so I think it just needs time … but the feeling of ” am i doing or wright ” keeps popping in my head.

    I think i just have to wait and see… 😊


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