These 7 Things Can Ruin A Blogger


Blogging can be most fulfilling for a blogger once it is done correctly.

However, there are those people who sabotaged their blogs along with their blogging career by doing things that were very stupid and by not considering the consequences of their actions.

Dear friend, the things that you do in the blogosphere can either make you or break you (Which is the reason why you should always make a conscientious effort to be an exemplary blogger).

Some bloggers have fallen by the wayside (And, they were unable to regain what they once had — the respect of others).

There are things that can ruin a blogger permanently and I am going to tell you what those things are.

1.) Being Disrespectful 

One of the worst things that a blogger could ever do is, to be disrespectful towards others.

A blogger should never be disrespectful to their fellow bloggers on their blog or be disrespectful to others on social media.

There are people in cyberspace who know how to press the figurative buttons of a blogger — the ones that gets a blogger angry (And, you and I both know, that angry people tend to blurt out disrespectful things).

Therefore, it is imperative that bloggers keep their cool (Bloggers have a much better chance of making better decisions when they are calm and clear-headed).

Do remember, that being disrespectful will damage your good character.

Also, no one really holds a disrespectful blogger in high esteem.

2.) Using Copyrighted Photos Without The Owner’s Permission

Some newbie bloggers believe that they can just go on Google and download any image that they like.

What those newbie bloggers are unaware of is, that there are a lot of copyrighted images on the internet (And, they cannot use those images without the consent of their owners).

Using a copyrighted image without the consent of the owner of that image can land you in trouble — trouble in the form of a lawsuit.

To be on the safe side, newbie bloggers should take their own photos or use those that are royalty free.

Here are some places on the internet that bloggers can locate royalty free photos for their blogs:

The last thing that any blogger wants is, to pay for their mistakes by spending their hard-earned cash in legal fees.

3.) Plagiarising Someone Else’s Work

Unfortunately, there are bloggers who are guilty of plagiarism (They wilfully stole people’s articles from off of the internet and published them on their own blog).

Plagiarism can:

  • Cause a blogger to be sued by the original author of the article.
  • Cause a blogger to lose their credibility.
  • Cause a blogger’s website to be penalised by Google.

The God’s/Goddess’ truth is, that nothing good comes out of plagiarism (So, do not steal other people’s content and pass them off as your own).

4.) Not Practicing What You Preach

Another horrible thing that a blogger could ever do is, not walk the talk; here are some examples:

  • A blogger telling other bloggers that they should always respond to the comments in the comments section of their blog while that blogger ignores the comments in their own comments thread.
  • A blogger that published an article that was based on the importance of comments and their own comments thread has been disabled.
  • A blogger who always talks about being polite to others and they are impolite towards others.
  • A blogger telling people that they should never be afraid of rejection when they are afraid of having a guest post of theirs rejected by a website that only publishes high-quality content.

If a blogger is unable to practice what they preach, they might as well remain silent.

5.) Engaging In Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO can be described as an underhand method that is used to increase the rank of one’s website in search engine results.

Here are some examples of black hat SEO:

  • The usage of irrelevant keywords.
  • Over-optimisation of the inbound links in one’s blog posts.
  • The usage of shady redirects.
  • The utilisation of private blog networks for the sole purpose of creating blogs in order to get more link juice.
  • Inserting hidden texts in articles.
  • The buying and the selling of links.

One might attain success by utilising black hat SEO techniques (But, the success is short-lived — what may have passed underneath Google’s proverbial radar six months ago will be captured this time around because Google’s algorithms are getting more advanced).

6.) By Posting Substandard Content

A large percentage of personal bloggers are guilty of posting substandard content.

Instead of taking their time to compose a proper blog post, they rush it for the sole purpose of gaining a few extra views.

Rushed blog posts are seldom great, because they are usually filled with typographical errors and grammatical errors (Things that could have been avoided if the blogger took his or her time in creating their article and proofreading it).

Some readers are turned off by articles that are of a poor quality; which is why all bloggers should do their very best in the area of creating high-quality content.

7.) By Having A Website That Loads Slowly

Websites are required to load under 3 seconds, because anything longer will cause people to search for whatever it is that they are looking for on another website.

Here are some things that can cause a website to load slowly:

  • Having too many advertisements on a page.
  • Using images that are not compressed.
  • Using too many widgets.
  • Using too many plugins.

Dear friend, you could have the most amazing content on your website; but if it loads slowly, people will choose to seek their desired information elsewhere.

And, a high bounce rate will hurt your website’s SEO.

Final Thoughts

The seven things that I mentioned can ruin a blogger (The crazy things that they do and they neglecting the importance of the loading speed of their website).

Do promise me, that you would never do those things, because if you do, you will have to say, “Goodbye,” to blogging.

Please feel free to share this this information with your friends and fellow bloggers via the social media networks of your choice.

And, thanks a million for reading!


29 thoughts on “These 7 Things Can Ruin A Blogger

  1. I’m guilty of stealing images off the internet. I used to do that all the time before I knew that I shouldn’t. But the chances that I will get sued for stealing images is very very low, so I’m not really worried. Also, if you don’t mind my saying, I did notice that you had some mistakes with comma usage. There are many instances where you use commas after “is” where there shouldn’t be one, I noticed. I wouldn’t have pointed that out if you didn’t mention that fact about typographical errors and about practicing what you preach, so I thought you should know.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great insight! I think at the beginning I might have grabbed all kinds of photos from Google and other places without permission and also without crediting them. But I agree that bloggers need to be kind to one another, I do my best to support as many bloggers as I can. I have found that this platform is full of incredibly kind people, and they made me feel welcome at the beginning. I can only hope that I’m doing the same for those newbies 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hi Renard,

    There are times when it is good to disable comments on a blog post. For example, when I use ‘Press This’ to share another bloggers article, I always leave a sentence on the post that says ‘comments have been switched off here. Please leave any comments on the blogger’s original post.’ That way, any comments are left on the original thread rather than the reblogged or shared post. That way, too, the comment is more likely to get seen.

    One of my own posts was also recently copied and published on another blog with full credit going to the blogger who had copied and published the post. I knew nothing about until another blogger pointed it out to me. I contacted the blogger concerned and they did nothing about it. In the end, I had to go to the company who hosted the site and report the infringement to them. The post was removed within 24 hours. So, I’d say to never be frightened to report the infringement to the rightful owner.

    Couldn’t agree with you anymore for #6. I see far too many bloggers publishing too many posts in a short space of time. The results are that most of the content is of poor quality. Plus, it also makes the blogger concerned look like a spam blogger.

    As for copyright infringement, I know of several bloggers who have been fined for using images on their blogs that were not free to use. In one case, the post was published three years before the blogger got fined. The infringement was detected by a company that used some infringement robots that scan the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The companies that issue these fines make large amounts of money out if it. Don’t be tempted to use images from Google when you’ve done a search that says ‘Free images of… ‘ The likelihood is that most of the images are not free to use or have a time limit as to how long they can be used. Only use images from websites like the ones you’ve listed in this post.


    1. 🙂 Hi Hugh, the reason that you mentioned for disabling comments is a most valid one.

      And, copyright infringement is something that a blogger should try to avoid at all costs.

      I am glad to know that the person who stole your work did not get away with it.

      Plagiarism and the usage of copyrighted photos are criminal offences.

      Thank you for your valuable input!

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  4. Wow great tips. I try to use my own pictures in my blogs. Now after reading this post , I’m beginning to wonder if the little cartoons or “bitmojis” of me that you see in some of my posts would be considered “mine” or copying from the company that makes these bitmojis . I’d have to check that out.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you so much for that list of safe places to get royalty free photos! I will definitely be careful to not steal anyone’s pictures. I’m usually just posting ones of my own silly family anyways 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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