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How Many Blogs Can You Manage?

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It is no big secret, that there are people who manage more than one blog (Whether or not, they are managing those blogs of theirs well is, a separate story by itself).

The truth is, that some people are good at managing more than one blog, while others are not.

At one point in time, I used to manage a blog on WordPress and a blog on Blogger — my first WordPress blog and my second blog on Blogger.

How did it go?

Oh, it went well at first.

After three years had passed, I ended up deleting my first blog on WordPress (At the time, I was mostly using it to promote my blog on Blogger; which was done by sharing the links to my blog posts on Blogger on my WordPress blog).

I ended up staying with my second blog on Blogger for quite a very long time (It lasted for five years).

For the record, I do not believe in leaving blogs unattended; which is the reason why I delete blogs when I no longer want anything to do with them (Besides, there are too many abandoned blogs in the blogosphere and I was not going to add mines to the huge collection of abandoned blogs in cyberspace).

Renard’s World is my fourth blog (my second WordPress blog) and at the moment, I am very happy with it.

I have no intentions of setting up another blog, because I want to focus all of my attention on this one.

Out of curiosity, are you managing more than one blog at the moment?

One Blog Can Be Challenging

Managing one blog can be very challenging (A lot of bloggers learned that the hard way the day that they decided to start a blog of their own).

Where blogging is concerned, you have to:

  • Be constantly creating content for your blog.
  • Be always proofreading your content before publishing it.
  • Be always editing photographs for your blog.
  • Be always promoting the links to your blog posts via social media (Especially, if you want it to get noticed and attract incoming traffic to your blog).
  • Be always responding to the comments that were made in your blog’s comment section (Which is a mandatory thing for you to do if you want people to return at a later date and leave more comments whenever you publish new blog posts).

And, that my friend is only a proverbial drop in the bucket.

Blogging may look easy to those people who peruse our blog posts; but the God’s/Goddess’ truth is, that blogging involves a lot of hard work.

Some people can barely manage to keep one blog afloat.

And, there are people who abandoned their own blog, because it was too much for them to handle.

Do you have what it takes to manage a single blog?

Two Blogs Equals Twice The Challenge

Managing two blogs can be a huge challenge (And, some people seem to do it well).

I have a friend who manages two blogs with ease; but in her case, she only updates each blog of hers once a month.

Now, coming up with content for two blogs once a month is reasonable.

Creating content daily for two blogs is utter madness; since a lot of people are unable to create content for one blog on a daily basis.

However, a person can get a bit of a breather by switching the days that they publish content on their blogs; for example they can publish a blog post today on blog number one and tomorrow, they can publish a blog post on blog number two.

But in reality, they will need to come up with a much better blogging schedule — one that does not involve burning their self out.

A person who manages two blogs would be better off by scheduling blog posts on blog number one and blog number two at least three days apart.

They could also go in the direction of accepting submissions for guest posts (That should help in the area of lessening their workload).

In lots of instances, people with two blogs do not manage them efficiently; one blog tends to get most of their attention, while their other blog goes through a severe case of neglect.

By the way, if you are a person who manages two blogs, you can tell my readers and I how you go about making that sort of thing possible via my blog’s comment section.

Numerous Blogs Will Make You Pull Your Hair Out

Now, if managing two blogs is in itself a handful, imagine yourself managing three or four of them (The very thought of doing so is, a very scary one).

But, guess what?

There are people who have managed to pull that off; they did it by doing the following things:

  • By adopting a realistic blogging schedule.
  • By constantly brainstorming.
  • By accepting guest blog post submissions.
  • By getting an additional blog administrator.
  • By increasing the speed of their typing.
  • By outsourcing tasks like proofreading and the creation of images.

I would not recommend that a person handle numerous blogs on their own, due to the humongous workload involved.

Do you manage numerous blogs?

If your answer is, “Yes,” I would love to read all about it via the comments section of my blog.

Sometimes It Is Good To Only Have One Blog

Although I am capable of managing two blogs, I would prefer to manage one.

I love the idea of focusing all of my creative efforts on one blog; as a result of that, my blog will not be neglected and I would be in a much better position to maintain the consistency of my blogging schedule.

Also, I am more than capable of managing one blog.

It would be nice if all bloggers knew what they were capable of; that way, they would know whether or not, if they are in a position to handle the responsibilities that comes with managing an additional blog (Or managing additional blogs).

However, one blog is more than enough for most people to handle (And, not everyone is capable of managing a single blog efficiently).

By the way, are you doing well at managing that single blog of yours?

Final Thoughts

There is an old saying that states, “Do not bite off more than you can chew.”

So, do not try to manage more blogs than you can actually handle.

But, if you know for a fact, that you are quite capable of managing more than one blog, you are more than welcome to make it a reality of yours.

And, never forget the amount of work that is required to make multiple blogs run smoothly.

However, if you are one of those people who can only manage one blog — your own, do not feel badly; instead, smile knowing that you will always do the best with what you have.


24 thoughts on “How Many Blogs Can You Manage?

  1. For me at times is already overwhelming to have one Blog cannot even imagine to have to manage multiples. I been trying to have a schedule however worked for a bit and than not anymore working 12 hours a day for most of the week and organize the other days to make all the rest is not and easy task at least I guess. I don’t make leavening by Blogging even do I admit if one day will happen I will not turn away for now I just want to enjoy and try to learn as much as I can also I am sure there is a right direction to follow that I have not discovered yet, one of those would be a mentor as you mentioned on another post but again would not be for free and cannot really commit.

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  2. There maybe different reasons for people to have more than a blog. My blog on WordPress got blocked a few days ago and I couldn’t access it. Then, a couple of days later, I was told that it had been attacked by spammers… Whatever that means! I immediately researched other blogs, to me it’s important that they are free. Real bloggers don’t have anything to sell but knowledge to share in my view. To cut a long story short, I found out that importing my WordPress to blogger is a pain and I couldn’t be bothered. Luckily, WordPress contacted me and told me that everything was ok now! I don’t know what happened, my account is a free one because I’m a vegan nomad minimalist with no income but a big heart and a lot of stories to share. I think that all blogs should be free for people who want to share their knowledge and only those who are selling something should be subjected to pay for their space!

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  3. Lovely read.

    Personally I just recently separated my blog into three different blogs (I’m not crazy. You are) as I had a broad range of subjects on it. I didn’t really have a focus group and after some talk with a marketing friend who made it to the point that aspire to reach, I separated them.

    Currently I’m in the process of reworking all three of them and it’s already a large amount of work and once I’m back to blogging on all three it will be harder.

    Before I had a posting schedule of around 4 times a week due to the varied nature of the subjects I blogged about. I could handle 4 days a week but always had a problem of what I wanted exactly because I had no real sense of direction with what subject I wanted to post.

    Hopefully with this new direction and narrowed focus on certain subjects on each blog will help me in producing content much more realistically and reliably than before.

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    1. 🤔 Huh? I am crazy? That is an interesting statement!

      Now, I mentioned in my article how people went about managing multiple blogs; one of the main points was, “By adopting a realistic blogging schedule.”

      And, I said, “But, if you know for a fact, that you are quite capable of managing more than one blog, you are more than welcome to make it a reality of yours.”

      Your marketing friend has a valid point.

      Once a blog is based on a particular niche, it will attract readers who are interested in that niche (They will always know what they can expect to see from the blogger).

      And, I would like to point out that it is possible to achieve a similar goal with a single blog; for example, if you have dealt with poetry, cooking and music, you can create three separate pages for those topics.

      I would also like to wish you all the best in reworking your three blogs.

      Thank you for an insightful comment.

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  4. I used to maintain two blogs, one for book reviews and book store updates, another one to share my writings or short stories.

    I do agree with you that maintaining two blogs are twice the challenge of maintaining one. My most commonly problem is I don’t have much to blog for my writing blog and it looks awful for being inactive for quite some time until I have a story to share.

    Though some of the bloggers might want a clear cut on the types of content of their blogs, it’s nonetheless a very exhausting work.

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  5. Thank you for this article! Over the last couple of days, I’ve thought about starting another blog somewhere like BlogSpot, and synchronize the content. I have accounts on other platforms that I use for commenting, but not posting. I was 50/50 until I read your article and think it makes sense to not split my focus. -All the best, Brian

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  6. “Numerous Blogs Can Make You Tear Your Hair Out”
    dude so true I can barely keep up with my one blog… :P. I can’t imagine having a second WPress blog, much less a different platform.

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  7. I have always had one blog but it was on Tumblr and wordpress. I got rid of Tumblr now I just have wordpress. One blog is enough for me. If you can juggle more than one blog, well do you boo, God bless you. I can’t . It’s wicked hard coming up with topics for one blog, imagine coming up with topics for two blogs. No thank you

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  8. I run multiple blogs. I have started 9 different blogs. 1 of these is about Aboriginal Australia using Bravenet but I have abandoned that one because it is too hard for me to market it. That leaves 8 which are run on the free platform. Of these 8, there’s one which I started for my personal musings and experiences, which I have also abandoned. So that leaves 7 which I call active blogs.

    The reason why I have 7 active blogs is because I absolutely love writing and also I love reading, blogging and sharing. The first blog I started with WordPress in 2012 is related to our animal world, and I add to it occasionally now, perhaps one post a month only.

    I consider my blogs are mainly for me personally, and as I’m a very visual person and am organized and data oriented, and I have time on my hands, multiple blogging suits me. I only update 5 of these 7 blogs once a month and the other 2 less frequently, but I’m not primarily blogging to keep followers or itinerant visitors interacting with any of my blogs. Having said that, I do market my blogs to some extent, and I have quite a small circle of friends, family and acquaintances with only 1 of those interested in any of my blogs, meaning the rest of them will not share my blogs saying they are not interested in my topics so why should they either read any of them or share any.
    It is very good advice from you to “not bite of more than you can chew.” 2 of my blogs are what I call “activist blogs” meaning they provide information for “causes” e.g. I run a blog titled “Stop Fires Australia” aiming to provide information and an online outlet to prevent and mitigate fires in Australia. It has a counterpart Facebook page, which I will add to sometimes, adding content there which is not in the blog, in order to try to keep readers in the loop about new initiatives and updates. What I post in my SFA blog is automatically posted in the corresponding FB page.

    I also run a blog “Stop Ticket Scalping in Australia” which I don’t add to much these days since starting it in 2012. This is a blog which I take pride in updating, even if sparingly. Some content from this blog has made it to the New South Wales budgetary hearing of 2013 – 2014. The Minister for Fair Trading Anthony Roberts mentioned that the NSW government has the support of the “Stop Ticket Scalping” group for reforming legislation to reduce ticket scalping. This “group” is in fact a group of one person only – me. I do a post on this latter blog when something significant on the issue of anti-ticket scalping comes up.

    My scheduling is basically one post a month for 4 blogs or 1 post a week that covers all 4, plus in between I post when I want to. My schedule is not aimed at getting more Followers or keeping my few Followers engaged, but more to suit me, and to inform anyone who actually does read the content, with new material. My blogs have a small number of Followers each, and there’s only 1 person amongst all 7 blogs who likes the new blog posts (and that is on my Fascinating Animals blog, my favourite blog).

    I have a lot of energy and have the time to run multiple blogs, besides doing my paid work in the mainstream also (as I work part-time). I started a blog in March this year called “Book Reviewers International” to post my own book reviews, and to see if anyone wants to collaborate by adding their own book reviews. The issue with low visitor rates to my blogs is, I think, not only my having a small circle of contacts, but due to my lack of marketing my blogs, due not to lack of will but to time constraints and wondering whether it is worth the effort in terms of others may have little or no interest in my content or subjects, and / or my blogs are a few amongst millions of blogs, numerous many of which are about the same subjects as mine ( animals / WordPress / book reviews ).

    My book reviewers’ site is connected to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and I am pursuing it at least for a little while, because I have a “dream” that independent book reviewers may like to post their reviews there, but I will see what happens. I post there myself only after I’ve read a book and written a review of it, and that is not once a week because I can’t read and write a review of a book in 1 week, amongst the other things I am doing. I absolutely love blogging and I fit in all this blogging with the rest of my life too, but ……. sometimes I think that maybe I am “biting of more than I can chew.”

    Thank you for your post and invitation to share.

    Celine ( Star Wise)

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  9. Running just one blog is enough for me. Renard. Blogging should always be fun and enjoyable to do. I see far too many bloggers getting stressed out and making themselves feel guilty just when they have one blog because they can’t find the time to do everything. Many of those people soon give up blogging. However, I say go with whatever works best for you.

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  10. I would like to just add here, that not a single one of my Blogs has had more than a handful of Comments, from the beginning of my setting them up. If I had a huge lot of comment moderation, I think I wouldn’t be running so many active blogs. I do have a co-Administrator for most of my blogs, who helps with moderation as I like to moderate Comments, but that person does not post any content. Just letting you know as you mentioned having a helper and how multiple bloggers do what they do. I enjoy running all my blogs and have the ability to do so.

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