7 Things That Bloggers Need To Have


There are things that we bloggers need to have in order to be highly effective.

And, the lack of certain things can be a major hindrance for any aspiring blogger.

Today, I will gladly tell you what they are, because knowledge is power (And, no blogger deserves to be kept in the dark).

So, without further ado, let us explore them together.

1.) The Love For Blogging

Dear friend, if you really want to do well at blogging, you must have a genuine love for it.

Currently, there are lots of bloggers in cyberspace who hate blogging.

How do I know this?

Because, I have read their blog posts.

I remembered reading a blog post where one person stated that they were really interested in vlogging and because of the fact, that they did not have the equipment for it, they chose blogging instead.

As the months progressed, they were able to purchase the necessary equipment for vlogging.

They published a short article; it was one that mentioned to their readers that they hated blogging and they also let their readers know that they will be giving up blogging, because they finally possessed the equipment that would allow them to vlog and that they would be doing it full-time on YouTube.

I thought to myself, “This person should not have have wasted their time blogging. They should have ventured into vlogging from day one.”

I would admit that one needs to spend their money to purchase the following things:

  • A good-quality microphone.
  • A very good camera.
  • A very good editing software.
  • A very powerful laptop computer or desktop computer.

However, they could have started off vlogging on their smartphone (And, yes, they owned a smartphone, because they were updating their blog via the WordPress Mobile App).

It might not have been the best quality video; but at least they would have started what they love โ€” vlogging!

A lot of the content creators on YouTube started off vlogging via their smartphones and as the money came their way, they invested it into professional vlogging equipment.

In regards to blogging, you do not necessarily need a laptop computer or a desktop computer in order to publish blog posts; you can do it on a smartphone or a tablet computer.

Back in 2012, I remembered visiting a blog from a person who did not own a computer.

How did this person get their quota of blogging done?

That person wrote down their content on a notepad and when they were finished with it, they headed over to an internet cafe; they typed out their article, word-for-word on the keypad of the desktop computer that was within the internet cafe.

It was very obvious that the person loved blogging and that they were not going to allow anything from preventing them from blogging.

If a person truly loves blogging, they would proverbially move Heaven and Earth with the intentions of getting their quota of blogging done.

A lot of people have complained about having a crappy computer (Yes, they actually used that as an excuse for not blogging on a regular basis).

Okay, it is true that the experience of using a crappy computer can be a frustrating one; but there are people who use their crappy computers to update their blogs โ€” they never missed a beat.

Are you waiting to get yourself a MacBook Pro in order for you to get serious about blogging?

The wise thing to do is, to utilise what you currently have in your possession and as time goes along, you can upgrade to a MacBook Pro.

I love blogging and I would do whatever it takes legally to get my quota of blogging done; I do not make excuses!

2.) Lots Of Discipline

Bloggers need to possess lots of discipline, because they would not make any sort of progress with their blog without it.

Disciplined bloggers are capable of doing the following things:

  • Completing the drafts for their blog posts.
  • Meeting their deadline; for example, if they publish one article on a weekly basis, they remain consistent.
  • Learning all they can that pertains to blogging.
  • Constantly looking for ways to improve their blog.
  • Constantly reading and writing whenever they are not publishing content.

Dear friend, the things that you are constantly putting into practice today will determine the kind of person that you will become in the future.

Do you think that a gold medalist runner could have achieved what he did by adopting the behaviour of a couch potato?

Of course not!

They had to get up early in the morning and train; which is the reason why they ended up getting a gold medal for running.

So, in regards to blogging, you can accomplish your desired goals; provided that you possess the discipline to bring them into fruition.

I view myself as a highly disciplined blogger and I also practice what I preach.

Do you possess the necessary discipline to achieve your blogging goals?

3.) Lots Of Confidence

The God’s/Goddess’ truth is, that a person will need to have lots of confidence in their ability to blog, once they intend on having a successful blog.

Problems tend to arise whenever a person doubts their ability to blog.

A lot of bloggers have wondered, “Is it possible to come up with content for my blog every time I sit in front of my computer?”

The answer is, “Yes, they can!”

Too many bloggers are afraid of something known as, writer’s block and they are easily intimidated by the sight of a blank screen.

Now, if a blogger knew that they always filled the blank screen with a blog post, they would gain confidence in their ability to compose blog posts (Especially, if they have been doing that sort of thing for a very long time).

It is no big secret, that the more that you put blogging into practice is the better you get at it.

Once you have acquired proficiency in something, you will undoubtedly do it well (And, once you have witnessed for yourself that you are capable of doing something well, you will always approach it in a very confident manner).

So, my friend, do you see the importance of having lots of confidence?

4.) An In-Depth Knowledge Of Their Chosen Niche

The advantage of having an in-depth knowledge of your chosen niche is, that it allows you to begin writing (Now, that does not mean that you would disregard the idea of researching your topic).

If you know your stuff from the inside out, you would obviously spend less time creating it; for example, if a person has an in-depth knowledge about blogging, they would spend way less time putting together a blog post than composing a blog post about something that they hardly know.

My personal trick is, if you can speak it, you can write it.

So, what are you good at?

Is it arts and crafts?

Is it music?

Is it photography?

Is it poetry?

Hey, you might as well do whatever you are good at!


Because, you will have a much easier time accomplishing it.

Besides, you can only create content pertaining to the things that you know.

5.) A Genuine Desire To Interact With Other Bloggers

Oh yes, a blogger must have a genuine desire to interact with other bloggers, because really and truly, they are a part of a blogging community.

Any blogger who believes that they can have a successful blog without the help from anyone is deluding their own self.


Because of the following reasons:

  • They need people to visit their blogs and view their blog posts.
  • They need people to leave them comments in their comments thread after those people viewed their blog post.
  • They need people to share the links to their blog posts via social media.

So, do you see the importance of a blogging community?

A blogging community is usually filled with bloggers who are in the habit of helping each other out.

And, you cannot blame me for loving my WordPress community.

I truly enjoy interacting with my fellow bloggers on WordPress.

6.) An Electronic Device To Blog On

Having an electronic device to blog on is, one of a blogger’s greatest assets, because without it, they would not be able to publish their blog posts.

Even though you do not own a computer, you can gain access to one by borrowing it from a friend, a relative or a family member and there is also the option of paying your money to use one for an allotted amount of time via the services of an internet cafe.

Luckily, most of us own smartphones; we can view them as, a miniature computer for the following reasons:

  • You can browse the internet on your smartphone.
  • You can watch YouTube videos on your smartphone.
  • You can look at your emails via your smartphone.
  • You can check out your social media accounts on your smartphone.
  • You can publish articles on your blog via your smartphone.

The good news is, that you can do the same thing on a tablet computer.

Now, I am not saying that you should only update your blog via your smartphone; I am hinting that you should learn how to publish blog posts via your smartphone.


Because, knowing how to publish blog posts on your smartphone will come in handy the day that your laptop computer or your desktop computer is being problematic (Technical issues do have a way of coming out of the proverbial woodwork).

So, do take excellent care of your smartphone.

And, do learn everything that you can about your desktop computer, your laptop computer and your tablet computer; it will enable you to use them efficiently.

Also, if you own multiple electronic devices, you can experiment by publishing a blog post on each of them; for example:

  • You can publish a blog post on your smartphone.
  • You can publish the other blog post on your tablet computer.
  • You can publish the next blog post on your laptop computer.
  • You can publish the upcoming blog post on your desktop computer.

The whole purpose of this exercise is to familiarise yourself with those electronic devices.

I know of a blogger who prefers to use their desktop computer to blog.

The only time that they would use their laptop computer is, when they are feeling too lazy to walk into the room that the desktop computer is in.

And, when they are in the comfort of their bed, they would prefer to use their smartphone or their tablet computer.

In regards to blogging, things should be in your favour if you know how to publish blog posts on those electronic devices.

As a matter of fact, I plan on adding a tablet computer to my arsenal of electronic devices.

So, my friend, are you willing to be that versatile?

7.) The Traditional Notepad

I genuinely believe that every blogger should have a notepad.

And, why is it that I believe that every blogger should have a notepad?

Every blogger should have a notepad for the following reasons:

  • To write down their ideas for their blog posts.
  • To create an outline for their blog posts.
  • To be utilised as an editorial calendar.

Oh, trust me when I tell you, “Notepads do come in handy!”

So, the next time you are in the vicinity of a stationary store, you can remember to get yourself a notepad (Or a small collection of notepads).

I always keep a notepad next to my laptop computer and when I am not using it to write things in it, I use it as a mouse pad (Now, that is one of my ways of being innovative).

Final Thoughts

So, my friend, those are some of the things that I believe bloggers should have.

Is there anything else that you believe is missing from my list?

If the answer is,”Yes,” I would like you to tell me what it is via the comments section of my blog.

Please feel free to share this article with all of your friends (or with anyone whom you believe would benefit from this type of information) via your favourite social media networks.

And, I hereby invite you to, subscribe to Renard’s World.


17 thoughts on “7 Things That Bloggers Need To Have

  1. I like this post and good points. I think it is important to have a drive and to be persistent with a goal in mind. And if you really want to succeed- donโ€™t give up because you have a dip in viewers or comments. And as you say I really believe in commenting and liking what other people post!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. #3 is a must. Putting one’s self out there isn’t easy at all. The fear of Trolls and criticisms prevented me from creating my Blog for years. Thought about constantly but was afraid to do it. (Sigh)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Renard. I’d add lots of patience and the will to work hard. I see far too many bloggers who try and jump on the success of somebody who has spent years building up their blog, by trying to leave useless comments on posts such as ‘Great Post.’ Even worse are the bloggers who leave a comment like ‘Great Post. Please visit my blog…’ and then leave a link to their blog in the comment. These kinds of comments usually mean that the reader hasn’t read the post at all and are just looking for some free promotion.

    You also need to be prepared to spend huge amounts of your spare time to become a successful blogger. Responding to comments alone can take up vasts amount of our time, but is something we should always be prepared to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nicely stated, Hugh.

      I am not fond of generic comments either.

      Comments can make a person or break them; which is the reason why they must be of value.

      Thank you so kindly for sharing your perspective!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome, Renard. I completely agree with you. I’ve even deleted some of those pointless comments.

        I don’t know any blogger that doesn’t want their readers to communicate with them. However, when those comments are pointless and tell the author of the post nothing, it can be very disheartening.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Uh oh. I donโ€™t have a niche. I either respond to prompts (0ften with flash fiction) or offer my opinions and commentary on politics and society, and Iโ€™m an expert on neither.

    I also donโ€™t have a traditional (paper) notepad. I use the Notes app on my iPhone in lieu of a notepad.

    Oh well. I guess 5 of 7 ainโ€™t too shabby.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Hi Fandango, it is not mandatory for you to have a niche.

      However, posting things that you have a full knowledge of makes the content creation process so much easier.

      Now, do not feel badly for using the digital notepad on your iPhone, because there are those moments when I would use the digital notepad on my Android smartphone; especially when the room is dark.

      Why turn on the lights in the room when the screen on one’s smartphone is already lit?

      And, you are right; 5 out of 7 is not too shabby.

      Thank you for your valuable input, my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey, dear! I liked your post and whatever said in it is true. One can blog without a MacBook Pro (just like me), can take the pictures on the smartphones (just like me). It’s all about passion and confidence, not the money.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That’s a good list you’ve come up with! I like how you’ve talked about other methods to blog (using smartphones and tabs) as well as not forgetting that the old-school notepad still comes in very handy. I often find myself scribbling down my ideas on paper before actually typing them out. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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