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5 Things I Missed Doing


When I created Renard’s World in June 2018, I stopped a lot of things β€” things that I had grown accustomed to doing on a regular basis.

And, why did I stop doing those things?

Well, to be honest with you, those things were the categories of blog posts; the ones that I engaged in when I had a blog on Blogger.

Now, even though I do not miss my old blog on Blogger, I do miss the types of topics that I posted there.

And, I know without a doubt, that some of you are very curious and you are wondering, “What types of blog posts did Renard publish when he was on Blogger?”

Okay, it is disclosure time; I will discuss some of the things that I missed doing.

1.) Publishing Music Reviews

When I was on Blogger, I used to publish a lot of music reviews.

One was guaranteed to know what I thought about the the music artistes and their music.

Those music posts were very informative, because I included the following things:

  • The genre that the music fell into.
  • The name of the record label that it was released under.
  • The official date that the music was released on.
  • Where the artistes were from.
  • The positions that they held on the various music Billboard charts.
  • Who the song was written and produced by.
  • What I thought about the music of the artistes that I featured.

Believe it or not, that was one of the easiest things for me to do, because I love music.

In addition to the article, I included a music video at the end; which allowed the viewer to see as well as to listen to the music that I had reviewed.

But, when I started Renard’s World, I mentioned in my ‘About’ page, that I would not be showing any video footage from YouTube and that I would be focusing my attention on old-fashioned writing.

Hey, I wanted to do something differently; which is the reason why I opted for a blog with only written content.

If I were to venture once again into the area of doing music reviews, I would publish it on an entirely new blog β€” a blog that deals solely with music.

2.) Experimenting With Various Distributions Of Linux

When I was on Blogger, I used to experiment with various distributions of Linux; my audience knew of the results of those experiments via the articles that I posted.

Here is a short list of some of the distributions of Linux that I experimented with:

  • Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Lubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • Debian
  • Linux Mint
  • Bodhi Linux
  • Chalet OS
  • Zorin OS
  • Manjaro Linux

I am currently using Solus MATE on my laptop computer; it is a rolling release model; which means that it will continually update itself to the latest version of the operating system.

When you have a distribution of Linux that works fabulously for you, the last thing that you want to do is replace it with another distribution of Linux.

At the moment, I only have one laptop computer and messing with another distribution of Linux could lead to downtime (And, downtime would be a very bad thing for a blogger like myself).

I stopped using the Windows operating system many years ago and I have been using Linux happily ever since (I have no regrets of ever jumping on the Linux bandwagon).

The good thing is that this sort of content could be implemented on Renard’s World; but my refusal of wanting to dabble with another distribution of Linux will prevent me from doing so.

However, if I get a new laptop computer and I install Linux on it, I would proudly let you know how things went via a blog post on Renard’s World.

3.) Discussing The Things That I Photographed

When I had my old blog on Blogger, I was in the habit of discussing the things that I photographed.

I would photograph interesting things after I had completed my early morning jog.

What did I take pictures of?

I took pictures of the following things:

  • Trees
  • Plants
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Animals

Being the writer that I am, I added a few paragraphs of typed content that pertained to what I photographed (That made the blog post even more interesting).

Bloggers on Blogger have 15GB of storage to utilise via Google Drive (And, that is a lot of space when you compare it to the 3GB of storage that we get with the free plan on

I want my 3GB of storage to last for a very long time.

My friend, Dennis (a very talented photographer from Germany), told me that in his 6 years of blogging on, he only used 2% of his 3GB of storage space; he accomplished that by compressing his photographs.

So, it is possible for 3 GB of storage to last a very long time on

Even though I deleted my blog on Blogger, I still have access to all of the other Google services.

I have thought about synchronising my media with my photos from my Google library; but I did not go through with it, because I did not want to face any technological complications.

4.) Engaging In Spontaneous Blogging

In addition to scheduled blog posts, I used to engage myself in publishing spontaneous blog posts when I was on Blogger.

I did not mind because I used to update my blog numerous times a day.

Today, I have opted for posting daily on WordPress; I have grown in the habit of only publishing one blog post per day.

A part of me believes that any other blog post that I create should be scheduled to be published at a later date; which is a thousand time better than publishing five blog post in one day and having nothing to post about the following day (But, the truth is that I would still be able to come with some type of content to publish on the following day in spite of publishing five of them on the previous day).

Do keep in mind, that on Blogger, you cannot frustrate anyone by your blog posts showing up too often on a Reader.

I would also like to point out, that there are people who would become highly annoyed whenever they see numerous blog post from a single blogger in a day’s time in their Reader (I learned this during the time when I had my first blog on; that was back in 2012 and I am making an educated guess, that things are still the same).

In regards to spontaneous blogging, a person should be able to get away with it if it is done no more than twice a day.

However, there are people who post spontaneously five times and more for the day (They can get away with that, because their audience expects that from them).

My motto is, “Quality over quantity!”

Besides, you would go crazy if I published five blog posts daily (The average length of a blog post of mine is no less than a 1000 words).

5.) Uploading My Own Themes To My Blog

When I was on Blogger, I used to upload my own theme to my blog, because I was not fond of the look of Blogger’s default themes.

What I found strange was, that a lot of people were unaware of the fact, that they were free to upload their own themes to their blog or themes from a third party to their blog.

Amway, search engines were not always pleased with the themes that I uploaded to my blog.

I remembered getting a message from Google telling me that they were unable to crawl my blog for the period of a month; which resulted in my Blogger blog from being indexed for a month (I believe that the problem originated from having too much JavaScript coding within my Blogger theme).

Things went back to normal when I changed to a new Blogger theme.

In most instances a person on Blogger is better off using Blogger’s default themes.

On, the folks at Automattic does not allow bloggers to upload their own theme; if they did, the Happiness Engineers would have a very difficult time cleaning up our mess.

Do you know that you could inadvertently infect a server with a theme?

Unfortunately, malicious code is injected into some third party themes (Theses themes are usually found on websites that give away so-called premium Blogger themes and WordPress themes for free).

The only WordPress users who can upload their own themes are those on β€” the self-hosted version of WordPress (And, they would usually scan their themes for viruses and Trojans).

Final Thoughts

So, my friend, there you have it; five things that I missed doing.

That part about viewing Linux distributions could be implemented on this blog, but as I have stated earlier, I have no intentions of experimenting with another distribution of Linux.

And, the other things could be highlighted on another blog.

But guess what?

I have no intentions of creating another blog.

It takes a lot out of a blogger to keep one blog running efficiently (Therefore, running two blogs is definitely out of the equation).

When I created Renard’s World, I wanted to focus on my writing (And, so far, I have been doing a wonderful job in that area).

Are there things that you missed doing with your old blog that you would like to implement on the one you are on currently?

Or would you prefer to keep the categories of blog posts that you once posted on your old blog locked into the past?

I would truly love to read your opinions about it via the comments thread of my blog.

And, thank you for putting some time aside from your busy schedule with the intentions of checking out, Renard’s World.


9 thoughts on “5 Things I Missed Doing

  1. Having started my blog back in 2016, I was in need of a place to put my thoughts down. At first, I was blogging everyday but life happens, babies arrive, you know lol…I stepped away and have since came back. Blogging now, helped me with finding my written voice, something I wasn’t sure of previously.
    But since, you photograph are you going to feature some of that in your regular blogging, inquiring minds want know

    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ™„ Five? Now, although I am capable of doing that, I only post one article daily on ‘Renard’s World’.

      Five articles comprising of 1000 words each would send people crazy.

      One would need to be a lover of reading in order to endure that much.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ Those music blog posts were really great, Julie. There were lots of new music featured on the old blog.

      And, I will sleep on the ‘Photography’ suggestion.

      Thank you for your valuable input, Julie!


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