My Plans For August


Wow! Time is moving fleetingly!

I believe that it is safe for me to say, “July has been dealt with.”

The month of August is going to be an interesting one.

I do have a few things planned for the month of August and I am going to share those plans with you.

I Plan On Getting More Physical Exercise

For the record, I am not fat (And, I should not have to wait until I get fat in order to get serious with my exercise regime).

I used to jog early in the morning; but that stopped sometime earlier this year.

I started slacking off; that eventually led to me not jogging any more.

But, the good news is that I do partake in long, brisk walks (Which is better than doing nothing).

I genuinely believe that all bloggers should be physically fit (Being physically fit is part of being healthy).

Also, bloggers would be doing themselves an injustice by sitting down in front of their computers for extremely long periods.

So, getting an adequate amount of physical exercise is important for getting the human body to operate at a proficient level.

Hmm. I wonder, how many bloggers go jogging on mornings?

I Might Change Up My Blogging Schedule

I have been blogging every day since the inception of Renard’s World.

No, I am not pondering about blogging every other day (I am quite capable of blogging on a daily basis).

I am wondering if it would be wise to push myself into creating two high-quality blog posts daily.

Do you think that I might end up burning myself out by publishing two high-quality blog posts daily?

To be quite honest, coming up with two high-quality blog posts daily is going to be challenging (Okay, I will sleep on that one with the intentions of finding out for myself if that decision makes any sense).

And, I also need to remember, that I am not a superhero with superpowers (So, I might as well will wipe the thought of being a super-blogger from my mind).

I Will Check Out More Blogs

Yes, my friend. I plan on checking out more blogs.

A lot of blogs are being created on a daily basis; so I will be checking a small fraction of them out for the month of August.

I have noticed that people are still entering the blogosphere without knowing anything about blogging (So, if I helped them out by supporting their blogs, they might feel inspired to make improvements in the area of blogging).

New bloggers need all the support that they can get from their blogging community. Are you going to give them your support?

Do keep in mind, that in the past, you and I were the new kids on the block in the blogosphere and we were happy to receive any sort of support from our blogging community.

I Will Schedule My Blog Post To Be Published On The Day Of My Birthday

Yes, my birthday is in August (the 12th of August to be precise).

I have a strong feeling that my family will be planning a bit of mischief on my birthday.

I always say to them, “I do not want any birthday party. I want to spend my birthday quietly.”

But, they never listen. I always end up with guests at my house (Those guests have a way of coming when I am in the middle of composing a draft for my blog post).

So, I am left with no choice, but to schedule my blog post in advance (That is way better than my audience not seeing a blog post from me on the 12th of August).

Have you ever published blog posts on your birthday?

I Plan On Walking My Dog

Okay, I know fully well, that the average person does not plan to walk their dog; they simply do it (It is kind of a compulsive thing).

Princess is a very old dog; she is 16 year-old and she does not walk much due to her age.

She had to be taken by the veterinarian because of her diminishing appetite (And, she was also due for a visit at the veterinary clinic).

Princess is recovering slowly and she is able to walk very short distances. She is still not strong enough for me to carry her for a walk around the neighbourhood.

So, the most humane thing to do is, to wait until she is has regained her strength (And, I am hoping that she feels energetic for the month of August).

I Will Attend An Electronic Dance Music Event

I promised a friend of mind, that I would attend one of DJ Lyndon ‘Stonez’ Livingstone’s dance sessions.

Since I am keen on keeping promises, I will have to choose one of the Sundays in August (Mainly, because of the fact, that DJ Lyndon ‘Stonez’ Livingstone’s dance sessions are held on a Sunday).

Oh yes, my good friend DJ Nigel ‘Sicky’ Kinsale will be coming along too (We are both fans of electronic dance music).

Unfortunately, there are not too many disc jockeys that can play electronic dance music to my liking in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

And, the good news is, that DJ Lyndon ‘Stonez’ Livingstone never disappoints his fans (He is superb at what he does).

Hmm. Since I will be partying on a Sunday night, I will have to schedule a blog post to be published on Monday morning (I will have to do that preferably on a Sunday morning).

Final Thoughts

It seems as though I have things all planned out for the month of August.

And, a lot of it involves scheduling blog posts in advance.

I have never skipped a day of blogging since I created Renard’s World.

As a matter of fact, I have not skipped a day of blogging in ages.

You probably know by now, that I take my blogging seriously (When it comes to blogging, I possess the discipline of a drill sergeant in the military).

August is going to be an interesting month nonetheless.

Oh, and that means I will have to be producing extra content for my blog — content that would be scheduled in advance; especially for those times when I will not be around to press the ‘publish’ button.

Thank you for reading and may the month of August be a fun-filled one for you!


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