Would You Ever Join Forces With Other Bloggers?

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Question Mark

For quite a while, I have noticed that there is the option to add administrators to my WordPress blog; I have seen this option in the dashboard area (A similar option is available to bloggers on Blogger).

To be quite honest with you, I would not add another administrator to my blog.


Because, the name of my blog is, Renard’s World (It would be crazy to have someone else’s material on my blog).

However, if it was a blog with a unified goal that did not have my name in the URL, I might have considered the option of inviting a second administrator.

Also, I would prefer to do that sort of thing when the blog is being set up for the first time.

At the moment, there are numerous blogs in cyberspace that have more than one administrator (I consider them to be very lucky in the sense, that they have a team of bloggers).

There Will Be Less Workload For You

Now, if you are a team member for a blog that has more than one administrator, you obviously would not have to work as hard as a person who does all of the publishing for their own blog.

If the blog has two or more administrators, the responsibility of keeping the blog updated, could be divided among the administrators.

If my friend, Ray Turner was still into blogging, I would have gladly teamed up with him in the creation of a new blog (Ray and I, would have shared the workload equally).

So, the next time you are thinking of starting a new blog, ask some of your friends in the blogosphere if they would like to be one of the administrators for the new blog.

I think that a blog is less likely going to be abandoned if it has team members.

Reading Blog Posts From The Other Administrators Should Be Interesting

Naturally, I enjoy reading blog posts from others and if I was a team member of a blog that had more than one administrator, I would certainly get a kick out of reading the blog posts from my fellow administrators.

Obviously, I would be one of the first set of people who would get to see it right after it was posted (And, being one of the administrators, I should be able to see it before it is posted; but I would not do that, because that would be an invasion of my fellow administrator’s privacy).

Hmm. Do administrators read each other’s blog posts after they are published?

I am making an educated guess, that most of them do.

But, if you are one of those administrators who do not read the blog posts of your fellow administrators when they are published, please let me know via the comments section of my blog.

Commenting On The Blog Posts Of Your Fellow Administrators

Hey, I would certainly have a great time commenting on the blog posts of my fellow administrators (And, I see nothing wrong in doing so).

Come on, admit it; you like seeing comments in your comments thread.

And, since the administrators and I are sharing the same blog, I might as well participate.

The nice thing is, that no blog post would be devoid of comments (I would personally, see to it that all of the blog posts had at least one comment).

Is commenting on the blog posts of your fellow administrators cheating?

Come to think of it, the answer is,”No!”

Things Could Go Wrong If A Few Administrators Started Losing Interest In The Blogging Project

Could you imagine the chaos that could transpire if a few of the blog’s team members lost interest in the blogging project?

Oh, that would be bad, because the remaining blog administrators would have to pull the slack.

You might have to go through the process of asking the uninterested administrators to resign their positions.

Also, you will have to look for new people to fill the position.

Were you ever part of a blogging project where fellow administrators became uninterested?

If the answer to that question is, “Yes,” I would like you to tell me all about it via the comments thread of my blog (So, please do not be shy about it; I am eager to read about your experience).

Things Could Run Smoothly If All Of The Administrators Did Their Part

The blog will no doubt run like a well-oiled machine if every administrator did their part.

Things will go nicely for a blog if all of the administrators did the following things:

  • By keeping their end of their bargain by posting content on the assigned days.
  • By maintaining the vision for the blog.
  • By settling any issues that they might have with the blog or settling issues that they may have with a fellow administrator (Or fellow administrators).

If all of the administrators are thinking alike or in a similar fashion, things should run smoothly with the blogging project.

If you have suggestions on how to keep all of the administrators of a blog happy, I would love to read all about it in the comments thread of my blog.

There Are Times When You Are Better Off Doing A Solo Project

In my case, I am better off working solo.

And, there are lots of personal blogs and business-related blogs that are run by one person — they are handled efficiently by a one-man team.

So, it is not mandatory for a blog to have more than one administrator.

Although things are much easier in the sense of administrators sharing the workload equally among themselves, an individual becomes more disciplined, because they are the one who handles everything with their blog (They know that they need to be proficient at the tasks, because they have to do everything on their own).

Also, there are those people who do not work well with others (But, that in itself is an entirely new story on its own).

Final Thoughts

Joining forces with other bloggers is not a bad idea; especially in the case of a family blog. The husband and the wife can agree upon which person is going to post at a certain day and time; since they are both administrators for the same blog.

At the moment, I have no intentions of joining forces with my fellow bloggers.

One blog is enough!

If I was an additional administrator for another blog, I would not only have to come up with material for the other blog; I would would have to come up with material for my own blog too (And, I am not too keen on the extra workload).

Now, if I did not have a blog of my own, I would have considered joining a team of blog administrators.

However, being an additional administrator for another blog should be easy for someone who only needs to come up with material for their own blog once a week (And, not on a daily basis like myself).

Would you ever join a team of administrators for a blog?

And, to those of you who are team members of a blog, I would like to know if you are enjoying the experience of being an additional administrator.


9 thoughts on “Would You Ever Join Forces With Other Bloggers?

  1. I’ve written on a blog with 2 administrators, the other one a person whose writing I liked but who I never met in the flesh. Team blogging can generate a really nice synergy. You read a post and laugh or think hard, and write a post related or inspired at least tangentially or implicitly to the other person’s post. (On that blog we parallel played rather than directly collaborated or talked to each other; I think we both wanted synergy more than a conversation.) It was less work than a solo blog. I really enjoyed it. Nobody abused the joint ownership. I still had a solo blog and did end up feeling like 2 blogs were too much, so I handed over the team blog to the other author, who continued it for a while on his own. He didn’t have another blog going already. I’d love to do it again. The trick is finding the right team members who have similar motivation and who respect each other’s writing. And who aren’t already busy. That guy was the only one I’ve ever been able to talk into it.

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